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Neighbours Episode 1379 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1379
Australian airdate: 28/02/91
UK airdate: 02/03/92
UK Gold: 12/02/98
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Virginia Wenham: Kirstie Grant
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe is really shocked that Toby has been shop-lifting again. Toby says he's sick of Sky being the favourite.
A road
Pam, Doug, Adam and Cody are on their way to the guesthouse. Adam and Cody are bickering in the back. When they arrive, Cody is very surprise how big the land around it is. The guesthouse itself is a bit dilapidated, but Doug says he'll soon have it up to scratch.
Joe is having another talk to Toby. Joe admits that he has been spoiling Sky a bit lately, but it doesn't mean he doesn't love Toby.
JOE: Doesn't mean I don't love you, mate. I love you heaps.
TOBY: Not as much as her.
JOE: I do! You're everything in the world to me!
TOBY: Well how come when I was a little kid like Sky, you were never around? You didn't care about me, that's how come.
JOE: Oh, Tobe. I regret taking off on you. If I had my time over it'd be different. I was young, mate, I didn't want the responsibility. I was a pretty rotten Dad, I know. So I'm trying to make up for it now. I'm stoked to get a second chance, mate. I'm really proud to have a son.
TOBY: Fair dinkum?
JOE: Yeah! Look, if it looks like I'm devoting more time to Sky at the moment, it's just because I can't be everywhere at once. I need you, Tobe.
Father and son hug.
Matt and Gemma are having a pash when Helen comes in from taking Paul to the airport. Helen asks if Matt will be joining them for dinner. He says he won't.
Pam and Adam are making up some camp beds for them and the caretakes has given Doug a small TV. Adam suggests camping out, but Pam says that she couldn't face the creepy-crawlies - she'd rather take her chances inside. The camera pans down and there is a Very Big Spider crawling across some old magazines.
Pam goes off to look for Cody. The spider is still wandering around.
Joe has told Toby that he has to take the floats back and apologise to the shop-keeper. Matt is also there and making light of the situation. Joe gives Matt a death glare. Toby observes that Joe is always "getting things off the back of trucks" and he tells Toby that's a completely different situation(!)
A road
Matt sees Ryan out on his postal run and mocks him a bit. Ryan tells him to get lost or he'll deliver his mail to Lassiter's Lake!
Later, Ryan delivers some mail to a hot babe who is watering her garden. She comes on to Ryan, saying her husband is a travelling salesman and she could use some help around the house. Ryan says he'll come back straight after work. The woman introduces herself as Virginia.
Helen tells Gemma off for trying to vacuum and suggests she arranges some flowers instead. Gemma is really bored and desperate to get back to work. Helen has a chat to Gemma about Matt. She says that Harold has a lot of idea about what's proper outside marriage, and they are in his house after all.
GEMMA: Helen, if you want to bring a guy back, I won't tell I promise!
They laugh, and Gemma agrees to be more discreet with Matt.
Joe and Toby are still discussing "things that fell off the back of a truck". Ryan and Matt come in and tell them that the combi has broken down - now they can't go fishing. But Joe has an idea.
Pam, Doug, Cody and Adam are doing some preliminary work on the guesthouse. Doug and Adam are discussing the plans while Cody and Pam do some painting. Doug sees the spider and stamps on it. Pam sees the dead spider and jumps up screaming.
PAM: We'll probably be swarmed in our sleep!
Ryan is telling Matt about Virginia.
RYAN: She's invited me back to her place this afternoon.
MATT: What for?
RYAN:(coyly) You know...!
Matt grins and says he'd better get a postal round too!
RYAN:(seriously) Do you think I should go?
MATT: Oh yes. As fast as you can. In fact, does she have a sister?!
Virginia's House
Ryan has arrived. Virginia shows him into the bathroom and asks him to fix the tap on the shower(!) Ryan has a go, but end up turning the shower on, soaking his clothes.
Ryan is sitting on the settee in Virginia's dressing-gown while his clothes dry off. Suddenly she jumps up - her husband Bernie has arrived home, and apparently he's insanely jealous! She ushers him out of the front door while Bernie comes in through the back. Ryan is forced to get on his bike dressed only in the dressing-gown and a pair of boxers!
Guesthouse (outside)
The water tank is dry, so Cody decides to go off and get some.
Matt comes in and tries to start pashing Gemma, but she tells him about the new "discretion" rule. Matt isn't very pleased and says that Helen should mind her own business.
Joe and Toby are yabbying instead of fishing and having a great time. Joe says they taste great. As they sit there chatting, Ryan streaks past on his bike, still wearing the dressing gown! They peer after him in surprise.
Doug is watching the television while Adam does a bit of studying. Cody is still not back with the water.
A report comes on the television - there are bush-fires in the area. They are advised to keep an eye on the situation and prepare to evacuate.
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