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Neighbours Episode 1051 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1051
Australian airdate: 18/09/89
UK airdate: 23/11/90
UK Gold: 11/11/96
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Summary/Images by: Graham
Rob Lewis dying. A grief-stricken Gail telling Paul to leave her and Gloria alone: they don't need him.
No. 24
Helen puts the kettle on as she tells Madge sympathetically that Harold does know what he's doing out there. She suggests Madge come over to their place, as she shouldn't be alone, but Madge insists that she wants to stay by the 'phone. She cries:
MADGE: All I can think of is: what would I do without him? I know it's not long ago that I said the marriage was over, but I was being self-righteous and self-indulgent.
HELEN: Oh, rubbish!
MADGE: Oh yes I was. I took my relationship with Harold for granted. Because of my silly pride, I turned his friendship with Robyn into something far more than it was. I love him and just wanted him back. I can't bear the thought of losing him.
Helen puts her arms around Madge, comfortingly.
A park
Todd and Melissa are sitting on a park bench, kissing passionately. When they pull apart, Melissa asks:
MELISSA: Do you kiss with your eyes closed or open?
Todd smiles that he keeps his closed - but he asks if she wants to try it the other way. They do, and Melissa laughs that Todd went cross-eyed! Changing the subject, Todd tells Melissa that he's been saving up some money, and seeing as tomorrow afternoon is Sport, how about they go to the roller-skating ring instead? Melissa asks warily what would happen if her mum and dad found out. Todd, however, insists that he just wants to spend more time with her - and he promises that her parents aren't *going* to find out. Melissa gives in. She then looks at her watch and realises the time, and she tells Todd that she has to go. She heads off. Todd stands watching her, smiling happily.
No. 26
Nick and Sharon are sitting in the lounge room, planning what Nick's going to buy with the money from the sale of his painting. Sharon suggests that he buy a car... or a holiday in one of those upmarket places. Nick, however, tells her that he wants to buy things he can see and touch; things he's never been able to afford before - and the first thing he's going to buy is something for *her*. Sharon smiles:
SHARON: You don't have to buy me a present - not if you don't want to.
NICK: Sharon, this is just a start. I mean, all I've got to do is run up another few paintings and bingo! - another big, fat cheque!
Sharon muses that she doesn't know if it'll be as easy as all that. Helen comes in through the front door and Sharon asks if there's any news on Harold and Toby. Helen says there isn't. Nick then asks Helen if she thinks the gallery would be prepared to show more of his stuff. Helen nods that the paintings sold, so she's sure they'd be interested in showing others. Nick grins that the price goes up next time! Helen, however, suggests coolly that he worry about painting his next canvas before sticking a price tag on it.
No. 22
The next morning, Gail is sitting at the breakfast table, wearing her dressing gown and looking upset. Paul tells her that Helen's going to come over later this morning, and he'll check with Dean about the funeral arrangements. Gail just mutters:
GAIL: Right.
Paul sighs heavily and tells her:
PAUL: Look, I would do *anything* not to have had that fight with Rob.
GAIL: Yeah, so would I.
PAUL: If only he'd let me see him while he was in the hospital...
GAIL: Look, it's all right.
PAUL: Really?
GAIL (snaps): Yes - really.
Paul then tells Gail that he doesn't have to worry about the workshop: Jim's going to take care of that. A look of disbelief crosses Gail's face at the fact that Paul is even thinking of such things. He then tells Gail that he'll wait there until Helen arrives. Gail demands:
GAIL: Why - where are you going?
PAUL: It's the negotiations for the travel agents' convention. Shouldn't take me *too* long.
GAIL (coldly): No - just take as long as you like.
PAUL: Gail, if it wasn't vitally important-
GAIL (snaps): Paul, just do what you have to do, OK?
With that, Gail gets up and walks off.
No. 30
Hilary walks into the lounge room, where Matt and Sharon are sitting eating, and tells them curtly that the proper place for breakfast is in the kitchen. She then tells Matt to make sure he leaves his towel from swimming training on the line, not on the bathroom floor, when he gets back this afternoon. Matt, however, tells her that there's no training because Mike's not there and there's no one else to coach them. Hilary suggests to him sternly that he should motivate himself to train *without* a coach. She adds:
