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Neighbours Episode 1010 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1010
Australian airdate: 21/07/89
UK airdate: 27/09/90
UK Gold: 13/09/96
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
Paul looking furious after discovering Lassiter's new parking attendant has stolen four cars - including his - in one afternoon.
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Paul glares at Jane and asks her coldly how many *other* guests are likely to find their cars missing. Jane murmurs that she doesn't even want to think about it. Jim suggests that they should inform the police, and Gail heads over to the 'phone. Paul demands of Jane:
PAUL: Just how much of a check did you run on this character?
JANE (admits): I didn't exactly run a check on him.
PAUL (shouts): Well, did he have any references?
JANE: No, he'd never had a job before.
PAUL (furiously): There *are* such things as *character* references, you know?
JANE: He came across as so honest, I had no reason to suspect him. He needed the job so badly I felt sorry for him.
PAUL (angrily): *Sorry*? Why don't you save your sympathy for some of the guests who have lost their cars, to say nothing of *mine*?
JANE: How was I supposed to know he's a thief?
PAUL: Maybe you would've had a clue if you'd got on the 'phone to somebody who *did* know him - I mean, his school Principal, his local church Minister... *Anyone*.
Jane cries that she's sorry; she made a mistake, OK? Paul snarls:
PAUL: You *betcha* you made a mistake.
Gail hangs up the 'phone and says a couple of detectives are coming over. Paul retorts coldly:
PAUL: Good. Good - because while they're here they might be able to give Jane a few hints on how to pick likely criminals.
With that, he storms into his office, leaving Jane standing looking upset.
No. 24
Madge and Harold are sitting on the couch. Harold asks what time they're having dinner this evening and Madge replies that it'll be when she gets to the end of the chapter of the book she's reading. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Harold goes and answers it to find Joe on the step. He asks if Henry's about, but Harold replies that he isn't at the moment. Joe asks Harold to get Henry to give him a call when he comes in. He turns to leave, but Harold stops him, holds out a sheet of paper and asks Joe if he'll put his name on it. He explains that he's doing the charity Walkathon and he's looking for sponsors. He adds that a dollar a kilometre is what most people are offering. Joe asks:
JOE: How many K you walking?
HAROLD: Twenty.
JOE (grins): Twenty?! You're joking! You've gotta be *fit* to get *that* far!
HAROLD (exclaims): I beg your pardon?
JOE: You won't make it in a month of Sundays, mate!
HAROLD: Well, then, perhaps you won't mind upping the ante a little, eh? Perhaps $2 a kilometre would be more acceptable?
Joe laughs that it would still only cost him $4 max! As he signs the form, he asks if they're going to have an ambulance available! He adds that they won't know whether to call a doctor or a priest when they see Harold huffing and puffing! With that, Harold grabs the form back and mutters that he'll make sure Henry calls the moment he gets in. He pushes Joe out the door and closes it, muttering at Madge as he does so that they'll *see* about Joe Mangel: by the time he's finishing training, he'll be able to walk *forty* kilometres.
No. 26
Jim is in the kitchen with Helen and Beverly, telling them that he had to see the police too, as he saw that character up close. Helen remarks that Paul must feel like a dog with two tails. Jim goes and sits down at the table with a beer, and as he does so, Beverly joins him and says:
BEVERLY: Guess who was back in the surgery today.
JIM (groans): Oh no...
BEVERLY: Uh huh - and this time with a diamond bracelet for yours truly.
JIM: What *is* it with this guy? Is he a born troublemaker or just thick?
BEVERLY: Oh calm down - I didn't *take* it.
JIM: Well I should hope *not*. What was his excuse *this* time?
BEVERLY: Pains in his side.
JIM (mutters): Suitably vague.
BEVERLY: That's what *I* thought. Anyway, I told him to go away.
JIM: Good. Let's hope he gets the message this time.
Helen sits down at the table and, hanging the subject, asks how Jane's coping with being responsible for the cars. Jim replies that she's not doing very well - and Paul isn't making it easy for her. Helen sighs that he *wouldn't*: he *loved* that car, and when he loses his temper he does tend to go overboard. Beverly remarks:
BEVERLY: Surely he's calmed down by *now*?
HELEN: I hope so - but knowing Paul...
No. 22
Paul and Gail head into the house, Paul muttering that if one word of this gets out, it's going to be extremely bad for business. Gail tells him that no one's going to lose any money over it - they *are* insured. Paul, however, retorts that that's not the point: if their customers don't feel safe with their cars in their car park, they're not going to stay in the hotel. He adds:
PAUL: If I get my hands on that Rick Grace character, he's a dead man, I can tell you.
Gail reminds him that the police don't think that's even Rick's real name. Paul then asks her if she can look after the insurance people tomorrow, as he has a business lunch. He adds tersely that he would have asked Jane, but she'd probably mess *that* up as well. He pours himself a drink and goes and sits in an armchair as Gail asks:
