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Neighbours Episode 1054 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1054
Australian airdate: 21/09/89
UK airdate: 28/11/90
UK Gold: 14/11/96
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Gordon Davies telling Henry that he doesn't have a hope of marrying Bronwyn while *he* has a say in it.
No. 32
Harold is standing with Joe and Kerry in the lounge room, looking at the vows they've written. He comments warily that he prefers the old *traditional* vows. He adds that Joe's vows in particular are a little rough around the edges - but they're from the heart, and that's the important thing. Kerry tells Joe:
KERRY: These are far more personal than anything we take from a book.
JOE: I just don't want people laughing behind me back during the ceremony.
KERRY (demands): Why have you gone so conservative on me *now*?
JOE: It's not just *our* wedding, is it? I mean... it's Des and Jane: we don't want to spoil it.
KERRY: We *won't*.
Kerry then asks where Toby has got to, as she picked up his page-boy outfit and he's trying it on. She calls to Toby, who walks in looking embarrassed. He's dressed in Indian-style clothing. Kerry smiles that he looks adorable. Harold, however, doesn't look so convinced. He asks:
HAROLD: Why so Indian? Won't that be out of place with the rest of the wedding?
KERRY: Oh no, no, no, no. Sky will be dressed as an Indian princess. Just wait 'til you see what Joe and I are wearing. Nope, Toby's costume will fit in just perfect - won't it, Joe?
Joe nods slightly uncertainly. Toby looks less than happy!
No. 24
Madge is unpacking some shopping in the kitchen as she comments to Henry and Bronwyn that it can't have been *that* bad. Henry, however, retorts that Mr. Davies loathes the sight of him. Madge asks where he is now and Bronwyn replies that Hilary invited him over for lunch so he could spend some time with Sharon. Madge declares:
MADGE: Right. Well, when he comes back I'm going to have a little talk to him. [To Henry] I'm going to make it clear to him that you're not the ratbag you appear to be!
Henry mutters that he and Bronwyn are old enough to make the decision to get married without Mr. Davies' permission, so who cares anyway? Bronwyn, however, tells him that *she* does: if she got married against her father's wishes he'd probably never speak to her again. Turning to Madge, Bronwyn tells her that her father might listen if Madge tells him all the wonderful things Henry has done.
MADGE (frowns): Yeah... I'm sure I can think of *something*...!
Bronwyn warns Madge not to get angry with her father: *he's* quick-tempered too. Madge snaps:
MADGE: I'm not quick-tempered! Don't worry - I'll behave myself perfectly.
No. 28
Des is talking on the 'phone to Jane, exclaiming that that's great news. He asks when she's coming back, and when he hears the response he smiles that he can hardly wait. He then asks her to say hello to her nan and John for her. He adds that he loves her. He then hangs up and turns to Jamie - who's sitting on the floor - and beams:
DES: Did you hear that? Did you hear that, Jamie? She's coming home! She's coming home!
A Mr. Punch puppet suddenly appears round the edge of the front door and says:
MR. PUNCH: Hello. I'm looking for Jamie Clark.
Des walks over to the door and tells Mr. Punch to come in. He grabs the arm the puppet is on and hauls Clive into the house! Clive has a Judy doll as well and he explains that he bought them for Jamie to prepare him for what might happen after Des and Jane have been married for a while! Des smiles that Jane just rang and everything is going ahead as planned!
CLIVE: Crazy girl. I thought she was taking the chance to escape while the going was good!
Des muses that he *was* going to ask Clive to his buck's party, but now he's not so sure! He adds that, last time, he fell asleep and woke up with his arm in plaster - but this time he doesn't want any funny business. Clive - looking hurt! - asks:
CLIVE: Would I do anything to ruin your wedding?
Des gives him a look and tells him that he and Henry could be a deadly combination. Clive assures him:
CLIVE: You have got nothing to worry about!
No. 32
Toby is sitting on the couch. He sneezes a couple of times as Joe and Kerry come in, and Kerry asks him if he's feeling all right. He groans that he thinks he's got a cold. Kerry feels his forehead and says he hasn't got a fever but after those freezing nights in the bush it wouldn't surprise her. She adds that she saw Clive earlier and he said he was going to pop in on Des, so she might go and see if he's still there. She heads out. When she's gone, Joe says to Toby:
JOE: Geez, mate, I hope you're OK for the wedding.
TOBY: I mightn't be. I don't reckon I should wear that costume - I'd be too cold, wouldn't I? My sneeze would get worse.
A look of realisation dawns on Joe's face and he says:
JOE: You don't wanna wear it, do you?
TOBY (admits): No.
Joe then tells Toby that he doesn't want him missing his wedding. Toby murmurs that he *might* be well enough to go - if he doesn't have to wear that 'thing'. Joe grins:
JOE: There's not much to it, is there? I mean, a kid with a cold: they should have more on than *that*. Yeah, they should have something *warm* on.
