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Neighbours Episode 1377 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1377
Australian airdate: 26/02/91
UK airdate: 27/02/92
UK Gold: 10/02/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Melanie has pieced back together the ripped-up chain letter with sellotape and decides she's going to send it on after all. But when Melanie is on the phone, Sky starts drawing on the chain letter, ruining it.
No 30
Josh has come to have a chat with Dorothy - he doesn't understand why Melissa is so obsessed with Mr Gibbs, and thinks there is an underlying reason driving her behaviour. Dorothy tells him not to worry - she'll handle the situation.
No 32
Joe tries to hide the letter, but of course Melanie sees it and wails that she's doomed!
No 22
Caroline and Christina are discussing Christina and Paul's abortive honeymoon. Christina says Paul had better not be too much of a workaholic as their marriage needs time spent on it, too. Caroline agrees and tells Christina that she's organised to move into Lassiter's to give them space: in fact she's already packed her bags!
Christina is very shocked - it seems so unnatural for them to be apart. Caroline reassures her that they'll see each other a lot. They hug.
Jim comes in for a beer. He asks Glen if he's thought any more about moving in with him. Glen says he doesn't want to. Jim says that although he didn't know Glen's mother long, she was very special to him.
No 30
Dorothy has asked Melissa to come over. She tells her that she's going to ring the department as Melissa requested, even though it will probably mean the end of Mr Gibbs' teaching career. It will also hurt his wife and children, and the family will probably be shunned by the community. But if what Melissa says is true, he deserves everything he gets.
Melissa looks a bit conflicted and asks how old Mr Gibbs' children are (3 and 5). Dorothy asks Melissa if there's something bothering her and she eventually confesses that before she came to Erinsborough, she had a teacher who looked a bit like Mr Gibbs. He started coming on to her and she was so scared. She just put up with it and said nothing. She starts to cry and admits that nothing happened with Mr Gibbs.
MELISSA: I'm so sorry, Mrs Burke.
She cries some more and Dorothy puts her arm around her.
No 32
Melanie is cooking - or rather, burning the dinner. She tells Joe it's all down to the curse. Everything's been going wrong for her today - at work and at home. She had to leave the reception unattended to tend to a guest she put in the wrong room and now she thinks she's going to be sacked!
Caroline comes in and Melanie tries to hide behind the fridge door(!) She thinks Caroline is going to sack her, but she's just come to give her an envelope - the guest that she sorted out has left her a big tip! Melanie is delighted and says she never really believed in that curse stuff anyway(!)
Lassiter's Lake
Melissa is explaining to Josh why she's been so hard on Mr Gibbs. Josh sympathises with her.
Joe and Melanie are playing darts while Jim and Dorothy have a quiet beer at a table.
Glen announces to the bar that the music system is broken, so he's decided to play his guitar instead! He starts playing and everyone sings along cheerily.
No 22
Caroline and Christina are hanging out when Paul comes in, holding a stack of work stuff. He hugs Christina and tells her he's booked dinner for them at a swanky restaurant. Christina is a bit suspicious of his motives and it turns out she's right to be - Paul is going to fly to America tomorrow to have the meeting he missed with Donald Henson. Christina is speechless.
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