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Neighbours Episode 1590 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1590
Australian airdate: 10/01/92
UK airdate: 17/12/92
UK Gold: 04/12/98
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- An exotic spider from Borneo climbs up Dorothy's bed and on to her pillow.
No.30 - Dorothy's bedroom
The spider crawls on to Dorothy's face. Dorothy brushes it away in her sleep and it crawls into a bag on the floor.
Faye has made breakfast for Pam and Doug. Pam asks when the wedding will be and suggests that Faye could move in with Nev before the wedding to test the water. Faye won't hear of "living in sin". Doug says Faye could hold off marrying Nev to get to know him better, but Pam tells him to shut up(!) Faye says that Doug can give Nev a partnership in the business! Doug is not happy, but Faye says it's settled!
No.32 (Garden)
Bob Landers has received a letter. He doesn't tell Todd what's in it, and says he'd better move on soon before the police catch up with him. Todd wishes he could spend more time with his father. He says they can when the heat is off - he's hoping to get a job on a prawn trawler in the meantime. Todd says he can stay at No.32 in the meantime, but not today as the carpet is being steam cleaned. Bob thanks Todd for looking after him.
Doug is cleaning the gutters and Faye comes up and startles him, so he nearly falls off the ladder. She is oblivious to this and start haranguing Doug about making Nev a partner. Faye says now Doug can't make Glen a partner, he can make Nev a partner instead! Doug tells her no - and Nev is better off as a foreman with a regular wage.
Dorothy and Helen are having a cup of tea. Dorothy suggests a game of golf. The exotic spider crawls out of Dorothy's bag into Helen's fruit bowl. Todd comes in and encourages Helen to go to play golf. She reluctantly agrees.
In the living room, Helen tells Todd that she's been neglecting him. She tells him that his father promised to repay Jim's bail money and turn himself into the police. Todd is shocked to hear this - his father told him he was broke!
HELEN: Oh, Todd. I'm afraid your father's obviously been lying to you again.
Helen and Dorothy are heading off to the golf course. When they've gone, Todd calls Bob in through the back door. He confronts him about turning himself into the police and Bob says he's still thinking about it(!) He also wants to know about the money. Bob explains that he handed over all his money to Jim and left himself short. Todd softens a bit, but still wants Bob to turn himself in.
Just then, the exotic spider, which is nearby, bites Bob!
Golf Course
Helen and Dorothy are on a golf buggy which Dorothy is driving wildly! Dorothy's ball turns out to be in the bunker. She has trouble even hitting it and Helen tries not to laugh. She end up picking up the ball and throwing it on to the green when Helen she thinks isn't looking(!) Helen sarcastically says, "Well done!"
todd has captured the spider in a jar and says he's never seen one like it before. Bob is sweating and says Todd could take him to the bloke in Anson's Corner who fixed his arm, but Todd says they must go to the hospital immediately. Bob reluctantly agrees and says they can go in a cab. Todd says he'll get Pam instead.
BOB: You don't understand!
TODD: I do understand, Dad. If we don't get you to the hospital soon, you could die!
He rushes off.
Todd bursts in and shows Pam the spider, saying his friend has been bitten. Pam rushes off with him.
Faye tells Doug that she's looked through his books and seen that he has two jobs contracted for the same time. He needs to make Nev a partner to cover it! Doug rolls his eyes. Faye says that he's still awaiting a contract at the convent too. Doug says he's waiting for the tender to be accepted and tells Faye to mind her own business.
Bob's bite has been looked at and he's signed himself out. Pam asks Todd about the wound on Bob's arm and says the doctor should look at that too.
PAM: It looked very much like a bullet wound to me.
Todd is shocked.
PAM: You didn't know?
TODD: Yeah, yeah, course I did, he comes from the country, probably got it rabbit shooting or something.
PAM: Well. Try to get him to have it seen to if it doesn't improve in the next couple of days.
Faye is still haranguing Doug about making Nev a partner. Doug tells her to drop it. Faye says that Nev will resign and set up his own business!
Bob is feeling better now. Todd confronts him about his arm being a bullet wound. He says nurses don't know anything, it was a mining accident! Bob says he'll go and get them some takeaway and then they can talk more. He'll take the risk of being out in public.
Golf Course
Dorothy is not happy that Helen has beaten her at golf(!) Helen laughs and says she's enjoyed herself. They get into the golf buggy and Dorothy somehow drives it into a bunker! Helen tells Dorothy that she has really cheered her up today, and they both start laughing!
Pam has told Doug about the bullet wound on Bob's arm. Apparently Gaby is down the hospital visiting Glen again. Faye comes in and tells them she's been lining up work for Nev, saying they're going into business together. Doug wishes them all the best! Faye says she's secured a large contract - the convent job! Doug is furious - Faye nosed through his books to undercut him! Faye is unrepentant!
Todd finds a newspaper article in Bob's stuff about a shooting at a payroll heist. Bob comes back in with fish and chips.
TODD: It's you isn't it? 'The thief was shot in the arm by security guards while escaping with the payroll. Police are still looking for this man, but believe he has left the state'
BOB: So you assume it's me?
TODD: Oh, come off it, Dad! The wound in your arm? You've suddenly got all this money that you pretend you haven't got and then you show up here out of the blue? Well, it doesn't take a genius to work it out, does it? You didn't come here to see me. You just wanted a place to hide and an alibi. You even asked me to lie to the police for you!
BOB: Hey, Toddy, look...
TODD: Don't call me that, alright? You made me believe that you cared about me, that you wanted to be close again. You only said those things so I'd do what you say. Well, I did, didn't I? You conned me real good. That's just great, Dad. You used me. How could you do that?
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