TOBY: That's what *I* reckon.
JOE: Yeah, I reckon you're right!
TOBY: Good on ya, dad!
With that, Toby gives Joe a relieved hug.
No. 32
A short time later, Clive finishes checking Toby's chest and tells Joe that there's no fever and his chest his clear: Toby might have a head cold. Toby comments that they take a week to get over, don't they? Clive smiles that they'll have to get him right by the end of the week for the wedding! Toby suddenly starts coughing loudly, and Clive grins at him:
CLIVE: Don't you think you'll be right by then?
TOBY: I don't reckon!
With that, Clive heads to the door. When he's gone, Joe gives Toby the thumbs-up. Toby grins:
TOBY: Did I do OK, dad?
JOE: Yeah, sure, mate! But you've got to keep it up - we don't want to disappoint Kerry; but there's no way I'm going to make you wear that costume. This way we do it, we don't hurt anyone's feelings.
No. 28
Kerry has the Mr. Punch puppet on her hand and is entertaining Jamie and Sky, saying to Judy that it's very naughty to hit someone with their rolling pin! The doorbell rings suddenly and Kerry goes to answer. She finds Clive on the step and he explains that he's come to report back about Toby: he's not quite sure, but he thinks there's a pretty good chance he's putting it on. Looking surprised, Kerry remarks that that's not like him, and she asks why he'd do *that*.
CLIVE: I get the impression it could be something to do with the wedding.
KERRY (surprised): What - you think he's unhappy about it?
CLIVE: I might be wrong...
KERRY (looking thoughtful): He didn't like the idea of me marrying Joe in the first place, but I thought he'd got *through* all that; I thought we were *friends*. Maybe he hasn't really come to terms with it at all...
She adds that she'd better find out, and she asks Clive if he could look after the kids, as Des has gone out to do some shopping. As she walks to the door, Kerry muses that it's funny: she's asking him to do favours and she hardly even knows him. Clive smiles that you don't have to ask him twice to look after kids: it gives him a chance to get down on the floor to play without anyone raising an eyebrow!
No. 32
Joe is putting on a jacket as he tells Toby - who's lying on the couch, wearing his dressing gown - that he won't be long, and Kerry's just across the road. He goes and opens the front door - just as Kerry goes to come in from outside! Joe tells her that he's just going down to the Waterhole to talk to Henry about the buck's night. Kerry asks how Toby is and Joe tells her that he's got a rotten cold. Kerry says she'll sit with him for a while. Joe heads out and Kerry walks into the lounge room. She asks Toby how he's feeling, but he sniffs that he's rotten. Kerry goes on warmly:
KERRY: I hope you're going to well in time for the wedding.
TOBY: I mightn't be...
KERRY: Toby... don't you *want* your dad and me to get married?
TOBY (assures her): Yeah.
KERRY: Look, I know that Noelene's your mum. I want us to be real friends - *and* a real family - but if you're unhappy about that, then we'd better talk.
TOBY (reassuringly): I'm happy!
KERRY: Well then, why don't you think you'll be well enough? Don't you *want* to go?
TOBY (hesitatingly): It's not the wedding; it's the costume: it's yuck. I look like a real dag in it.
KERRY (laughs): Well why didn't you say so?!
Kerry then adds more seriously that she should have realised, and she tells Toby that he doesn't have to wear it; he can be page boy in jeans and T-shirt, as long as he's there! Toby beams:
TOBY: You're great, Kerry!
Outside the Waterhole
Henry serves Joe with a beer at one of the outside tables. Joe asks him if he can pull up a pew for a sec. Henry sits down and Joe tells him that they've got to think up a decent joke to play on Des for his buck's turn: he's a sitting duck! At that moment, Des approaches them and asks:
DES: *Who's* a sitting duck?!
Henry laughs at him that Joe reckons he's the one they should pull any fast ones on at this buck's turn. Des sits down and tells Joe that he reckons they should make *him* the target of all the practical jokes!
JOE: Oh, mate, no way - I can cop anything *you* guys dish up!
HENRY: We'll remember that!
Des then points out more seriously that they don't want to spoil the wedding. Henry sighs:
HENRY: At least you two are *getting* married: the way things are headed for me and Bron, we'll *never* get there - not if her father has anything to do with it. The only hope is that maybe mum can talk him round...
No. 24
Madge serves Gordon and Bronwyn with cups of tea in the lounge room. Madge offers Gordon a home-made scone, but he declines, explaining that Hilary served up a mighty lunch. He adds grimly:
GORDON: She played the piano afterwards, too: it was about as entertaining as that tape your son made...
Bronwyn sighs and tells her father not to start on Henry again; if he gave him half a chance he'd find he *likes* him. Gordon, however, retorts that he can't see it. Madge smiles and tells Gordon calmly that he doesn't even *know* Henry very well: he's wonderfully kind-hearted. Gordon comments curtly that that's not going to put a roof over his daughter's head. Madge adds that Henry is also very hard working: right now he's at the Waterhole, doing a couple of hours. Gordon queries:
GORDON: The Waterhole?
MADGE: Yes, the local hotel, where *I* work.
GORDON: I suppose he drinks half the profits.
MADGE (the calm beginning to disappear!): He does nothing of the sort. Henry hardly drinks at *all*. You're not being very fair.
Bronwyn clears her throat very obviously. Madge takes the hint and tells Gordon more calmly that she can understand his concern as a father, but Henry is determined to better himself and she's sure he's going to do very well eventually.
GORDON: If that tape was any indication, I don't reckon he's going far in *radio*. *I* won't be tuning in, that's for sure.
BRONWYN: A lot of people *like* that sort of humour, dad.
GORDON: Look, the point is that Henry hasn't got any real prospects. Bron's studying, so how're they going to manage?
MADGE: Surely a *lot* of young couples have to struggle when they first start out?
GORDON: I was working on my father's farm; I had *good* prospects. [To Bronwyn] I wouldn't have married your mother if I *hadn't*. [To Madge] It's just that I don't want Bron ending up with some no-hoper.
MADGE (snaps): Henry is *not* a no-hoper. Henry has tried very hard to get himself a decent job; it's not *his* fault that he hasn't been able to. As it is he's working as a gardener and a barman. It's not fair of you to put him down like that.
GORDON: I just think he's a bit irresponsible - and not the sort of bloke I want to marry Bron.
MADGE (angrily): Yeah, well, that's because you're an old stick-in-the-mud, isn't it? It's time you woke up to yourself: you've forgotten what it's like to be young.
Gordon stands up suddenly and says he thinks he'll collect his things together and go. Madge looks horrified. Gordon tells her:
GORDON: I don't like arguments - and I reckon that's all we'll do as long as I stay around *here*.
He adds that he'll check into a hotel. Madge insists that he doesn't need to do that. Gordon, however, retorts:
GORDON: An old stick-in-the-mud like me doesn't want to stay around when he can't see eye-to-eye with the lady of the house. Look, I don't mean to be rude, but there's no way I want Bron marrying into this family. I'll be out of your way directly.
With that, Gordon heads off to his room to pack. Madge sighs heavily at Bronwyn:
MADGE: Oh hell... me and my big mouth.
Ramsay Street
Joe and Des are walking along the street, Des looking at the vows Joe has written. Joe remarks that he supposes Des and Jane are going for the more traditional stuff. Des, however, says he reckons they might write their own too.
JOE: Good - we can all look like drongos together, eh?!
Des then says more seriously that he's not as nervous as he was when he married Daphne. Joe says he's *worse* than he was when he married Noelene: then, he didn't know what he was letting himself in for, but this time he's going in with his eyes wide open
DES: Do you reckon you and Kerry will have any problems?
JOE: You're joking! Probably have a million of them! You know what love's like: you know - you gotta work at it.
Des smiles that they've got themselves a couple of great girls.
JOE: You can say *that* again! I just can't understand why they fell for either of us, mate. We're just lucky we're such a couple of spunks!
No. 28
Clive is telling Jamie and Sky a story with the Punch and Judy puppets. When he's finished, Kerry smiles that that was terrific. She adds that she wasn't too pleased when he bought Punch and Judy, as they're usually so violent, but he was really enjoying it! Clive smiles that he's just a big kid! Kerry comments that he doesn't mind making a fool of himself and Clive shrugs that he doesn't it all the time! Kerry then says seriously:
KERRY: You know, I thought *Joe* didn't care about what other people thought. He's got a bit of a hang-up about our wedding vows: seems scared to show what he really feels.
CLIVE: A *lot* of people are. Maybe me acting like a big kid's just that; I don't know.
KERRY: Yeah, I guess you're right. I think sometimes *I* hide behind the things I believe in. I mean, I really believe in them; it's just that I put them up to stop people seeing what I'm really like underneath. I don't mean to - I want to be honest.
CLIVE: All we can do is try: the walls we build up take some knocking down.
KERRY: I just hope I've been honest in *my* wedding vows. The first lot I wrote were *so* pretentious; but then I just tried to say what I felt. I honestly don't know if it's come across.
Clive asks if he can see them. Kerry goes and picks up a pad. Clive takes it and reads:
CLIVE: "I promise to open my heart to love and bring all the warmth and happiness that I can to our union. I promise to encourage us both to explore the mysteries within ourselves; to respect you, Joe, and your beliefs as an individual; to be loyal to you in whatever path life would have us journey; to care for you and Toby; to be your companion, your friend and, for as long as you need me, to be there."
