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Neighbours Episode 1050 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1050
Australian airdate: 15/09/89
UK airdate: 22/11/90
UK Gold: 08/11/96
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rob Lewis Ernie Bourne
Gloria Lewis Beverly Phillips
Summary/Images by: Graham
Madge telling Helen about Harold and Toby being missing and about how she's going to make it up to Harold when he comes back, for the way she didn't trust him about Robyn.
Gloria is standing over a hospital bed in which Rob is lying, his eyes closed. She turns to Clive, who's looking at a monitor, and exclaims in concern that Rob has been unconscious for *so long*. Clive tells Gloria that all they can do at this stage is monitor him closely and wait. He suggests that she go home and rest, but Gloria insists that she couldn't leave Rob on his own; not at a time like this. The door to the room opens and Gail comes in. Clive tells her gently that he's sorry, but there's been no change. Gail asks Gloria how she's coping.
GLORIA: All right. You know. Paul not coming in?
GAIL: He said he'd be in at lunchtime.
In his bed, Rob suddenly makes a groaning sound. Gloria stares at him and, a light of excitement in her eyes, pleads:
GLORIA: Won't you try and get better for us, love? 'Cos we need ya - even if you *are* a silly old duffer!
Rob groans again and Clive tells Gloria to keep at it. She goes on:
GLORIA: Rob? You know what? I'm gonna give up my job - and if it's what you really want, I'll put on weight again. Anything - you just name it and I'll do it; 'cos I love you, Rob, and I want you back with me.
Rob's eyes start fluttering and he begins to come-to. He mumbles at Gloria:
ROB: Hello, love. How's tricks?
Gloria and Gail look at each other happily.
No. 28
Des hangs up the 'phone and tells Kerry that Sharon has already left for school. He then snaps at himself that he's a moron: putting Dobson's tax return in the wrong envelope was plain dumb; he'll probably lose two clients over it just as he was starting out in business by himself and just as he's about to get married. Kerry insists:
KERRY: There's no need to slit your wrists just yet. There's still hope!
The doorbell rings, and as Des goes to get it he apologises to Kerry for bellyaching. The visitor is Joe and Kerry looks at him in astonishment and remarks that he's back. Joe, however, pants angrily:
JOE: I haven't even been *out* there. They wouldn't let us.
DES: Why not?
JOE: Rescue officials. They reckon the floodwaters are still too high and they don't want anyone out there who wasn't trained in search and rescue.
Des comments that they're probably right. Joe sighs that he just feels so *useless*: he's Toby's dad and he should be out there doing something. Kerry points out that he'd be doing more if he could. Joe, however, snaps:
JOE: Just face it: I'm letting him down, Kez.
No. 30
Sharon is typing very slowly on a typewriter in the kitchen at No. 30, but she makes a mistake and lets out a groan as she pulls out the envelope and uses correction fluid on it. There's a knock on the back door and Nick comes in. He asks Sharon how she's going and she smiles that it's good: she'll get through it in no time. Nick picks up some of the envelopes and remarks that she's making a few mistakes, isn't she? Sharon tells him quickly that it's the typewriter: it sticks on a few keys. Changing the subject, she asks Nick if he's worked out who his mystery buyer is. Nick tells her bluntly:
NICK: I think Helen bought them.
SHARON: Helen?! Why would she want to buy them and not tell you about it?
NICK: Because she probably felt bad about the fact that no one wanted them. I think it's pretty weak trying to pretend my paintings are popular when they're not.
Sharon points out that he doesn't know for *sure* that it's Helen, so why doesn't he front her about it?
Paul approaches Clive in the corridor and asks if it's true that Rob has regained consciousness. Clive nods that he has, but he's still very weak and not completely aware of what's going on. Paul says he really has to see Rob about something, but Clive tells him quickly that he can't.
PAUL: Why not?
CLIVE: Because Rob specifically said he didn't want you allowed in.
Clive goes on that he doesn't know what happened between Rob and Paul, but he has to think of Rob first; Paul will just have to leave it for a while. Gail emerges from Rob's room suddenly and Paul asks her why they won't let him see Rob. She retorts:
GAIL: Because he doesn't want you to.
PAUL: Can't you change his mind? He'd listen to *you*; I'm *sure* he would.
