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Neighbours Episode 1451 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1451
Australian airdate: 10/06/91
UK airdate: Cut and merged
UK Gold: 25/05/98
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul catches Glen and Lucy in Glen's room.
Glen's bedroom
GLEN: It's not what it looks like.
Paul isn't listening though and grabs Glen, flinging him against the well. Lucy tries to get Paul off Glen.
PAUL: How could you, Lucy?! He's your brother?
GLEN: Half-brother.
PAUL: Oh, I see. And you've convinced her that that makes all the difference, eh?
GLEN: No, look, we haven't done anything, honestly.
PAUL: You expect me to believe that? I know what I saw.
LUCY: It's the truth! Nothing happened!
PAUL: Nothing happened because I interrupted you!
LUCY: We weren't going to do anything!
GLEN: Look, just give me a chance to try and...
LUCY: Paul, please...
PAUL: SHUT UP, LUCY! (to Glen) You have been nothing but trouble from the start. First you con Dad into thinking you're some little lost waif. Then you drive a wedge between him and me, and now you move on my sister! That's some way to repay Dad for putting a roof over your head, eh?!
LUCY: Paul, you've got it all wrong...
PAUL:(to Glen) You know, if I didn't know better I'd almost feel sorry for you. You're sick you know that.
Paul tries to drag Lucy off, but she insists she and Glen haven't done anything wrong. Paul says they'll have to wait and see what Jim says.
Melanie is rearranging her grandfather's chair. Joe thinks the chair is very ugly, but Melanie says it has a lot of sentimental value. They chat about their respective dating column adverts. Joe is worried that Miss 29 won't like him. Melanie's advert is in today and Joe reads it.
I'm not going to tell you this twice.
Tap-dancing's my only real vice.
So the man that I meet
Must be quick on his feet
And an interest in pigs would be...nice
Joe breaks off and looks a bit worried(!) Joe thinks only loonies would reply to Mel's ad.
Lucy and Glen are besides themselves with worry.
GLEN: If he tells Dad, we're finished.
LUCY: It's not fair, just when we sorted everything out!
Just then Helen comes in saying she was worried that Lucy didn't answer the phone. Josh looks at Lucy suspiciously. When Helen has gone out, Josh tells Lucy not to treat him like an idiot - both Lucy and Glen look as guilty as hell.
Glen's bedroom
Glen is worried that Josh will say something - they might as well have gone ahead and got it on(!) Lucy suggests talking to Paul, but Glen knows it won't do any good.
GLEN: He's been looking for a chance to nail me and now he's got one.
Glen suggests that they talk to Helen first before Paul gets to her.
GLEN: She's the only one who'll give us a fair hearing!
LUCY: I guess so.
They agree to talk to Helen together.
Josh has phoned Jim who is on his way home now.
Glen and Lucy come in for a chat with Helen.
LUCY: Maybe you should sit down.
Helen sits at the table.
GLEN: We thought we should tell you before someone else does.
LUCY: Paul and Josh are under the impression...well...that Glen and I are more just friends.
HELEN: What brought them to that conclusion?
GLEN: Look, Helen, when me and Lucy first met, we were attracted to each other.
HELEN: You can't be serious.
LUCY: Hear us out, gran, please, you're the only one who will understand what we've been through!
HELEN: I'm not so sure.
GLEN: Look, we knew it was wrong, and we've been fighting it, that's why Lucy's been seeing Josh, and I've been going out with Gemma.
HELEN: I knew there was something...
LUCY: The thing is...it didn't work...we still wanted to be together.
HELEN: Where is all this leading?
GLEN: Well, when we were in the house alone today, we couldn't ignore our feelings any longer.
HELEN: Go on.
LUCY: We were in Glen's bedroom...and we started to...
GLEN: We didn't do anything, we realised we couldn't.
LUCY: When it came down to it, us being half-brother and sister meant more to us than our feelings.
GLEN: Anyway, that's when Paul came in and saw us.
HELEN:(faintly) In bed?
LUCY: On the bed.
HELEN: And he thought...?
GLEN: We were a bit mussed up and yeah...that made him think that we were...
HELEN: Yes, that's a reasonable assumption under the circumstances!
LUCY: We weren't doing anything wrong. You have to believe us, Gran!
HELEN: How could you let things go so far?!
LUCY: We stopped before anything happened.
GLEN: Helen, we've told you the truth. We don't know what else to say.
HELEN: I could see the tension between you, but I thought it was because you didn't like each other! Talk about jumping to the wrong conclusion!
Thinking back, Helen realises she could see the signs, but didn't want to think the unthinkable. Lucy starts to cry and swears to Helen that nothing happened, and nothing would have, even if Paul hadn't walked in. They both promise Helen that their feelings are now under control.
