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Neighbours Episode 0763 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0763 (50s night)
Australian airdate: 06/07/88
UK airdate: 12/10/89
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Rob Lewis Ernie Bourne
- "Suddenly" by Angry Anderson
Summary/Images by: Jamie/liblynstephsuse
Gail telling Rob and Ian to stop their feud or she won't have anything to do with either them.
The Office
Paul asks Gail to read back a letter he hands over to her. It turns out, Gail has billed someone twice. She apologizes and explains that she obviously wasn't concentrating. Paul leans over and re-assures Gail that the rivalry between Rob and Ian will all be over pretty soon. The whole thing is an emotional tug of war and she's the one in the middle. Paul gives her a kiss before calling her 'cute'. Jane walks in and lets Paul and Gail know that she's just put on a fresh pot of Coffee which prompts Paul to say that they should bottle her blood. VampirePaul is in a 'chirpy mood' according to Jane which Gail puts down to 'nervous energy' about the 50s night. Madge walks in on their conversation and says that she's had it up to here (eh? Where? There!) with the 50s night. She complains that Henry couldn't hit the right note on his guitar even if he tried and Harold will end up giving himself a hernia! Still, Paul thinks it's going to be a wild night and doesn't think that Madge would miss it for the world. Madge laughs and says she wants front row seats.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is arranging his hair, 50s style, when Scott asks for another coffee. Henry runs in with his guitar wanting to play some notes to Scott but Harold says that he doesn't want the noise pollution disturbing the customers. However, there aren't any customers in the shop. That is of course, until Mrs. Mangel walks in. She wonders what's going on but Harold quickly changes the subject and asks what time she and John Worthington will be arriving to church. Harold praises John Worthington who once did something wonderful for Madge, but all Mrs. Mangel wants is to be served. Charlene comes in so Henry and Mrs. Mangel make themselves scarce. Charlene tells Scott that she doesn't want to fight with him anymore and she loves him. She can see that he's still cut off so if he wants to end it, then she'll understand.
Mrs. Mangel's
Jane walks in and boasts to Mrs. Mangel about the amazing outfits she's got for the 50s night but Mrs. Mangel says she won't be going. She explains to Jane that she told everyone that she'd be going with John but he won't go with her so she doesn't want to look like a fool. Mrs. Mangel says that she's made many mistakes recently but Jane comforts her by telling her not to worry. Mrs. Mangel says that her biggest opponent told her that she didn't deserve a man like John. She begins to cry so Jane says that she won't go to the 50s night. Instead they'll watch a soppy film together.
No. 26
The whole gang, Todd, Katie, Helen and Beverly are in their 50s outfits. According to Bev they look pretty spectacular. They all start to dance - 50s style, until Jim dressed up as a black and white prisoner appears, shackles en all. Paul comes in, wearing the exact same outfit as Jim. Paul says that he wants to go over the words one more time which leads Beverly and the gang to rush to the door in horror. They hand-cuff each other to a pillar while Paul explains that the song is emotional and dramatic for them. Jim clearly isn't impressed and wants to be released. Paul says that the key is on the coffee table. They both try to reach it, but realize that they can't so Jim shouts for Beverly.
The Church Hall
The 50s night is well under way with everyone having a nice boogie to some 50s music. Henry goes over to Des Mike and Scott and tells them that Jane isn't coming. Mike doesn't think he can go through with it now but an optimistic Henry says that everything will be okay. Beverly, Todd, Katie and Helen have come through the entrance. Helen goes over to Madge and comments that she has 'a nice dress', although it's clear that Helen is being sarcastic. Tut tut, Helen. Charlene arrives and her eye catches Scott's. They stare at each other for a while until Henry waves his hands in front of Scott's face to get his attention. He has an idea of how he can replace Jane's absence. He walks over to Madge and Gail and tells them how magnificent they're looking. He wants to offer them the chance of a lifetime. He needs two backing singers, and quick. Madge and Gail are both reluctant to do it so Henry resorts to begging on his hands and knees. He begs and shouts until Madge takes up his offer to shut him up.
Harold is up and ready on stage as the audience watches on. He apologizes for Mrs. Mangel's absence but insists that the show 'must go on'. He starts to sing 'Amazing Grace' in an Elvis kind of way. The audience watches on.
No. 26
Jim and Paul have given up trying to reach the key on the coffee table. Jim says that he's kind of glad that this has happened as now they don't have to go on stage and make fools of themselves. A cynical Paul tells him that they shouldn't relax too soon as the whole street will soon know about them cuffing themselves to pillar.
The Church Hall
Henry is trying to teach Madge and Gail what they have to do as back up singers.
MADGE: One these days I'm going to lie on a leather couch and let a psychiatrist tell me why he talked me into doing this.
The rest of the band is psyching themselves up when Harold goes onto stage to introduce 'The Ramsay Street band'. Henry starts to sing while strumming at the guitar, Madge and Gail are trying to act like their having fun, Mike plays his trumpet and Des bashes away at the drums and percussion. Scott is unenthusiastically singing whilst he stares at Charlene who is also staring back at him.
At the end of the song, the audience claps and cheers. Henry gets down from the stage and Helen tells him that their performance was very energetic. Henry shouts at Helen, telling her that it was unreal! Back on stage Madge is complaining that she couldn't hear a thing over Henry's guitar. She walks off the stage and asks Helen for her opinion. Helen thought it was good but it was loud and she couldn't hear a thing. Beverly is wondering where Jim and Paul have got to as they should have arrived by now. A helpful Gail offers to take a drive and have a look for them. Beverly and Madge decide to assist her. A now alone Helen walks over to Scott to insist that she try and make things up with Charlene as it's clear they both still love each other. Scott however isn't convinced of that love anymore.
SCOTT: I just don't know how I feel about her now.
No. 26
A shocked Gail walks into find Jim and Paul handcuffed to the pillar. Jim and Paul explain their story while Gail sits on the coffee table giggling. Paul tells her that it isn't funny and she should unlock the cuffs now. Gail however is too busy laughing.
The Church Hall
Henry is praising himself to Beverly and Scott who clearly aren't interested. Charlene and Des are dancing when the song changes to "Suddenly" by Angry Anderson (the same song that was played at their wedding). An upset Charlene goes over to the table to collect her purse. Scott walks over, stops her hand and comments that the song playing brings back a few memories.
SCOTT: Would you like to dance? Mrs. Robinson.
CHARLENE: I'd love to.
Charlene starts crying. Harold and Madge are dancing and are delighted to see Scott and Charlene in a tight embrace on the dance floor.
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Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0763
Paul Robinson

Scott Robinson, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0763
Scott Robinson, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Nell Mangel

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0763
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0763
Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Todd Landers

Henry Ramsay, Des Clarke, Mike Young, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0763
Henry Ramsay, Des Clarke, Mike Young, Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0763
Scott Robinson

Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0763
Charlene Robinson

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0763
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0763
Harold Bishop

Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0763
Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Henry Ramsay

Gail Robinson, Mike Young, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0763
Gail Robinson, Mike Young, Des Clarke

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0763
Gail Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0763
Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0763
Scott Robinson

Charlene Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0763
Charlene Robinson, Helen Daniels

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