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Neighbours Episode 1360 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1360
Australian airdate: 01/02/91
UK airdate: 04/02/92
UK Gold: 16/01/98
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toby steals from a shop.
Outside the shop
The hand on Toby's shoulder belongs to Joe. He tells Toby off for being at the mall and takes the turtle Toby stole out of his pocket.
JOE: You pinched 'em, didn't you?
TOBY: Yes, Dad.
JOE: Right. I saw you through the window.
Joe tells Toby he's going to take the stuff back into the shop and apologise to the owner. Then they're going home for a long talk.
Helen, Tom and Matt are visiting Gemma. Gemma can leave hospital this afternoon! She just has to take it easy. Tom wants Gemma to go to stay at Madge's house, but she wants to go back to her and Matt's flat. Tom is enraged.
Coffee Shop
Glen and Paul bump into each other in the Coffee Shop. Glen asks him about the waiter's course, but the conversation soon turns to Glen's parentage. Paul tells Glen that Jim isn't rich so there's no point in pursuing him. Glen says he doesn't want money, he just wants Jim to admit the truth.
Joe is really angry with Toby for stealing from the shop. Toby can't give a reason for doing what he did. The only reason he has is that Ben dared him. Joe wants to know what else he's nicked - Toby says a few comics and the car Joe saw yesterday. Joe says that he'll have to take everything back.
TOBY: I'm sorry.
JOE: So you should be.
Joe advises Toby to have a good think about what he's done.
Tom is ranting at Matt. Gemma says it was her idea to go back to the flat. Tom tries to reason with her - the Bishops house is much more comfortable for convalescence, and Madge has reorganised her work schedule so she can look after her.
Paul comes in and tells Jim about his encounter with Glen. He teases Jim about being "a sly old dog" and Jim is not amused. Paul says that Glen honestly believes Jim is his father, be it true or not. Jim rants at Paul for considering Glen for a job in Lassiter's - Glen will then be in the middle of their lives for good. He tells Paul he's going to settle matters and then storms out.
Madge and Harold bring Toby home. He goes to play in the garden.
Madge, Harold and Joe have a chat in the living room. Joe thinks Toby might just be going through a phase, but Madge thinks it's deeper than that - perhaps Toby is reacting to the dramas he's been through. Maybe he's pinching things to compensate himself for losing Kerry. Madge advises large doses of love as a cure. Harold thinks that Toby should still be disciplined, but Joe thinks that Toby has had enough of a fright today to put him off stealing in the future.
Tom and Matt are rowing about Gemma's accommodations again. Madge comes in and breaks up the argument. She says they have to make a decision now. Madge asks Matt if he's really thought things through - if Gemma goes back to the flat she'll be alone a lot of the day. What if she has an accident while he's not there? It won't be a permanent arrangement, just convalescence time until Gemma is well enough. Matt considers this and reluctantly agrees to put it to Gemma.
Helen comes in to find Jim in a foul mood about Glen. Jim says that Glen is spreading rumours about him. Helen says that Jim is being paranoid. Jim doesn't want Helen to see Glen anymore, but she says it's her business what she does.
Joe is on the phone to his solicitor and is crying a bit. Joe can have access to Sky, but only for a couple of hours a week and with Eric and his wife supervising. Harold and Madge can see her too, but she'll be going to New Zealand soon. Harold is very upset and tries not to cry.
JOE: I know how you feel, mate. There's nothing we can do about it.
Gemma has packed up her things ready to go home. Matt comes in and sits Gemma down for a chat. He tells her that he doesn't want her to come home. Gemma is shocked but Matt explains that he can't look after her - he's scared that she won't be able to manage on her own while he's at work. Gemma starts to cry a bit. Matt says he could never forgive himself if Gemma hurt herself again. She finally agrees to go back to Madge's.
Coffee Shop
Glen comes in - the next waiter's course is happening this evening. Jim storms in and tells Glen to stop telling everyone that Jim is his father. Glen says he only talks about it if someone asks him directly. This doesn't wash with Jim and he tells Glen that he's a liar. He insists that he never knew Maureen Donnelly.
JIM: Now I want you out of Erinsborough, and out of my life!
GLEN: Well, that's bad luck. Because I'm staying.
Jim threatens Glen with a slander charge.
Gemma and Matt have arrived home. Gemma tells Tom that it's only temporary - when she's better she's going to move back in with Matt. She wants to "stand on her own two feet".
Tom is going back to Queensland tomorrow - he has to get back to work.
Joe is brooding. Toby comes in late. Joe tells him that he's grounded. Toby backchats Joe and then Joe finds something else in Toby's pocket. Toby reckons he stole it ages ago.
JOE: Look, mate, this stealing caper - it's got to stop. It's bad news. I know what I'm talking about.
TOBY:(insolently) Can I go now?
Glen comes round to see Jim. Jim is not pleased to see him. Glen tells Jim that he's not impressed with his threats.
GLEN: I am not a liar and neither was my mother. What she said about you being my father is true.
He shows Jim something he found when going through his mother's things. It's a photo of Jim as a young man.
GLEN: If you never knew my mother, Mr Robinson, how come she kept this photo of you?
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