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Neighbours Episode 1049 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1049
Australian airdate: 14/09/89
UK airdate: 21/11/90
UK Gold: 07/11/96
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
A police officer telling Madge and Bronwyn that Toby fell into the water during the floods at scout camp and that Harold tried to rescue him but that both were swept away by the current and are now listed as missing, feared drowned.
No. 32
Joe is sitting at the kitchen table, crying at Kerry that Toby isn't a strong swimmer; he should have made him take more swimming lessons and none of this would have happened. Kerry insists that thinking the worst isn't going to help, but Joe sobs:
JOE: 'Missing, feared drowned'... what else *could* I think?
Kerry tells Joe that Harold won't let anything happen to Toby - not in a million years. Joe, however, cries that all the positive thinking in the world isn't going to help if he *drowns*. He then stands up and goes to charge out, saying he's going out there. Kerry, however, grabs him and says sternly:
KERRY: Listen to me. Listen to me. The police and park rangers are already out there, searching. They said the best thing we can do is to stay by the 'phone in case there's any news.
JOE: I just... feel like I should be *doing something*.
Joe hammers his hand against the kitchen wall as he shouts these last words. Kerry tells him that if there's no word by tomorrow morning, they'll join the search party then. Joe sobs:
JOE: I hope he's OK, Kerry... I just wanna see him again.
KERRY (gently): Come on... you will. You *will*.
No. 26
In the kitchen, Sharon is showing Nick a new dress she's bought, but Nick just shrugs that it's a bit fancy. Sharon remarks that he doesn't seem very excited for someone who's about to have his first exhibition. Nick sighs that he's setting himself up as a dartboard and people are getting ready to take aim. Helen comes in at that moment and tells him that the gallery looks wonderful, so he's to stop worrying. She adds that the only thing that *has* gone wrong is that one of the waitresses has 'phoned in sick, so she has to find a replacement, pronto. Sharon says quickly that *she'll* do it - she needs the money. Helen gives her the job! Nick, however, mutters:
NICK: Where's my moral support when I need her?
SHARON: I'll still be there - and while I'm serving people drinks, I can listen in to what they're saying about your work. Is that a good idea?
NICK (mutters): It depends on what they're saying, doesn't it...
No. 24
Madge is staring out through the front window. Henry is talking on the 'phone, saying:
HENRY: You will call as soon as there's any news? ... Fine. Thanks, Sergeant. Bye.
Henry hangs up and tells Madge that there's still nothing. Madge asks in despair how long it takes to find one man and a boy: the river's not that long. Henry, however, tells her that it's going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. He then adds quickly:
HENRY: You know what I reckon they're doing? I reckon Harold's found somewhere nice and dry for them to sit out the bad weather, they've got a roaring great fire going and he's teaching Toby every campfire song he's ever learnt!
Madge warns Henry not to be so flippant. Bronwyn, however, chips in that Henry was only trying to keep their spirits up. Henry goes and puts his arm around his mother, assuring her that everything will turn out fine.
No. 30
Nick is standing with Matt in the lounge room at No. 30, asking what he says if someone asks him about his work. He adds that the way he paints is about feelings, not words. Matt insists that it'll be fine. Nick exclaims that they're all going to laugh at him, just like that reporter did in the newspaper article. Matt repeats again that it'll be fine. Nick, however, declares:
NICK: I'm not going. I've decided.
Sharon comes in at that moment and Matt tells him that Nick's decided to pull a sickie.
SHARON (exclaims): What?!
NICK: It isn't *my* exhibition; I'm just the support act. Frank Darcy's the man they're coming to see. If *he* doesn't come along, why should *I*?
SHARON: Frank Darcy lives in the Bungle Bungles; it's too far for him to come.
She adds that she bets Frank Darcy didn't miss his *first* exhibition, and neither is Nick going to. She reminds him that Helen will be very disappointed in him if he doesn't come, and so will she. With that, Matt hands Nick his jacket and the three of them head out.
No. 24
Bronwyn is making hot drinks as Henry, Madge, Kerry and Joe sit around the kitchen table, Madge saying:
MADGE: Oh, Harold's a survivor - he always *has* been; and he's a really strong swimmer. You know what I reckon? I reckon they've got out of that river and that's why they haven't found them.
