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Neighbours Episode 1008 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1008
Australian airdate: 19/07/89
UK airdate: 25/09/90
UK Gold: 11/09/96
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
Mike asking Bronwyn if she just feels friendship towards him - and then kissing her.
No. 28
After a few seconds, Bronwyn pushes Mike away, stands up and cries that she's got to go home. She heads to the door, but Mike follows her and pleads with her not to go yet. He goes on:
MIKE: Look, it just *happened*.
BRONWYN (cries): It *shouldn't* have.
MIKE: Yeah, I know - but I'm glad it did.
BRONWYN (exclaims): Mike, for crying out loud - I'm going out with *Henry*.
MIKE: Do you love him?
BRONWYN (hesitatingly): Yes...
MIKE: You don't sound so sure.
The two of them stare at each other for several seconds before Mike says:
MIKE: Look, I'm not going to heavy you. If you love Henry, then that's OK; but if you don't, then you-
BRONWYN: I've got to go-
MIKE (presses): Listen, you owe it to *yourself*.
Bronwyn stands and stares at Mike. He asks her when he's going to see her again, but she just shakes her head and murmurs that she doesn't know. Mike tells her that he messed this up for them once before - but if she gives him the chance, he promises he won't do it again. With that, Bronwyn heads out, leaving Mike standing by the door sighing heavily.
No. 30
In the lounge room, Sharon is using a book of questions to test Matt for the quiz. Hilary is listening in but comments that the questions are a little easy. Sharon tells Matt that he's done very well. She then heads off to her room to do some homework. Left alone with Matt, Hilary asks him if he'd like *her* to ask him some questions. Matt, however, says he's pretty tired - he might have a bit of a break. Hilary says tersely:
HILARY: Matthew, now is *not* the time to slacken off. Now, I know you've done very well and you've applied yourself, but don't waste these last precious few minutes remaining to you.
MATT (sarcastically): Oh no - I could learn the whole encyclopaedia!
HILARY (warns): Don't get facetious.
Hilary goes on that Matt can't deny she was right: a little concerted effort has produced results. Matt, however, sighs that they're general knowledge questions and you can learn them off by heart; at school you've got to work stuff out, and this isn't going to make him any brighter *there*. Hilary retorts that that's nonsense: academic achievement is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration; this whole quiz is preparing him not just for the quiz, but for his exams during the rest of the year. Matt rolls his eyes and mutters:
MATT: I don't even want to *go* in this stupid competition.
HILARY: Yes, of *course* you do.
MATT: No, I *don't*. Look, I *hate* competitions - and besides: no matter how much I learn, there's going to be millions of things in here [he indicates the quiz book] that I don't know anything about.
Hilary tells Matt that he simply has the jitters, and that is perfectly normal before a test. She then hands him a book about Australian history and tells him to have a quick read and commit as much as he can to memory while she goes over to see Paul and Gail about a business matter. With that, she heads out. When she's gone, Matt looks at the book and tosses it onto the couch.
No. 26
Nick is sitting in the lounge room at No. 26 as Helen and Todd ask him various general knowledge questions. He gets some right and some wrong. Jim, who's sitting over at the desk, comments that he hopes they realise that none of the questions they're asking while he's in the room will be in the quiz! Helen nods that he's right: they should go into the kitchen. As they do so, Katie emerges from her bedroom. Nick asks her why she isn't studying for the quiz. Katie just shrugs that what you don't know now, you'll *never* know. Nick sighs heavily.
No. 22
Paul is sitting on the couch with Gail. Hilary is standing in front of them and Paul says to her in surprise:
PAUL: *Valet* parking?
HILARY: Absolutely. As you arrive at Lassiter's, a handsome young man in a smart uniform takes your keys and looks after your car until you're ready to leave.
PAUL: Yeah, I know what it *is*, but *why*?
HILARY: Well... last week I was dining at quite a pleasant restaurant where there was such a service. It made Kenneth and I feel-
PAUL: Hang on - who's Kenneth?
HILARY (clearing her throat awkwardly): Kenneth Muir.
PAUL (laughs): What?! Old prune-face?! You're going out with old prune-face Muir?!
