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Neighbours Episode 1009 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1009
Australian airdate: 20/07/89
UK airdate: 26/09/90
UK Gold: 12/09/96
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
Matt telling Hilary angrily that he wishes he'd never been born.
No. 26
It's the next morning, and in the kitchen at No. 26, Todd is teasing Nick, asking him how it feels being beaten by Katie! Nick just shrugs that at least he beat Matt! Sharon comes in through the back door and Nick heads off to get his stuff ready for school. Sharon sits down at the table with Beverly and Helen and Beverly tells her that the boys have just been holding a post mortem on the quiz. Sharon says Matt feels like such a dork that he didn't even want to come inside. She adds:
SHARON: It's really weird, you know? He seems pretty smart to me and I'm sure he studied harder than Nick did.
TODD: Maybe you're just a terrible coach!
Ignoring this, Sharon goes on that it was so strange: he was fine on the stuff that they talked about together, but it was the stuff he read by himself that he couldn't answer. Beverly frowns in interest and asks if he has the same trouble at school. Sharon says she's not really sure. She asks why, but Beverly muses that it's just a thought.
Driveway of No. 26
Matt is standing by the wall at the end of the driveway outside No. 26. He spots Hilary emerging from No. 30 suddenly and turns away. Hilary walks over to him, though, and asks if there's a reason why he's out there on his own. Matt just retorts that he's waiting for the others. Hilary says:
HILARY: I know we've got a number of things to discuss. Why don't you come to school with me and we'll talk about them on the way. Well?
MATT (snaps): Because I'd rather be in traction than with you, OK?
With that, he walks off. The kids come out of No. 26 and dash after him. Beverly emerges from the house as well and, seeing Hilary standing there, says a slightly embarrassed:
BEVERLY: Hi. Er... Helen told me about the disagreement you two had after the quiz.
HILARY (declares): I should never have placed such high expectations on the boy. He's obviously slow.
BEVERLY (exclaims): Hilary, stop it!
HILARY: Well, how *else* do you explain it?
BEVERLY: Have you ever considered that Matt may have poor eyesight?
HILARY: No. What made you think of *that*?
BEVERLY: Everything Sharon said about his selective memory. You think about it: it *is* consistent with his problems.
Hilary stands there looking thoughtful and then nods that Beverly's right. She then asks her if she could bring Matt in to look at the eye charts at the surgery at lunchtime. Beverly smiles that of course she can - and she can refer him to an optician if it's necessary. Hilary muses that the next problem is how to *get* him there...
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul is sitting at his desk, telling Jane that Hilary got the idea from some restaurant; he's been in touch with the CES and they're sending some applicants around later on this morning. He adds that he's sure she's more than capable of picking a car park attendant for them - and he thought that as *his* car's being serviced, he'd grab Gail's car and make a few business calls after taking her to the hospital. Jane asks in concern if there are some complications, but Gail walks over and explains that she's just having an ultrasound. Paul smiles:
PAUL: Got to make sure all our sons are A-OK, haven't we, Gail?
GAIL: Yeah, well, we better hurry if we're going to be there by 10:30 - and I've told you a million times we're having daughters, not sons!
Paul tells Gail that he's already bought the paint for the nursery and it's blue! Jane asks what the big deal is about having sons. Paul exclaims:
PAUL: Jane, Jane, Jane! Don't you realise that boys are... well, they're much, much more useful.
JANE (muses): So you'd like to hire your *own* parking attendants, would you, Paul?
GAIL: And would you rather catch a bus to your business appointments?
PAUL (concedes): Girls, on the other hand, are a lot more cute, eh?!
With that, he and Gail head out.
Des is standing with Jim, who has the bonnet of Paul's car open. Des smiles at Jim that he's brave working on his son's car: Paul likes to keep it perfect and God help anybody who stuffs it up for him! He then explains that he's there to grab the invoices so he can finish Jim's tax return. Jim points them out, saying as he does so:
JIM: You just make sure I get a nice, fat tax refund cheque and I'll put in a good word for you with Beverly!
Hilary and Matt are sitting in Beverly's consulting room at the surgery. Beverly says to Matt that she supposes he knows what this is about. Matt retorts that he does and it's a complete waste of time: his eyes have always been OK. Beverly asks when was the last time he had them checked. He replies that it was a couple of years ago, but when he went for his bike rider's permit they were fine. Beverly asks him to come and stand by her desk. She then turns round a chart of letters of dwindling sizes, hands Matt a book, tells him to put it over his left eye and read the second-last line of the chart. Matt does so and reads the letters out perfectly. Beverly tells him to do the same with his right eye and read the bottom line. Matt again is able to see the letters clearly. The two of them then sit down and Beverly remarks:
BEVERLY: Well, it seems as though your eyes *are* pretty good.
MATT: Yep, that's what I keep trying to *tell* you. Why won't you just accept the fact that I'm stupid, all right?
HILARY (tersely): Oh nonsense, Matthew, you couldn't *possibly* be. You simply don't apply yourself enough.
MATT: Hilary, that's bull. Look, you know that no matter how much I study I'm always getting left behind the rest of the class.
BEVERLY (looking interested): Is that true? That the amount you study doesn't seem to make any difference?
MATT: Yeah. It's not that I'm slack or anything - I mean, I spent *hours* wading through those boring books; it's just that it takes me twice as long as everyone else.
BEVERLY: So you don't like reading much, eh?
MATT: No. To tell the truth, I hate it. That's why I listen to tapes so much.
With that, Beverly writes down something on a pad, tears off a sheet of paper and hands it to Hilary. She tells Matt that she wants him to go and see an organisation called SPELD. Hilary asks why. Beverly tells her:
BEVERLY: I think they may have the answer to Matt's problem...
Reception area/Office of the Robinson Corporation
A woman leaves the office and Jane follows behind her. A young man is sitting in the reception area and Jane asks who's next. The man says it looks like it's him. He stands up and follows Jane into the office, introducing himself as Rick Grace. Jane shakes his hand. The two of them sit down at Paul's desk and Jane asks Rick to confirm that he can drive. Rick nods that he can. Jane smiles:
JANE: I know that might sound like a really stupid question, but you wouldn't *believe* some of the people I've had in here this morning!
RICK (grins): Yes I would - I was sitting outside!
Jane then asks Rick how long he's held his licence. Rick replies that he's been off his P-plates for about six months - and he hasn't had any points or stacks or anything. He goes on:
RICK: To be honest, I haven't been driving that much lately: my brother's car got repossessed a few months ago. That's one of the reasons I'm looking for a job: so I can get some transport for mum.
JANE: Oh. She needs car, does she?
RICK: No, she needs a lift to hospital about a hundred times a week. Gallstones... kidney stones... Rolling Stones... Flintstones! You name it, she's had it! If she wasn't such an old dear, we'd've abandoned her years ago!
Jane then asks Rick if he's had any work experience. Rick replies that he had some at school last year, but it hasn't done them much good. Jane nods that a lot of *her* friends are finding it pretty tough too. Rick says:
RICK: Excuse me for saying so, but you look like you haven't been out of school too long *yourself*.
JANE (awkwardly): Um... well, I did a course. That helped.
Rick tells Jane that *she's* had the opportunities; *he hasn't*. He adds that there's no point whinging about it, he supposes. Jane then asks him if he realises this job pays the basic minimum wage. Rick tells her that it's a lot more than he's earning *now*. Jane adds that they'd need someone to start straight away. Rick tells her to show him what she wants him to wear and he's on the job! Jane smiles at him and tells him to go and see Mandy at reception and tell her he's the new parking attendant!
Surgery/No. 26
Jonathan Whiting is at the surgery, showing Beverly a mole on his lower back that he says is looking sinister. Beverly, however, sighs that she's seen that mole before and it hasn't altered. She tells him curtly to stop making appointments when there's nothing wrong with him. Whiting smiles:
WHITING: I love it when you're angry!
BEVERLY (warns): Jonathan...!
WHITING: Look, look, I'm sorry I sent you the wrong sort of dog to start with.
BEVERLY: Well, I'm just glad Jim managed to sort it out with you.
WHITING: Oh yeah, me too. I should've *known* that you'd prefer smaller dogs.
BEVERLY: Well, it's not that that I prefer *smaller* dogs-
WHITING: It isn't?
BEVERLY: Well, I suppose they *are* easier to look after than big ones, but doctors just don't have the *time* to look after them.
WHITING: Ah, I get you now. It's not that you prefer smaller dogs; it's just that with that Sheepdog I sent you you wouldn't have the time to look after it - what with the grooming and everything.
BEVERLY: Exactly.
The 'phone rings suddenly and the receptionist comes on. Beverly turns to Whiting and says he'll have to leave now - she's very busy. Whiting nods that he'll call back later. As he walks out the door, Beverly tries to tell him not to call again, but it's too late and he walks out. Beverly sighs heavily and then returns to the 'phone. She says:
BEVERLY: Hilary, hi. How did you go?
Standing in the kitchen at No. 26 with Helen, Hilary replies:
HILARY: You were right, Beverly. The people at SPELD say Matthew has a specific learning difficulty. Well, they didn't actually *say* so, but as far as I can gather he seems to be dyslexic.
