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Neighbours Episode 0762 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0761 - 0763>>
Episode title: 0762
Australian airdate: 05/07/88
UK airdate: 11/10/89
UK Gold: 03/10/95
Guests: Rob Lewis Ernie Bourne
Summary/Images by: Jamie/Graham
The Garage
Charlene and Jim have done an 'excellent' job on the car so Rob decides to treat them with a surprise . . . a look at some photos from his wedding. Rob comments on how it was 'the happiest day' of his life. A pessimistic Charlene advises Rob to enjoy it while he can. Rob goes to get some lunch while Jim discusses with Charlene the problem's she's having with Scott. Jim tells Charlene that it's inevitable that married people will feel attracted to other people; she just shouldn't have let it get out of hand. Charlene admits that she was in the wrong and doesn't think that she can live without Scott.
The Office
Ian comes in to find Paul and Gail eating each other's faces off (well almost anyway). Ian has brought in some sandwiches which will keep Gail's strength up now she's started IVF. Ian is looking forward to being a Grandfather but Gail reminds him that they still have a long way to go yet. Jane comes in and they start talking about the Star prize for the hardest worker. Paul has decided the prize this time will be a stay at a luxury Brisbane hotel. Jane asks to see Paul's diary and notices that it's Paul and Gail's wedding anniversary next week. Ian is astounded when Gail says that they don't want to do anything special as it's what they have now that's most important.
The Coffee Shop
Henry is bragging to Mike about how good the 50s night is going to be especially his guitar playing. Unfortunately, Mike doesn't seem to be sharing Henrys enthusiasm. According to Henry the band is so out of practice that nobody should expect anything half reasonable. A dazed Des walks in and arranges a practice session with Henry who bolts for the door with excitement. Mike starts telling Des how hard it is seeing Jane around now that they've broken up.
The Office
Jane is typing away at her computer as she apologizes to Gail for mentioning her anniversary. Gail explains that her and Paul look upon the day they renewed their vowels their *real* anniversary. Ian arrives through the door to give a surprised Gail an anniversary present - some wine glasses. They lovingly hug each other whilst an envious Rob watches on.
The Coffee Shop
Ian is having a drink in the Coffee Shop when Rob walks in and comments that his behaviour is 'obnoxious'. Rob thinks that Ian is trying to buy Gail's affection with gifts but Ian just thinks that there is a 'natural affection' between the two of them. EvilIan doesn't think Rob should even try and compete with him!
Des and Mike's
Des is showing Jane some 'cute' earmuffs that he's given to Jamie. Jane explains to Des that she's worried about the tension between her and Mike but Des assures her that Mike is mature enough to know that she'll start seeing other people. Mike and Henry arrive with instruments in hand. Mike avoids eye contact with Jane. What was that about tension?
Paul and Gail's
Des and Paul are rehearsing a song to Gail and Ian who clearly don't understand what they're doing. After the song Paul and Ian discuss their love for 50s music. Paul goes to show Ian his 50s collection.
PAUL: Hey we could have a record night!
Gail cracks a joke about Ian being 'a bit of a rocker' before he goes upstairs along with Paul. Gail decides to show Jim the early anniversary present that Ian got them. It turns out that Jim had completely forgotten it was their anniversary. Gail explains to Jim about what happened earlier when Rob walked in on her and Ian hugging. She could clearly see he was jealous. Jim comforts Gail by telling her that men are silly. She only has to look at Paul persuading Jim to do the 50s night as an example! They both laugh.
Des and Mike's
Des and Jane are working on putting together the instruments for the 50s night. Meanwhile Henry is attempting to impress Scott and Mike by putting on some glasses, picking up his electric guitar and 'acting like a star'. Henry comments that Scott should keep the ampage on his guitar down as he is the lead guitarist. A clearly annoyed Scott is interrupted when Jane explains that she doesn't seem to understand the lyrics to the song. Henry and Scott tell Jane that it's the feel of the song that is more important especially the 'ohh's and ahh's'. Charlene comes through the door, with Scott blatantly ignoring her. They quickly decide to rehearse with Henry allocating himself and Jane a microphone. A confused Des asks why he doesn't have a microphone as he wanted to play in 'nuances'. Henry, however just wants him to 'bang' the things, in time as well. Henry attempts to excite Scott and Charlene who are clearly miserable. He wants them to stand close together and smile as they play. Scott isn't very happy with Henry so puts down his guitar and starts towards the door. Despite Scott's unexpected departure they decide to play on although Charlene interrupts saying that she wants to drop out. The unexpected interruptions prompt Jane to suggest that they stop rehearsing and re-group in the morning. Henry and Jane depart leaving Mike and Des to discuss Jane further. Des advises that they should try and feel more comfortable with each other as there's enough tension with Scott and Charlene.
