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Neighbours Episode 1450 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1450 (Glen Donnelly and Lucy Robinson's illicit liaison)
Australian airdate: 07/06/91
UK airdate: 09/06/92
UK Gold: 22/05/98
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Icarus
Lucy and Glen kiss.
Glen breaks the kiss with difficulty.
GLEN: No, Luce.
LUCY: Yes!
GLEN: Don't do this to me, I can't fight it any more.
LUCY: Then don't!
GLEN: But it's wrong!
LUCY: I know, I don't care!
GLEN: You should.
LUCY: It's not going to go away...
They start kissing again until Glen breaks away.
GLEN: Look, why start something now, what are we going to do when the folks get home?
LUCY: Who cares, we've got this weekend, we've got tonight.
They continue kissing. But Glen breaks away again.
LUCY: What's wrong now?
GLEN: Gemma. We're supposed to be going out tonight, what am I going to tell her?
LUCY: She doesn't matter to you, does she?
GLEN: Yes! She does! But I can't go on seeing her.
LUCY: No, you can't. You have to break it off with her, it's only fair.
Glen decides to go over and see Gemma and cancel their date for tonight.
Pam, Doug, Helen and Jim and arguing about the Cody/Todd situation while Josh lurks in the background. Todd comes out and tells them all to mind their own business! They take this in and decide that Todd is right.
Glen has arrived to take Gemma out. He is very agitated.
GLEN: Look, I'm going to have to cancel our date tonight.
GEMMA: Oh. You could have told me that before I got into this dress!
GLEN: Sorry. It's just something's happened at home.
GEMMA: By the look on your face it sounds pretty serious. Do you need me to help?
GLEN: No, no, it'll work out...I feel really bad about this.
GEMMA: Don't worry about it. I'm not going to dump you over one broken date!
GLEN: I'd better get going.
GEMMA: See you tomorrow?
GLEN: Yeah, I guess...
He heads off, still agitated.
Glen comes in. He tells Lucy that he didn't tell Gemma the whole truth, he just cancelled their date.
GLEN: It would be wrong just to walk away from her without giving her an explanation - which I can't give her!
Lucy is not pleased and tells Glen to stop dangling Gemma. He resolves to break it off with Gemma tomorrow. Lucy won't let him kiss her again until he's talked to Gemma properly.
Robinsons, the following morning
Lucy is making toast when Glen comes up and puts his arms around her waist.
LUCY: Sorry, I didn't sleep well.
GLEN: Neither did I, knowing you were just across the hall.
Lucy nags him about talking to Gemma and he says he'll have a shower first.
GLEN: Sorry. I know it's got to be done, I just feel like a bit of rat, that's all.
LUCY: Well, if it's not worth it to you...just forget it.
GLEN: It is. You are.
LUCY: Truly?
GLEN: Yeah. There's no use turning back now. And I wouldn't want to.
LUCY: Me either.
The phone rings and Lucy extracts herself to answer it. It's Josh on the phone. He's very worried about the Lucy and Glen situation but she tells him that everything is fine. She tells him not to bother ringing back.
Josh tells Todd that he has to tell him something, but he has to keep it a secret.
TODD: Must be serious. What's up?
JOSH: It's Lucy and Glen.
TODD: Oh, are they fighting again?
JOSH: No - worse. They're...they're interested in each other.
TODD: Hang on...you don't mean...? But she's his sister!
JOSH: Half-sister. And the way she feels about Glen, I don't think it's going to stop anything from happening.
TODD:(very alarmed) Josh, when you say 'anything', do you mean like...like a physical anything?
JOSH: Lucy isn't sick, mate. She faked it so she could stay home alone with Glen all weekend. I mean, what do you think they're going to be doing?
TODD: Do Helen and Jim know?
JOSH: ...
TODD: Yeah, stupid question. What are they going to do when they find out?!
Adam has come round to hang with Gemma, but she's about to go to work. She's tempted to take a sickie though - she's lost her confidence with the animals since the monkey attacked her. She's thinking of giving up the job. Adam tells her it's probably that the animal smell her fear. He's read about a photographer who disguised his scent - Gemma could do the same thing. He had to rub himself all over with grass. Adam suggests she tries rubbing herself with eucalyptus oil. She thinks it's a great idea!
Jim and Doug are discussing the plans for the guesthouse while Josh and Todd whisper urgently in the background. Helen tells Jim that she can't get through to the Robinsons. She's worried and wants to go home to check on Lucy. Pam says she'll drive Helen home - she'd like to get back and have a chat to Cody after last night's revelation anyway.
Josh runs inside and tells Todd that Helen is going home early to check on Lucy.
TODD: Maybe that's not such a bad idea.
JOSH: Are you kidding?!
TODD: No, I'm not, Josh, if it stops them from making a big mistake then...
JOSH: What if it's too late for that?! What if Helen walks in on them.
Todd contemplates that situation and looks very worried.
TODD: Major disaster. But there's nothing we can do about it.
JOSH: If only I could find a way of getting a message to her. But the phone's off the hook.
Todd suggests ringing Cody, but Josh doesn't think it's a very good idea - Cody hates Lucy. They can't ring Gemma. Josh says he'll have to go back with Helen and try to get inside first.
TODD: So, what are you going to do?
JOSH: I don't know! It's a mess, mate.
Ramsay Street
Paul and Christina arrive home from a drive to the beach. Adam goes over to say hello and asks if Caroline is around. But she's gone to her parents' place.
Gemma runs over and tells Adam that the eucalyptus oil did the trick for her.
GEMMA: I'm glad you read that article.
ADAM: Um...Gem? There wasn't any article.
GEMMA: Pardon?
