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Neighbours Episode 1449 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1449
Australian airdate: 06/06/91
UK airdate: 08/06/92
UK Gold: 21/05/98
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Icarus
The Robinsons are getting ready for their trip out to the cabin with Doug, Pam and Cody. Jim is astonished at the large amount of food. Helen says the outdoors will do them good and will feed their appetite. She wonders where Glen is. He's on the phone. Jim is annoyed Lucy is taking "the bare essentials" - three bags full of stuff. Josh comes out with three bags as well. Lucy makes fun of him but he points out that all his stuff is in a small backpack - the others are Helens. Glen comes out and tells everyone that he's got a job interview and can't make it. I'm sure everyone is just devastated. Lucy isn't happy though. Helen doesn't want Glen to lead Gemma astray while she's away.
Caroline comes downstairs to find Paul working still. He's been up all night reviewing the Henson contract. It's water tight. Paul says they're not dead yet. Not by far! He asks if she came come into the office despite, as she points her resignation. He begs her. She agrees. Paul says he has a long-shot plan and goes for a shower before making a call to Japan. He's going to call Mr Udagawa! Caroline isn't sure what he's up to.
Doug is filling the coolers full of better. Pam has more food she needs to get in. Doug disagrees
DOUG: Milk and butter? What about my kilo of bait?
PAM: Oh you're not taking bait are you?
DOUG: No, but you just did!
They're looking forward to the weekend. Jim and Doug have plans, but Pam still wants some alone time with Doug. There's a knock at the door and Doug goes to get it while Pam hurries Cody along. It's Jim with the BBQ. They look forward to their fishing. They prepare to get going. Cody is refusing to go because Todd is going so they decide to go without her. They want to have a good time. When Doug gets that feeling he needs sexual healing.
Todd and Josh are mucking about when Jim comes in telling everyone it's time. Lucy comes out and she's apparently unwell and can't go. Helen says she'll stay with Lucy but she says she's not that sick. Lucy says she'll be fine with Glen.
Ramsay Street
Everyone is filling the cars up with their stuff. Doug and Jim discuss their two daughters not going. Josh asks Lucy what she's up to. He knows she's only staying to hang out with Glen. She tells him to get off her case. He is disappointed they aren't getting together. Glen and Lucy see off the Robinson/Willis trip.
Lucy is reading a magazine and eating chips. She hides them when Glen comes back in. Glen is off to a job interview. She moans a bit but he tells her to give it up saying he has to go to his interview. He says she's trying to ruin his weekend with Gemma. She plays dumb but he doesn't buy it. He is very angry and wants her to knock it off. She tells him to stop messing her around. He says she's got a vendetta against his relationship with Gemma. He leaves and she wishes him good luck.
The Office
Paul gets off the phone. Caroline is with him. She asks what is going on. Paul says the ball is in motion. There's a knock and it's Donald Henson. He welcomes him it. Henson is very surprised to see Caroline given he though she'd signed with Parkside Pacific. Paul says that he knew all along and that he was in it on the ground level. Paul explains he knows Henson's plans for Lassiters. Henson is disappointed in Caroline. Henson points out that the deal is ironclad and Paul can't get out of it. Paul tells him that he's got other plans. Henson says he can have Paul thrown out of Lassiters. Paul says he can't if Paul has controlling interest in Henson's board. Paul explains that he has a relationship with Mr Udagawa and that throughout the morning, Paul has been buying shares in Henson while in Japan, Udagawa has done the same thing and that by the end of day's trading, they'll have controlling interest. Henson says he must be bluffing. Paul dares him to check. Paul says Udagawa owes him. Henson still doesn't believe him. Paul says Udagawa has his backing. Henson leaves to check. Caroline congratulates Paul on being a genius. He says they're not out of the woods yet.
The families are unpacking. Doug and Jim talk about how the places looks great after bushfires the year before. They talk about their plans for the place. Meanwhile, Helen and Pam walk around talking about Todd and Cody's relationship. Helen says Cody was petty not coming. Pam disagrees. Pam says she knows how to handle her own daughter. Helen remarks it's ironic they are arguing while they're surrounded by so much beauty.
Glen arrives home. Lucy asks how it went. He doesn't know. She says she feels better. He gets his resume and wants to leave. She wants a truce but he says there is no point because nothing ever changes. She promises things will be different. She apologises for faking sick and that she was just jealous. He says he doesn't hate her. She says she hates seeing other people with him. He says it's difficult to feel the way they do. The phone rings and he dashes. It's Josh calling. She's annoyed that he has called. He asks what she's playing at and she hangs up. Helen comes in and asks why the call was so short. He says she wasn't feeling like talking. Helen things she must be unwell. Helen tells him that it's time for luch.
Meanwhile Doug and Jim argue about the renovation plans. Doug wants to take a wall out. Jim doesn't think they need it. Helen begins to argue with Pam about Todd again. Helen wants Cody to talk to Todd. Pam takes Cody's side. Things get more heated when it's said Todd is in the wrong.
The Office
Paul asks Henson if he thinks he's bluffing still. Henson says he's not home free, saying Paul must be risking everything. Paul says he has nothing to lose. Henson wants to know how Paul knows he won't get swallowed up in the take over too. Paul says he's not a snake. Henson agrees to tear up the agreement as long as Paul pulls out of the takeover. Paul agrees. Paul wants Henson and staff out by the next day. Henson says it goes to show he shouldn't have trusted a woman. Paul bids him well by impersonating his American accent declaring "Have a nice day." Caroline and Paul celebrate.
No. 26
Lucy has prepared a romantic dinner for herself and Glen. She goes to get the food while he opens the wine. She tells him that Jim always lets her have one glass. The toast to friends.
The Office
Paul and Caroline toast to Paul's victory. Paul explains that if it had backfired, he would have been ruined but now he can sell off the shares for a profit. He says he's not forgetting her role in it and hires her back. She demands a raise and he gives it. He has to rehire everyone he fired.
Things are very tense between the two families. Doug and Jim continue to argue on the house. Helen takes Jim's side while Pam takes Jim's side. It gets more heated. Josh looks on worried. Helen tries to explain the situation and accuses Pam and Doug of being irresponsible parents.
Lucy and Glen are on the couch talking and drinking more. Lucy spills her wine on Glen's shirt and runs to try and mop it up. She stops and tells him she doesn't want to be just friends. He says he can't. He decides to go see Gemma. She starts to him. He stops her and they begin to passionately kiss...
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Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1449
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Josh Anderson in Neighbours Episode 1449
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Josh Anderson

Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1449
Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi

Pam Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1449
Pam Willis, Doug Willis

Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1449
Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Josh Anderson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1449
Josh Anderson, Lucy Robinson

Donald Henson in Neighbours Episode 1449
Donald Henson

Donald Henson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1449
Donald Henson, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1449
Paul Robinson

Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1449
Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson

Jim Robinson, Doug Willis, Pam Willis, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1449
Jim Robinson, Doug Willis, Pam Willis, Helen Daniels

Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1449
Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson

Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1449
Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson

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