BEVERLY: I wouldn't worry too much about that: there are many different degrees and types of dyslexia. It may not be as serious as it sounds.
HILARY (breathes): Well, I hope not. Apparently he has trouble with... oh, 'visual perception' or something. Anyway, the people were very helpful and they say Matthew may improve with special coaching.
Beverly smiles that that's terrific news! Hilary thanks her for everything and they hang up. At No. 26, Helen says she feels *terrible* about this. Hilary, however, insists that no one could feel worse than *her*: she has misjudged that poor boy very badly - and she's always considered herself to be such a *competent* person; she never realised being a mother could be so hard...
Lassiter's Complex
Jim pulls up in Paul's car outside Lassiter's hotel. Rick walks over to him and opens the door, and Jim climbs out. Rick asks Jim if he can help him and Jim explains that he's just dropping the car back for Paul. He asks Rick who *he* is and the two make their introductions. Jim then says:
JIM: My son Paul's the Manager here. He giving you a hard time, is he?
RICK: No, I haven't even met him yet, as a matter of fact. I only started this morning.
Jim tells Rick that he owns the workshop up the road, and they service cars for the guests from time to time. With that, he heads off towards the office.
Reception area/Office of the Robinson Corporation
Des has turned up and he hands Jane a bunch of flowers. She kisses him and smiles that he's wonderful! Des then asks her if she's seen Mike today, but she replies that she hasn't. Des explains that Mike apologised for the way he carried on and he thought he might have dropped in and said something. He adds that, thankfully, that's the end of the aggro at home. Jim comes in at that moment and comments to Des that he's surprised to see him there: he thought he was hard at work on his tax return! Des muses:
DES: I think that's my cue to leave!
Des heads off and Jim asks Jane if Paul's around. They head into the office as Jane replies that he and Gail went out quite early. Jim asks if he's going to be late. Jane replies that he rang just before and said he and Gail were going over to Beverly's surgery. Jim says in concern that he hopes there's nothing wrong...
Paul and Gail enter Beverly's consulting room and Gail hands Beverly an envelope containing some scans and papers. Beverly looks at them and then smiles that everything seems to be coming along nicely: three normal, healthy babies. Looking relieved, Paul says they thought there must have been something wrong. Gail adds:
GAIL: Yeah, the radiologist said you wanted us to bring the results straight over, so...
BEVERLY (quickly): Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to panic you. I suppose you *must* have thought there was something wrong after all that.
PAUL: Well if there *is* nothing wrong, Bev, why did you especially want *me* here?
BEVERLY: An important decision needs to be made - and rightfully that decision belongs to *both* of you. It doesn't always happen this way, but I can now tell you the sex of each and every one of your triplets. Do you want to know?
Paul and Gail look at each other.
A short time later, Paul is pacing the floor of Beverly's consulting room, saying to Gail that there are certain advantages to them knowing the names now - such as whether they're choosing boys' names or girls' names or how many of each. Gail comments that it's a pretty minor point. Paul goes on that there's the nursery and how they decorate it. Gail sighs:
GAIL: All this 'blue is for boys and pink is for girls' stuff is old hat - and it's unlikely that all three of them will be the same sex anyway.
She adds that she just thinks it would be kind of nice to keep it as a surprise - and they only have to wait six months. Paul gives in and says he supposes it doesn't really matter what sex they are; the fact is that he's happy they're having kids at *all*. Gail smiles that she feels the same way. Paul tells Beverly that she can put the file away because he doesn't want to know: he doesn't care about the gender. As Beverly goes to the filing cabinet, she smiles:
BEVERLY: You can always change your minds later if you want to - and in the meantime, it'll be my little secret!
No. 30
Matt walks into the lounge room, sits down and sighs heavily. Hilary follows him and says she *thought* she heard him come in. Matt goes to stand up and walk out, but Hilary asks him to stay. Matt sits down again, reluctantly. Hilary then says:
HILARY: I've been trying to work out all afternoon what to say to you. You're not making it very easy for me.
MATT: I'm sorry.
HILARY: I just wanted to apologise for pushing you so hard with your schoolwork. I'll try and be much more tolerant in the future now that I understand the problem.
MATT: Yeah, fair enough. I know it must be a disappointment, though - I mean, you'd expect to have some *bright* kid: you know, to take after you and my supposedly-brilliant father. You end up with some halfwit with 'specific learning difficulties'.