HILARY: Perhaps Sharon could do some training with you? The exercise would do her good.
SHARON: Huh! No way!
There's a knock at the door and Sharon lets Nick in. Hilary tells him that she managed to see the exhibition. She goes on:
HILARY: I must say: I was rather surprised to see *your* work hanging alongside someone as established as Frank Darcy.
NICK: I'm just lucky, I guess.
HILARY: Yes, well, let's face it: you did have *Helen's* influence - let's be honest.
Sharon snaps at Hilary that Nick got that exhibition fair and square - *and* he sold some paintings. Hilary muses that there's no accounting for taste. She then reveals that she really couldn't afford it, and she knows she shouldn't have, but she bought one of Frank Darcy's paintings. She asks Sharon to treat it like gold if it's delivered this afternoon and she's not there. Changing the subject, she looks at Sharon and raises the subject of the swimming training again. Sharon, however, retorts:
SHARON: One - no way am I getting up that early. Two - girls who swim get big shoulders.
Hilary sighs:
HILARY: Very well - I'll do it myself.
Matt looks at Hilary and remarks that his training is pretty specialised. Hilary nods that she realises that, but she can time him and she can keep him moving. With that, she heads off. Matt stands there rolling his eyes!
No. 24
Madge is talking on the 'phone to Henry. She tells him to take care and call any time, and she hangs up. There's a knock on the front door and Madge opens it to find Gloria standing on the step. She has tears in her eyes as she explains that she was on her way to spend some time with Gail. Madge helps her over to the couch, saying sympathetically:
MADGE: I couldn't *believe* it when I heard.
GLORIA: I still *can't*.
Madge asks Gloria if she's coping. Gloria nods that she's got the boys, and the Robinsons - and Helen's been wonderful. She then cries:
GLORIA: I lay there *all night* just trying to find some reason for it; trying to make sense of it. I don't know what time it was I dozed off, and then I woke up and turned my head and looked for him. I couldn't believe he was *gone*...
Madge tells Gloria sympathetically that she'll get through it; there's no sense in why these things happen - you've just got to get through. Gloria realises suddenly that she's forgotten about Harold, and she apologises and asks if there's still no sign of him. Madge replies that there isn't. Gloria exclaims apologetically that she came to lay her troubles on Madge, but Madge tells her that she came to the right place: at least she's got some idea of how Gloria's feeling. She then asks when the funeral is, and Gloria replies that it's tomorrow. She adds:
GLORIA: That's the crazy part... Rob arranged it himself, through Henry!
Madge sits down next to her and tells her not to bottle it up. Gloria comments sadly that that's *two* husbands she's lost. She goes on:
GLORIA: When I met Rob, Madge, I thought to meself: you just don't deserve this sort of luck.
Madge suggests that Gloria stay with her a while, as they could both do with a friend right now.
Melissa and Todd are sitting putting on roller skates. Melissa tells Todd that she's feeling guilty - but Todd insists that roller skating is sport, sort of! Melissa sighs that he's so lucky that Beverly and Jim let him do this. Todd smiles that they're pretty good most of the time. The two of them stand up and go to skate onto the main rink. As they do so, though, Melissa stops and says:
MELISSA: I've got some news.
TODD: What?
MELSSA: I'm not very good at this!
TODD: I've got some news for you too. Do you want the good or the bad?
MELISSA: The good.
TODD: The good is that we're here together - and the bad is that I can't do it either!
With that, the two of them head very gingerly onto the rink, Todd just about managing to stay on his feet!
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Hilary is standing in front of Paul, telling him curtly that it's only one convention amongst many. Paul, however, retorts that it's the travel agents, and if they host their convention they'll have a slice of the tourist trade come their way for the rest of the year. Hilary asks Paul how he knows they're on the shortlist.
PAUL (reluctantly): Someone on the organising committee. A friend, all right? He also warned us to submit a new bid.
