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Neighbours Episode 1474 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1474
Australian airdate: 11/07/91
UK airdate: 08/07/92
UK Gold: 25/06/98
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody tells Todd that she's re-applying for the student exchange programme.
Todd isn't chuffed at all, but Cody says nothing is definite - she might not even be accepted on to the programme. But this doesn't convince him. Cody says it's such a wonderful opportunity and Todd is very hurt saying he doesn't mean to stand in her way. He stalks out, saying she doesn't love him enough if she wants to go away.
Number 24
Harold is reading a letter from Henry and Bronwyn in New Zealand. Madge misses them very much. Over dinner, Gemma says that she continuing with her protest about the circus. Harold supports her, but advises her not to break the law.
Number 22
Paul is ranting about Gemma.
PAUL: I will not have some pint-sized Ramsay coming in and telling me what to do!
Christina rolls her eyes at his ranting and he remembers that they're not meant to talk about work at home. They talk about Helen and Michael's engagement instead, and Christina tells Paul that they're invited to an family dinner at the Robinsons tomorrow night. Paul says he's not going - he's not even speaking to Jim and he hates Glen. Christina begs him to put his grievances aside, just for one night.
Ramsay Street
Joe and Toby are loading up the ute. Toby is moaning that he's being used as child labour(!) Melanie brings Joe's lunch out, just as Josh comes over.
MELANIE: How'd Erinsborough's hottest stripper?!
Josh has got his first strippo-gram this afternoon and he's very nervous. Melanie suggests that he hires a costume from the costume hire shop.
MELANIE: This is just stage-fright. You'll be fine when those women start shouting for you to take it all off.
JOSH: Or put it back on!
Melanie offers to come along for moral support and Josh gratefully accepts.
Cody tells Adam about the situation with Todd and the student exchange programme. Adam says it must have come as quite a shock to Todd and made him feel insecure in their relationship. Cody says that she thinks she and Todd are a bit young to get too heavy - she wants to "experience life" before she settles down.
ADAM: Sounds like you've got a lot of thinking to do, kiddo.
The phone rings and it's Paul telling Adam that Gemma is protesting at Lassiter's. Cody starts pulling petals out of a flower.
CODY:(pulling out petals) "Stay with Todd...go overseas...stay with Todd...go overseas"
Paul begs Adam to do something about Gemma's protesting. He says he will and then promptly joins in the protest(!) Paul is very angry and tells Melanie to call security. Gemma tells Paul to go ahead - it will give them loads of publicity.
Number 22
An urgent fax is coming through, but Christina doesn't see it as she's talking to Dorothy.
The Office
Melanie is talking sense to Paul - there's no point reporting Gemma to the police, it'll only give Lassiter's adverse publicity.
Josh calls to show Melanie his costume, which is under a long coat. He tells Melanie there's a helmet to go with it, then opens the coat.
MELANIE: Somehow, Josh, I don't think they're going to be looking at your head...
Coffee Shop
The radio is on. Oooh this must mean there's a bulletin coming up about a Ramsay Street resident. Madge is thinking about trying out for an over-40s table tennis team: they're going on a tour of New Zealand soon, and Madge would be able to see Henry and Bronwyn too.
Suddenly, Gemma comes on the radio (ah-ha!) talking about protest against the circus. She says she works with animal at Mindari Animal Park so she knows the conditions are very poor.
Number 32
Joe and Toby are about to go yabbying when Dorothy comes round to borrow some sports magazines - she's looking for a new activity. Todd comes round to see if Toby wants a kick with him. While he's there, he tells Dorothy that she's ruined his life - she's encouraged Cody to go to the USA. Dorothy says it's a wonderful opportunity and Todd really shouldn't begrudge it to Cody.
Strippogram booking
Melanie is giving Josh some last-minute pointers. He's dressed as a Roman soldier and is very nervous. Finally he gets up the nerve to go into the room. All the ladies cheer and Josh begins his dance. He's actually very good! The ladies all clap and whoop appreciatively.
Gemma has been sacked from her job for mentioning the wildlife park on the radio - it sounded like Gemma was speaking on behalf of the park. Then Gemma called her boss a hypocrite and it all went downhill from there. She's gutted to have lost the job - she's only ever wanted to work with animals.
Todd has told Josh about Cody's application to the student exchange programme.
JOSH: What is it about you and me that makes our women want to flee over to the other side of the world?!
He advises Todd not to worry until it happens, but Todd says it's enough that Cody actually wants to go, leaving him behind.
Cody comes round, but Todd hides in his bedroom when he hears her knock on the door. Josh lets her in and asks her to tell him everything.
Coffee Shop
Melanie is looking for Paul - some of the guests have reported a leaky roof in the east wing. Dorothy overhears Madge on the phone talking about table tennie and says that she's going to take up table tennis too. Madge rolls her eyes.
Paul comes in and Harold gives him the message about the roof. He dashes off.
The East Wing
Melanie is putting some buckets under the leaky pipe (she couldn't find anyone from Maintenance) Paul is not pleased that the pipes are leaking - he had a full report done on them lately. He tries to fix the leak, but ends up showering himself and Melanie in water!
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