Joe, however, is sitting looking as if he doesn't believe a word of Madge's attempts to cheer them up. He snaps:
JOE: You've got a pretty high regard for Harold's so-called bush skills, haven't you, Madge?
MADGE: Yes, I have.
JOE: Well tell me this: if he's so damn clever, what was he doing taking a whole bunch of kids across a flooded river in the first place?
He then warns Madge angrily that if anything happens to Toby, he's going to hold Harold personally responsible, because it's all his fault. Kerry protests that it's no one's fault and Henry chips in that it's just one of those things: no one knew the weather was going to turn bad or that the river was going to flood. Madge says tersely:
MADGE: Of course we didn't. And there's something I'd like you to remember, Joe Mangel: if anything happens to Harold, just remember that he was trying to rescue your son at the time - so if it's *anyone's* fault it was probably-
JOE (furiously): You bloody-
KERRY (interjecting quickly): I don't *believe* this. What's *wrong* with you both? Fighting with each other isn't going to help either of *them*, is it?
Joe and Madge both look upset.
No. 28
Des is sitting on the lounge room floor, playing with Jamie, Sky and a model train set! Mike comes in with some clothes and Des remarks that it's lucky they've got a drier. Mike remarks that all he's got to do is pack, now: he wants to get away first thing in the morning. Des comments that Mike hasn't told him where he's going or for how long. Mike replies:
MIKE: Probably because I don't know *myself* yet.
Des asks him what Muir said about his indefinite time off. Mike tells him that he was fine, when he explained everything to him. Des mutters:
DES: You haven't explained it to *me*.
Mike sighs heavily and asks Des if they can give it a rest; everything was getting on top of him and getting out of control. With that, he heads off to his room to pack. Kerry comes in and joins Des, remarking that Mike's definitely going. Des nods that it looks like it. Kerry sighs that *she* used to be like that: whenever things got on top of her, she'd just take off. Changing the subject, Des tells Kerry that he'll mind Sky if she wants to go and see Joe. Kerry, however, insists that she'll look after Jamie so that Des can go to Nick's exhibition. Des asks her gently if she's all right.
KERRY: Yeah, I'm coping. Still... something like this certainly makes you realise how you feel about people. I'm starting to think of Toby like he's my own son. And dad... I mean, you know, we finally get to sort out most of our problems and...; Des, we've become *so close*. It wouldn't be fair to lose him now...
Art Gallery
Sharon joins Nick and Matt and tells Nick that he's got to look out for a guy in a blue, pinstripe suit: his name is Ronald Webster and he's an important art collector and one of Helen's best clients. Nick asks if Webster has said anything about his work, but Sharon says she hasn't had a chance to listen to him yet. Nick points out a guy in a bow tie and asks about *him*.
SHARON: Oh yeah - he hasn't stopped raving all night!
NICK: What - about my work?!
SHARON (admits): Frank Darcy's.
NICK (mutters): Great.
Matt asks who the man *is*, and Nick retorts that he's just one of the biggest art critics around. Matt points out that at least he's *there*. Nick sighs and asks if *anyone* has taken an interest in his work. Sharon replies quickly that there was a girl wearing long black boots - she stood looking at one of his paintings for a long time. Nick mutters:
NICK: Fantastic - she was probably wondering what the hell it's doing there. I'm obviously making a real impression on everyone...
No. 24
Madge is standing in the front doorway, staring out at the still-pouring rain. Henry walks over to her and tells her that a reporter from the Erinsborough News is on the 'phone and wants to know if she's up to answering a few questions. Madge waves him away. Henry talks to the reporter but then turns back to Madge and asks:
HENRY: What if they send a bloke over to take some photies, have a chat...?
MADGE: Oh Henry, hang up on them. Haven't they got anything *better* to do with their time?
Henry tells the reporter that no one really wants to talk now, and he hangs up. He and Madge head through to the kitchen, where Bronwyn offers them both more coffee. They decline, though. Henry suggests to Madge that maybe they *should* have talked to the paper: the more people know about this, the more volunteers they're likely to pull. Madge, however, insists that she's sure the police have got plenty of volunteers. Henry says:
HENRY: Yeah, well, Joe and I are setting off at first light. Even if they *have* got enough, they'll have to make room for *us*.
No. 32
