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Neighbours Episode 1055 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1055
Australian airdate: 22/09/89
UK airdate: 29/11/90
UK Gold: 15/11/96
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Summary/Images by: Graham
Kerry telling Des that she doesn't think she can go through with marrying Joe. Des warning Kerry that if she breaks off the wedding, she's going to break Joe's heart.
No. 26
Beverly and Jim are preparing breakfast in the kitchen, and Jim remarks that Gail could at least ring and let them know how she is. Beverly sighs that she's half hoping she gets a call from a doctor asking for Gail's medical records. Jim comments that knowing where Gail is would be a relief for Paul. Beverly, however, points out that she wouldn't be able to tell him because of professional ethics. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Jim answers it. Melissa comes on. Todd dashes over to the 'phone and Jim tells him that the call is for him. Todd goes to take in the lounge room. He sits down at the desk and picks up the 'phone. Melissa comes on and tells him that she just had to ring. Todd asks eagerly:
TODD: Is it OK? Have your parents changed their minds?
MELISSA: You kidding? It's like being in *jail* here.
TODD: Yeah, well, we'll see each other at school.
MELISSA: No. Don't forget about Sean: he'll lag on us.
TODD: Why should he? He's your brother.
MELISSA: He *hates* me - that's why.
Todd suggests that they skip out at lunchtime and meet at their usual place. Melissa, however, says she can't. She goes to hang up, saying in a panic that there's someone coming. Todd pleads:
TODD: Melissa...
MELISSA (quickly): All right. Usual place. Lunchtime. OK?
With that, they both hang up. Todd sits at the desk looking pleased.
No. 24
Bronwyn hangs up the 'phone in the kitchen, after talking to Harold. Henry hands her a home-made smoothie and smiles:
HENRY: Where else in the world are you going to find a bloke as fantastic as me?!
BRONWYN (sighs): Try telling that to *dad*.
Henry comments that there must be *some* way he can impress Mr. Davies. Bronwyn tells Henry that he did a pretty good job standing up to him on Saturday night - she was proud of him.
HENRY (grins): Good husband material, eh?
BRONWYN: The best!
No. 32
Joe is vacuuming the lounge room. Kerry goes and opens the front door and lets Des in. He asks her how she is, and she replies:
KERRY: I'm fine. Why shouldn't I be?
Des asks if she's had any more second thoughts about the wedding, but Kerry shakes her head and replies that it was just nerves, probably. The two of them head into the lounge room and Joe turns off the vacuum. He asks if there's any news from Jane, and Des tells him that with any luck she'll be back tomorrow. Kerry offers Des a cup of tea, but Des declines, saying he's got to go shopping and get some stuff for the honeymoon.
JOE (grins knowingly): Be prepared, eh?!
Des, ignoring this, explains that he dropped in to tell them about this arvo: the run-through is at 5pm at his place. Joe asks him if he got the butterflies - or don't they need rehearsing?! Des heads off again. When he's gone, Joe looks at the slightly serious expression on Kerry's face and asks what's wrong. Kerry replies that *nothing's* wrong. Joe asks if she's cheesed off about Des and Jane going off on their honeymoon to Bali while *they're* stuck in Erinsborough. Kerry tells him that *she'd* rather go up-north on their honeymoon and see the rainforests before they're destroyed; do some bushwalking. Joe chuckles:
JOE: Walking?! Oh, no way. I'm spending my honeymoon flat on my back somewhere!
Kerry looks at Joe intently and cries:
KERRY: Oh Joe, you and I have got nothing in common.
JOE (uncertainly): Oh, well, opposites attract, don't they?!
KERRY: Yeah, but getting *married*?
JOE (warily): You're not thinking of backing out on me, are you?
KERRY (flatly): Of course I'm not. Who else would want to put up with me? Hm?
Kerry stands there looking worried.
No. 26
Clive has dropped in to give Beverly an update on things: everything's fine at the hospital and he's on his way to the surgery now. Beverly - who's still on crutches - sighs that she can't wait to get back: it'll take her mind off things at home. Clive asks if there's still no news from Gail. Beverly replies that there isn't. She adds that she hopes she makes contact soon: it's hard to think of her gone for good, as she and Paul seemed so perfect together. Clive comments that he bets Paul's taking it hard: separation's not easy for *anyone*.
