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Neighbours Episode 0948 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0948
Australian airdate: 26/04/89
UK airdate: 03/07/90
UK Gold: 19/06/96
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 26
Nick is showing Todd and Katie how to do screen-painting. He adds that Jim has told him he can set-up in the garage. Katie asks if he's got the T-shirts yet. Nick replies that he's got 100 plain ones. Katie asks if he'll make a lot of money. Nick tells her that he'll make enough to get a new skateboard. He goes on that the best thing is that he can do his own design: Gail wants an Australian theme that the tourists will go for. Todd and Katie ask Nick if they can give him a hand. Nick tells Todd that *he* can, but Katie is too young.
Coffee Shop
Sharon and Hilary walk into the Coffee Shop, to look for the missing takings, Hilary saying she hasn't the faintest idea how they disappeared. She adds that she told Harold she'd take the money home out of the goodness of her heart, but she refuses to be held responsible.
No. 22
Henry is pouring liqueurs for Paul and Gail. Gail is looking at the plain, coloured T-shirts that Paul got for Nick and she remarks that they're good quality. Paul tells her that he'll drop the rest of them in to Nick tomorrow. Henry comments that he thought they were throwing a bash to launch the Robinson Corporation tomorrow. Gail replies that they are, but they've still got a few urgent things to do at the office first. Paul muses:
PAUL: 'Robinson Corporation'. It has got a nice little ring to it, hasn't it?
HENRY: It's not bad, but let's face it, it doesn't sound as classy as something like [shrugs] 'Ramsay'!
PAUL: Watch it!
Gail asks Henry if that's why he's finding it so hard to get a flat: because he can't bear to move out of Ramsay Street. Henry, however, sighs that they wouldn't believe some of the dives the agent has shown him and Bronwyn. Paul suggests putting an advert in the Erinsborough News, but Henry comments that Bronnie's never home to take the calls. Gail asks Henry if he's begrudging her going back to school. Henry replies that he isn't, but it *is* making things pretty rugged. He then asks warily if they can have a bit longer. Paul agrees that they can, but he tells Henry that he has to keep looking.
No. 24
The next morning, Kerry, Madge and Henry are having breakfast. Madge and Harold are ignoring each other. Harold announces that he's going to give the Coffee Shop a good clean today. Kerry points out that it's Sunday, and she adds that she thought he'd be looking for excuses to stay around the house all day today. Harold, however, retorts grumpily:
HAROLD: Why on earth would I want to do *that*?
There's suddenly a knock at the front door, which Madge goes to answer. Left alone with her father, Kerry tells him that it's his anniversary; he's got to kiss and make up. Harold, however, retorts that as far as *he's* concerned, this argument is *Madge's* fault, and until she sees fit to apologise to him, he has no intention of making up - and if Madge doesn't want to remember their anniversary, then why should he? Madge rejoins them, accompanied by Hilary, who tells Harold bluntly:
HILARY: It's about the takings from the Coffee Shop: I'm afraid they've disappeared.
Harold stands up in shock. He exclaims that they can't have just *disappeared*; they must have been stolen. Kerry warns her father to take it easy. Harold, however, retorts that there is a criminal at large and justice must be done. He adds that the *police* can sort it out. Kerry, though, insists that there's no need to call them in yet: there's probably a very simple explanation. Harold mutters that the money had better turn up soon. Glaring at Madge, he adds pointedly:
HAROLD: This is *all* I needed today.
Back garden of No. 32
Toby is sitting in a chair on the patio, playing with his magic set, as Joe tends the garden. Joe walks over to him and asks Toby if he isn't going to give him a hand. Toby, however, replies that *nobody* makes famous magicians do gardening! Joe just picks up a wand from the magic set and laughs:
JOE: If you're so crash-hot at magic, here you are: go and wave this and make those weeds disappear!
Bouncer suddenly runs past them, carrying one of Joe's gardening gloves in his mouth! He carries it to his kennel. Joe goes to grab it from him, glancing into the kennel as he does so. He then lets out an exclamation of astonishment. He crawls into the kennel and lifts the roof off. He then picks up a bundle of rolled-up papers, grinning:
JOE: I think I might've over-trained him a bit, eh? I told him to go and get *my* papers, not everybody else's!
He then reaches down again and picks up a cash bag, exclaiming:
JOE: Well have a look at that. Voila!
Coffee Shop
A while later, Joe and Toby are at the Coffee Shop with Hilary and Harold, handing back the money. Harold smiles that he's certainly glad to learn there isn't a thief at large! Hilary says coolly:
HILARY: I'm very glad to hear it, but I trust that dog will be severely punished?
JOE: Just leave him to me: he just needs a bit of rehabilitation.
Joe then tells Hilary that she was pretty quick to point the finger, and he reckons she owes Toby an apology. Hilary, however, retorts that, given the circumstances, she thinks her suspicions were perfectly natural - but now they know who the culprit is, she doesn't see any point in continuing the discussion. With that, she walks off. As she goes, Harold remarks:
HAROLD: Mrs. Mangel would be horrified to learn that her precious Bouncer had turned into some sort of a kennel-hoarder, eh?
