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Neighbours Episode 1359 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1359
Australian airdate: 31/01/91
UK airdate: 03/02/92
UK Gold: 15/01/98
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ryan borrows Dorothy's car without asking her. The car rolls away from its parking spot and crashes into a tree.
Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold have been to see Gemma. Harold tells them that there's another waiter's course being held tonight in the Coffee Shop. He's not very pleased about it as the students keep rearranging his cutlery(!)
Glen turns up for the waiter's course. Helen introduces Glen to Madge and Harold. Madge enquires about Glen's origins, but Helen is evasive.
Josh's garage
Josh tells Melissa that he and Ryan have had an accident. Ryan blames Josh for the accident(!) The damage is about $600 worth plus $100 for a tow truck. Ryan is in a very bad mood - Dorothy will be back the day after tomorrow and he only has $500 saved.
MELISSA: Well...I'm glad I'm not in your shoes!
Harold pops round to invite Joe and Toby to dinner. They'll bring it over and eat it at No.32. Joe has heard from his solicitor and it's good news - Eric has decided he doesn't want any hassles so he's not going to lay any charges about them kidnapping Sky. (This seems rather unlikely!) He's still got to wait to see if he's charged with contempt of court though.
When Harold has gone, Joe picks up one of Toby's cars and wonders where he got it. He quickly says that Harold bought it for him but this is clearly a lie.
Coffee Shop
A few extra are milling around, waiting for the waiter's course to start. Josh, Melissa and Ryan arrive and start chatting to Glen. Glen is a bit shocked to see that there's loads of people on the course.
Melanie introduces Klaus, the head waiter. He starts explaining things in a strong German accent.
Madge is probing Helen for details about Glen again. Helen is finally forced to explain the circumstances of them knowing Glen. Jim comes in just as Helen is explaining and looks thunderous.
Coffee Shop
Klaus is going through the finer points of waiting. Most of the students are confused. Ryan has a go at taking an order but gets most of it wrong. Glen looks on quite pleased - if Ryan's rubbish it gives him a better chance of getting a job!
Melanie tells Joe that Toby has been a bit spoilt lately. Harold agrees and in conversation they talk about Toby's toy car. Harold doesn't know anything about it and says it must have been Madge who gave him the car.
Coffee Shop
The students are trying to set tables now. Ryan is telling Glen some of his troubles. Klaus goes round and inspects the tables. When Ryan isn't looking, Glen quickly moves his forks around. Josh and Melissa think he's sabotaging Ryan's efforts, but actually Glen is putting them right. Klaus congratulates Ryan warmly.
Jim is sulking. Helen apologises for telling Madge and explains the circumstances. She couldn't think of a cover story and Madge was going on and on about it. Jim says that Helen shouldn't be helping Glen - it makes it look like there's truth in the rumour. Now Madge will tell the whole story. He stalks off to the Willises.
Toby wants to stay up to watch television but Joe sends him off to bed. He asks Toby about the car again and he changes his story to say that he swapped the car with Ben.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Ryan is nagging Josh for a loan to help him to get the car fixed. Melanie comes up and asks how the recycle sale is going. Ryan starts asking Melanie for a loan too(!)
Toby and Ben are hanging out. Joe is off to work and offers them a lift to Ben's place, but to his surprise, the boys would rather walk. Joe overhears them talking about going to the Mall. Joe tells Toby that he's too young to be down there on his own - he's to go straight to Ben's house with no sidetracks.
JOE:(to himself) Teenage Mutant Ninja Children!
Coffee Shop
Madge is eyeing Glen and Harold tells her off. He tells her to drop the subject. Just then, Jim comes in and Glen greets him. He ignores him and goes to sit outside.
A shop
Toby and Ben are looking around a toy model shop. Ben decides to steal something from the shop and encourages Toby to do the same. They run out of the shop, but Toby feels a hand on his shoulder and gasps.
<<1358 - 1360>>
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