GAIL: Paul, I'm not even going to *try*, so don't ask me.
PAUL: Why not?
GAIL (coldly): Because right now, what he wants is a lot more important than what *you* want.
With that, Gail marches off to buy a magazine. Paul turns to Clive and exclaims that Gail thinks it's all his fault. Clive, however, assures him that Gail isn't thinking *anything* right now: she's probably still in shock - but she'll come round in time. Paul murmurs that he hopes so.
No. 26
Nick is making himself some lunch in the kitchen when Helen comes in through the back door. He asks how Madge is and Helen replies that she's very stressed - and the longer Harold and Toby are missing, the less chance there is of finding them. She then sighs:
HELEN: If anything dreadful happened in this house while I was out, don't tell me because I don't want to know.
Nick mutters that nothing happened. He goes and sits down at the table. Helen does likewise, saying as she does so that if he's wondering about the money for his paintings, the cheque will be ready soon. Nick shrugs that it doesn't matter; whenever. Looking surprised, Helen remarks that he might be a little more excited. Nick retorts:
NICK: You know, I *would* be a little more excited if I didn't know the truth.
HELEN (blankly): *What* truth?
NICK: Helen, I wish you'd cut out the act; I know about my paintings.
HELEN: I'm not following this conversation. Why don't you help me out?
NICK: I know you only did it to make me feel better, but all you've done is make me feel like a fool.
HELEN: Nick, whatever crime you're accusing me of, I can't defend myself unless you tell me what it is.
NICK: You already know - and so do I - so you don't have to play innocent anymore. *You're* the mystery buyer of my paintings.
HELEN (looking astonished): *I* am?
NICK: Yeah - so you can keep your cheque, 'cos I don't want it.
With that, Nick gets up and storms off, leaving Helen looking surprised.
No. 26
A short time later, Helen sits down with Nick in the lounge room and tells him that she doesn't know what to say to convince him, but she promises she didn't buy his paintings. Nick asks who *else* would've, but Helen points out that it could've been *anyone*. Nick tells her that she's the only one who'd have reason for buying them anonymously. Helen, however, insists that all sorts of collectors buy anonymously, for all sorts of business and security reasons - but she's not one of them.
NICK: So you're really not the buyer?
Nick tells Helen that he's really sorry. He gives her a hug and says he can't think what else to say. Helen says she can understand why he thought she might have bought them. Nick tells her that he just wishes he knew who it was. Helen smiles that she thinks she might have a way of finding out, and she tells Nick to leave it with her...
No. 30
Sharon is still sitting at the typewriter. The table is covered with screwed-up sheets of paper. There's a knock on the back door and Sharon quickly goes and throws the wasted paper in the bin. She then opens the door and Des comes in. He asks her how she's getting on with the work, and she assures him quickly that she'll be through it in no time. Des then says he doesn't suppose she's had had time to deliver that letter to Mr. Sanders, has she? Sharon replies quickly:
SHARON: Yeah - just like you told me to.
DES (muses): Strange - I was just talking to his secretary and she didn't know anything about it.
SHARON: Well, that's probably because I, um, just got back five minutes ago from delivering it.
DES: Oh.
Sharon asks if that's all right. Des nods unhappily that it's great. With that, he heads off. Sharon immediately goes to the table and digs out the file for Sanders from under a pile of other papers.
Gloria and Gail are sitting either side of Rob's hospital bed, Gloria telling Rob not to tire himself: she and Gail can do the talking if he doesn't feel like it. Rob suddenly shudders in pain. Gloria asks him quickly if he wants a nurse, but Rob tells her that it's gone now. He breathes heavily as he says slowly:
ROB: Who'd've thought it, eh? One minute I'm driving along and the next minute I wake up and I'm hooked up to this lot.
Gail assures him that it won't be for long. She then says:
GAIL: Dad... about what happened at the Robinsons' and what Paul said: I'm really very sorry about it.
Rob, however, murmurs that he'd forgotten all about it. Gloria insists quickly that he doesn't have to talk about it now; all he has to do is rest and get better. Rob murmurs that he's feeling a bit tired; he thinks he'll get some sleep. Gail and Gloria look at each other.
An office block
