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Neighbours Episode 0934 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0934
Australian airdate: 6/4/89
UK airdate: 12/6/90
UK Gold: 30/5/96
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The Coffee Shop
Harold is aghast and speechless. Then he starts ranting at Todd for depravity. He resolves to get the folder back somehow. He drags Todd out with him.
The Office
Gail tells Henry that he can pick up the wallpaper this afternoon. She asks him if he can hang it overnight and he agrees.
Henry goes into the inner office to talk to Paul about their living arrangements. Rental is high at the moment he says. But Paul says they're welcome to stay on and Henry is very grateful.
Lassiter's Lake
Harold and Todd are stalking the vicar. Harold directs the vicar to a bench and they sit down together. He starts distracting him with a story about the church choir.
Scott is finding it hard to find some human interest for his article about immigration. Helen suggests asking some local groups, but Scott already has and they're reluctant to talk to him.
Helen tells Scott about the rehabilitation centre for Jenny and he is pleased. Scott says you think it'll never happen to you.
Lassiter's Lake
Harold and the vicar are talking about the choir, while Todd creeps up behind them and tries to take the folder. However, he's too slow and the vicar picks up the folder again and walks off. Harold tells Todd firmly that he's coming to choir practice this week(!)
The Coffee Shop
Joe comes in and tells Henry that his car is smashed in. He gets as far as the door before he realises that Joe is having him on. Joe says he'll get him eventually!
Jane comes in with the wallpaper samples and the number Gail wants on a piece of paper. When Henry's back is turned, Joe changes the number on the piece of paper.
The Office
Paul invites Gail to dinner tonight, but she says she's already got plans for a business dinner. Paul says the man in question is a bit of a ladies man. Gail teases Paul that's he's jealous. She suggests that Paul comes along and he agrees.
The vicar greets Joe and says they haven't seen him in church for a while. Harold and Todd are still stalking the vicar. Suddenly Todd has an idea. He runs out, bumps into the vicar and the papers from the folder fly everywhere. He quickly shoves the dodgy photo up his shirt and picks up the rest. Harold is very pleased and he crumples up the photo and puts it in his apron pocket. He tells Todd that it's not the end of the matter though - Jim and Beverly will want to hear about the incident.
Joe gives Jane a postcard from Des. He reckons it says he loves her because he's signed it "Love, Des"(!) Jane tells him that she and Des are just friends.
Henry is loading up his van with his wallpapering gear and Scott is helping him. Scott complains that his immigration article is boring - it's just facts and figures. He says he needs a face - a personal touch. Henry suggests asking Poppy - she'd help Scott to access the Greek community.
Henry and Scott look at the wallpaper that Gail has chosen and can't believe that would be the choice. Henry goes off to call Gail.
The Office
Gail answers the phone and tells Henry that she's in a bit of a hurry. She says she's sure about the pattern - it's a bold choice but it's the one they want. Henry resignedly puts the phone down.
Harold is telling Jim and Helen what happened with the magazine centrefold. Jim says that he's very disappointed in Todd. Helen says selling the photos was quite enterprising(!) Jim says that he's stopping Todd's pocket money and Harold approves.
The Office
Henry is moving the furniture about. Scott comes in and says that Poppy wasn't there and Henry realises that she must have been out giving belly-dancing-a-grams.
Scott asks Henry how he's going to bear to look at the wallpaper all night but Henry says he's one step ahead - he takes out a pair of sunglasses!
Paul and Gail's
Paul, Gail and Mr Erskine are having drinks. They start talking about boring work stuff about conferences. Mr Erskine is clearly taken with Gail and asks if he can have a look at the facilities they have - after dinner. Paul does not look impressed at his flirting.
Todd says sorry to Jim about the photos. He says he doesn't know how he'll live without any money - but Jim says that's his problem. When Todd has gone, Jim says that one business tychoon in the family is enough(!)
The Office
Mr Erskine has seen the conference facilities and is impressed with them. Gail gives Mr Erskine some brochures. In the background, they hear Henry working in the inner office. Mr Erskine says that he'd like to have a look - he thinks colours and patterns tell you a lot about a person, they use it to screen prospective employees. He thinks Gail's choice will be simple but elegant - like the way she runs her business (Paul is nearly vomiting at this in the background) Mr Erskine opens the door and finally we all see the wallpaper - brown, white and vomit coloured in a 70s pattern. Henry has almost done the whole room. Mr Erskine says it's a brave choice(!) and heads off. Gail shouts at Henry that she didn't pick the pattern. She tells Henry that he's a liability and he's fired.
<<0933 - 0935>>
Henry Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0934
Henry Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

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