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Neighbours Episode 1056 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1056
Australian airdate: 25/09/89
UK airdate: 30/11/90
UK Gold: 18/11/96
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Graham
Henry telling Bronwyn that the two of them should get married in place of Des and Jane! Bronwyn agreeing!
No. 24
Henry puts Bronwyn down. She comments suddenly that poor Des must feel awful. Henry tells her that he's pretty disappointed, but he's all for the idea of the two of *them* getting hitched instead. Bronwyn says she needs time to think. Henry, however, says:
HENRY: It's simple: do want to marry me or *not*?!
BRONWYN: Yes, I want to marry you, but...
HENRY: But *what*?!
BRONWYN (pauses then shrugs): OK!
HENRY: OK what?
BRONWYN: Let's do it. Let's get married!
Henry picks Bronwyn up again in delight! When he puts her down, though, Bronwyn points out that her dad won't like it. Henry insists that he'll win him over. Bronwyn suggests that they invite him over for dinner tonight. Henry says he'll get Mr. Davies on side, no sweat, but Bronwyn muses that it's not going to be easy...
No. 26
Nick and Todd are doing the washing-up after dinner, Nick telling Todd as they do so to cheer up: he's sure Jim will be able to talk Melissa's oldies around. Todd just asks what's taking Jim so *long*. At that moment, Jim arrives home and Todd dashes through to the lounge room. Beverly is sitting on the couch and, looking at the expression on Jim's face, she remarks that it didn't go well. Jim comments:
JIM: Anyone would think she was a five year old.
TODD: How'd you go?
JIM: I tried, Todd, but Melissa's parents are convinced you're a bad influence on her.
Todd exclaims that that's silly, and he asks Jim if he couldn't *talk* to them. Jim insists that he really tried, but Mr. Jarrett's a man of fixed ideas, and so Todd and Melissa are going to have to stay away from each other. He adds that if Todd tries to go near Melissa, they'll only get themselves in trouble. Todd sulks that it's not fair.
No. 32
Kerry is clearing away the dinner plates from the kitchen table. Toby is in the lounge room, watching TV, and Kerry goes to get his plate. When she's gone, Joe looks at Sky, who's spooned her food all over the table, and tries to feed her, but she refuses to let him! Joe smiles at her that he reckons they're going to have a lot of fun! Kerry comes back and stops in her tracks as Joe says to Sky fondly:
JOE: Can I let you in on a secret? I've always wanted a little girl. Eh? How's *that* sound, eh?
KERRY (from the doorway): *I* think it's kind of sweet!
Joe sits there looking embarrassed! Kerry goes and stands behind him and puts her arms around his neck. Joe tells her that he thinks everything's going to work out really good for them. Kerry nods that they're going to be one perfect family. She adds:
KERRY: Oh Joe... I'm really glad we're doing this. *Really* glad.
No. 28
Des opens the front door to find Clive standing on the step. Clive asks Des if he's eaten yet - and he comes in with pizza and beers! Des sighs that he's not going to be much company, but Clive insists that there's nothing like anchovies to take your mind off a wedding - or lack of wedding! Des tells him:
DES: You know, I get the feeling that somebody doesn't want Jane and me to get married.
CLIVE: Let's not get paranoid, Des. I can't even see the dreaded Mrs. Mangel going to the trouble of having open-heart surgery just to stop you marrying Jane!
The two of them sit down as the table as Des retorts:
DES: I'm not talking about *that*; I'm talking about fate... provenance.
Clive insists that they're talking one, small temporary setback here. They start tucking into their pizza as Des says he doesn't *blame* Jane for taking off to be with her nan - he wouldn't expect her to do anything else; it makes her the sort of person she is, and that's why he loves her so much. Clive asks him if he's still going to the wedding. Des nods:
DES: Oh yeah, sure. Gotta look on the bright side, I suppose: it's a lucky break for Henry and Bronwyn.
No. 24
Madge and Harold are offering their warm congratulations to Henry and Bronwyn. Madge, however, asks how she's expected to organise everything in five days! Henry tells her that she'll manage: that's what makes her such an incredible mother! There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Harold goes and opens it to Gordon Davies. He steps inside and asks what the problem is. Harold stands there looking blank until Henry explains that *he* asked Mr. Davies to come over. He then goes on, looking at Mr. Davies:
HENRY: Look, there's something that Bronny and I have got to tell you.
GORDON: Really?