Joe walks slowly into the kitchen, where Kerry asks him if he got through to Noelene. Joe replies that he didn't. He adds that he's scared she's going to hear something on the news before he can get on to her; she'll never forgive him if anything happens to Toby. Kerry says gently that it's not his fault and it's not *Harold's* fault. Joe admits that he shouldn't have lashed out at Madge like that: he knows Harold would be doing his best to look after Toby; he just felt like hitting out at someone. Kerry suggests that he should get some sleep, otherwise he's not going to be any good to anyone. Joe nods:
JOE: Yeah. Me and Henry will find 'em. We'll find 'em.
Art Gallery
Matt, Nick and Sharon are wandering round the gallery and Matt remarks that it's going pretty well. Nick sighs that it would be going better if he saw red dots on *his* paintings - he hasn't sold a single one. Matt heads off to get them something to eat. Helen joins Nick and Sharon at that moment, with Ronald Webster, and she introduces him to Nick. She explains to Webster that Nick's the artist responsible for the work in the Minor Gallery. Nick asks Webster what he thinks. Webster replies:
WEBSTER: Interesting... very interesting. And might I say how fortunate you are in having such a wonderful patron as Helen.
NICK (mutters): Yeah, I see.
Webster then asks Helen if she would agree with him that Frank Darcy's work on show there tonight is the best he's ever done. Helen smiles that she's green with envy! Webster tells Nick that he could learn a lot from Frank Darcy and the way he uses light. Sharon says to Webster suddenly:
SHARON: I wonder if you share the opinion of many *other* people here tonight.
WEBSTER: And what opinion is *that*?
SHARON: That Nick's work's actually *better* than Frank Darcy's!
NICK (exclaims): Sharon!
Helen says to Webster quickly that there are some other people she'd like him to meet. The two of them walk off. Nick pulls Sharon to one side and asks her angrily how she could be so stupid. Des walks in and joins them, and seeing Sharon standing there holding a tray he asks if she's working there. Sharon nods that she needs all the money she can get. Looking thoughtful, Des asks her how her typing is. Sharon smiles that it's great! Des tells her to come and see him tomorrow - he might be able to throw some work her way. Sharon looks delighted! Des then shakes Nick's hand and tells him that his work's terrific. He walks off again, leaving Nick to comment to Sharon that he didn't know she could type.
SHARON: Oh yes - I'm *full* of hidden talents!
NICK (mutters): I wish *I'd* done that.
SHARON: Done what?
NICK: Kept my talents hidden...
No. 24
It's 5am the next morning, and Bronwyn yawns as Joe and Henry prepare to head out. Madge emerges from her bedroom and says they should have woken her: she would've got them breakfast. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Bronwyn goes to get it. Joe apologises to Madge for last night, saying he didn't mean any of that rubbish he spouted about Harold. Bronwyn lets Kerry in and she tells Joe to be careful. With that, he and Henry head out, leaving the three women standing there looking worried.
Ramsay Street
Des and Sharon emerge from No. 28, Des telling Sharon that all the envelopes she's typing for him have to be posted today, except for one which has to be hand-delivered to Mr. Sanders in his office before 5pm. He asks Sharon if she can manage that. Sharon nods that she'll do it straight away! She heads off across to No. 30. Mike emerges from No. 28 and goes to climb on his motorbike. Des comments to him that he hopes the rain holds off. Mike shrugs that he's given up trying to follow the weather report. Des then says to him:
DES: I'd like to apologise for giving you a hard time this last couple of days.
MIKE (shrugs): No bones broken.
DES: It's only out of genuine concern for your welfare.
MIKE (sincerely): Yeah, I know that. The thing is, Des, I think I deserved a bit of a tongue-lashing even before you ever said anything. I think a couple of days on my own might help me get my head together.
DES: Yeah, well, you've always got friends here. Remember that - and if you need anything, you know, just...
MIKE: Yeah, thanks, mate. I'll see you later, OK?
With that, Mike starts his bike and rides off down the road. Des watches him go.
No. 26
Helen is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen, saying excitedly:
HELEN: That's *wonderful* news! Makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?
Nick and Matt come into the kitchen as she hangs up and she tells Nick that the caller was Judith Ross from the gallery: after they left last night, someone bought six of his paintings! A broad grin crosses Nick's face and he asks who bought them. Helen, however, tells him that Judith didn't say: some collectors insist on confidentiality. With that, she heads off to see Madge. Matt claps Nick on the back and says:
MATT: What did I tell you, mate? You're a success!
NICK (darkly): You reckon?
MATT: You sold six paintings. Doesn't that translate into success?
NICK: That depends on who the mystery buyer is, now, doesn't it?
MATT: Does it matter?
NICK (mutters): Yeah - if it's who I *think* it is.
No. 28
Des is sitting working at the table when Kerry comes in with Jamie and Sky. He takes his son and asks if Henry and Joe got away OK. Kerry nods that they should be there by now. She adds that she just came home to take a shower and then head over to Madge's: she could probably do with some company while Bronwyn's at the Coffee Shop. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Des goes to answer it. He listens and then says:
DES: G'day, Mr. Dobson. What can I--. ... Yeah... Oh well, I can do that this morning, send it over to you this arvo to sign.
He hangs up and goes to look for Dobson's file. Kerry asks what he wanted and Des explains that he just wants a few changes to his tax return. He finds the file and takes out the papers inside. He then stares at them and mutters:
DES: Oh hell... Oh no.
Kerry asks what's up. Des tells her that he's sent Dobson's return to another client - Sharon took it over, special delivery. Kerry asks if the client won't send it back once he's realised it's not his. Des sighs:
DES: Yeah - after he's read it. Sanders and Dobson are in the same line of business. It'll be disastrous if one of them knew the financial dealings of the other; even more disastrous for *me*: my reputation will be shot to pieces.
Kerry suggests that maybe Sharon hasn't sent the envelope yet.
DES: I hope so - because if she has, I'm finished...
No. 24
Madge is sitting at the kitchen table, listening as the radio announcer says there's no improvement in the weather. Bronwyn puts a tray down in front of her, but Madge sighs that she doesn't want any breakfast. Helen comes in through the back door at that moment and says cheerily that she wanted to check if Madge had heard from Harold: will they be able to get back today? Madge, however, replies sadly:
MADGE: Oh Helen... Harold and Toby are missing - feared drowned.
HELEN (sympathetically, looking shocked): Oh no...
MADGE: Yeah, the police came yesterday afternoon; we've had an awful night.
Bronwyn tells Helen that they're just hoping Harold and Toby managed to get out of the river and that the searchers will find them somewhere in the bush. Madge cries:
MADGE: Oh Helen, all that carry-on about Robyn Taylor... I wish I'd *trusted* Harold.
HELEN: Oh Madge, there's no point in blaming yourself for that, now.
MADGE: When he comes back, I will make it up to him - you just see if I don't. He *will* come back, won't he?
Helen puts her arm round Madge and says softly:
HELEN: Course he will.
Madge sits there looking terrified and upset.
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Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1049
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1049
Sharon Davies, Nick Page

Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1049
Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop

Matt Robinson, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1049
Matt Robinson, Nick Page

Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1049
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1049
Joe Mangel

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1049
Mike Young

Kerry Bishop, Sky Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1049
Kerry Bishop, Sky Bishop

Matt Robinson, Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1049
Matt Robinson, Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1049
Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1049
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Nick Page, Sharon Davies, Helen Daniels, Ronald Webster in Neighbours Episode 1049
Nick Page, Sharon Davies, Helen Daniels, Ronald Webster

Des Clarke, Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1049
Des Clarke, Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Joe Mangel, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1049
Joe Mangel, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Sharon Davies, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1049
Sharon Davies, Des Clarke

Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1049
Des Clarke, Mike Young

Nick Page, Matt Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1049
Nick Page, Matt Robinson, Helen Daniels

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1049
Des Clarke

Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1049
Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1049
Madge Bishop

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