Todd is standing in the park, looking around nervously. Melissa walks up to him and the two of them sit down on a bench. She tells Todd that she felt awful sneaking out of the back gate at school like that: Sean never leaves her alone for a second. Todd snaps that it's like they're criminals or something. Melissa sighs that she feels bad lying to her parents, but Todd smiles that it's worth it, isn't it? A boy walks behind them suddenly and says nastily:
BOY: Having fun?
The boy is Sean, and he looks at Melissa and adds:
SEAN: Just wait 'til I tell mum and dad.
Todd leaps up, grabs Sean's jumper and pulls him towards him. Sean taunts:
SEAN: Punch me. Go on. Give us a real good bruiser to show mum and dad. That'll finish you two for *good*.
MELISSA (cries): Sean, why do you have to *be* like this? Why can't you just stay out of it?
SEAN: You're my sister, Mel. I'm supposed to look after you.
With that, Sean walks off, saying gleefully as he does so:
SEAN: There'll be big trouble at home tonight...
Todd pulls an upset Melissa towards him and gives her a hug.
No. 28/Outside No. 28
Joe, Toby, Kerry, Des, Clive, Bronwyn and Henry are all gathered in the lounge room at No 28. Des looks at his watch and asks where the celebrant has got to, as it's past five already. The doorbell rings suddenly and Des says that'll be him now. He goes to answer the door. A few seconds later, he comes in with a man in his sixties and introduces him to everyone as David Lancaster. He then introduces Lancaster to all those gathered and explains to him that they have a few stand-ins, as they're missing a bride and a Best Man, but they'll have the real ones on the day! Everyone except Toby heads outside to the front garden.
Everyone takes their places on the lawn and Lancaster invites the couples who are marrying to step forward. Clive moves forward and invites Kerry to take her place with Joe. Kerry gives Clive a warm smile. Des looks on in slight concern. *He* steps forward with Bronwyn. Henry tells Lancaster quickly that Bronwyn is really with *him*!
No. 26
Todd opens the front door to a worried-looking Melissa. Beverly looks at her in surprise and comments that she thought she would have gone straight home after her piano lesson: her mother called - several times. Melissa asks in concern if her mother said anything about Sean. Beverly replies that she didn't, but she did seem rather cross. Melissa looks at Todd and mutters:
MELISSA: He must've told them.
Beverly sighs and asks what's going on. Melissa tells her that her mother found her and Todd by themselves in the house - but they didn't *do* anything. Todd asks Beverly:
TODD: What's wrong with skipping library to go roller skating? [To Jim] I don't care if she *is* your cousin. She's a dobber.
MELISSA: It's not fair stopping us from seeing each other.
BEVERLY (looking confused): *Who's* stopping you? *Hilary*?
MELISSA: No - my parents. And now it'll be worse because my brother, Sean, saw us together today.
BEVERLY: Hold on. If you two aren't supposed to be seeing each other, what are you doing here together *now*?
Jim comments that there's reason enough for Melissa's parents to be angry, them sneaking around behind their backs. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly. Todd and Melissa rush to the door, and Todd tells Beverly that if that's Melissa's mum, tell her that Melissa's not there. Beverly exclaims that she can't lie. Todd opens the door and pushes Melissa outside. He then tells Beverly:
TODD: You don't have to, see? She's gone.
Beverly goes and answers the 'phone and Mrs. Jarrett comes on. Beverly listens and then tells her that Melissa isn't there. She hangs up again before looking at Jim and musing that she could never lead a double life!
No. 28
Henry is playing with Toby. David Lancaster is standing with Kerry and Des at the kitchen counter and he asks Kerry if the vows were *her* idea. Kerry nods that they were. Lancaster comments that they were very touching. Kerry says flatly:
KERRY: Tell *Joe*. He needs a bit of reassurance.
Des hands Lancaster a cup of coffee and he walks off. Clive joins Des and Kerry and says:
CLIVE: Sorry, Des, what happened? I'm a bit confused: are you and I married or going steady or what?!
Des hands Clive a coffee and tells him it'll clear his head! Clive walks off again. Des then turns to Kerry and says:
DES: That wouldn't be the reason you're having second thoughts, would it? Hm?
They both look over at Clive. Kerry mutters:
KERRY: Des, come on...
DES: I can read your face like a book. Does he know?
KERRY: No. He hasn't said anything, but I get the feeling it's not just me.
DES: What - he's keen on you, too?