HILARY (insists): You're *not* a halfwit, Matthew. That assessment you had today proved you're most intelligent. And you're certainly not a disappointment to me, either.
MATT (mutters): Sure.
HILARY: Look, listen to me. Your learning difficulties are no different from any of our *other* natural shortcomings. People like me have poor eyesight and have to wear reading glasses. People like you have trouble comprehending what they read and have to go to special classes. So there's really no difference, is there?
MATT: No, I guess not...
Hilary tells Matt that she doesn't want him ever again to think that he's a disappointment to her. Matt muses:
MATT: You're a pretty complicated person, Hilary!
HILARY (murmurs): Yes, I know. I don't open up to people very often - I don't seem to know *how* to. Consequently, they think of me as some kind of a dragon.
MATT (insists): No they don't.
HILARY: Yes they do. But I want it to be different with *you*. You're my child, Matthew, and I shall try and be a better mother from now on.
With that, Matt kisses Hilary on the cheek. He then says fondly:
MATT: This is the first time I've been able to *think* of you as my mother.
HILARY (putting her arm round Matt): Oh Matthew, I'm *glad* you can. At last.
The door to Beverly's consulting room opens and Jonathan Whiting comes in. He tells Beverly that he's brought her something, and he holds out a small box with a label with 'I love you' written on it. Beverly exclaims that he can't *possibly* mean that. Whiting tells her to open the box. Beverly does so and finds a diamond-studded bracelet inside. She gasps that it must have cost a *fortune*. Whiting smiles:
WHITING: I *knew* you'd like it.
BEVERLY: It's lovely - absolutely lovely - but you can't possibly spend your time and money on *me* like this. I can't accept such an expensive gift.
WHITING: Yeah, but I *want* you to have it.
BEVERLY (tersely): Look, all this attention you've been paying me is enormously flattering, but I'm in love with my *husband*. Can't you understand that?
WHITING (smiles): Yeah, sure!
With that, Beverly hands back the box and tells Whiting that the surgery's closed for the day. She then tells him that she doesn't want to see him unless he has a genuine medical problem. Whiting nods that he understands: that's why he wanted to see her - he's got these pains in his stomach. Beverly just snaps:
BEVERLY: Goodnight, Jonathan.
She then effectively pushes him out and closes the door.
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Paul is pouring soft drinks for himself and Gail as she asks whether they should paint the nursery yellow. Paul muses that if their kids were boys, they could grow up to be cowards! Jim comes in at that moment and Paul thanks him for bringing the car back. Jim says:
JIM: Listen, in future don't go on about how *fussy* you are about your car.
PAUL (looking puzzled): Why not?
JIM: Well, you let *Rick* drive it. I saw him fanging it up High Street this afternoon.
PAUL (gasps): What? You're joking! Has he taken it for a joyride?
GAIL (remarks): Bit cheeky for his first day on the job.
JIM: I thought he was running an *errand*.
Jane runs in from outside, suddenly, and says there are three guests who can't find their cars; she's looked all over the car park and *everywhere*. Paul stares at her and asks coolly:
PAUL: Jane, was *my* car in its usual spot?
Jane shakes her head. Jim comments:
JIM: I'd say Rick had more than a joyride, mate. Sounds like he's stolen four cars in his first afternoon.
A look of fury crosses Paul's face.
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Helen Daniels, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1009
Helen Daniels, Sharon Davies

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1009
Beverly Robinson

Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1009
Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 1009
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Jane Harris

Jim Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1009
Jim Robinson, Des Clarke

Matt Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1009
Matt Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Jane Harris, Rick Grace in Neighbours Episode 1009
Jane Harris, Rick Grace

Beverly Robinson, Jonathan Whiting in Neighbours Episode 1009
Beverly Robinson, Jonathan Whiting

Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1009
Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson

Rick Grace, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1009
Rick Grace, Jim Robinson

Jane Harris, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1009
Jane Harris, Des Clarke

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1009
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1009
Beverly Robinson, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1009
Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Jonathan Whiting in Neighbours Episode 1009
Beverly Robinson, Jonathan Whiting

Jim Robinson, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1009
Jim Robinson, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1009
Paul Robinson

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