HILARY: I'm afraid it's much more serious than that, Mr. Bishop. That dog is obviously a kleptomaniac. How do we know he won't *continue* taking things? *I'm* certainly not prepared to put up with it, and I doubt if anyone else in Ramsay Street would either.
JOE: I'll keep him off the street until I un-train him.
HILARY: Well see that you *do*.
Rear of the Coffee Shop
Kerry is about to throw some rolls into the bin when a rough-looking man staggers up to her and tells her that he hasn't eaten for two days. Kerry hands him the rolls, exclaiming that it's awful that so much waste goes on when so many people aren't getting enough to eat. She adds that if he wants to come back at lunchtime, she could give him some decent food. The man asks if it would be too much to ask if he can bring a mate. Kerry smiles that of course he can!
Garage of No. 26
Nick, Sharon and Todd are working on screen-printing the T-shirts. Nick is doing the artwork, Todd is hanging them up to dry and Sharon is folding the completed garments and packing them up. Katie stands and watches them from the driveway, looking disappointed not to be involved.
No. 24
Henry comes in through the back door and asks Madge if she can do an incy wincy little repair job on his overalls.
MADGE (gruffly): Why don't you ask Bronwyn?
HENRY: I *would* if I ever got to *see* her...
Madge retorts that she's got a million things to do today: she's got to look after Sky and she hates the whole rotten world. Henry asks what the problem is. Madge explains that it's Harold: he's forgotten their anniversary.
HENRY (looking shocked): What? Casanova himself? I don't believe it!
MADGE: It's true. I dropped enough hints to sink the Queen Mary, and what have I got? Zilch.
Henry suggests that maybe she's been too subtle. Madge snaps that she's done everything except parade around in her wedding dress! She sighs:
MADGE: I don't know... maybe it's just the same old story: they're lovely and sensitive and kind until they waltz you up the aisle. Your father was the same; after that he just took me for granted; he never remembered a damn thing. [Tears welling up] I really thought with Harold it would be different. The first anniversary is so special...
Henry puts an arm round his mother, looking uncomfortable!
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Gail tells Paul that the bookings are going well: they're almost full up. Paul recalls that he's got a cancellation to put through. He walks over and sits down at the computer. He stares at the screen and then says:
PAUL: How many bookings are there in the name of 'Jones'?!
GAIL: About as many as we have for 'Smith': that's the *other* favourite name for unmarried couples!
PAUL: I didn't think people *worried* about that anymore.
GAIL: Not everyone's as liberated as *us*, darling!
PAUL: Oh, we're liberated now, are we? I thought we were just a respectable married couple!
Gail then reveals that she had somebody in that category book a suite the other day in the name of 'Smith'. Paul asks who it was. Gail warns him that it's strictly confidential.
PAUL (eagerly): Oh Gail, of course it is. Who?!
GAIL: Madge - only she must have changed her mind, because all of a sudden she cancelled.
PAUL: The booking *I'm* cancelling is in the name of Jones, as in Bishop: Harold.
GAIL: *Harold*? Well, they must've both had the bright idea of surprising each other and then for some reason or other they've both decided to cancel.
PAUL: Hm... '"Curiouser and curiouser," said Alice.'
GAIL: I hope they haven't had a misunderstanding or anything...
PAUL: Sounds like it, doesn't it?
GAIL: Are *you* thinking what *I'm* thinking?
PAUL: Right with you, Mrs. Robinson!
Coffee Shop
Kerry is cleaning the 'fridge in the kitchen when Harold comes in and reminds her not to forget the crisper drawers. He then notices a pot on the stove and Kerry tells him that she's making a bit of vegetable stew for lunch. Harold smiles that he'll just finish the floors and join her. He heads out back to the main shop, just as the dero Kerry met earlier comes in through the back door and asks if he's too early. Kerry smiles that it's coming right up now. The dero heads back outside and tells a couple of other guys out there that Kerry has some tucker for them. A few seconds later, Kerry emerges from the back door to find four guys standing there waiting hungrily!
No. 32
Later that day, Kerry is telling Joe that she nearly *fainted* when Clarence turned up with three mates instead of one! Joe laughs that Harold is a tightwad: if he gets wind of it, she'll be out on her ear in five seconds flat. Kerry replies that Harold isn't paying her to work at the Coffee Shop, so why shouldn't she hand out a few free meals to people who need them? Joe is aghast at the fact that Kerry isn't being paid, but she points out that Harold *is* putting a roof over her head. Joe comments that he thought she was paying rent. Kerry replies that she's only paying what she can afford: single-parent benefit isn't exactly a fortune. Joe remarks that it sounds like her living with her old man isn't the best arrangement. Kerry admits that it isn't: they've been having a few arguments about how she brings up Sky. Joe suggests he put the kettle on and they have a good yarn. Kerry says *she'll* do it, and she leaves the room. When she's gone, Toby asks Joe - who's looking thoughtful - what's up.
JOE: Oh, just thinking, mate. Kerry's having it tough at the Bishops' and, well, we've got plenty of space here, right? What would you think if she moved in here?
