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Neighbours Episode 1473 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1473
Australian airdate: 10/07/91
UK airdate: 07/07/92
UK Gold: 24/06/98
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Michael proposes to Helen.
Pam is preparing a dinner for Dr Hamilton and tells Doug to change his shirt - the collar on his is frayed.
Cody answers the door to Gemma - she can't go on her and Adam's planned date because she has to step in and take the kids to the circus. Adam is happy to tag along, though.
Doug has changed his shirt.
CODY: I think I'll go over to Todd's before the blood-shed starts. What'll it be, Dad? Scalpels at twenty paces?!
A few minutes later, Dr Hamilton arrives. Shock horror, Dr Sam Hamilton is a woman - Samantha.
Ramsay Street
Cody sees Dorothy and they chat about Brad, who is coming home soon. Dorothy says that travel is an education in itself. Cody looks thoughtful. Caroline comes over and chats to Dorothy saying that she's getting on fine with running the hotel - she thinks Paul makes it look harder than it actually is(!)
Todd and Cody are trying to decide what movie to go and see. She chooses a travel documentary, but Todd wants to go and see a science-fiction film.
Helen comes in.
JIM: How was your day?
HELEN: Oh busy, lunch followed by physiotherapy, afternoon tea with Michael then we went to the Waterhole for a drink, Doug and Joe were there, and that's when Michael proposed.
JIM: Proposed? He doesn't waste time, does he! And...what did you say?
HELEN: I told him I need time to think about it, naturally.
JIM:(smiling) All a bit sudden, isn't it?
HELEN: Oh, we've been seeing quite a lot of each other. I don't think you could call it indecent haste.
(I'm sorry? You've been seeing him for all of two weeks, Helen!)
Jim asks if Helen loves Michael. She says she hasn't asked herself that question yet, she was just cruising along. Anyway, there are other things to be considered, like the family. Jim insists that they don't want to tie Helen down.
JIM: Besides, for what it's worth, Michael's quite a good catch.
HELEN: Yes, he is.
Number 24, evening
Gemma is very angry following their visit to the circus - it seems that the animals were being kept in appalling conditions. The size of the cages were small and the animals looked dirty. Adam agrees, but he's not as passionate about the cause as Gemma.
Doug and Samantha Hamilton are getting on like a house on fire. Apparently they used to live in the same area as kids. Pam looks rather left out.
Robinsons, the following morning
Helen is having breakfast and pondering Michael's proposal. She tells Jim that she doesn't intend to rush into anything.
Dorothy comes round - Jim is late for their cycling date. He quickly goes off to change. Helen tells Dorothy that Michael has proposed.
DOROTHY: Well, well. The old fox!
HELEN: What does that make me, an old chook in great danger?
Helen says that there's no point being coy at their age, but Dorothy says there's no need to rush either - it's not as if they have to worry about "what mother will say"(!) She advises Helen to live together first and see how things go.
HELEN: Live in sin?!
DOROTHY: A whole lot better than a bad marriage.
Cody is missing Melissa now that she's away in America. Doug has got a suit on again and tells them that he's going to ask Sam to lunch with him(!) Pam is still fed up of Doug's flirting the previous evening and rolls her eyes. When Doug has gone, Pam tells Cody that she's worried that Sam will turn Doug's head.
PAM: She's so attractive. Intelligent.
CODY: Ah, well. If she's that intelligent, she won't find Dad too interesting!
Gemma has found out that Lassiter's is selling tickets to the circus - and there's posters all over the place. Gemma tells a passing Caroline that she shouldn't be promoting the circus. Caroline tells her it's just good, clean family entertainment. Gemma says that she'll be putting Caroline's guests straight on the facts. Adam tells Caroline that he agrees with Gemma and Caroline stalks off.
Todd wants to know why there's a passport photo of Cody on the table. Doug comes in, still in his suit. He is pleased to hear that Pam is upset and tells Cody that he's invited Sam to dinner.
DOUG: A man's got to do something to amuse himself when his wife works nights!
Cody looks very worried!
Gemma is giving out leaflets about animal cruelty, much to Caroline's displeasure. Gemma says she's just exercising her right to free speech, but Caroline threatens to call the police. Adam tells Gemma that there's no point being arrested - they'll think of something else.
Pam comes in. Cody tells her awkwardly that Doug is taking Sam out for dinner.
Sam's house
Pam comes to the door.
SAM: Pam!
PAM: Alright, let me at him.
SAM: Who?
PAM: Doug! Look, I'm really sorry to have involved you in all of this. I suppose he thought he was being funny. I rang the hospital and they said he was with you.
SAM: Well, no, I mean, he did drop in to give me my make-up bag - must have left it at your place last night when I fixed my face. Did you need to see him urgently.
PAM: Yes. Yes, you could say that!
A bunch of flowers has been delivered.
TODD:(coming into the kitchen) Special delivery for Mrs Daniels! Mrs Daniels? No? Alright...!
HELEN: Excuse me! I'm Mrs Daniels!
Todd laughs and gives her the flowers - they're a bunch of pink roses from Michael. Jim advises Helen to accept Michael's proposal, but Helen insists she's not going to be rushed into anything. She loves the flowers, though.
Number 24
Gemma is ranting about Caroline. Adam tells her not to make it so personal. He's surprised to see Gemma so fired up and says he's never seen her like this before.
Pam comes in in a temper. She tells Doug that she's made "a complete na-na" of herself. Doug says it's just payback for taking his couch out to the street and leaving him there all night. Pam insists that she wasn't jealous.
DOUG: Well, I think I'll just go and get out of my seduction clothes(!)
PAM: Why would I be jealous? I mean, you've been dangling your bait in front of my friends for years and you HAVEN'T HAD A BITE YET!!!
Todd and Cody laugh. They start to clean up the lounge and Todd picks up an application form. It's for the student exchange programme.
CODY: I was going to tell you.
TODD: I thought you weren't interested in that anymore. You've changed your mind, haven't you.
CODY: Yes.
TODD: So. You want to leave me.
<<1472 - 1474>>
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