GAIL: Don't you think you're being too hard on her?
PAUL (retorts): No I don't. Look, it staggers me to think that she would hire a complete stranger with no references without checking his background first. I'm beginning to think that we gave her too much responsibility too soon. I mean, maybe she just isn't ready for your old job after all?
No. 28
Des is standing with Jane at the kitchen bar, telling her that she tried to help an out-of-work teenager; OK, she got sucked in by a smart little con-artist, but he reckons *most* people would have fallen for his story. Jane sighs that she feels like she's let Paul and Gail down: they had enough faith in her to offer her the job and now it seems like she's incapable of handling it. The two of them move across to the couch, where Des tells Jane that she's being too hard on herself: it's not the end of the world - and who needs a job anyway?: after they're married, she can put all her time and effort into *different* things - like being a mother. Jane looks at Des in surprise and says:
JANE: You want me to leave work?
DES: Well, you only have to look at the Robinsons to see how important it is to have kids close together. I was hoping for a little mate for Jamie fairly quickly.
Jane's eyes grow wide as Des goes on:
DES: See, I'm an only-child, and believe me, it wasn't much fun. Don't you think it would be a good idea to have a little brother or sister for Jamie?
JANE: Um... to be honest, I hadn't even *thought* of us having kids. I mean, I'm not *against* the idea; it's just not something I want to rush into as soon as we've exchanged vows. And I'm not so keen on leaving work, either...
DES: I wasn't suggesting that you *should*... I was just floating around a few ideas, you know? No need to talk about it now; plenty of time down the line...
With that, Des stands up to make some coffee. Jane sits on the couch looking worried.
No. 32
The next morning, Jane is sitting at the kitchen table at No. 32, staring into space. Joe calls to Toby - who's in the bathroom - that he'll be leaving in a minute. He then looks at the expression on Jane's face and smiles:
JOE: Daydreaming about married life already, eh?! Whispering sweet nothings into Des's ears?!
JANE (murmurs): I think Des and I have got a few things to work out before we start on the sweet nothings.
JOE: Such as?
JANE: Last night, he was talking about me giving up work so that we can start having babies; so that Jamie will have a playmate close to his own age.
JOE: What's wrong with *that*?
JANE: Well, nothing, I suppose; it's just that I didn't plan on becoming pregnant five minutes after we got married. I mean, I want to make something of my career first.
JOE: What sort of timetable do you have?
JANE: Well, not until I'm 27... 28... at least.
JOE: Crikey! That makes Clarkey about 40! Yeah, you *do* have some things to talk about...
Beverly has arrived at the surgery to find a waiting room full of patients. She asks her receptionist who's first up, but Jonathan Whiting comes in suddenly and tells Beverly that he has to see her straight away: the pains in his side have come back. Beverly tells him quietly that it might be better if he found another doctor. Whiting, however, insists that she's the only doctor he *trusts*. Beverly asks what sort of pains they are, but Whiting says he's not sure. Beverly asks if he's got them now, but he replies that they come and go. Beverly suggests tersely:
BEVERLY: Why don't you go home until they come back?
WHITING: Look, I'm not going until you examine me.
BEVERLY: You could find yourself in for a long wait. I've got a book full of appointments today; I don't know when I can fit you in.
WHITING: That's OK. Just give me the nod - I'll be right here, OK?
With that, Whiting goes and sits down. Beverly stands there and sighs heavily before calling in her first patient.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Gail is crossing the Lassiter's bridge, approaching the Coffee Shop. Harold is clearing a table and he stops Gail and asks her if she'll sponsor him in the charity Walkathon. He hands Gail his sponsorship form and she starts filling it in. Paul walks over and asks Gail how she went with the insurance investigators. Gail replies that they're not very optimistic about an early payment: it depends on how the police enquiries go. Paul mutters:
PAUL: Which means we have to foot the bill until they *do* pay up. Great.
Harold says to Paul warily that Gail has agreed to sponsor him in the charity Walkathon and he wondered if he could interest *him* in the same. Paul asks how much it'll cost him. Harold suggests a dollar a kilometre. Paul agrees. As he fills in his details on the form, Harold asks Paul if he's all right, as he looks a little uptight. He goes on:
HAROLD: I was reading an article about heart attacks in young executives. It would appear that an unfit body and stress can be a very dangerous combination.
PAUL (retorts): Yes, well, I may be a bit stressed, Harold, but physically I'm in great shape.
With that, Paul hands back the sponsorship form and walks off. When he's gone, Harold says to Gail quietly:
HAROLD: You look after that husband of yours, Gail - get him to do some exercise. I mean, apart from the *physical* benefits, it could be very good for his stress as well.
Gail pats Harold on the shoulder and smiles that she'll tell him!