Gail gives Paul a warning nudge. Hilary glares at him and tells him coolly that she doesn't mind saying that she finds that kind of nickname adolescent in the extreme. Paul apologises, saying it just came as a shock. Hilary then asks again about the valet service. Paul, however, tells her that things are a bit tight right now, and another staff member is a luxury that he just doesn't think they can afford. Hilary points out tersely that she's a partner in the Corporation and doesn't expect her suggestions to be taken lightly; in *her* opinion, the benefits would greatly outweigh the costs. With that, she tells Paul and Gail that she'll leave them to decide - but she adds that she anticipates a *favourable* decision... Paul looks at Gail, who just shrugs.
No. 24
Henry is sitting on the couch, strumming his guitar, when Bronwyn emerges from the bedroom and asks if they can talk. Henry looks at her and asks in irritation what it is. Bronwyn replies:
BRONWYN: It's about Mike.
HENRY (shrugs): I thought we sorted all that out. I was jealous, I'm sorry, I'm over that: see Mike as often as you like.
BRONWYN (tears beginning to well up): I don't think you understand...
HENRY (retorts): Yeah, I understand *fine*. As far as *I'm* concerned, you're a free agent; your time is your own. You want to spend it with Mike? I couldn't care less.
With that, Henry gets up and walks off, leaving Bronwyn looking worried and upset.
Driveway of No. 22
Paul and Gail are washing the car in their front drive. As they do so, Paul puts on an American accent and muses:
PAUL: This is like 'Lifestyles of Rich and Famous'. Paul and Gail Robinson - Head of a multi-million dollar corporation and how do they spend their leisure time? Well heck, they wash their car, of course.
Gail just points out that a carwash costs money and *he's* the one with his eye on the purse-strings. Paul smiles:
PAUL: Hey, now *there's* an idea: combine Hilary's valet parking with a car-washing service. Now *that* would get my vote!
GAIL: Valet parking's not such a bad idea - and the best publicity is good word-of-mouth; and it's the little things that impress people.
PAUL: Yeah, I know. Still, the only way I *would* go along with it is because I'm scared what'll happen if I *do* say no!
The two of them hear a motorbike approaching suddenly and Gail comments that it's Mike. Paul tells her to ignore him. Gail points out that Des asked them to be pleasant to him, but Paul retorts that he doesn't care: he doesn't deserve it. Mike stops his bike next to the two of them and asks how things are going. Gail smiles that they're not bad. Mike says he's off to the shop and asks if they want anything. Gail asks for apple pie and ice-cream. Mike nods and tells her to pay him when he gets back. With that, Gail picks up the pail of water and goes to empty it into the gutter. As she does so, Paul says to Mike:
PAUL: So, um, how's things going, mate?
MIKE: Good, good, yeah.
PAUL: And you and Des: have you worked everything out?
MIKE: Yeah, it's all sorted out. It took a while to get used to, but life goes on, doesn't it?
Gail rejoins them and nods that it does. Mike smiles:
MIKE: Anyway, there's plenty more fish in the sea, as they say.
PAUL: Oh yeah? Is there somebody new on the horizon, perhaps?
MIKE: Maybe! But I think I might play this one close to the chest for a while!
With that, he puts on his helmet and rides off, leaving Paul to comment to Gail that he wonders who it could be.
No. 26
The kitchen table has been moved into the lounge room and Katie and Jim are putting chairs around it. Hilary is sitting on the couch with Matt and she hands him a glass of orange juice with glucose, telling him that it'll keep his blood sugar up and his reflexes sharp. Across on the opposite couch, Helen is telling Nick to take lots of deep breaths, as they'll help him to relax. Sharon comes in through the back door as the competitors go and take their places at the table. Hilary joins Helen and says to her:
HILARY: I'm afraid poor Nick doesn't stand a chance.
HELEN: Oh no? Well, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we.
Jim calls for quiet and then reads out the rules: five points for a correct answer; five points' penalty for an incorrect answer or a pass; and the winner will receive a $25 gift voucher kindly donated by Hilary and Helen. He then asks everyone to check their buzzers. Nick, Katie and Matt all press buttons on little devices in front of them. Jim then says:
JIM: First question...
No. 22
Gail opens the front door to Mike, who comes in with a bag containing containers of ice cream and apple pie. Gail smiles that he's an angel. She asks Paul - who's sitting in an armchair - if he's seen her purse. He tells her that it's on the 'fridge. As she goes to get it, Paul comments:
PAUL: You're turning into a real Vera Vague, aren't you!
GAIL: I am *not*! I just misplaced my purse, that's all.
Gail doesn't notice, however, as she puts the apple pie in the freezer and the ice cream in the oven...
No. 26
The quiz is in full swing. Nick, Katie and Matt all press their buzzers, but Jim gives Nick first chance of answering. He says:
NICK: Um... Steven Spielberg?