TOBY: Do you think Jane would mind?
JOE: Probably the company would cheer her up.
TOBY: ...
JOE: All right, spill the beans: what's worrying you?
TOBY: I was sort of hoping you and mum might get back together after a while.
JOE: Oh mate... I don't think there's much chance of *that*; not the way I feel about Kerry.
Toby tells his father that if that's what he wants, he guesses it's OK by him! He then asks if he can go over to Katie's, and he heads off. Kerry comes back in and Joe tells her:
JOE: Me and Toby... just had a bit of a pow-wow.
KERRY: Oh yeah? What about?
JOE: Well... we were thinking that if it'd make it easier for you, how about you and Sky move in here?
Kerry insists quickly that she didn't mean to come and drop all her problems in his lap; she appreciates the offer, but she's not sure if she's ready for that yet. Joe tells her that he just thought it would help out. Kerry insists that she's terribly grateful, but she should try and stick it out with Madge and Harold just for a bit longer. Joe, looking disappointed, murmurs that it was no big deal; just a thought he had...
Garage of No. 26
The T-shirts are finished and Sharon exclaims that the three of them made a pretty good team! She tells Nick to put a T-shirt on and go and model it for Gail. Todd remarks that Gail's going to go ape over the design: when she sees it, she's going to want another hundred!
No. 24
Madge opens the front door of No. 24 and looks surprised to find Paul and Gail standing on the step. She lets them in and remarks that she thought they were preparing for the party. Paul explains that something came up at the office and it's got them a little bit puzzled. Harold is sitting at the kitchen table and Paul comments that the confusion begins with *him*. Harold joins the others by the front door and Paul tells him that it's to do with the hotel room he booked. Madge frowns at Harold in surprise. Harold, looking annoyed, mutters at Paul that that was supposed to be kept strictly confidential. Gail nods:
GAIL: I know - but when Paul discovered that Madge had booked the Bridal Suite through *me*, we naturally wondered what was going on.
Madge, looking dumbstruck, walks over to Harold and cries:
MADGE: Oh Harold, I thought you'd *forgotten*.
HAROLD: And I thought *you* were too grouchy to *care*.
MADGE: It's all I've been *thinking* about!
HAROLD: We should've known better, eh?!
With that, the two of them both dash off to get each other their presents. Harold has bought Madge chocolates and Madge has bought Harold a whistle for when he goes on camping trips with the Scouts. Harold then hands Madge a sheet of paper on which he's written a poem for her. She reads:
MADGE: Love is like the passing seasons,
Never changing, but to grow.
But we do not need the reasons,
Love is all we need...
She breaks off as tears well-up in her eyes. Harold continues reading:
HAROLD: Like fragrant flowers or gentle light,
My devotion is ever true.
No other message day or night,
My beautiful Madge, my love is you.
Madge hugs him, sobbing that that's beautiful. Paul smiles that they now just have to sort out which suite to cancel! Harold turns to Madge and smiles:
HAROLD: Well, Mrs. B.: your place or mine?!
No. 22
Toby is showing Henry and Katie a trick involving placing a newspaper over a glass to make $2 disappear. Nick, Sharon and Todd come rushing in and Nick asks where Gail is, as he wants to show her his design for the T-shirts. Katie, however, is staring at the T-shirt he's wearing and Nick asks her if she doesn't like it.
KATIE: Yeah, sure, but why have you written 'dessert' on it when you haven't even got any food-
NICK: It doesn't say 'dessert', it says 'desert'.
Katie is right, though, and Toby tells Nick that he should have checked his spelling. Katie says pointedly:
KATIE: You should've let *me* help. *I* would've got it right - I'm really *good* at spelling.
Nick exclaims angrily that he doesn't believe this. Sharon asks what they're going to do now.
NICK: I lose my job and my big chance. I've just messed-up 100 T-shirts.
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Nick Page, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0948
Nick Page, Katie Landers

Henry Ramsay, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0948
Henry Ramsay, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Hilary Robinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0948
Hilary Robinson, Harold Bishop

Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0948
Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel

Hilary Robinson, Harold Bishop, Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0948
Hilary Robinson, Harold Bishop, Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel

Clarence, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0948
Clarence, Kerry Bishop

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0948
Nick Page

Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0948
Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0948
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Clarence in Neighbours Episode 0948

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0948
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0948
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Katie Landers, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0948
Katie Landers, Henry Ramsay

 in Neighbours Episode 0948

Sharon Davies, Nick Page, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0948
Sharon Davies, Nick Page, Todd Landers

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