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Neighbours Episode 1476 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1476
Australian airdate: 15/07/91
UK airdate: 10/07/92
UK Gold: 29/06/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen agrees to marry Michael.
The troops are still clearing up the remains of the family dinner when Michael and Helen come home. Helen looks chuffed to bits and tells them she has some news - she's accepted Michael's "kind offer". They all congratulate her, except Lucy who looks daggers at them.
Caroline, Paul and Melanie are talking about the clean-up for the hotel. Christina is still in a mood with Paul about the dinner party. Paul tells them not to tell Christina, and to do work on promotional material to bring customers back to Lassiter's.
Ramsay Street
Dorothy tells Cody that they'll know the result of her application to the exchange program soon. Helen comes over to show Dorothy her engagement ring. Dorothy congratulates her, saying the Erinsborough singles scene won't be the same from now on!
The Office
Christina has come in to work a day or two early, much to Paul's displeasure. A lady comes in to tell them the hotel has behaved wonderfully to make their guests comfortable after the water disaster. She's decided to stay on for the rest of the week as a birthday present to herself - it's her birthday today!
When the old lady has gone, Melanie looks rather concerned that the old lady has spent her birthday on her own.
Josh is off to work this afternoon. He's evasive about what he's doing, calling it "public relations"(!) Helen tells Jim that her wedding will be a small, family affair. Lucy is still sulking. Finally she snaps.
LUCY: Not that anyone cares, but I think you are making a major mistake!
In the living room, Todd is apologising to Cody for his selfish behaviour over the exchange program. Cody is chuffed and hugs him. Todd does not look convinced.
Garden of the Robinsons
Lucy is telling Helen that she thinks she's rushing into marriage (and I have to say, I agree!) Helen says that she and Michael are sure of their feelings. Lucy admits that she's terrified that Michael will let Helen down, and also, they will all really miss her.
HELEN: I'd jolly well hope, so! I'm going to miss you, too. And your father, and everyone else. But it's not as if we won't see each other. Anyway, you're getting to the age now where you'll leave home before long, meet someone, probably get married yourself. The thing is darling, we have to try for happiness in our own way. And my way is with Michael. I wish you could understand that, and be happy for me.
LUCY: I do. I want you to be happy more than anything in the whole world. I really do.
They hug.
The Office
Paul and Caroline are planning sweeteners to lure their lost customers back. Melanie comes in and tells them that they're about to reach their 250,000th guest is coming up - they could do a promotion. Paul likes the idea and says they'll get on it. Melanie also wants to send the old lady some flowers for their birthday.
Caroline takes a phonecall from the insurance people. They reckon because Lassiter's didn't act on the received fax, the insurance company won't pay up - at least, not the full claim.
The Office
Melanie has booked Josh as a stripogram for a hen night - in the name of Mrs Byrne.
Helen comes in and Paul apologises profusely about the previous evening. Helen says it doesn't matter now - and she accepts his apology.
HELEN: Your grandmother is now engaged to be married!
Paul and Caroline are pleased to hear the news and congratulate Helen. She suggests Paul and Caroline pop round later to meet Michael.
Hotel Room
Josh knocks on the required door. It's the old lady! She lets him in in some confusion. Josh looks round the hotel room and is rather surprised to find that the old lady is on her own.
JOSH: Er...I suppose we should get on with it then.
He starts his music.
OLD LADY: Ah, cabaret! I love cabaret.
Josh starts his dance!
Later at the Office
MELANIE: Hi! How did it go?
JOSH: Well...she was a bit quiet. But I don't know how little old ladies are meant to react.
Melanie realises what has happened and is gobsmacked.
MELANIE: I'm dead! We're dead! And the other ladies are still waiting!
Josh says it's fine - he won't charge for the last one, he'll get changed again and get to the hen night!
Christina comes in.
MELANIE: Do you think it's true that any publicity is good publicity?
In the inner office, Christina moans about Paul to Caroline. She decides to tell Christina what really happened.
As they leave, the old lady comes in.
MELANIE: Oh, Mrs Bird! I'm sorry, I'm really, really sorry, I don't know what to say!
OLD LADY: Thank you for the lovely birthday surprise. Usually my birthday presents are boring old bunches of flowers and bottles of scent! You tell your boss I'll be saving up to come again next year!
Paul comes in as she is leaving.
PAUL: That must have been some bunch of flowers, Mel!
MELANIE: Yeah, it was! It was(!)
Todd's bedroom
Jim has come to talk to Todd, who is lying on his bed looking fed up. He tells Jim about Cody's exchange program.
Later at the Robinsons
Jim and Michael are arguing over who should pay for the wedding(!)
JIM: You needn't think we're letting Helen go without a decent send-off!
Paul arrives and Jim introduces him rather stiffly to Michael. Caroline tells Paul to go to the kitchen to speak to Christina.
In the kitchen, Christina tells Paul that she knows about the fax. She's upset and apologises for being so horrible to him. They kiss and make up.
Todd has come to talk to Cody about the exchange program. He tells her that they're ruining their relationship, and it would be best if they made a clean break.
TODD: Cody, I want what's best for both of us and I think that's it.
CODY: You know if we break up now, it'll be for good. I mean, I know we've done this sort of thing before and always come back together, but that was heat of the moment stuff. This isn't.
TODD: Yeah, I know.
CODY: Well, if that's what you want...
TODD: It's not like we'll never see each other again, I mean, we'll both be in the neighbourhood and you're not leaving for a while not.
CODY:(trying not to cry) Sure.
TODD: Cody, I hope everything works out for you. I really do.
CODY: You, too.
He kisses her gently.
TODD: Bye.
He walks to the door. He turns and sees that Cody is sobbing, but goes through the door anyway, closing it behind him.
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