HILARY (sighs): I don't know if I approve of this, Paul - it all sounds vaguely underhand.
PAUL (snaps): Oh, for goodness' sakes, Hilary, it's *business*. Just be thankful we were warned. Now, are you going to help me or *not*?
Hilary tells Paul that she's already made arrangements for this afternoon, and she asks what needs to be done. Paul tells her that he wants her to bring the promo material up to date, and handle the covering letter extolling the virtues of Lassiter's. Hilary muses:
HILARY: Suddenly you need my help. Dear oh dear... how the times have changed.
PAUL (coolly): We wouldn't be short-handed if our last temp secretary hadn't *left* - and we all know whose fault *that* is, don't we?
Hilary glares at Paul. He tells her that this has to be done and it has to be done right, and he wants it done as soon as possible so he can get back to Gail. With that, Hilary heads out into the reception area to start work. Paul goes to ring Gail, but stares at the 'phone and appears to have second thoughts.
No. 26
Nick is sitting at the kitchen table, wrapping a small box in paper, but he finds that the amount of paper he's got isn't sufficient! Helen comes in through the back door suddenly and Nick hides the box quickly under what paper he *does* have. Helen looks at the stuff laid out on the table and remarks that when he goes shopping he doesn't mess about! Nick smiles that it's amazing the feeling of walking into a shop, knowing you've got the money to buy. He then shows Helen a pair of earrings that he's bought for Sharon and adds that he's bought *her* a present as well, but hasn't finished wrapping it yet. Helen says she'd be very sad if she thought he'd frittered all that money away. Nick assures her that he hasn't. With that, Helen picks up her bag and heads out - just as there's a knock on the front door. The visitor is Sharon, and she heads across to the kitchen and joins Nick. Nick hands her the box he was wrapping and Sharon exclaims that it must have cost a fortune! Nick shrugs that it's only money!
SHARON: No one ever gave me anything like this before. Thank you.
NICK (his face dropping): Um... Sharon...
Sharon opens the box to find that it plays a tinkly piece of music. Nick picks up the earrings and starts to say that *those* are for her - but Sharon misconstrues the situation and exclaims:
SHARON: *Another* present? Nick, this is like Christmas! You didn't have to! Thank you, thank you! A music box would be more than enough. It's beautiful.
NICK (hesitantly): I'm glad you like them...
Swimming pool
Matt finishes a length of the pool and Hilary, who's standing with a stopwatch, tells him that he swam it in one minute. Matt smiles that it's a personal best: Mike's going to be rapt. Hilary tells him that he'll be faster still if he works on his tumble turns, and she suggests that he try turning closer to the wall. She then tells him to get out and towel off. Mike does as he's told! As he towels himself down, Hilary says they must adjust his diet - and maybe he should consider a weights programme at the local gym - but nothing excessive:
HILARY: We don't want to turn you into another Arnold whatever-his-name-is, do we?
MATT (grins): No, I guess we don't!
Matt then asks Hilary how come she knows so much about training, anyway. Hilary replies that it's an ancient and forgotten art practiced today by only a few: it's called 'reading'!
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul is adding up a set of figures when Helen walks in and leans over his desk. He looks up at her and asks how Gail is. Helen replies that she's still in shock: she and Gloria have been with her for most of the day. She goes on:
HELEN: *My* question is: why are you still *here*?
PAUL: Travel agents' convention.
HELEN: Even so, Paul-
PAUL (sharply): Gran, you know how business works: it cuts both ways. Now look, if we get their convention, we could have front-running in the tourist trade, but if we miss out, we could be cut out altogether. I just don't think that we can afford to have an off-season - not with the money that we've borrowed.
HELEN (muses grimly): Life must go on and business takes no account of family grief. Can't argue with *that*, can I?
PAUL: You're saying I've done the wrong thing - is that it?
HELEN: Paul, whatever you had to do, I can't believe you had to be here *all day* doing it - especially when Gail *needs* you.
PAUL (sighs): Gran, the truth is, Gail is blaming me for Rob's death. I think I'm doing her a *favour* by staying away.
HELEN: You're wrong.
