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Neighbours Episode 1499 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1499
Australian airdate: 15/08/91
UK airdate: 12/08/92
UK Gold: 30/07/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Harold tells Jim that at least he has a family, even if they're not around. Jim says it's not much of a family - most of them are miles away. Harold suggests softening his approach a bit towards the kids. Why not go and visit Julie and her husband, and Scott as well - Charlene is pregnant after all.
HAROLD: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. We spend so much time pursuing our careers. And at the end of it all - what do they mean? Not very much.
Jim allows that he can be a bit heavy at times. And brightening up, he says that Todd and Josh are great kids. Harold says he should be proud of giving them a home when they needed one.
Ramsay Street
Toby sees Ben in the street who has a pair of binoculars. Madge comes up and has a look at Ben's binoculars. She looks through them and Ben tells her they're for birdwatching. But they're not really - they're to spy on Lucy(!) He thinks the posters of Lucy as Lassiter's Girl are really hot. Toby says it's no big deal, he knows Lucy and he'll introduce Ben!
Lucy, Glen and Karen are having breakfast and they're all bickering a bit. Lucy still thinks they're crazy to be rushing into marriage but Glen tells her to keep out of it.
Jim comes in sounding very bright this morning and then answers the door to Toby and Ben. They go through to the kitchen and Toby introduces Ben to Lucy. Ben is speechless.
JIM: The price of fame, eh?
The Office
Paul's new partner is Felicity Brent! They're about to exchange contracts - Felicity needs an investment for her husband's bequest. Paul shows her photos of the units and plans for their upgrade.
FELICITY: Be easier if you knew someone in the planning department.
PAUL: It would, wouldn't it.
FELICITY: Isn't it lucky I happen to be on council.
She thinks she could cut through the red trip as long as Paul made it worth her while. He gives her the contracts and she suggests they could discuss it over lunch later.
Karen is vacuuming and Glen tells her she should be taking it easy. Jim comes in and tells them he'd like them to move in permanently - there's plenty of room. He knows what he said before, but says that he over-reacted. Now he's changed his mind - he doesn't want to lose Glen when he's only just found him. If they move in here, they won't have any money worries and the baby will have a nice house to grow up in. They agree to think it over.
Coffee Shop
Paul tells Madge who his new partner is. She wishes him luck(!)
MADGE: I thought you'd have more sense than to get yourself involved with the Black Widow!
She advises Paul to watch his step. Toby comes in for a sandwich during his school-break. Toby asks Paul if he has any spare Lassiter's girl posters to take to school - to sell! Paul is quite impressed by his entrepreneurship and says Melanie has got some in the office.
A road
In a montage, Glen is working his heart out, digging up the road manually and filling wheel barrows.
Coffee Shop
Toby is selling tickets for a raffle to win a date with the Lassiter's girl to his mates!
Glen comes in looking knackered to pick up some drinks for the work-team. Harold tells Glen he admires his spirit in meeting his responsibilities. Glen says that Jim has offered them to stay on at his place and Harold and Madge think it's a very good idea. Harold advises Glen to swallow his pride - he's got a "wife" and baby to think about now.
Felicity has read the contract and says it's pretty watertight. She wants to go around and see the units before she signs. She asks him for a ball-park figure - Paul thinks she could make 20% on her investment.
Toby and Ben are counting the takings on the raffle(!) Toby draws the raffle and it turns out that he himself has won. The boys won't have it and say that he can't draw the raffle himself. They gang up on Toby and make him draw again. Ben draws it this time and draws his own ticket. Apparently this is OK(!)
Glen has reluctantly decided to take Jim up on his offer to move in. Jim is delighted and says that young couples always need a little help to get started.
Lucy and Toby are talking about the raffle. Lucy says she's not going out with Ben for anything. But she finally relents - but Toby will have to come along and pay for the dinners out of his raffle money ($40).
When Toby has gone, Jim asks Lucy for a word. He reveals to her that Glen and Karen are moving in and she doesn't look too chuffed.
Glen and Harold are talking about his motorhome. Madge isn't too keen - she doesn't like the colour scheme of the test vehicle(!) Glen thanks them for their advice earlier and explains that he's decided to move in with Jim permanently.
There's a phone-call and Madge answers it to a woman from Queensland - she's interested in sub-letting the Coffee Shop while they're away. Her name is Brenda Riley. Harold doesn't understand how she found out about it from so far away, but Madge says that hardly matters.
Paul is telling Lucy about the units deal and Felicity Brent. Lucy warns him that Felicity is a man-eater. Lucy is a bit down and tells Paul that Jim has asked Glen and Karen to stay on in the house. Paul is shocked. Lucy says she can't stand Karen - she's ruined Glen's life.
PAUL: I just can't believe how Dad still rates that jerk. He needs his head read. It seems that he will do anything to make Glen happy including neglect the rest of his family.
Lucy thinks that is a bit strong. She heads off to do her homework.
Karen and Jim are washing up when Lucy comes in. When Jim has popped up, Lucy tells Karen to stop sucking up by doing chores.
LUCY: You might be permanent to Dad, but as far as I'm concerned, you can go and take a running jump. I don't want you here.
KAREN: You'll just have to get used to me, won't you.
LUCY: You know, Glen didn't have any plans to be tied down. He didn't even *think* about it until you came along and ruined his life for him.
KAREN: Don't be silly, I'm not ruinig his life. Glen is marrying me because he wants to.
LUCY: Oh, yeah. It's all his idea, I suppose.
KAREN: Yes it is
LUCY: That's bull! He's marrying you because he's a decent guy. He doesn't want to - I know. Nobody wants you round here, least of all Glen.
KAREN: Listen you, I've just about had enough. You're nothing but a spoiled little brat, you know that?
LUCY: Well why don't you go back where you've come through and leave Glen alone?!
But Glen has come in through the back door.
GLEN: Why don't you run that by me?
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