HENRY: Yes. It's just that, er, a couple of things have come up. It's kind of funny, really, when you stop to think about it, because just the other day I was-
MADGE (sighs): Henry...
HENRY: Yes. Look, the thing is, Mr. Davies, Bronny and I are getting married on Saturday and we wondered if we could have your blessing.
Gordon stares at them and asks curtly if this is a joke. Harold insists that it certainly isn't. Gordon asks what the sudden rush is. Harold tells him quickly that there's nothing improper. Bronwyn explains about taking Des and Jane's place at the double wedding, but Gordon demands to know what sort of reason *that* is for getting married. Madge points out that it wasn't as though they weren't going to get married anyway; they've just pushed things forward a bit. Gordon stares at his daughter. He then says coolly:
GORDON: I can't stop you, Bron, but there's no way I can give you my blessing.
With that, he turns to the door. Bronwyn sighs:
BRONWYN: All right, dad, if that's how it has to be. I never wanted to go against you and I'd really like to have your blessing. I can't wait forever. I love Henry and I want to marry him, and if you can't accept that, then I'm sorry but that's *your* problem.
Mr. Davies walks out. Henry pulls Bronwyn into his arms and gives her a hug.
No. 28
Several days have passed. Henry walks into No. 28 with Clive. Both men are holding crates of lager and Henry is saying excitedly that he can't believe tomorrow's the big day: the week has just zapped past! Clive says:
CLIVE: You're not thinking of backing out, I trust?
HENRY (grins): Not a chance! Even if I was, all the work mum's put in, she'd probably kill me!
Clive comments that it was pretty cluey of Harold to suggest having the reception at No. 24. Henry nods that every penny counts: Bron's old man isn't helping out much. Clive remarks that he thought Mr. Davies would have come round by now, but Henry tells him that Bron's really upset about it, though she's not letting on much. Henry heads out again, just as Jim and Joe come in with more beers! Jim asks if they've got enough! As they carry them to the counter, he asks what else is on the agenda. Clive asks if he means the entertainment. Joe, however, insists that there's going to be none of that: he went through all of that *last time*. He walks out again. When he's gone, Clive tells Jim:
CLIVE: Actually, we've got a few ideas.
HENRY (who has come back in): Only Joe doesn't know about them yet!
No. 24
Kerry is with Madge in the kitchen. Harold comes in through the back door with Bronwyn, commenting that there seems to be a lot of activity over at the Mangel house: he hopes the buck's turn isn't going to get out of hand. Bronwyn looks at a wedding cake that Madge is finishing on the kitchen counter, and she smiles that it looks great! There's a knock on the front door and Harold goes to answer it. He finds Mr. Davies on the step and invites him in. Mr. Davies tells Bronwyn:
GORDON: I just dropped by to see if by any chance you'd changed your mind. It looks like you haven't.
BRONWYN (coolly): I'm still marrying Henry, if that's what you mean.
GORDON: All right. I've had my say. Reckon I'll get back to Narrabri first thing in the morning.
With that, he walks out. Bronwyn looks at Harold, Madge and Kerry, who are all staring at her sympathetically. She then runs out the door, after her father.
Driveway of No. 24/Ramsay Street
Bronwyn calls after her father:
BRONWYN: Dad, please, stay for the wedding. I can't believe you're doing this to me.
GORDON (curtly): You're doing it to *yourself*, Bron.
BRONWYN: I always thought you *loved* me - and here you are walking away from the most important day of my life. If anyone has been a mother and father to me it's been Madge and Harold: they've supported us, they've helped with the preparations and the expenses...
GORDON: It's very decent of them, but I didn't *ask* them to do it.
Mr. Davies steps into the street. Bronwyn cries:
BRONWYN: Can't you just be happy for me?
GORDON: How can I be happy when I think you're making the worst decision ever? Listen, love, change your mind now, before it's too late. If you still feel the same way in six months-
BRONWYN: No. *No*. I love Henry and that's not going to change.
GORDON (coldly): I see you've made up your mind, then.
With that, Mr. Davies climbs into his car and starts the engine. Bronwyn watches him sadly.
No. 26
Todd is trying to get through to Melissa on the kitchen 'phone, but to no avail. Beverly hobbles in and Todd tells her that he's been trying to call Melissa every night this week, but her mum always answers the 'phone - and he can't even see her at school: her brother's always there. Beverly says she knows how he feels. Todd, however, snaps:
TODD: No you don't. You just think we're a couple of soppy kids. Well we're not: we really care about each other.
He storms off. Jim comes in and Beverly looks at him and says she wishes there was something they could do to help. Jim nods that this ban isn't having the effect the Jarretts intended: it's not *solving* the problem, it's making it *worse*.
No. 28
Joe, Henry, Des and Clive are all gathered at No. 28, and Joe is insisting that he just wants a couple of drinks with a couple of mates. Henry warns him that he's going to take Harold's record for the world's most boring party! Joe retorts that Harold's going to be there tonight, and he doesn't want to get off on the wrong foot. Des, who was talking on the 'phone, hangs up and tells the others:
DES: That was Mike. I told him about the wedding... postpone it... not to hurry back. [To Henry] He said to congratulate you... you and Bronny.
Everyone raises a tinny to Henry, who mutters that he supposes was nice of Mike to say so, even if he doesn't mean it. There's a knock on the front door and Joe goes and opens it to Matt, Nick, Jim and Harold! The youngsters rush in, but Harold takes Joe to one side and tells him that the teenagers are too young for this sort of thing. Joe, however, tells him:
JOE: Look, it's no worries, Harry: *you'll* be here - you'll keep them on the straight and narrow.
Harold, however, says he's afraid he won't: something's come up and he has to attend to it. He heads off again, leaving Henry and Clive with delighted expressions on their faces. Clive asks Henry gleefully what they're going to do to help liven-up this little soiree!
No. 24
Bronwyn is sitting at the kitchen table, looking upset. Madge joins her and tells her not to let things upset her too much. Bronwyn sighs that she knows her dad only wants the best for her, but she's doing the right thing marrying Henry, so why can't he accept that? Madge tells her that sometimes parents find it difficult to let go. Bronwyn says sadly:
BRONWYN: I've always been close to him - more so than Bill or Sharon. Whenever I wanted something badly enough, I could always find a way to win him over. Now, when it really matters, I can't.
Madge insists that he could change his mind - but if he doesn't, Bronwyn mustn't let it ruin things for her. Bronwyn says sincerely:
BRONWYN: Thanks, Madge. I mean *really* thanks. You and Harold have been terrific - not just about the wedding; about *everything*.
MADGE (smiles): Well... we're just happy to welcome you to the family.
No. 24
Sometime later, Harold opens the front door to Gordon Davies. Gordon asks if Bronwyn isn't around. Harold replies that, as he said on the 'phone, he's there by himself. As Gordon steps inside, Harold tells him that he thinks it's time they had a serious talk.
No. 28
The buck's party is in full swing. Clive calls for quiet suddenly, and tells everyone that they've got an important announcement to make! He goes on:
CLIVE: The thing is, a party isn't a party without a certain element of surprise!
Joe warns that he said no funny business... Clive, however, tells him that this is his last night of freedom and he wants it to be a night to remember! Joe slurs that he can remember it: he doesn't need *their* help! Clive smiles that Henry went to a lot of trouble to arrange this surprise! He adds that Kerry would understand: it's traditional! With that, Henry and Nick grab Joe's arms and guide him towards the bedroom area! They then push him into Mike's room, which is in darkness, and close the door! Joe doesn't turn the light on, but is immediately aware of the outline of a woman lying in the bed! He says to her hesitantly:
JOE: Look, I don't know how to say this exactly... I don't want to offend you or anything, but, um, I'm not the sort of bloke that does... well, it's just that the girl I'm marrying, if she knew about this, she wouldn't be too happy, I'll tell ya. Well, I love her. I know, I know... All I'm saying is, well, um, would you mind if we don't actually do anything? I could just sit in here for a little while, and then they'd be happy out there...
Joe sits down on the edge of the bed and the woman starts stroking his neck! He groans despairingly:
JOE: Oh please... And financially you'd be OK, and do you think that's fair and... could you stop that, please?!
The woman bursts out laughing and Joe sighs that he knows it's funny. The woman says:
WOMAN'S VOICE: *I* don't think it's funny at *all*, Joe - I think it's very sweet.
Joe looks at her. He then turns on the light to find that the woman is Kerry! Joe exclaims:
JOE: Oh Kez! Oh, fair go! What if I'd done what I was supposed to do?!
KERRY: Oh Joe, you always say you love a good joke!
Joe stands up and goes to head for the door, saying:
