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Neighbours Episode 1475 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1475
Australian airdate: 12/07/91
UK airdate: 09/07/92
UK Gold: 26/06/98
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen is preparing for the dinner party with Michael while everyone else generally gets in her way(!)
GLEN: Must be a hot date!
HELEN: Hardly. You don't have hot dates at my age!
Finally Helen orders them all out of the kitchen. She worried about the family liking Michael, but she's even more worried about Paul and Jim getting on with each other.
Paul is drying his trousers after the water leak. He's fuming that they'll have to pay for the guests to go to another hotel - and that it'll have to be Parkside Pacific.
Everyone is ready for dinner and Michael has arrived, but the kids are letting the side down by throwing peanuts into the air and trying to catch them in their mouths(!) Michael realises that Helen has told Jim about the proposal.
MICHAEL: Do you think she'll say yes?
JIM: I think it's not unlikely.
Michael is rather nervous about taking Helen away from the family.
JIM: She's done her time here. It's time we released her.
In the kitchen, Dorothy has come in through the back door. She asks Helen pointedly if it's a special occasion(!) She's only come to borrow Helen's ping-pong table though, so Helen directs her to the Bishop house.
Christina comes in and tells Helen that Paul has been delayed at work.
The Office
Paul is on the phone to Parkside Pacific. He's still not happy but Caroline points out that they have no choice. Apparently the guests are very upset about their personal possessions being damaged, so they head off to make a list of items for the insurance company.
Dorothy comes round to borrow the ping-pong table. Madge tells her that she can't - she needs it to practise. They quarrel about their ping-pong prowess than start fighting over the table. Harold has to intervene.
HAROLD: Ladies, please! Let us settle this like gentlemen!
Harold suggests that they play for the right to use the table. Dorothy says that the loser has to pull out of the ping-pong trials and Madge agrees to her terms.
Paul still hasn't turned up and Helen is rather upset. While she's in the kitchen, the family awkwardly try to engage Michael in conversation. Jim goes out to the kitchen and tells Helen that Paul has pushed his patience too far this time.
Caroline and Paul have just got back from a very tough night at the office. The phone rings and it's Melanie - she reminds Paul about the family dinner. Paul is horrified and runs off to change.
Everyone is just finishing dinner, but it was a bit overcooked because they waited so long for Paul.
HELEN:(dejectedly) Well, I don't think I'll plan another family dinner for quite a while!
Christina apologises profusely for Paul and says that he must have a very good reason. Michael suggests to Helen that they go out for a quiet drink to cheer her up and she agrees. Jim looks pretty steamed.
Paul is just off to the Robinsons but before he can leave, Christina comes in. She shouts at Paul, saying she's had the most embarrassing night of her life. He tries to explain about the water leak, but Christina doesn't believe him - it just looked like Paul was snubbing the family. She storms off to bed.
PAUL: I wish I hadn't got out of bed this morning.
Madge and Dorothy are about to begin their ping-pong play-off. Dorothy tells Madge about Helen's proposal and it's big news to her. She's not impressed that she's the last to know.
Glen, Josh and Lucy are hanging out and doing a post mortem of the evening. Josh says he has a surprise for Lucy later - a big one.
Just then, Paul rushes in. Jim tells Paul off for not even bothering to call. Glen tries to defend Paul, saying that things do get busy down at the hotel.
PAUL: Excuse me? When I want your help, buddy, I'll ask for it!
Charming. He storms out.
Madge and Dorothy are battling hard and have reached a deadlock at 20-all. However, Madge gets into an argument with the umpire (Harold!) and Dorothy decides to end the game. She says they can just settle the game at the tournament next week. Then she walks out.
HAROLD: Who does she think she is? John McEnroe?!
Christina has kicked Paul out of the bedroom, so he's preparing to sleep on the sofa. He looks through the faxes and finds a list of work that needs doing at Lassiter's - Christina must have forgotten to give it to him. With the information from the fax, they could have averted the whole disaster. Still, Paul tells Caroline that they won't tell Christina that it was her fault - he doesn't want her getting stressed while she's pregnant. He'll just wear Christina being mad at him.
Glen, Josh and Lucy are finishing the last of the chocolate mousse. Josh gives Lucy her surprise - the diamond earrings. He explains that he's saved up to get them back for her with the pay from his new job. Glen wants to know what Josh's job is, but he is evasive.
Jim wanders out, not able to sleep. He reveals to the kids that Michael has proposed. Lucy is horrified.
The Pub
Helen is very down and Michael is trying to cheer her up. He says he's not bothered by family squabbles or a dry roast - he's more worried that Helen is so depressed.
HELEN: I am thinking that I've been very foolish to let a kind, thoughtful man like you pass through my fingers.
MICHAEL: Um...let me get this straight. Are you actually saying that you'll marry me?
HELEN: I'd be very proud to be your wife, Michael. And heaven help anyone who tells me I'm doing the wrong thing.
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