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Neighbours Episode 0949 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0949
Australian airdate: 27/04/89
UK airdate: 04/07/90
UK Gold: 20/06/96
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 22
Nick is sat at the table with Todd, Sharon and Henry, annoyed at himself over the T-shirts. Sharon insists that they can fix it, but Nick retorts that the T-shirts are worth $5 a pop: that's $500 down the drain. Henry suggests that they talk it through: there's always an answer. Sharon asks if they can blank the word 'dessert' out and re-print over the top of it. Nick, however, snaps that it doesn't work that way. Sharon tells him that it was an honest mistake: if he explains it to Gail... Nick just says bitterly:
NICK: Gail expects 100 printed T-shirts tomorrow morning at Lassiter's. She's a professional and she'll expect a professional job from *me*. That means I've blown any chance I had of making money out of the gift shop.
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
The caterers deliver some crates of wine while Gail arranges some flowers. Paul tells her that he's invited a couple of travel agents down this afternoon for the party. Gail mutters that the party is for family, friends and staff. Paul grins that he's only joking! He adds that he sent some champagne up to the bridal suite for Madge and Harold. Gail smiles that she knew there was a romantic lurking under his bah humbug exterior! Putting his arms around Gail, Paul tells her:
PAUL: I've actually booked the suite for us when *ours* comes round again.
GAIL (muses): You were pretty sure of yourself, weren't you?!
PAUL: You betcha!
The two of them start kissing passionately - just as Des comes in! He looks away in embarrassment and Paul grins that he has pretty lousy timing! Des then announces that he won't be able to make it to the party this afternoon. Looking surprised, Paul comments that the Robinson Corporation wouldn't exist at all if Des hadn't backed them. Gail asks if something's wrong or if there's anything they can do. Des hesitates before then murmuring that it's just one of those things. With that he heads out, leaving Paul and Gail looking puzzled.
No. 32
Jane opens the front door to Mike and invites him in. She has her hair wrapped in a towel, and Mike smiles that he doesn't think he's ever known a girl who's ready on time! As the two of them head into the lounge room and sit down, he remarks that there's no ute in the driveway. Jane tells him that Joe has taken Toby to the speedway. She adds with a grin that Toby was doing his Wayne Gardner impression all through breakfast! Mike raises his eyebrows and tells Jane that he didn't think he'd ever see her smile again. Jane replies glumly that she hasn't had much to smile *about*. She goes on:
JANE: It's weird when you fall in love. I mean, everything's so great: it feels like you couldn't possibly hurt anyone or hurt yourself. Everything's so straightforward. Is that growing-up, Mike? Realising there's no point in looking back?
MIKE (clearly yearning after Jane): Some people say love's stronger the second time round...
With that, he starts to move towards Jane, as if to kiss her. Jane, however, says quickly:
JANE: Mike... don't. Look, I wouldn't have got through this whole mess with Des without you. You're the best friend I've got. I don't want to mess up that friendship by playing games with memories.
Mike sits there looking disappointed.
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Todd is helping himself to food while Beverly warns him not to pig out! Helen is talking to Gail, telling her that the party wouldn't have been Katie's scene: she's much happier at the speedway with the revheads! Jim suddenly calls for attention and says:
JIM: Ladies, gentlemen and family... A man works hard setting up a business... raising a family.... You're proud of what you do - and you cover your mistakes! - but you're even prouder when your son achieves the sort of thing that we're here to celebrate today.
There's a smattering of applause from those gathered. Jim goes on:
JIM: You see, every father has this private nightmare: when your son's the head of this big corporation and you wake up one day to discover that the cheeky so-and-so's taken over *your* business! So this is by way of graft: congratulations, Paul, and take it easy on your old man, would you?!
With that, he hands Paul a small box. Paul opens it to reveal a watch inscribed with 'Robinson Corporation'. Henry, Nick and Sharon arrive, and Paul comments to Gail that he bets they're late because they've been working on the T-shirts. Nick tells Gail that the T-shirts are printed - but he mis-spelled a word: they're all spoilt.
No. 26