JOE: Wait 'til I get the mongrels who put you up to this!
Kerry, however, stops him and says seductively:
KERRY: Joe... what's the hurry?!
No. 24
Gordon Davies is sitting with Harold at the kitchen table, saying he knows Bron, and she's her mother all over again - and at heart she's a country girl: she's never going to be happy in the city with city people. Harold points out that Bronwyn isn't the same girl she was when she left home. Gordon muses that he can say *that* again: the old Bronwyn would never have looked *twice* at someone like Henry. Harold says:
HAROLD: Well now. I know he can seem a little irresponsible, but basically he's a good-hearted lad with a strong set of family values - and I know that he loves Bronwyn; he wouldn't do a thing to hurt her.
Gordon points out that Harold's a bit biased, married to the boy's mother. He asks Harold if he can look him in the eye and tells him that the marriage has a snowball's chance of working out. Harold, however, points out that that's up to Henry and Bronwyn. He adds that snubbing them isn't the answer: Gordon turning his back on them would cause a life-long ill feeling between him and Bronwyn. Gordon comments that the *last* thing he wants is to be at odds with Bron:
GORDON: When her mother died, I came to really depend on her. We'd have our differences, but we'd always sort them out. I *love* that kid, Harold, and I want the best for her. Rushing into something like this, with a young bloke I hardly know... well, I can't say I reckon it's all right, because I *don't*.
No. 28
The buck's party is virtually over and Jim says he reckons it's time he got Nick and Matt home. The three of them go to head off, Jim tells Joe and Henry as they do so that he'll see them tomorrow at the wedding - assuming there *is* a wedding. He looks at Joe and asks him if he and Kerry are still talking to each other! Joe says ruefully that he wishes he could think of a trick to play on *Henry*, in revenge. Henry, however, grins that it's a bit late to get him back now: the party is well and truly over and he's off to a nice warm bed so he can be fully rested for the big day tomorrow! Jim, Nick and Matt head out. Henry kneels down by Joe, who's lolling on the couch, and says:
HENRY: I'm off! Hey, er, I must admit I'm a bit disappointed in you, buddy!
JOE: Why's that?
HENRY: Well, I didn't think you'd miss the opportunity to get back at me! Must be old age!
With that, Henry heads off. Joe stands up and says he'll go too. Clive tells Des that he'll help clean up. Des tells him he can sleep there. Clive lies down on the floor and falls asleep!
Ramsay Street/Driveway of No. 24
Henry staggers along the pavement from No. 28 and turns up the driveway of No. 24, laughing drunkenly as he does so. All of a sudden, two men come up behind him: one puts a brown cloth sack over his head and they both grab his arms...
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Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1056
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Todd Landers, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1056
Todd Landers, Nick Page

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1056
Jim Robinson

Sky Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1056
Sky Bishop, Joe Mangel

Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1056
Kerry Bishop

Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1056
Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1056
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Gordon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1056
Gordon Davies

Joe Mangel, Jim Robinson, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1056
Joe Mangel, Jim Robinson, Clive Gibbons

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1056
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Kerry Bishop

Bronwyn Davies, Gordon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1056
Bronwyn Davies, Gordon Davies

Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1056
Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers

Harold Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1056
Harold Bishop, Joe Mangel

Madge Bishop, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1056
Madge Bishop, Bronwyn Davies

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1056
Joe Mangel

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1056
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Gordon Davies, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1056
Gordon Davies, Harold Bishop

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1056
Clive Gibbons

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1056
Henry Ramsay

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