JIM (corrects): Alfred Hitchcock directed 'Psycho'. That brings an end to round one. The scores are Nick 40, Matt 35 and Katie 25.
Jim then proceeds with round two, asking:
JIM: What are bits and bytes?
Matt presses his buzzer and answers:
MATT: Units of information used in computing.
The quiz continues and Katie answers two questions correctly. Hilary starts muttering about how easy the questions are. Jim then turns to Australian history, and Hilary comments that Matt should be able to answer this: he was studying the subject only this afternoon. Jim asks:
JIM: Whose famous last words were 'Such is life'?
Matt presses his buzzer. Jim turns to him, but Matt hesitates before asking Jim if he can repeat the question. Katie says agitatedly that *she* knows! Jim, however, tells her that it's not her turn. He repeats the question for Matt, who just stares into space. Jim presses him for an answer, but Matt sighs that he doesn't know; he'll have to pass. Hilary looks at him in disappointment.
No. 28
Bronwyn is standing on the step outside No. 28. Mike opens the front door and tells her to come in. Bronwyn, however, says she thinks they should forget about studying together. Mike replies coolly:
MIKE: Oh, I see. So you're happy to fail the half-yearlies then, eh?
BRONWYN (pointedly): I might just scrape through on my *own*, you know?
MIKE: Yeah, I'm sorry.
Mike then asks Bronwyn to just come in for a minute. Bronwyn looks across at No. 24 guiltily then heads inside, reluctantly. As they go and sit down on the couch, Mike tells her that she knows she can talk to him. Bronwyn, however, sighs:
BRONWYN: I don't know *anything*. You... Henry... how I feel... I don't want to hurt anyone, but I don't know what to *do*.
MIKE: Well, I think you know how I feel about *you* - but I don't want to force anything onto you. Seeing you like *this* is the *last* thing I want. Look, Bronny, you've got to be selfish in your life; you've got to put yourself first, you know? Having a relationship just so you don't hurt them... it's really dumb.
BRONWYN (murmurs): I know.
MIKE: Look, if you choose Henry over me, then it's going to hurt - but if you love him, then that's the way it has to be. But if you love *me*, then Henry's the one who's going to have to do all the coping. Either way, don't let it destroy what you've worked so hard for. I mean, these exams are important too, you know? *I* know that, even if Henry *doesn't*. So let's forget about dropping the study, OK? And I promise: no more emotional pressure.
Bronwyn murmurs her thanks.
No. 22
Gail comes downstairs holding a box. Paul asks her if she found them and Gail nods that she did. The box contains some photos, and as Gail starts going through them, she reminds Paul that she's got an ultrasound test in the morning. Paul smiles:
PAUL: *I* remember. I'm surprised *you* do!
GAIL: Come on, I'm not *that* bad!
PAUL: No?!
GAIL: No! Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean my brain has turned to marshmallow.
PAUL: Speaking of marshmallow, can you smell something?
The two of them look at the oven and Gail exclaims that something's burning. Paul dashes to the oven and removes a melted plastic container of ice cream. Gail stares at it and murmurs that she guesses she got them mixed up. Paul grins:
PAUL: What were you saying about marshmallow?!
No. 24
Henry is sitting on the couch with his guitar when he hears footsteps outside the front door. He runs and hides behind the door! Bronwyn comes in and calls that it's only her. Henry leaps out at her, suddenly, startling her, but Bronwyn mutters in irritation that he scared her. The two of them go and sit down on the couch and Henry asks Bronwyn where she's been. She tells him:
BRONWYN: Seeing Mike.
HENRY (coolly): How *is* the wonder tutor?
BRONWYN (shrugs): He's all right.
HENRY: Good. *Excellent*, in fact! Got the place to ourselves. How about we settle back, watch some TV and we can snuggle and neck during the breaks. What do you say?
BRONWYN (standing up): Um... I really should go and do some more work, I think.
She heads through to the kitchen as Henry exclaims that she can't study *all* the time: all work and no play makes her a boring girlfriend! Bronwyn mutters:
BRONWYN: Then why don't you go and find some *airhead* to have fun with? If you haven't already noticed, I *have* got exams coming up.
HENRY: OK... Calm down... I was just wanting to spend some time with you; I didn't realise that was a crime.
Bronwyn insists that there'll be plenty of time after the exams have finished. Henry asks her if she'll join him in front of the TV later, but she tells him that she'll probably be a while. With that, Henry goes and slumps back down on the couch, looking annoyed.
No. 26
