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Neighbours Episode 1472 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1472 (Michael Daniels proposes to Helen Daniels)
Australian airdate: 09/07/91
UK airdate: 06/07/92
UK Gold: 23/06/98
Summary/Images by: Luke & Sayaka
The Park
Joe meets his stalker. The stalker is not very impressed by Joe, and still believes that Joe killed Angela. Joe tries to convince him otherwise but he doesn't believe him. He ends up punching Joe. Doug sees this and chases the stalker with Bouncer and Joe (who had a quick recovery!). The stalker climbs a fence but Bouncer catches him on his trousers. He still manages to get away, sprinting across the park.
Lucy and Glen have a laugh over some old photos. Helen and Michael come back from their day out. She invites Michael to dinner, but he says he has a few things to do. He'll see her tomorrow, though.
Jim worries about Glen and Lucy's giggling, but Helen says it's probably perfectly innocent. Lucy and Helen talk about it and she says the attraction hasn't gone away, but things are getting easier. She asks after Michael and Helen says that he's the best thing that's happened to her in a long time.
LUCY: Gran, at your age!
HELEN: At my age I still need everything that you need at yours!
Lucy is pleased that Helen has a friend, but is worried that things are getting serious and they might lose Helen.
Number 32
Joe says that the stalker looked like an ordinary bloke, not a mad-man. He thinks he's made matters worse. Doug says that Joe will have to stay with him, but Joe says he's sick of hiding. Anyway, the police are patrolling the area.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Joe comes home in the ute and sees the stalker outside his house. Joe gets out of the ute and challenges him. He bundles him into the ute and says he'll take him to the police. But the stalker says he has come to apologise as he heard the news today and discovered that a woman has been arrested, the one who really did the hit and run.
STALKER: I couldn't handle it any more. If anyone's responsible for Angela's death, I am.
Number 32
The stalker explains that Angela had been having a secret affair with him for two years and he wanted her to leave her husband. They had a fight about it and she got out of the car, running into the road. He returned later as he was worried about her and discovered she was dead, and thought Joe had done it. He gets very emotional, saying it was his own fault, really.
Joe tells him that it wasn't his fault - he knows what it's like to lose someone in an accident, but there's nothing to be gained from blaming anyone else, or yourself. Sometimes things just happen for no reason. The stalker starts to cry.
Michael comes to pick Helen up. Michael talks to Lucy and he tells her that he can see she's a bit suspicious of him, but his intentions are honourable. Lucy says that Helen has been proposed to before, by Frank Darcy, but she refused. Michael says that he had not intended to propose to Helen, but asks if Helen is interested in marriage. Lucy says that Helen is happy living with the family. Michael looks thoughtful.
Ramsay Street
Doug and Pam are chatting about Dr Hamilton - he's a very interesting man, apparently. Doug is suspicious and seems a bit jealous. Pam thinks that she and Sam are going to develop a really good friendship and Doug looks very worried!
Council Pool
Glen and Lucy are having a swim in the pool and having fun. They chat about their relationship and agree that they have to hang out and have fun as it is the only way to end up being normal with each other. Lucy wishes that she felt more for Josh, but she can't force herself into anything.
Michael and Helen are having a cup of tea. They are enjoying each other's company and Michael asks her if she'd consider a long-term proposition. Before he can explain, Jim comes in. Helen tells him that Lucy and Glen are at the pool and Jim gets worried and races down to the pool, saying he fancies a swim himself.
HELEN: You don't have to spy on them.
JIM: I'm not, I just fancy a swim, that's all(!)
Michael decides to pop home for a while to pick something up, but he'll come and pick Helen up for a quiet drink shortly.
The Waterhole
While Helen is not at the table, Michael puts an engagement ring in her champagne glass to give her a surprise.
Joe and Doug are having a celebratory beer and Helen goes over to talk to them. They ask Helen how her new boyfriend is. Michael has gone to the toilet, so their table is temporarily unattended. The barman comes over and takes both the glasses away!
The pool
Lucy is surprised to see Jim there. She know he's checking up on them but they're just having fun as they are brother and sister and points out that Glen is chatting up another girl as they speak!
The Waterhole
Michael panics when he gets back from the toilet, and goes to talk to the barman about the glasses of champagne.
Doug tells Joe that he's fed up of Pam singing the praises of the doctor, Sam Hamilton. Joe tells him he has nothing to worry about.
Pam comes in and says that she's invited Sam for dinner tonight!
The Waterhole
Michael has got ring back and explains everything to Helen.
MICHAEL: I wanted you to find it in your glass and then you'd look up in surprise and I'd say...will you marry me?
HELEN:(faintly) Ohhh...
Michael puts the ring on Helen's finger.
MICHAEL: Would you marry me?
Helen is speechless.
<<1471 - 1473>>
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