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Neighbours Episode 1361 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1361
Australian airdate: 04/02/91
UK airdate: 05/02/92
UK Gold: 19/01/98
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Glen shows Jim a photo of himself as a young man - his mother had it in her things.
Jim is confused by the photo - it's definitely him, and it was taken in Vietnam, but he has no idea why Glen's mother kept the photo. Glen is not impressed and walks out.
Gemma is resting on the sofa while Madge has a clear-out. Toby is also there and is moaning about being grounded. Harold tells Toby that he's got off very lightly - shoplifting is a very serious offence. Toby's just upset that he can't play with Ben anymore - he can't go fishing anymore.
Harold tells Madge not to throw Scott's old newspaper clippings away - there might be some stuff from when he was researching the history of Ramsay Street.
Jim is still looking at the photo but he can't remember who took it. Helen seems rather suspicious and Jim is very defensive.
Harold has brought Toby home. When Toby has gone off to bed, Joe tells Harold how hard it is to know when to be hard and when to be soft.
Ryan comes round to see Joe, to get the remaining money that's owed to him for the gardening work. Joe thanks Ryan for his help and gives him his $200.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Ryan drives Dorothy's car back and parks it in the drive - it's been repaired as good as new.
To Ryan's shock, Dorothy is already home. She's not happy that Ryan has been driving her car. Ryan lies and says he was giving Joe a lift.
DOROTHY: Lucky for you you didn't do it any damage!
Harold is looking through Scott's stuff. He opens a shoe-box and finds it full of letters. He takes one out and reads it, and looks shocked.
Coffee Shop, later
Harold bring Helen her coffee and seems very out-of-sorts.
Glen comes in and Helen invites him to join her. He's been job-hunting again. They talk about the photo. Glen says he's not trying to con Jim. Helen thinks that there's been a confusion somewhere - Jim's always been a good husband and father.
Gemma is going across the street to see Ryan. Joe comes in looking for Toby. Apparently he's gone down to the lake to fish. Madge says that Toby had a new fishing reel and Joe is very suspicious - Toby didn't have the money to buy one. Madge thinks it isn't just peer pressure - shoplifting is just a way of getting attention. She thinks it's a cry for help.
Dorothy is showing Ryan some photos of her trip. Ryan answers the door to Gemma and she comes in for a chat.
Harold is brooding as Madge sets the table for dinner. Jim comes in to drop some secateurs back. Harold mentions that he saw Glen in the Coffee Shop with Helen and Jim is not impressed. Harold is quite stand-offish with Madge and goes off for a shower.
Toby comes in. Joe asks where he's been and Toby says he was just messing around down by the lake. Joe asks him if he stole his reel. Toby reckons he borrowed it from Ben.
Apparently the reel really was Ben's. (Though how Toby borrowed it when he's not meant to see Ben is a mystery). Joe apologises to Toby for not believing him but explains that's what happens when you get a bad reputation. Toby promises he won't steal anymore.
Dorothy and Helen are having a quiet glass of wine and talking about Glen. Helen thinks Glen is a sincere boy, but she's sure that Jim is telling the truth - he knows how hurt Helen was when she found out her own husband had had an affair.
HELEN: Jim and Anne were special. They met when they were teenagers and I've never seen two people so much in love, and it stayed that way until she died. I really don't think Jim could have cared for another woman.
DOROTHY: It happens, Helen.
Madge is trying to engage Harold in conversation but he's quite evasive. Gemma goes off to bed. When she's gone, Madge suggests that she and Harold "get an early night"(yuk) but Harold would rather read a book about Boy Scouting. She sulks off to their bedroom.
Helen comes back from Dorothy's place. Jim says he knows Helen was talking to Glen this afternoon, and he wants to know what was said.
HELEN: Jim, I think it's about time we got a few things straightened out between us, don't you?
JIM: Yeah.
HELEN: I accept that you never knew Maureen Donnelly. But there's something on your conscience. Something that happened in Vietnam.
JIM: It was hell over there. When you got back, you just tried to shut it out, pretend that none of it ever happened.
HELEN: Well, we all try to do that in our own way.
JIM: Have you ever felt sorry that you found out that Bill cheated on you?
HELEN: Yes. And no. I wish the hurt wasn't there. But in the end I suppose one prefers to know that one's living with the truth.
JIM: I'm not so sure.
HELEN: Jim, what are you trying to tell me?
JIM: I-I just want you to understand what it was like for us over there. Away from home, frightened, disconnected somehow...and when you did manage to grab a few precious hours of R&R you tried to forget the horror and just simply... be human again. Remember what it was like to be happy. No matter how briefly.
HELEN: I can understand - I think. But Jim, there's something I must know. Were you unfaithful to Anne?
JIM: ...Yes.
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