Harold and Madge's
Henry goes over to Scott and Charlene who are sitting on the couch sulking. He apologizes to them for being a bit overbearing. He just thoughr that if he got them smiling at each other then they might be able to make amends. He apologizes again and suggests they should try and reconcile, before he makes his way to bed. A brave Charlene suggests to Scott that they should talk but Scott doesn't want to listen. She asks for his forgiveness as she forgave him when he kissed Jane, even though she was really hurt by it. Charlene tells him that she loves him but Scott doesn't understand how she could be attracted to two people at the same time. Charlene explains that she didn't realize she was falling for Steve before it was too late. She loves Scott, and chose him! An increasingly agitated Scott is hurt that she even had to choose at all.
CHARLENE: You have you forgive me Scott. Otherwise out marriage is over. Is that what you want?
SCOTT: I just don't know if I could ever feel the same way about you again. I'm sorry.
Mrs. Mangel's
Jane opens the door to Mike who wants to talk to her. He wants to apologize for suggesting that Jane had feelings for Mike. He realizes that she would never be hung up on him because he's still getting over Daphne. However, By Jane's reaction he realizes that he was right all along. An uncomfortable Jane wants him to go home so Mike heads towards the door and assures her that he won't tell anyone as he wouldn't want to embarrass Des. He calls her a 'fool' before heading out of the door.
Paul and Gail's
Rob comes in carrying a present for Paul and Gail's anniversary. Rob insists that she open it now even though the anniversary is still a week away. She opens it - it's a glass bowl. Rob comments that it was 'the best in the shop' so Gail says that she'll always treasure it. Gail puts it on the mantelpiece along with the wine glasses she'd received from Ian earlier. Rob decides to move its position and causes one of the wine glasses to fall to the floor and smash into smithereeeeens! Rob apologizes but Ian thinks that Rob is out to destroy his gift to Gail They begin to threaten each other with violence until Paul holds Rob back.
GAIL: Stop it! I am sick of this! You'll stop this right now; otherwise I don't want to have anything to do with either of you.
<<0761 - 0763>>
Jim Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0762
Jim Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Rob Lewis

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Jane Harris, Ian Chadwick in Neighbours Episode 0762
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Jane Harris, Ian Chadwick

Ian Chadwick in Neighbours Episode 0762
Ian Chadwick

Mike Young, Henry Ramsay, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0762
Mike Young, Henry Ramsay, Des Clarke

Gail Robinson, Ian Chadwick in Neighbours Episode 0762
Gail Robinson, Ian Chadwick

Ian Chadwick, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0762
Ian Chadwick, Rob Lewis

Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0762
Jamie Clarke

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0762
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Mike Young, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0762
Henry Ramsay, Mike Young, Scott Robinson

Jane Harris, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0762
Jane Harris, Des Clarke

Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0762
Charlene Robinson

Mike Young, Des Clarke, Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0762
Mike Young, Des Clarke, Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0762
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0762
Mike Young, Jane Harris

Rob Lewis, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Ian Chadwick in Neighbours Episode 0762
Rob Lewis, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Ian Chadwick

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0762
Gail Robinson

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