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Neighbours Episode 1378 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1378
Australian airdate: 27/02/91
UK airdate: 28/02/92
UK Gold: 11/02/98
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul tells Christina that he's booked for them to have dinner at a very fancy restaurant. But this is just to butter her up before he drops the bombshell that he's off to the USA to a business meeting. They're supposed to be on their honeymoon!
Gemma has had her leg brace taken off and is very excited, although she's still using her stick. Matt tells her to take it easy - she's still got months of physiotherapy ahead of her. Helen heads off to Church and then she's going on from there to the Erinsborough News Bravery Awards.
Paul can't understand why Christina is so upset(!) - they can have a honeymoon when he gets back.
PAUL: You have to understand, Donald Henson owns the largest chain of hotels in America.
CHRISTINA: I don't care if he owns the largest chain of hotels in the Universe!
She accuses Paul of only thinking about business. He just tells her that she's very sexy when she's angry. She isn't impressed - it isn't even missing the honeymoon, it's the fact that he keeps making decisions without her.
PAUL: I love you, Chris!
CHRISTINA: You love business, Paul! I should have known - you don't need a wife, you need a mistress. You're already married to your job.
He tries to hug her, but she starts to cry and shouts at him to go away.
Melanie apparently won the chook raffle at the pub last night, so her luck is in! Toby tells Joe that Melanie is on the look-out for a bloke!
JOE: Well, I hope she finds a good one, mate, because she deserves it.
Joe, Toby and Sky sit down to a nice cooked breakfast. Toby offers to cook the chicken for lunch - Mary showed him how to do it. Then Joe and Toby decide to go fishing later - they can try Toby's new floats. Toby looks a bit upset at the mention of the floats.
Matt is thinking about his and Gemma's relationship again - he thinks she's attracted to Glen. Gemma says she doesn't even know Glen so there's nothing for Matt to be jealous of.
Paul is trying to talk Christina round saying that the trip isn't just business - it's for them as a couple.
PAUL: Look, you'll get your honeymoon, I swear, as soon as...
CHRISTINA:(unimpressed) As soon as you get back from America. Unless of course a new business proposition crops up.
Paul tries to sweeten Christina up by saying she can run the gift shop on her own while he's away, but she thinks that's just a bribe.
Just then, Doug comes round to talk about the guesthouse. Christina rolls her eyes. Doug starts talking excitedly about starting the renovations on the gift shop. In the background Christina shoots daggers at Paul. Paul ushers Doug out.
CHRISTINA: You didn't even think, did you, to invite me to America with you.
Paul says all he'll be doing is having meetings anyway, so there's not much point.
PAUL: If you really, really don't want me to go, just say so and I won't.
CHRISTINA: Do you really mean that?
PAUL: Come on. I wouldn't say it otherwise.
CHRISTINA: Well, darling...don't go. Stay...stay, and take me to Reef Island. Thank you!
She kisses him and Paul looks shell-shocked.
Paul is moping around and moaning that they're facing financial ruin. Caroline comes in and Paul tells her very sulkily that he's not going to America. Christina tells him to just go to America, she couldn't stand the recriminations if she stopped him going.
Joe tells Toby not to get his hopes up to high of Bouncer winning a bravery award at the Erinsborough News. When Joe has gone out of the room, Toby gets the floats out of his bag and throws them in the bin. He looks very guilty.
Christina has invited Caroline to move back in while Paul is away. She inspects Paul's case and rolls her eyes when she sees holiday-type clothes included in his packing.
Gemma is making a cake and she and Matt start throwing flour at each other. Helen comes in and joins in(!)
A crowd has gathered to watch the presentation of the Bravery Awards. Paul has managed to slip in some time to introduce the awards and Toby waits expectantly. The Mayor opens the winner's envelope and tells them that the winner is a girl who rescued two children from a storm water drain.
TOBY: Oh, what!
He is very disappointed, but there's a supplementary award too - and Bouncer's the winner for answering the phone and barking down it to save Madge from a fire.
PAUL:(quietly, to Christina) It would have broken Toby's heart if Bouncer didn't get a mention.
Toby is really delighted and Christina presents him with a little scroll.
Christina has forgiven Paul a bit because of his consideration over Bouncer's award. But the row is not too far from the surface and Christina tells Paul that she's not a piece of the furniture and won't be treated like one.
CHRISTINA: I'm not coming to the airport because I don't think you'll even notice me.
PAUL: Fair enough. Caroline, you know where the phone numbers are if you need to reach me...
Christina bursts into tears and runs off to her room. Helen tells Paul that he can't leave without talking to Christina. Just then Christina runs down the stairs and flings herself into Paul's arms.
CHRISTINA: I love you! I'm going to miss you so much!
PAUL: I love you too.
They kiss and Paul promises to write to her and phone her every day.
Joe and Doug are having a celebratory beer for Bouncer's bravery award. Toby is excited about the fishing trip, but then he notices that Sky has drawn all over Toby's bravery award. Joe refuses to punish Sky as she's too little to know better. Toby looks very put out.
Gemma's cake is very lop-sided, but at least she hasn't put salt in it this time. Matt tells Gemma that he really misses hanging around with her. He asks where her locket is, but she says it must have got lost in the accident. Matt gets it out of his pocket - he's had it all the time, keeping it safe for her.
Joe scrapes Sky's food into the bin and finds the floats Toby put in there. Toby looks very guilty. Joe can't figure out how Toby has two packets of floats.
JOE: What is this? Are you going to tell me?
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