Des walks into the garage, where Jim's working, and hands him back his file of cheque butts and receipts. He tells him that he'll bring over his tax form later, so he can sign it. Changing the subject, Des then asks Jim if he's got five minutes to have a talk, as he needs a bit of advice. Jim listens as he goes on:
DES: Jane and I were talking about families last night. I got the impression she's not in a hurry to have kids.
JIM: Is that a problem?
DES: Well, it is for *me*. I was thinking about starting a family as soon as we were married.
JIM: Well, there are arguments for and against that, Des. My first wife, Ann, had Paul when she was still a teenager - but then all she ever wanted to be was a mother and a home-maker. In *Jane's* case...
DES: ...she wants to make her mark in the business world first.
JIM: She's still a young woman, Des. You're hardly headed for the pension yourself! It's not as if you're rushing against time.
Jim goes on that Jane went to a lot of trouble putting herself through that business course, and she might feel cheated if she doesn't get something worthwhile out of it. Des smiles and asks Jim if he always has to sound so logical! Jim smiles:
JIM: Don't worry, Des, you'll have another kid. Take my tip and get it sorted out before you get hitched. Beverly and I didn't and we had some problems.
Reception area/Office of the Robinson Corporation
Helen and Jane are sitting around the coffee table as Gail stands digging out some files. Helen asks if there's any progress with the police enquiries, but Gail replies that there isn't so far and she doubts if they'll recover the cars.
In the office, Paul is talking on the 'phone, saying curtly:
PAUL: What do you mean they're not here yet? They were supposed to be here *yesterday*. ... Well, have you called the supplier? ... Why not? ... Well, for God's sakes, get onto them now, and will you give them a blast for not delivering when they said they would?
With that, Paul slams down the 'phone. It starts ringing again as Gail comes in. He grabs the 'phone, listens then snaps:
PAUL: How the hell do *I* know? Look, contact front desk - after all, that *is* their job. What do they think I'm paying for them? To sit around and look stupid all day? ... No, do it now. Let me know how you go.
Paul hangs up again. He then turns to Gail and snaps that if it's a problem, he doesn't want to know about it. Gail turns to walk out, but Paul stops her and asks more calmly what it is. Gail tells him that she can't find any record of them cancelling their ad; therefore, they have to pay the account. Paul snaps:
PAUL: I'm not paying *anything*. I remember signing that letter myself-
He winces in pain, suddenly, and puts his hand to his chest. Gail asks what's wrong, but he tells her that it's just a bit of indigestion. Gail asks him if he's sure that's *all* it is. Paul insists. He then tells her to check in the file under 'Advertising Agency' - the letter might be in there. Gail nods that it probably is. With that, she turns and walks out of the office, looking worried. When she's gone, Paul winces again and puts his hand to his chest, apparently in pain.
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
A short time later, Gail and Jane are both looking for the letter. Jane finally comes across it and smiles that they sent it last month. Paul emerges from his office suddenly and says he's going out for a while. Gail asks where, but he tells her:
PAUL: Just out.
When he's gone, Gail remarks that not half an hour ago he said he had that much work to catch up on he'd be here half the night. Helen says she's sure he has his reasons. She adds that *she's* off too: she wants to see Madge. She heads out, leaving Gail to smile at Jane:
GAIL: And then there were two!
JANE: How *will* we cope?!
GAIL: Oh, easily! Two highly-intelligent, well-trained women!
JANE (muses): I'm not so sure about that in *my* case - not after Rick Grace...
GAIL: Oh, don't take that to heart - despite the rough time Paul's been giving you.
JANE: I can hardly say I blame him; I mean he's right: I should've been more careful.
GAIL: Jane, you've just taken on a very difficult job. You're doing your best, but you're not going to get on top of it overnight; nor should you *expect* to.
JANE: No, I'm only just starting to realise that - along with one or two *other* things that are happening in my life at the moment. I've got some serious thinking to do, Gail...
Jonathan Whiting is still sitting waiting in the reception area at the surgery. Beverly emerges from her consulting room with a patient and calls for Mr. Davidson to come in, but Whiting leaps up and tells Beverly tersely that he's been waiting there for some time. Beverly asks how the pain is. Whiting replies that it's back with a vengeance. Beverly asks him if he's sure he's not imagining it, but Whiting insists that he needs to see her - about that and about other things too: *personal* things. Beverly tells him curtly that she'll see him when she can find the time. She then heads back into her consulting room. A few moments later, the outside door opens and a woman comes in. She tells the receptionist that she's Edna Jackson and has an appointment to see the doctor at 3:30pm. The receptionist smiles at her and tells her to take a seat. A few seconds after that, Paul comes in and says to the receptionist:
PAUL: G'day, Margaret. Er, I was wondering if I could see Dr. Marshall. I haven't got an appointment, though.
MARGARET (nods): I'm sure she can fit you in, Mr. Robinson.