Jim is reading out the latest scores: Matt 50, Katie 50 and Matt 35. He adds that the final round is 'Beat the buzzer'. Sharon laughs that he's really getting into this! He continues with the questions. Hilary and Helen watch intently. Nick and Katie both answer questions but Matt sits there, not really trying. Hilary mutters:
HILARY: Come along, Matthew, what's wrong with you?
Matt just gives her a withering look. The questions continue. Matt finally answers a question on the number of wives Henry VIII had and Hilary mutters:
HILARY: At *last*.
Jim comes to the final question, asking:
JIM: Name the German-born Australian explorer who died on an expedition in 1848.
There's silence. Hilary mutters:
HILARY: For Pete's sake, Matthew.
Jim asks if there's any takers. Katie buzzes suddenly and says:
KATE: Ludwig Leichhardt.
JIM: That's right! And that's the end of the quiz!
Jim then tots up the scores and announces that Matt came third with 40; Nick was second with 55; and Katie was the winner with 60! He then hands Katie the $25 voucher and tells her not to spend it all in one shop! Katie grins happily and thanks everyone, adding that she wishes the shops were open *now*! Hilary ignores all this. Instead, she glares at Matt and says coldly:
HILARY: I don't *believe* you didn't know those answers. Did you stop trying just to spite me or are you *really* that stupid?
Matt glares at Hilary before standing up and storming out. Jim snaps:
JIM: Hilary, for crying out loud.
HELEN (to Hilary): It was only a *game*. He tried his best. You should be ashamed of yourself.
HILARY (murmurs): Yes... perhaps I *was* a bit harsh on him.
HELEN: You *were* - and more than 'a bit'. How would *you* feel, being humiliated like that in front of everyone?
HILARY: You're right, Helen. I'll go and make it up to him. Excuse me.
With that, Hilary heads out. Helen looks at Jim and sighs heavily.
No. 30
Matt walks into the lounge room, picks up the book on Australian history and throws it down onto the floor, angrily. Hilary comes in a few moments later and tells Matt sincerely that she's sorry. Matt just glares at her and points out that he didn't even want to *go* in that stupid competition - but her 'brilliant son' had to beat *everybody*. He goes to march out. Hilary stops him, though, saying:
HILARY: Look, I admit I was wrong. I should never have used you to polish my vanity. Losing the quiz doesn't matter.
MATT (retorts): *Doesn't matter*? Look, I just got whipped by a primary-school kid. I don't know... maybe I *am* as stupid as you say.
HILARY: Nonsense. These things are no test of intelligence.
MATT: Just face it, Hilary: your son's an idiot. Bit hard to believe?
HILARY: Well, yes, given your father and my academic-
MATT (snaps): Look, just forget it. I'm sorry you don't like me the way I am; I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment as a son - but that's nothing compared to you as a mother. I mean, all you care about is how I make you look. I'm sorry to ruin your plans, but I wish for both our sakes that I'd never been *born*.
With that, he marches out, leaving Hilary looking upset. Outside the front door, Matt hits the wall in frustration.
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Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1008
Bronwyn Davies

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1008
Mike Young

Sharon Davies, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Sharon Davies, Matt Robinson

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Hilary Robinson

Helen Daniels, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1008
Helen Daniels, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson, Nick Page

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Hilary Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1008
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Nick Page, Katie Landers, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Nick Page, Katie Landers, Matt Robinson

Gail Robinson, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1008
Gail Robinson, Mike Young

Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels, Nick Page, Katie Landers, Matt Robinson, Sharon Davies, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels, Nick Page, Katie Landers, Matt Robinson, Sharon Davies, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson

Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1008
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies

 in Neighbours Episode 1008

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1008
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Jim Robinson

Nick Page, Katie Landers, Jim Robinson, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Nick Page, Katie Landers, Jim Robinson, Matt Robinson

Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson

Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson

Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1008
Matt Robinson

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