KERRY: It's just a feeling.
DES: What about the wedding? I mean, are you going to drop out of that or what?
KERRY: I don't know.
DES: I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown!
KERRY: Des, I'm sorry. What can I *do*?
Front steps of No. 28
Henry is sitting with Bronwyn on the steps outside the front door, commenting that it's funny: Joe's as keen as mustard, but he was standing there shaking! Bronwyn sighs that she wishes it was *them* getting married. Henry, however, comments that there's not a chance, what with her father. He puts his arms around Bronwyn and asks what they're going to do. Bronwyn grins suddenly and suggests:
BRONWYN: Let's elope!
HENRY: Yes! What a great idea! Let's go!
No. 28
Back inside the house, Des says goodbye to David Lancaster. Henry and Bronwyn come in and join Clive at the counter. Clive asks Henry if he has any ideas for the buck's night, and Henry grins that he has plenty! Bronwyn heads off home to make dinner. Des joins Clive at the counter and Clive remarks that it seems like there's some infectious disease going around: lurve!
DES: And you're immune?
CLIVE: Oh, I wouldn't say that.
DES (whispers carefully): You're not, um... you know...
CLIVE: What?
DES: You know.
CLIVE (blankly): Des, are you all right?!
DES: I'm fine! It's *you* I'm talking about. You and... you know.
Des uses his head to indicate the couch. Clive looks over to where Kerry, Joe and Henry are sitting and points out:
CLIVE: There are three people over there!
Des says tersely that it's *Kerry* he's talking about. He asks Clive warily if he's interested in her. Clive points out:
CLIVE: She's married - or just about.
DES: Still...
CLIVE: Well, I like her a lot, but nothing more. What gave you *that* idea?
DES: Nothing! Nothing! It's fine!
The 'phone starts to ring and Des says he'll answer it. Clive stops him, though, and says quickly:
CLIVE: Hang on - Kerry hasn't got the wrong idea, has she?
DES (admits): Yes. Yes, actually she has. I don't know what it is about you, but they should bottle it: they'd make a fortune!
Kerry calls across from the couch to ask Des if she should get the 'phone, but Des says he's fine. He goes to answer it. The caller is Jane, and he asks keenly what's happening. He listens and his face begins to drop. He listens further and then says:
DES: Well, yeah, I'm sorry, but what about the wedding?
He listens again and then says hesitantly:
DES: No, yeah, well, *I'm* OK, yeah. ... Well, give her my love, OK? Take care. Bye.
With that, Des hangs up. He turns to Kerry, Joe and Henry and tells them:
DES: That was Jane.
JOE: What about mum? She all right?
DES: Sorry, mate, no - it's not looking good: they're going to have to do a bypass operation.
JOE (looking worried): Oh hell.
KERRY: What about Jane and the wedding?
DES: Well... she's not coming back, so we'll have to postpone the wedding indefinitely...
No. 28
A short time later, Clive is commenting that it *sounds* bad, but Mrs. Mangel's a tough old bird: she'll pull through. Joe sighs that she'd better. Des comments that it could be *months' until he and Jane get married - and he was really looking forward to it. Henry asks Kerry and Joe what they'll do about the wedding.
KERRY: We'll just put it off until Jane gets back.
JOE (aghast): Put it off? You heard Des: it could be *months*!
Kerry comments that it won't hurt to wait. Joe exclaims that anyone would think she didn't *care* if they get married or not. Kerry retorts that she *does*, but they can't go ahead without Des and Jane. Joe asks why not, and Kerry points out that it's all organised and paid for: a double wedding. Des chips in sadly that they could be waiting for ever if they wait for him and Jane. Joe looks at Kerry and declares:
JOE: See? If *Des* doesn't mind, what's stopping us?
Kerry buries her head in her hand, looking worried.
No. 26
Jim and Todd are trying to prepare dinner as Beverly gives them instructions from a seat at the kitchen table. Jim tells Todd to hurry up with the pastry. Todd, though, snaps suddenly:
TODD: Don't tell me what to do. I tell you what: when *I* have kids, I'm going to treat them like real people, not ordering them around, telling them to 'do this, don't do that'.
JIM (looking astonished): Well, you'd better hope that your kids behave better than *you* do.
Beverly asks Todd if he's tried *talking* to Melissa's parents: he should be open and honest with them. She adds that she does know how Todd feels. Todd asks:
TODD: Would you do it *for* me?
BEVERLY (warily): Talk to Melissa's parents?
TODD: Yeah.
Jim looks at Beverly and remarks that they just dropped themselves right in it!
