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Neighbours Episode 1376 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1376
Australian airdate: 25/02/91
UK airdate: 26/02/92
UK Gold: 09/02/98
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Outside No.32
Melanie is getting to post in with Sky when Jim comes up on his bike. Melanie congratulates him on being green and not using the car. Jim says he's just keeping fit. He suggests that Melanie gives it a try, but she'd rather stick to aerobics. Jim is missing Todd - he used to come out on his bike with him. Melanie invites Jim round to dinner one night.
She opens a letter - it's a chain-letter. Jim tells her not to worry about it, they don't mean anything. Melanie says she doesn't think she can risk it.
Dorothy's Office
Mr Gibbs is surprised how violently Melissa reacted to him earlier - he just wanted to talk to her. Dorothy tells him that they'll manage to sort it out and Mr Gibbs thanks her for being so understanding. Dorothy warns him to be cautious - teenage girls can be very silly and get carried away.
Glen tells Melanie that chain-letters are rubbish and she should just throw it out. He thinks it's silly to believe in curses and hexes and things. Melanie says there's a lot of things that can't be explained - maybe she'd better send the letter off. Glen warns her that the people she sends it to might be even more upset about it that her.
Jim comes in and wants to smoke the peace pipe with Glen - he wonders if they could have lunch together and get to know each other a bit. They agree to meet at the pub at 1pm tomorrow. Glen thanks Jim for not sacking him and relations seem to have thawed a bit.
Dorothy's Office
Dorothy asks Melissa if she could have jumped to the wrong conclusion earlier - after all, Mr Gibbs is a very happily married man. Dorothy says it's a terrible thing to be wrongly accused, but Melissa won't be reasoned with. She looks a bit vacant.
A road
Jim sees Dorothy out on her bike. They have a chat and decide to ride along together for a bit, but just then, Dorothy's chain comes off, so Jim sets about fixing it. They chat about Ryan's job and how busy he's been with Valentine's Day. Dorothy admits that she got a card - from a younger man. Jim looks shocked, but Dorothy admits it was from one of her 12 year old students!
DOROTHY: But he has the body of a 13 year old!
They laugh.
Melanie is hanging out with Sky and showing her her lucky rabbit's foot and her lucky black cat brooch. She reckons they'll protect her from bad luck today.
Coffee Shop
Glen comes in and finds Josh serving behind the counter. They have a chat but then Mr Gibbs comes in, so Josh goes over to talk to him. Mr Gibbs assures Josh that it's all in Melissa's mind and he won't be persecuted any further. Josh is silent and just takes Mr Gibbs' order.
A park
Jim and Dorothy are riding along and chatting. They chat about Harold and his singing.
DOROTHY: I wonder how Madge ended up with Harold? Won him in a church raffle, I suppose!
Just then, Jim nearly knocks Melanie down as she crosses the path. He apologises and she goes on her way. Jim tells Dorothy that he's having lunch with Glen. Dorothy is quite philosophical about the circumstances of Glen's birth, she says that Jim should look to the future now.
Coffee Shop
Melanie comes in for an orange juice - she's been rushing around getting her shopping, and then she was nearly run down by an ambulance(!) She asks Josh if he's ever had a chain-letter and he reckons he'd probably rip it up if he did. Melanie says maybe she'll do that too. Josh almost spills a drink on her, but it just misses her. Melanie reckons her lucky charms are protecting her(!)
Paul has flown back for his appointment with Henson. Jim looks horrified.
JIM: It's too late, Paul - Henson's gone. Caroline and I tried to push the deal through, but he wasn't interested. He hopped the first flight back to Chicago. I'm afraid you cut your honeymoon short for nothing.
Jim and Paul are sitting at a table.
PAUL: Christina is going to render me incapable of any sort of honeymoon activities from now on!
Jim says that Paul should have called, but anyway, it's done now. All he can do is give Henson a call.
Glen comes over and shakes hands with Paul.
GLEN: Congratulations on tying the knot!
PAUL: Thanks. I suppose I'd better get home and find out just how secure that knot is!
Coffee Shop
Melissa comes in to find Josh. She's in a bit of a funny mood. Josh says he talked to Mr Gibbs this morning - he thinks it's very unlike Melissa to spread gossip. He wants to know the real reason for her behaviour. Melissa starts to cry.
MELISSA: I can't tell you - I can't tell anyone!
Glen and Jim are having dinner. Jim is explaining what happened with the name mix-up in Vietnam. Glen takes this calmly and says he's glad they worked things out. He says he'd better head off to look for a place to live. Jim says that Glen is family, so he's welcome to move in with him - it would give them a chance to get to know each other properly. Glen is against this idea though.
Dorothy and Melanie are talking about curses and superstitions. Dorothy says that not everything supernatural can be easily dismissed. Just then there's a knock at the door - it's Melissa. Melanie decides to leave them to have a chat.
MELISSA: I think you should suspend him from school while the Department organises another enquiry.
Melissa reckons they're not safe with him around - she's making an official complaint.
DOROTHY:(resignedly) Very well. I'll contact the department.
Melanie rips the chain letter up.
MELANIE: Ha! I spit on your curse!
She picks up her shopping bag and it collapses, showering her with orange juice. She looks up guiltily at the ripped up letter.
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