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Neighbours Episode 1585 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1585 (1991 Season Finale - Glen Donnelly falls off Lassiter's roof)
Australian airdate: 13/12/91
UK airdate: 10/12/92
UK Gold: 27/11/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Bob Landers: Bruce Fitzpatrick
Passerby: Barbara Burder
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen finds Todd's father hiding out at No.32. Todd begs Helen not to tell anyone - for his sake.
Helen is really shocked and can't understand how Todd can protect his father after all he's done. She tells Todd's father off for coming back and make Todd commit a crime by harbouring.
HELEN:(to Todd's father) Todd's life and reputation are far more important to me than you. I'm sorry, but it's true.
She continues to lecturer Todd's father on his audacity - he even skipped bail and lost Jim's money. Bob says he just wanted to see Todd at Christmas.
TODD: Helen, please let him stay, he's got nowhere else to go.
Helen relents and says Bob can stay at No.32 tonight. She doesn't know what Jim will say, but invites Bob to Christmas Day with them tomorrow.
BOB: Thank you, Helen. I won't forget this.
Gaby and Glen are canoodling on the couch. Gaby says it's her happiest Christmas ever, but she always gets nervous when things are going well. They agree to get married as soon as possible.
Dorothy is dusting and singing Christmas carols. She starts explaining the history of Christmas to Toby - it should really be on January 6th. Toby moans that they haven't got any decorations or anything and is worried that Santa won't come. Dorothy reassures him and says Santa will be there.
Lucy, Josh and Brad come back to their hotel. Lucy discovers that the kettle is warm but Josh says it was probably from this morning.
Todd is sad that Jim and Lucy are away for Christmas. Glen says that he won't be there either - the Willises have invited him over. So now it's just going to be Helen, Todd...and Bob.
Just then Paul comes in with some gifts for the family - he's having a traditional Italian Christmas with the Alessis. There's even a gift for Glen. Paul congratulates Glen on his engagement and Glen taunts him by saying maybe Gaby could move into the Robinson place after they get married(!)
Helen hugs Paul and wishes him a Happy Christmas.
Later in the kitchen, Helen asks Glen where he'll live after he and Gaby get married. Glen says they'll probably move away to let Gaby have some space from Doug. In conversation, Helen tells Glen that Todd's father is back.
No.30, Christmas Morning
Toby is looking for his presents but can't find any. Dorothy comes through rings a bell and wearing a Santa hat. She's got presents for both Toby and Bouncer - Toby's present is a book "The History of Soccer". He looks a bit down.
DOROTHY: I don't suppose you'll be interested in your other present?
Toby looks up and sees Madge standing there.
TOBY: Grandma!
He rushes to hug her.
MADGE: Good enough present?
TOBY: The only thing I want more is for Dad and Melanie to be here.
Dorothy comes through with another present for Toby - it's a new computer! Toby is speechless with delight! Furthermore, Madge has bought him some roller-blades.
Ramsay Street - later
Toby is having a go on his roller blades and comes over to show them to Glen.
Glen pops in to see Paul and they have a rather barbed exchange. Glen has brought some presents for the family - there's even one for Paul. Paul thanks him very unenthusiastically.
When Glen has gone, Paul calls Toby over and gives him Glen's present. Toby opens it and is bemused to see a tie inside!
Todd is telling Helen how much his father has changed, but Helen is not convinced.
Bob arrives and wishes Helen a Happy Christmas. Helen returns the greetings, but points out that they could be arrested for being in his company. Bob gives Todd a present - it's his old army watch from Vietnam.
When Bob has gone off to have a wash, Helen tells Todd that they'll enjoy Christmas Day together and then see what happens afterwards.
Josh, Lucy and Brad are little on their balcony in blazing sunshine and drinking a toast to their friends who are spending Christmas in Ramsay Street. They chat about Josh's parents who are apparently visiting England at the moment. Lucy goes off for a bit of a nap.
Inside, Lucy is shocked to find that her bed is messed up and calls the boys in. She's certain there is an intruder but they are not convinced. Josh says she's probably just overtired. But under the bed, the camera sees a wallet, dropped on the floor.
Dorothy, Madge and Toby are pulling crackers over Christmas dinner.
MADGE: Thanks, Dorothy.
TOBY: Onya, grandma. Try not to miss Grandad too much.
He hugs her.
MADGE: You know, I think your Grandad would be very proud of you.
Toby thanks Dorothy for making Christmas great for them.
Glen comes in, having enjoyed his lunch at the Willises. Paul comes round and give Helen a present from Frank and Margaret. As he's leaving, his cellphone rings with an emergency at Lassiter's. Todd and Glen offer to help Paul out - it's a problem with the roof.
When everyone has gone, Bob gives Helen some money - it's the money Jim lost on the bail. He wants to fix things with Todd. Helen says the best thing to do is to turn himself in, but Bob reckons he needs a bit of time to psych himself up.
Lassiter's Roof
Glen and Todd are walking down Lassiter's Roof(!) They attempt to lift a banner which has fallen down. It's rather high up and Glen attempts a risky manoeuvre down a diagonal roof. He slips and Todd grabs him, telling him to hang on.
Lucy is lying on her bed reading a magazine until she feels sleepy enough to put the light out. When everything is quiet, a figure appears in her closet.
Lassiter's Roof
Glen's hand is slipping as some onlookers look on in horror. Finally Glen's hand slips and he tumbles down to the ground.
<<1584 - 1586>>
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