Paul goes and sits down next to Edna Jackson and Jonathan Whiting and listens as Edna says she knew it was going to be fine today: her feet started to play up!
Madge emerges from the Waterhole with Helen. The two of them sit down outside and Madge comments that the news about the stolen cars is all round the hotel: all the guests are talking about it. Joe walks over and smiles at them as he asks who they're gossiping about *now*! He then grins and asks Madge if Harold still reckons he can do that 20Ks. Madge retorts:
MADGE: And twenty *more*, if necessary. In fact, he's out on a training exercise right *now*.
JOE: Oh, waste of time!
MADGE: *You* may think so; *I don't*.
JOE: Oh come on, Madge, family loyalty aside, there's no way Harold's going to make the grade, is there?
MADGE (indignantly): You don't know that. When Harold embarks on a project, he gives his all. He will not tolerate failure.
JOE: Might *have* to in this case!
MADGE: Never!
JOE: You wouldn't want to put a small wager on it, would you?
MADGE: How much?
JOE: Oh... $50?
MADGE: Done!
Madge and Joe shake hands. Helen exclaims at Madge in astonishment, but Madge insists that she knows what she's doing: she has every faith in her husband.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Gail heads into the office to find Jane sitting staring at her desk. Gail says:
GAIL: Penny for them.
Jane looks at her and Gail comments that something's obviously on her mind other than work. Jane apologises but then asks if she can pop out of the office for an hour or so - she'd really like to go and talk to Des. Gail nods that that's fine - she'll hold the fort.
Outside the Robinson Corporation
Jane emerges from the office to find Des just about to come in. Jane tells him that she was just about to come and see him. Des smiles that he was on his way to see *her*! Jane asks what it was about, but Des says:
DES: Ladies first.
JANE: Well... um, I just wanted to tell you that if having children is important early in our marriage, then I'll seriously consider it.
DES: Not necessary. I was thinking about what I said last night and, um, well, I realised I'm asking too much. A case of me being selfish. I mean, there's plenty of time for us to have kids later. So, um, I'm quite happy to be the househusband and for you to keep on working.
JANE (warmly): Des, I love you.
DES: Now *that's* a coincidence - 'cos I love you too!
The two of them kiss.
Edna Jackson is still going on about her feet in the reception area. Paul is trying to ignore her, but is struggling. She then turns to the subject of her husband and her having to bring up their kids on an invalid pension. She adds that she doesn't like doctors much - especially the younger ones. Looking fed up, Paul eventually goes and tells the receptionist that he's got to go but will call and make an appointment for some other time. He heads out just as Beverly emerges from her consulting room and calls Miss. Wilson as the next patient. Jonathan Whiting cries at her:
WHITING: Doctor, this is intolerable. How much longer do I have to wait?
BEVERLY: After Miss. Wilson.
WHITING: I'm in excruciating pain. I don't know how much more I can *take*.
Beverly asks Miss. Wilson to wait a moment, and she sits down reluctantly. Beverly then tells Jonathan to come through. He stands up - but as he does so, he cries out in pain and collapses on the floor. The reception asks in concern what's wrong with him. Beverly says she's not sure. Whiting cries out in pain again. The receptionist asks if it's serious. Beverly tells her:
BEVERLY: It could be. Call an ambulance - quickly.
As the receptionist goes to the 'phone, Beverly crouches over Whiting, looking worried.
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Jane Harris, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1010
Jane Harris, Paul Robinson

Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1010
Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1010
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1010
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Jane Harris, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1010
Jane Harris, Des Clarke

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 1010
Jane Harris

Jane Harris, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1010
Jane Harris, Joe Mangel

Beverly Robinson, Jonathan Whiting in Neighbours Episode 1010
Beverly Robinson, Jonathan Whiting

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1010
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop

Jim Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1010
Jim Robinson, Des Clarke

Gail Robinson, Jane Harris, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1010
Gail Robinson, Jane Harris, Helen Daniels

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1010
Paul Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Jonathan Whiting in Neighbours Episode 1010
Beverly Robinson, Jonathan Whiting

Paul Robinson, Edna Jackson, Jonathan Whiting in Neighbours Episode 1010
Paul Robinson, Edna Jackson, Jonathan Whiting

Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1010
Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop, Joe Mangel

Des Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 1010
Des Clarke, Jane Harris

Miss. Wilson, Beverly
Miss. Wilson, Beverly's receptionist, Jonathan Whiting, Edna Jackson, Beverly Robinson

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1010
Beverly Robinson

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