HELEN: Well, I'd better go and talk to Paul. I'm afraid he won't be as easy to convince. You know him.
LUCY: We're scared he's going to tell Dad.
HELEN:(firmly) Darling...your father must never know anything about this.
Jim and Doug have arrived back and are having a beer with Joe. They discuss Miss 29 and laugh at Melanie's advert.
DOUG: I don't reckon blokes who looks for women in singles columns appreciate poetry!
JOE: Hey, eh, eh!
DOUG: Present company excepted of course!
JOE: Read it a couple of times, it sort of grows on you.
JIM: Really?
JOE: Nah, it is pretty crook, isn't it?!
They laugh.
JOE: How many tap-dancing pig-fanciers can there be in Erinsborough?! Fair dinkum
Helen is talking to Paul about the Glen and Lucy situation. Paul refuses to believe that nothing happens and is horrified that Helen is "turning a blind eye".
PAUL: I don't want that creep anywhere near my sister! I should have decked him while I had the chance.
Helen thinks Paul is being unreasonable. She tells Paul that he's not to tell Jim. He sees her point.
Lucy talks to Josh in the kitchen, telling him that nothing happened between her and Glen. He refuses to believe her saying she's playing him for a sucker. She apologises for hurting him.
JOSH: I thought we actually had something. I thought you liked me.
Lucy says that it's over with Glen, and Josh is one of her best friends in the world - some of the things he said made her stop and think with the Glen situation.
LUCY: You're the best friend that I've got in the world, Josh, and I need you to believe me.
Josh hugs her.
Ramsay Street
Jim, Joe and Doug are unpacking the ute. Paul comes marching over to talk to Jim.
JIM: By the look on your face, you're not here to apologise.
PAUL: No, I've got something far more important to talk about. and I'd prefer that we talk inside rather than out here on the street.
Doug tells Melanie that her poem won't get her many takers, but on the contrary, Melanie has had a lot of replies - 17 to be exact. She's put them in three categories, "Worth A look", "In With A Chance" and "Not If You Were The Last Man On Earth".
Joe gets a phone call from Miss 29 - she's coming over tonight and apparently she sounded OK on the phone! Doug is chuffed with him. Melanie looks a bit worried considering she changed his advert(!)
JIM:(angrily) You really expect me to believe that?
PAUL: Yeah...why would I make it up?!
JIM: You've had it in for Glen right from the start.
PAUL: What?!? Why would I make up something like this just to have a go at Glen?!
JIM: You have made just about every accusation you can think of lately.
PAUL: Dad, this is different!
JIM: Oh, yes, this is different! This is sick! How could you say something like that about your own sister? Don't you think I know Lucy? And I know Glen and I trust him. I don't care what you saw. Nothing will make me believe your version of it! I won't have it, Paul! I won't have you making such disgusting accusations!
PAUL: Get real, Dad! This guy is bad news, can't you see what he's already done to us?!
JIM: That's enough, Paul, I don't want to hear any more! I never thought I'd say this, but I'm ashamed to call you my son!
Melanie confesses to Joe that she and Madge changed his classified advert "a bit".
JOE: How much of a "bit"?
MELANIE: Well, basically...the whole "bit".
Joe tries not to strangle Melanie(!) and hopes she didn't send a poem(!) He's horrified to hear that Melanie described him as "worldly".
JOE: What else is Miss 29 expecting me to be?!
Lucy has caught up with Glen. Glen says they've hurt a lot of people - Helen, Josh, Gemma... Glen thinks he shouldn't have come here in the first place. Lucy thinks they can put it behind them.
LUCY: The worst is over, Glen. We can get on with our lives.
Jim comes in looking a bit shell-shocked and mentions he's spoken to Paul. Helen looks very worried.
HELEN: Jim, what happened?
JIM: You don't want to know.
HELEN: Tell me anyway.
JIM: To cut a long story short, Paul says he caught Glen and Lucy in a compromising position in Glen's bedroom.
HELEN: Calm down...
JIM: I don't know what's happening to that boy! I know he thinks anything goes in business, but this is family, he can't play dirty with us!
HELEN: Listen to me...
JIM: Paul has upset me before but never like this. As far as I'm concerned that is it between him and me, he's a liar and I don't want anything to do with him!
Jim is stunned into silence.
HELEN: You're being unfair.
JOSH: Mrs Daniels, perhaps it's not such a good idea...
HELEN: It's gone too far, Josh. Mr Robinson has to know.
JIM: What are you talking about?
HELEN: Paul told you the truth.
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