Adam explains that he made the whole thing up to give Gemma her confidence back. He says she just needed to break the cycle of fear.
GEMMA: I don't know whether to kill you or kiss you.
Just then, Glen comes along and asks Gemma for a talk.
Gemma is in a really good mood and tells Glen how well things are going.
GLEN: Um, Gem, could you have a seat for a minute? I want to say something and I can't do it while you're buzzing around the place...
She sits down at the table.
GLEN: Ermmm...I think we should stop going out.
GLEN: You're a great person.
GEMMA: Are you mad at me? Have I don't something...
GLEN: No, it's not you, it's me. I wanted to tell you last night.
GEMMA: What? What's changed?
GLEN: Nothing, that's the problem...remember I told you about another girl? Somebody before I met you?
GEMMA: You said that was over.
GLEN: I know. I meant it, or at least I thought I did. But I was just kidding myself...and it's not fair on you. Especially since I know how you feel about me.
GEMMA: I thought you felt the same.
GLEN: I like you a lot. And maybe if we'd met before...we could have made a go of it.
GEMMA: Now there's no chance?
GLEN: Sorry.
GEMMA: Mmmm. Me too.
GLEN: I just didn't want it to drag on, you know? Things would have kept getting worse. You understand, don't you?
GEMMA: Sure.
GEMMA:(trying not to cry) Yeah, I'll be fine, don't worry.
GLEN: I'd better go.
GEMMA: I hope things work out well for you.
GLEN: You've been really good about this.
He walks out and Gemma starts to cry properly.
Glen is sitting with his arm around Lucy, telling her about the breakup with Gemma.
LUCY: There wasn't anything else you could do.
GLEN: No, I guess not.
LUCY: And it means a lot to me that you were honest with her.
Lucy says that noone else will get in the way now.
LUCY: And I love you.
GLEN: I love you, too.
They kiss.
LUCY: And, I'm sort of glad that we waited for this.
GLEN: Are you sure this is what you want?
Lucy nods.
LUCY: Are you?
Glen stands up and leads her off to the bedroom, closing the door.
Petrol Station
Josh is filling up the car and Helen is moaning that they are taking ages to get home. While Helen is in the shop, Josh open the engine and delays further by checking the oil and water.
Christina is giving Paul a massage. She tells him to get the business with the Will sorted out, but Paul says that Glen is still trying to cause him trouble.
CHRISTINA: If your dad was a millionaire I could understand all this aggro!
PAUL: It's not the money, that's not the issue! It's just that Glen is getting all this special treatment and he hasn't earned it!
Christina tries to reason with Paul and urges him to make up with Glen, for example, giving him his job back. Paul finally agrees.
PAUL: I shall go and see Dad and sort things out with him when he gets back from the guest house, and I shall go and see Glen in a minute.
Lucy's bedroom
Lucy and Glen are lying on the bed kissing. Things are hotting up a bit and Glen removes his shirt.
GLEN: You're so beautiful.
LUCY: Glen. I love you, but...
GLEN: You want me to stop.
LUCY: I can't go through with it. I'm sorry.
GLEN: It's alright. It's OK. I know how you feel.
LUCY: Do you?
GLEN: Yeah? Sometimes I want you so much, but I know there's all sorts of reasons why we shouldn't make love.
LUCY: It would hurt too many other people.
GLEN: Already have.
LUCY: I shouldn't have made you break up with her!
GLEN: You didn't. I think what we were doing is pushing each other. Trying to find out what our limits are.
LUCY: Now we know.
GLEN: Mmm-hmm.
LUCY: Then why do I feel so bad?
GLEN: Oh, Luce.
He hugs her.
Meanwhile, Paul comes in through the front door. He calls out to Glen, and when there's no answer he opens the door to the bedroom part of the house, hearing voices in Lucy's room.
GLEN: Do you want me to move out?
LUCY: No, please don't.
GLEN: Things might get difficult again.
LUCY: No, they won't. Not now that we understand each other. And I do love you. But not in the way I thought.
GLEN: Like a brother.
LUCY: Well, not exactly. But I don't want to lose you.
GLEN: Alright, I'll stay then. You're certain that's what you want?
Paul opens the door.
PAUL: Glen...
Paul freezes in horror when he sees Glen sitting shirtless on the bed with Lucy.
PAUL: Just what the hell's going on here?
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Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1450
Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson

Jim Robinson, Doug Willis, Pam Willis, Josh Anderson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1450
Jim Robinson, Doug Willis, Pam Willis, Josh Anderson, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1450
Helen Daniels, Todd Landers

Glen Donnelly, Gemma Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1450
Glen Donnelly, Gemma Ramsay

Gemma Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1450
Gemma Ramsay

Lucy Robinson, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 1450
Lucy Robinson, Glen Donnelly

Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1450
Todd Landers

Adam Willis, Gemma Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1450
Adam Willis, Gemma Ramsay

Helen Daniels, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1450
Helen Daniels, Pam Willis

Adam Willis, Christina Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1450
Adam Willis, Christina Robinson, Paul Robinson

Glen Donnelly, Gemma Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1450
Glen Donnelly, Gemma Ramsay

Gemma Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1450
Gemma Ramsay

Josh Anderson in Neighbours Episode 1450
Josh Anderson

Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1450
Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1450
Paul Robinson

<<1449 - 1451>>
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