PAUL (tersely): Gran, I tried last night, I tried this morning, I wanted to be with her, I wanted to be there *for* her, but she just cut me off.
HELEN: So you're taking the easy way out?
PAUL: I honestly don't know *what* to do. I don't want to see her hurt, but every time I'm with her it's just a brick wall.
HELEN: Oh darling, I understand - but the wall won't come down if you're not there, *will it*?
Paul stands there, looking defeated.
Melissa and Todd skate to the side of the rink, where Melissa tells Todd that it's four o'clock. She smiles that this afternoon has been great. Todd grabs her hand and suggests they do one more circuit. Melissa insists that she's really got to go, but Todd insists. All-of-a-sudden, though, he stumbles and trips forward, bringing Melissa down with him. She grins that it serves him right. Todd, however, smiles that he planned the whole thing! As he stares into Melissa's eyes, he says seriously:
TODD: You know, I really love you.
Melissa stares back and declares:
MELISSA: I love you too.
No. 30
Nick is sitting on the couch, listening to the tune being played by the music box. He closes the lid quickly as Sharon comes in with something to eat. Matt and Hilary arrive home and Sharon asks how training went. Matt smiles that he had expert advice! Hilary notices the music box and exclaims that it looks very expensive. Sharon explains that Nick bought it for her. She then tells Hilary that her painting arrived, and she indicates a package by the doorway. Hilary says they'll need some scissors. She goes to get some and tells Sharon to put the kettle on. Left alone with Nick, Matt indicates the music box and says:
MATT: I thought you were going to give her the earrings?
NICK (sighs): I showed her the jewel box and she thought it was for *her*.
MATT: You going to tell her the truth?
NICK: Give me a break! I'll have to get Helen something else, that's all.
Hilary comes back in with some scissors. Sharon comes back in as well. Hilary opens the painting - and looks at it in horror. She gasps:
HILARY: What is *this*?
NICK (looking surprised): Hilary! I didn't know you had such good taste! That's definitely one of my best!
HILARY (snaps): Is this one of your stupid practical jokes?
NICK (curtly): I don't joke about my paintings, all right?
HILARY: *That* isn't a painting, it's a monstrosity. I want what I paid for.
Hilary and Nick stand there glaring at each other.
No. 24
Gloria and Madge are sitting at the kitchen table and Madge looks at her watch and sighs that Henry said he'd call: it's almost dark, and even if they haven't drowned, what chance have Harold and Toby got if they have to spend another night in the bush? The 'phone starts ringing suddenly. Madge looks at Gloria fearfully and whispers:
MADGE: I can't.
Gloria gets up and goes and answers the 'phone. Henry comes on. Gloria listens to him before then turning to Madge and saying:
GLORIA: He says he *has* to talk to you.
Madge stands there looking scared.
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Madge Bishop, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1051
Madge Bishop, Helen Daniels

Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1051
Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett

Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1051
Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1051
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1051
Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson

Gloria Lewis, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1051
Gloria Lewis, Madge Bishop

Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1051
Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers

Paul Robinson, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1051
Paul Robinson, Hilary Robinson

Nick Page, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1051
Nick Page, Helen Daniels

Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1051
Sharon Davies, Nick Page

Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1051
Matt Robinson

Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1051
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1051
Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1051
Hilary Robinson

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1051
Nick Page

Madge Bishop, Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1051
Madge Bishop, Gloria Lewis

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1051
Madge Bishop

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