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Neighbours Episode 1500 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1500
Australian airdate: 16/08/91
UK airdate: 13/08/92
UK Gold: 31/07/98
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Glen wants to know what Lucy has been saying to Karen. Lucy tells him straight out that she thinks their marriage is a mistake - pregnancy isn't a reason to get married these days. Glen asks Karen to leave him and Lucy alone for a minute. Then he lays in to Lucy.
GLEN: How dare you talk to Karen like that!
LUCY: And how am I supposed to talk to her?!
GLEN: I know why you're doing this.
LUCY: Well, then, why ask?
GLEN: Luce. What happened between us - it's over.
LUCY: I know that! This is something completely different.
GLEN: Karen's going to be my wife - she's having my baby!
He tells Lucy she'll just have to get used to it if they are still to be friends.
GLEN: I want you to apologise.
LUCY: Apologise?
GLEN: Apologise, or that's it between us.
Paul is brooding at the kitchen table. He tells Christina that Glen has conned Jim into letting him and his "little tart" to stay at No.26. To make things worse, they'll have their baby before they have theirs. Christina points out that it isn't a race!
Otherwise, Paul has had a pretty good day - the deal with Felicity is practically in the bag. He's confident that they'll make a good profit. Paul says maybe they could sell Caroline one at a discount. Christina is still worried about Felicity though - she's an attractive woman. Paul says that Felicity isn't his type, but teases Christina, saying Felicity thinks *he's* a bit of alright(!)
No.26, the following morning
Gaby, Karen and Glen are having breakfast. Karen has been talking to Gaby about the wedding. Glen is knackered, but looking forward to his first pay-check. Lucy stomps around in the background.
Karen goes off for a shower. Jim tells Glen that he's playing golf today and realises he's late. When Glen and Lucy are on their own, Lucy says she's not going to apologise to Karen. She still thinks Glen is a fool for marrying Karen.
Ben comes around, all excited about his date with the Lassiter's Girl. Toby tells him that he has to come along too - it's that, or no date at all. It was Lucy's idea and he's going to pay for the meals. Ben doesn't know how he can make a move with Toby around(!)
Outside No.26
Jim asks Glen if he's going to buy Karen an engagement ring. Glen doesn't know - he's just trying to make ends meet. Jim offers to lend him the money, but Glen says he might have one of his grandmother's.
As Glen walks down the street, he waves to Paul and Christina. Paul takes the opportunity to have a go at Glen for "sponging" off Jim. Jim drives past and asks Paul what's going on. Paul says he was just having a word about Glen's living arrangements.
JIM: Paul, Glen and Karen are as much a part of this family as anyone.
PAUL: More than some, it would seem.
JIM: I care for all of you equally. But the way you've been carrying on lately, I'm finding it increasing difficult to say that.
No.26, lunchtime
Jim is telling Karen about his golf game. Karen has made Jim some lunch. They chat about Karen's previous work - in a solicitor's office. Apparently she had an argument with one of the partners and left.
JIM: When's the baby due?
KAREN:(defensively) Why?
JIM: ...?
KAREN: Why all the questions all of a sudden?
JIM: Just curious.
KAREN: Yeah, sorry. I'd better bring the washing in.
The Office
Paul is in a foul mood and Christina is telling him off about his behaviour to Glen.
A man rings about the units and Paul says he's keen to get the deal closed.
PAUL: You WHAT?! You sold them?! Hang on a second, what about our deal?! I don't believe you! Thanks, mate, same to you.
He slams the phone down.
Lucy is dressed up for her "date" with Ben. Ben is wearing a bowtie and Toby is wearing a suit(!) Lucy is a bit confused about why they're eating so early, but apparently Ben's mum won't let him stay out late(!)
When they've gone, Jim apologises for upsetting Karen before but she says he wasn't rude, she was just feeling a bit fragile.
Toby is despairing over the expensive menu(!) They order and then Ben asks Lucy out on another date. Lucy says she wouldn't want to rush into anything(!) Ben orders a cola "on the rocks".
When Ben has gone to the toilet, Lucy can't believe that Ben is making a play for her - he's Toby's age! They decide to make a plan.
Glen comes in with bags full of baby clothes - he's had his pay. Karen is touched and starts to cry.
KAREN: I didn't expect this. It's more than I deserve.
Paul storms in. Felicity Brent is there. Apparently she's cut Paul out of the deal by going directly to the seller. He's not happy, but she says that all is fair in love, war and business! Now she'll get all the profit.
PAUL: Don't you think you're going to get away with this one.
FELICITY: You must have missed something. I already have.
Paul says he has a very, very long memory, and Felicity hasn't heard the last of this.
LUcy tells Ben that he's one of the smartest guys she's been out with - maybe they could go home together tonight. She's always been attracted to younger men and Ben is just her type. Ben gets scared and decides to make a sharp exit. He runs from the restaurant! Lucy and Toby laugh and decide to order dessert.
Karen is showing Christina the baby clothes that Glen bought. They're getting on very well. They chat about Lucy not liking her, but Christina tells her not to take it personaly - she was probably looking forward to being the lady of the house when Helen left.
Karen isn't sure how much love is involved between her and Glen - the marriage is more of a necessity.
KAREN: Love may come later.
CHRISTINA:(shocked) But what if it doesn't?
KAREN: At least we like each other.
CHRISTINA: Well, Karen, you're braver than me.
KAREN: I'm not brave.
CHRISTINA: You are! To know that you don't love someone but to commit yourself to them for the rest of your life...that's a pretty big gamble.
Karen looks rather sober.
No.22, evening
Glen is walking up the driveway to get Karen when Paul arrives home in his car. He tells Glen he's not welcome in his house unless he's been invited. An argument ensues.
PAUL: If you weren't such a loser, you wouldn't need Dad's help to look after your little girlfriend!
GLEN: You know, you've been a real dipstick lately and I'm getting sick of it.
PAUL: Can't take it, eh? You know, the only thing you're good at, Glen, is destroying the relationship between me and my family.
GLEN: You don't need my help. You're doing that on your own.
Paul tells Glen to get lost.
PAUL: If you want a fight - you've got it!
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