That evening, Helen is sitting with Jim and Beverly, commenting that schools have a lot to answer for for not teaching spelling properly. Beverly sighs that it's both barrels of the shotgun for Nick: owing the money *and* losing the work. Helen says she's sure Gail won't make him pay the money back, but Jim suggests that perhaps she *should*: Nick should take responsibility for his mistakes. The 'phone rings and Helen goes to answer it. After a few seconds, she asks Beverly to pass her her notebook, which has the account number in it for the solicitors from Hong Kong. Helen reads the number down the 'phone and then listens before exclaiming in astonishment:
HELEN: Are you sure? ... Well no. ... Thank you. Thank you. Goodbye.
She then hangs up. Turning to Jim and Beverly, she tells them:
HELEN: Well. It seems that Nick isn't the *only* one who can make mistakes. I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you *all*...
No. 26
The next morning, Gail and Paul have joined Helen, Beverly, Jim and Nick. Helen is saying that Jim and Beverly already know, but she wanted to go through it with all of them present. Todd emerges from his bedroom as Helen goes on:
HELEN: This is short, sharp and very disappointing - especially for *me*. Yesterday I received a 'phone call from the Hong Kong solicitors handling Bess's estate. It was just a formality: they wanted to transfer the money into my account.
PAUL (grins): I wish *I* could get disappointing 'phone calls like that!
HELEN (seriously): Yes, well, when they went through the details, I realised the mistake I made. When I first heard about the inheritance, the sum mentioned was $150,000. I took it for granted that they were talking about *Australian* currency...
GAIL (realises): *Hong Kong* dollars...
PAUL (raising his eyebrows): Oh boy. At the current exchange rate-
HELEN: Yes, I'm about $130,000 poorer than I thought I was.
Paul comments that Helen's already spent a lot of it. Helen nods that what she's spent will cancel out the amount she'll actually get, so there's almost nothing left. Todd asks if that means he won't get his bike. Jim and Beverly quickly warn him not to be selfish. Helen tells him sadly that he won't get his bike and Katie won't get a pony: she can't give *any* of them the things she promised. Todd asks Nick what *he* missed out on.
NICK (sadly): Just a headstone for grandma's grave.
With that, he gets up and walks off to his room, leaving everyone looking surprised at his selflessness.
No. 22
Bronwyn, Henry and Sharon are trying to come up with ways of fixing the T-shirts. Sharon doesn't realise Nick has come into the house through the back door and is standing behind her as she sighs that this is all her fault: Nick only stuck around to protect her from Skinner; if she hadn't been so stupid and irresponsible, he'd still be up north making heaps of money. Nick makes his presence known and says he'll probably still have to go up north to pay for it all anyway. Sharon says she doesn't think Gail will make him pay. Henry says he has an idea to fix things...
No. 26
Helen hangs up the 'phone after telling Lucy about her missing out on the money. Jim joins her and asks how *Hilary* took the news. Helen sighs that she'll still give her the money she said she would. Jim comments that that about cleans Helen out, doesn't it? Helen just replies that she thinks Hilary deserves the money more than *any* of them - although *Nick* nearly broke her heart this morning.
No. 28
Jamie knocks Des's open briefcase off the coffee table and onto the floor, just as Des dashes out of the bedroom area and catches him. Mike emerges from *his* room and tells Des that Bronny's on her way! Des asks Mike if he's nervous about the exam, but Mike replies that he isn't: he can't wait to get back to teaching. Changing the subject, he asks Des if he's had a blue with Paul, as he asked Paul why Des wasn't at the party and he seemed really short about it. Des just shrugs that he tried to make it but it couldn't be helped. Bronwyn arrives and Mike heads out. Bronwyn asks Des if it's all right if she leaves Jamie at the crèche for a while today, as there's something she's got to do. Des nods that that's all right. Bronwyn adds that she's been thinking of dropping back to part-time: Jamie needs to be with other kids, rather than being stuck with *her* all day. Des smiles that she's probably right. He adds that it's so hard to know where Jamie's up to: when you're on your own, you've got to make all these choices, and you spend half your time dithering and the other half wondering if you made a mistake. Bronwyn points out that he's *not* on his own: he's got Mike there. Des just replies that she knows what he means.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Henry dashes in and joins Jane and Gail. He asks them if they're busy. Gail smiles that he's got 60 seconds! Henry says quickly:
HENRY: Space outside, a trestle table, some decent echoes and I'll get rid of those faulty T-shirts for you in 48 hours.
GAIL (looking surprised): *Nick's* T-shirts?
HENRY: Mm. At a profit.
GAIL: What's the catch?!
Henry pleads for a break and Gail gives in. Henry runs off again, excitedly!
Coffee Shop
Sharon and Nick come in and join Jim at a table. Sharon heads off to speak to Harold in the kitchen. Nick sits down with Jim, who tells him that he wanted to talk about this morning. Nick says he should have kept his mouth shut, but Jim insists that it was a lovely gesture. He then offers:
JIM: Why don't you go down and choose a headstone and let me pay for it?
NICK: Thanks, but it's not right.
JIM (insists): You're family - that *makes* it right; and if you feel like paying me back later when you're a bit more flush, that's up to you.
Nick sits there looking thoughtful.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Gail and Paul are both digging files out of a cabinet when Des comes in and tells them that he owes them both an explanation for not attending the party. He goes on:
DES: *Jane* was the reason. She'd rather not see me at the moment, and I don't much blame her. I would've said something yesterday, but I didn't think it was fair to involve mates.
Paul tells Des that he's relieved: when your bank manager starts crossing the road, you do start becoming a bit concerned! Des appeals to Gail not to say anything to Jane. Gail assures him she won't. Des then announces that he's booked a restaurant, the champagne's on ice and he'll treat them to show his support for the Robinson Corporation! He adds that he just wants one favour:
DES: Don't go ditching the Pacific Bank for some offshore mob when you become rich and famous!
Grounds of Lassiter's
Henry and Bronwyn are selling the T-shirts outside the Waterhole. A businessman emerges from the pub and asks the two of them what they're doing. Henry tells him that Lassiter's is releasing a series of prints by exciting new Australian artists. He continues selling the 'Nick Page originals', telling the man that the T-shirt is an investment. The man agrees to buy one for $10! Henry then spots Des, Gail and Paul approaching, and he tries to flog *them* some T-shirts! He then shows them how much money they've taken, leading Gail to suggest that he'd better tell Nick to get cracking on the *next* lot! Henry looks ecstatic! Gail then adds that he's back on at the Waterhole tomorrow. Henry lifts Bronwyn up and spins her around, exclaiming happily that he's got his job back!
No. 26
Helen is staring at a letter she's received in the post. It's typewritten and says:
Jim and Beverly arrive home and Jim says he'll put the kettle on. He looks at Helen, who's clearly miles away. Beverly asks her if she's all right. Jim comments in annoyance that it's those begging letters, and he asks Helen how much *this* one wants.
HELEN: Twenty thousand dollars.
JIM (exclaims): You've got to be kidding! Fancy asking for *that* much!
HELEN (deadly serious): They're not *asking* this time, Jim; they're *demanding* - and they're threatening the safety of our family if I don't comply...
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Nick Page, Sharon Davies, Todd Landers, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0949
Nick Page, Sharon Davies, Todd Landers, Henry Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0949
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0949
Mike Young, Jane Harris

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0949
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0949
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0949
Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0949
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Nick Page

Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0949
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay, Sharon Davies

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0949
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0949
Jamie Clarke

Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0949
Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris, Gail Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0949
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Des Clarke

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Gail Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0949
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Gail Robinson, Des Clarke

 in Neighbours Episode 0949

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0949
Helen Daniels

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