Des walks into the reception area of an office and walks over to a desk on which some piles of post are lying. He goes to look at them, but is interrupted by a security guard appearing from upstairs and clearing his throat loudly! Des asks the guard if the tray he's looking at is for Sanders & Co. The guard nods that that's what it says. Des smiles and then says:
DES: I wonder if you can help me. I delivered a letter to Mr. Sanders by mistake, when I should've delivered it to somebody else. I realise my mistake now, and I've got to get the letter back. Do you think I could have a quick flick through there to see if it's there?
SECURITY GUARD (gruffly): You'll have to see Mr. Sanders about that, mate.
DES: Yeah. That's, that's, that's what I *don't* want to do. You see, the letter isn't *for* Mr. Sanders. Now, I really need that letter. I wouldn't ask you unless it was so important to me.
SECURITY GUARD: That's outside my authority, pal. There's nothing I can do.
Des asks the guard if he can't bend the rules just this once. The guard shakes his head. Des sighs that he'll just wait 'til the receptionist gets there.
No. 28
Joe hangs up the 'phone angrily. Kerry asks if they still won't let him go out there and Joe retorts that it's not a direct order, but it's the general impression. Kerry insists that they'll *find* Toby, but Joe retorts:
JOE: What if they don't? Look, I don't care what they say - I'm going to go out there and I'm gonna find him.
Kerry cries that he can't: they've already sent him back once. Joe replies curtly:
JOE: Well, they're not going to do it to me a second time. That's my little boy out there, Kerry; I can't just sit round here doing nothing; I just can't. You wanna come?
Kerry says she won't; she should be with Madge. Joe tells her to go when she can. As he opens the front door to head out, Kerry cries:
KERRY: Joe, be careful. I don't want to lose you too.
JOE: You're not going to lose *anyone*- not if *I've* got anything to do with it.
With that, Joe heads off.
An office block
The security guard has gone back upstairs. Left alone in the reception area, Des starts going through the pile of post. The guard reappears suddenly, though, and snaps at Des:
SECURITY GUARD: I thought I told you not to touch that.
Des insists that the letter is very important to him. The security guard, however, just tells him curtly to stay out of the tray. Des sighs and goes to head towards the front doors - just as Sharon comes in through them. Des looks at her in surprise and asks what she's doing there.
SHARON: Des! Um... well, you know when I told you that I delivered Mr. Sanders' envelope... well, it wasn't sort of exactly quite true. I'm sorry - I thought you'd be mad at me that I hadn't done it.
DES: *Mad* at you? I couldn't be *happier*!
Sharon apologises and says she'll do it now. She goes to put the envelope she's holding on top of the pile of post, but Des grabs it from her quickly and beams that that's fine! He adds that he'll buy her a milkshake and explain the whole thing!
No. 30
Kerry is in the kitchen. Clive has knocked at the back door and he asks Kerry if she has any idea where Des might be. Kerry says he shouldn't be too much longer. She invites him in for a beer, which he accepts. He starts talking about how he couldn't think of anything useful to say to Gail or Gloria at the hospital, but he suddenly notices that Kerry has tears in her eyes and he breaks off and says he's sorry. He asks if there's been any word. Kerry sniffs:
KERRY: No. Nothing. I've just been talking to Madge and she hasn't heard anything either.
CLIVE: That doesn't necessarily mean anything.
KERRY (beginning to cry): That's what I told *her* - but I don't buy that any more than *she* does.
She then sobs that she doesn't want to cry, but it's difficult to pretend to Joe and Madge that everything is going to be OK; it's pretty clear that the police think they've drowned. Clive insists that they might've got out. He puts his arms around Kerry and gives her a hug.
Rob rouses from his sleep and Gloria and Gail leap up to his bedside. Rob murmurs:
ROB: My two best girls, eh?
Looking at Gail, he adds weakly:
ROB: We might even get some *more* girls soon.
GAIL (nods): Maybe!
ROB: You decided on any names, yet?
GAIL: Not yet - I'm counting on *you* to help me there!
ROB: I reckon you could pick better names than me. You're due in a couple of months - it's quite a handful. [To Gloria] You'll help her, won't you?
GAIL (looking upset): You'd better help me too, dad. Don't think you're going to get out of it that easy, because you're *not*.
ROB (murmurs): We'll see.