Clive then smiles that it's beautiful: exactly the sort of thing *he'd* want to say to someone he loved. Kerry comments that she guesses they think a lot alike. Clive nods that it's good to meet a kindred spirit. The front door opens suddenly and Des comes in. He comments in surprise that he thought Clive would be long gone. Looking at Kerry, Clive says:
CLIVE: The company was too good, mate - and I had a captive audience!
No. 24
Gordon emerges from his room, holding his packed bags. Bronwyn and Madge are about to see him out when Harold and Henry come in. Looking surprised, Harold asks Gordon if he's leaving already. Madge looks at Henry and admits that she messed it all up. Harold tells Gordon that he's sure Madge didn't mean to upset him. Henry, however, chips in quickly at Gordon:
HENRY: You're leaving because of *me*, aren't you?
He then continues:
HENRY: Look, I know I got off on the wrong foot with you, right? I tried to make an impression and I only managed to make an idiot of myself - but I'd really like for us to find a way for us to get along together, because whether you give your blessing or not, I'm going to marry Bron.
GORDON (coolly): Well we'll *see* about that.
HENRY (snaps): Look, you can't stop it.
BRONWYN (warns): Henry...
HENRY: Bron, it's all right: we've got to lay it on the line, here; your dad's got to know how much we mean to each other. Now, we've already been through a lot, Mr. Davies, and I admit that I've got a lot of growing up to do - but I'm going to do it; I'm going to be a damn good husband. I will make sure Bronny has the best life I can give her, and if that's not good enough for you, well, tough. It's not going to stop us getting married.
Harold tells Gordon that Henry doesn't mean to be aggressive; it's just that he feels very strongly about Bronwyn. Gordon nods that he can *tell* how strongly Henry feels, and maybe that isn't such a bad thing: at least he's got the guts to stick up for himself. Bronwyn asks her father if he'll stay then. Gordon says he thinks it's best he shifts into a hotel, but he'll be back: he'll give Henry a chance to prove himself. Bronwyn looks at Henry in relief.
No. 28
Kerry has tears in her eyes as she puts some dinner in the oven. Des emerges from the bedroom area, smiling that Clive must have tired the kids out. Kerry just murmurs:
KERRY: Yeah...
Des looks at her in surprise and asks what's wrong. Kerry says:
KERRY: I don't think I can go through with this.
DES: What do you mean?
KERRY: The wedding.
DES (looking astonished): I thought you were *over* all of that.
KERRY: I *had*--
DES: Look, it is pre-wedding jitters; that's all it is. I've got a bit of it myself: as soon as I found out the rehearsal was on Monday, my stomach was doing somersaults! I had to ask Clive to stand in as Best Man at the rehearsal.
KERRY (turning away): Oh.
Des asks what brought this sudden attack of nerves *on*. Kerry turns back to him and shrugs that she doesn't know. She then says sadly:
KERRY: Remember when I told you that I wasn't sure if what I felt for Joe was really love?
DES (nods): Mm.
KERRY: Well I'm *still* not sure. You see, just lately I've found myself attracted to somebody else - and if you feel *that* way, how *can* you really be in love?
Des comments to Kerry that she should sit down and have a good talk to Joe. Kerry, however, sobs:
KERRY: That won't help. I don't think I can go through with the wedding - not when I feel like *this*. It wouldn't be fair to me *or* Joe.
Des just warns:
DES: You call it off, you're going to break his heart.
Kerry stands there, tears streaming down her face.
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Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1054
Harold Bishop

Kerry Bishop, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1054
Kerry Bishop, Toby Mangel

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1054
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1054
Des Clarke

Toby Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1054
Toby Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1054
Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel, Clive Gibbons

 in Neighbours Episode 1054

Clive Gibbons, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1054
Clive Gibbons, Kerry Bishop

Toby Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1054
Toby Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Joe Mangel, Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1054
Joe Mangel, Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay

Madge Bishop, Gordon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1054
Madge Bishop, Gordon Davies

Joe Mangel, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1054
Joe Mangel, Des Clarke

Clive Gibbons, Sky Bishop, Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1054
Clive Gibbons, Sky Bishop, Jamie Clarke

Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1054
Kerry Bishop

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1054
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Gordon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1054
Gordon Davies

Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1054
Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke

Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1054
Kerry Bishop

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