Outside No. 28
Kerry and Clive are walking slowly down the front path of No. 28, Clive telling Kerry that it would be a pity if she and Joe didn't go ahead with the wedding, as he's very keen and she won't find many like him around. Kerry muses:
KERRY: What has this got to do with *you*?
Clive tells her:
CLIVE: Some people are the marrying kind and some aren't - and I'm not. Bad risk.
KERRY: Has someone been talking to you? Someone like Des?
CLIVE: He sort of dropped a hint.
KERRY: I'm gonna kill him!
CLIVE: He cares about you, that's all. So do I. It's just last-minute nerves, Kerry, I betcha. Anyone with any sense would be scared. It's a big step. You look around and you think: "Am I making some terrible mistake? Is this the wrong person? Am I better suited to someone else?"
KERRY: Joe and I, we're very different.
CLIVE: Yeah, but you're good mates. You can talk to each other, work things out: that's the secret. Hearts and flowers is one thing, but it doesn't last. A good relationship is what counts, and you've got that already.
KERRY: You think so?
CLIVE: I know so.
The two of them smile at each other and Kerry declares:
KERRY: It's going to be one lucky lady who gets you.
CLIVE (warmly): Not half as lucky as the guy that's going to get *you*.
Kerry thanks Clive and heads back inside. Clive watches her go and sighs heavily.
No. 24
Bronwyn is talking to Madge on the 'phone when Henry yells suddenly from outside:
He dashes in and starts kissing Bronwyn all over her face! Bronwyn tries to tell Madge that it's just her mad son! Henry takes the 'phone and hangs it up! He then tells Bronwyn that he's got some great news for her! Bronwyn asks what it is. Henry tells her enthusiastically:
HENRY: You did a great job this arvo, filling in for Jane. I especially liked the way you said 'I do'!
HENRY: How would you like to say it for real? "I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do!"
BRONWYN: What are you talking about?!
HENRY: Jane's not coming back for the wedding.
BRONWYN: Why? That's not good news; that's *terrible*.
HENRY: No, no, no, no, no, let me finish! She's got to stay in London with her nan.
BRONWYN: Well what's going to happen? What about the wedding?
HENRY: *We'll* get married instead!
BRONWYN (wide-eyed): You and me?!
HENRY: And Joe and Kerry. It's all arranged. You only have to say 'yes'!
Bronwyn stares at Henry for several seconds. She then grins and shrugs! Henry picks her up and starts spinning her around, beaming happily:
HENRY: We're gonna get married!
<<1054 - 1056>>
Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1055
Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson

Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1055
Melissa Jarrett

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1055
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1055
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1055
Clive Gibbons

Todd Landers, Sean Jarrett, Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1055
Todd Landers, Sean Jarrett, Melissa Jarrett

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Toby Mangel, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1055
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Toby Mangel, Clive Gibbons

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Clive Gibbons, Bronwyn Davies, Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1055
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Clive Gibbons, Bronwyn Davies, Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay

Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1055
Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1055
Beverly Robinson

Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1055
Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop

Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1055
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1055
Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1055
Des Clarke

Clive Gibbons, Kerry Bishop, Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1055
Clive Gibbons, Kerry Bishop, Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel

Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1055
Todd Landers

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1055
Jim Robinson

Kerry Bishop, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1055
Kerry Bishop, Clive Gibbons

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1055
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1055
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

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