With that, Rob's eyes close again. All of a sudden, his heart monitor flatlines. Looking terrified, Gail runs out into the corridor and calls for a doctor. Gloria cries at Rob:
GLORIA: Don't you dare, Rob Lewis, don't you *dare* leave me...
She bursts into tears as several doctors and nurses come in and start trying to resuscitate Rob. They start defibrillating him as Gloria and Gail stand there sobbing in horror.
No. 26
In the kitchen, Nick offers Sharon some chocolate cake, but she declines, saying she's already broken her diet ten times over, with Des filling her full of food! As the two of them head through to the lounge room, she adds that that's the first time in her life she's ever been rewarded for telling a lie! The sit down just as the front door opens and Helen comes in. Nick smiles:
NICK: Did you find anything out?
HELEN: Certainly did!
NICK: Well, come on - don't hold out on me: I'm desperate!
HELEN: You won't be when I tell you who bought your paintings.
NICK (pleads): Come on...
HELEN: Ronald Webster!
NICK (looking astonished): That big collector guy?!
HELEN: That's the one!
Looking surprised, Nick asks why Webster would want to buy *his* stuff. Helen explains that he specialises in collecting works by unknown and promising artists. Sharon asks why, and Helen explains that he can pick them up cheaply and then sell them for a profit when the artist becomes better known. She adds that Nick should consider himself honoured: Webster obviously has a lot of faith in him. She then hands over a cheque. Sharon looks at it and exclaims at Nick that he's rich! Helen smiles that he's earned every bit of it.
Gail is pacing the section of hospital corridor outside Rob's room when Paul comes along and asks if there's any improvement. Gail cries:
GAIL: The doctor's in there now. There's something wrong with his heart.
PAUL: He *is* OK, though, isn't he?
GAIL: Paul, I don't know.
A doctor emerges from the room suddenly and Paul follows him, saying he'll see if he can find out anything. A few moments later, Gloria emerges from the room, looking devastated. Tears fill her eyes and she shakes her head slowly at Gail. Gail, realising what's happened, cries:
GAIL: No...
She and Gloria hug each other as Paul watches, looking shocked. Gloria sobs:
GLORIA: What am I gonna do? What am I gonna *do*...?
Paul tells Gail gently that he's sorry, but Gail cries at him:
GAIL: Paul, will you just go away? Just leave us alone. We don't need you. Go away.
Paul backs off slowly. Gail holds a distraught-looking Gloria as the tears stream down her *own* face as she tries to come to terms with the loss of her father.
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Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1050
Rob Lewis

Gloria Lewis, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1050
Gloria Lewis, Gail Robinson

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1050
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Des Clarke

Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1050
Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Paul Robinson, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1050
Paul Robinson, Clive Gibbons

Helen Daniels, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1050
Helen Daniels, Nick Page

Sharon Davies, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1050
Sharon Davies, Des Clarke

Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis, Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1050
Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis, Gloria Lewis

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1050
Des Clarke

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1050
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Des Clarke, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1050
Des Clarke, Sharon Davies

Kerry Bishop, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1050
Kerry Bishop, Clive Gibbons

Rob Lewis, Gloria Lewis, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1050
Rob Lewis, Gloria Lewis, Gail Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 1050

Gloria Lewis, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1050
Gloria Lewis, Gail Robinson

Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1050
Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1050
Gloria Lewis

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1050
Paul Robinson

Gloria Lewis, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1050
Gloria Lewis, Gail Robinson

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1050
Gail Robinson

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