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Neighbours Episode 1358 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1358
Australian airdate: 30/01/91
UK airdate: 31/01/92
UK Gold: 14/01/98
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Christina tells Caroline that she's not sure if she wants to marry Paul now. Not telling her about his fourth child, Amy, is a pretty big omission.
Caroline is shocked and tells Christina that she's been in love with Paul almost since the day they moved in - she thinks she's having pre-wedding jitters. Christina thinks it's deeper than that - she knows very little about Paul in some ways, like why his previous marriages failed. She feels unable to bring up the subject with him though. Caroline tells her she'd better make her mind up - they've got to see about bridesmaid dresses tomorrow.
CAROLINE: You've got to understand just what you're getting yourself into here. It's no good finding out after the wedding that you've just made a terrible mistake.
Caroline, Christina and Paul are discussing the honeymoon. Paul wants to take Christina on a cruise around the Pacific Islands. Christina is not particularly excited, obviously the stuff this afternoon is still on her mind. Paul mistakes her lack of enthusiasm for a dislike of cruises(!)
Adam persuades Doug to come fishing with him - after all, Doug doesn't have to go back to work until the day after tomorrow. Caroline comes round and Adam suggests she comes along with them. She is a bit dubious at first but eventually agrees.
Coffee Shop
Josh and Melissa are bemoaning their skint state. Suddenly Melissa gets an idea - they could get sell their old clothes, a bit like the recycling shop down at the shop. They could collect old clothes from the neighbours too. Josh is enthusiastic and they rush off.
Melanie comes in and joins Christina at a table. Christina asks her what cruises are like and Melanie is very positive about them. Melanie says it's strange she should mention cruises - Paul has been doing a deal with a company who organises Pacific Cruises. And he's been given a free trip to try them out.
CHRISTINA: Of all the cheap, low-down, miserable...
MELANIE: What's the matter?
CHRISTINA: Don't you see, Mel? That is my honeymoon! And not only is he too lousy to pay for it, he has to turn it into a business trip at the same time!
The Beach
Adam, Doug and Caroline have arrived at the beach and are looking for a good fishing spot. Doug suddenly realises that he's left his knife in the car and goes out to get it. Adam rubs suncream into Caroline's back and looks like hes rather enjoying it(!) Caroline asks him if he wants to go for a swim and Adam is forced to admit that he can't swim. He was picked on by a bully in the swimming pool when he was young who held him under and it gave him a fear of water. Caroline is sympathetic and Adam asks her to help him to face his fear.
Josh, Melissa and Melanie are looking through some of Melanie's old clothes. She's got loads left over from a clothes-swapping party. They stagger off down Ramsay Street under bundles of clothes.
Ramsay Street
Melissa and Josh see Ryan backing Dorothy's car out of the driveway. They're a bit surprised to see him but he swears that Dorothy has given him permission. They ask him for a lift with all the clothes.
The Beach
Caroline is trying to teach Adam to swim. He isn't doing very well and is gripping on to Caroline quite a lot. Doug eyes proceeding and rolls his eyes. Then Adam and Caroline start kissing!
DOUG:(to himself) I admire their stamina. They've been at it for hours!
Caroline and Adam are still kissing.
Paul comes in and says he's got a surprise for Christina, but she's furious about the cruise and confronts him about it.
CHRISTINA: Can't we even get married without you turning it into a business venture?!
Paul explains that the cruise just fell in his lap - and the business side of things only means that they'll get VIP treatment.
PAUL: Besides, with the money I save, I can spend it on other things, can't I!
CHRISTINA: Like what?
PAUL: Like this!
He produces an engagement ring a Christina gasps.
He puts the ring on her finger and Christina hugs him happily.
The Beach
Caroline has finally left the water but Adam is still splashing around. Doug reveals to Caroline that Adam has been having her on - Adam was school swimming champion for three years running!
Just then Adam comes up and thanks Caroline for helping him face his fear. She picks up the bait bucket and pours it down his swimming shorts!
Paul and Christina are having a glass of champagne. Christina delicately brings up the subject of Amy. Paul apologises for not telling her, but he doesn't talk about Amy much - mostly because there's no room in her life for him. He thinks about her a lot though and puts some money in her bank account on her 18th birthday. He doesn't see the triplets either - the split with Gail was very acrimonious. He hopes to be more of a father to them when they're older.
PAUL: It's weird, isn't it? I've got four kids out there growing up and as far as they're concerned I might as well not exist.
Paul definitely wants to have kids with Christina though, hopefully it'll be 3rd time lucky.
Josh's garage
Ryan, Josh and Melissa have arrived with all the old clothes. They're going to hold the Clothes Sale tomorrow. They ask Ryan for a lift to Bianca's house and he's not happy, but Josh offers him 5% of the proceeds of the sale and he agrees.
Christina is showing Caroline and Melanie her ring. Then they send Paul out so they can discuss the wedding dress. When Paul has gone, Christina tells Caroline and Melanie that she's sorted everything out with Paul - she's not angry about the cruise anymore.
A road
Ryan is fed up of driving around collecting old clothes. He stops the car for the last pickup and they get out of the car. The car rolls away down the hill and crashes into a tree.
RYAN: I'm a dead man!
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