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Neighbours Episode 0749 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0749
Australian airdate: 15/06/88
UK airdate: 22/09/89
UK Gold: 14/09/95
Summary/Images by: Jamie
Des and Mike's
Des and Jane are talking about how Mike should be pleased with the room that they have just finished. Jane is handling some cable and Des asks if she's ready to be doing such a thing but Jane assures him that she is fine. Des is still feeling guilty about what happened but Jane doesn't want him to feel bad. Des offers to order a pizza for dinner but Jane says that Mrs. Mangel will probably be expecting her home soon. Des says that sometimes he feels lonely in the evening when he is on his own, so Jane agrees to stay with him.
Mrs. Mangel's
The next morning Mrs. Mangel comes running out of her bedroom shouting for Jane. When Jane comes out it, it turns out that they have been robbed. . . . of Sedrick the garden gnome. Mrs. Mangel is 'shocked' that Bouncer let someone take Sedrick and Jane says that it was probably someone Bouncer that knew otherwise he would have barked the place down. Mrs. Mangel says that she is going to draw up a list of people and give it to the police. Jane advises not to, as Sedrick 'may find his way home again'. Mrs. Mangel says that Jane is talking 'rubbish'.
Number 26
Helen rushes into the kitchen and realizes that she has forgotten to put Sedrick the gnome back. She places Sedrick by the door and tells him to 'staaaay'. Seriously guys, it's a gnome!
Des and Mike's
Mike is trying to feed Jamie who obviously does not want to be fed until Jane comes in and gives him a birthday card and a peck on the cheek. They start talking about the scavenger hunt and how much money they raised. Apparently Henry gave up when he found the English tourist. Jane tells Mike and Des how furious her Nan is over Sedrick going missing and Mike explains that Mrs. D and Katie had it but why they didn't put it back last night. . . is a mystery.
Ramsay Street
Helen is walking along Ramsay Street holding Sedrick the gnome close to her. Gail and Paul are walking down their drive and notice Helen. "Taking the baby for a walk eh Helen?" says Gail. Helen explains to Gail and Paul that she forgot to put him back after the scavenger hunt but Paul says Nell is unlikely to be sympathetic as she refuses to sponsor the hunt. Henry comes in from behind and Paul asks after the English girl he tried to pick up. Henry explains that 'if you push the proper English buttons then the English are so proper'. Gail reminds Henry to go to their backyard to do some cutting in doing so Henry calls her a 'slave-driver' and turns around only for the garden fork he is holding to hit Sedrick the Gnome right in the neck causing the decapitation of his head. Ha! "Oh no . . . " Helen sighs.
Number 26
Henry is carefully placing Sedrick head back onto his body with some superglue which he says will set in an hour. Helen feels bad and says that she should just confess everything to Nell but Henry advises not to.
The Office
Jane is taking some calls and lets Jane know that the adoption people are on the phone. Gail nervously takes the call expecting some news but it turns out they are just checking out some information. Paul quickly changes the subject to the scavenger hunt, saying that Jane did a good job, especially with Des. Apparently it really seems like he is making his way towards getting over Daphne's death.
The Coffee Shop
Henry is talking to Mike who is behind the counter about how there is going to be an influx of English girls now that he is around. Mike begins to tell Henry about how great Jane is doing the dark room for him. She's 'one in a million' and Mike is going to show his appreciation with a special surprise. Henry says that he is jealous Mike long-term relationship with Jane because he can seem to 'get them' but not 'keep them'. Paul comes in and start laughing with Henry about Sedrick losing his head.
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel is on the phone talking to the policeman saying that Sedrick the Gnome going missing is 'no laughing matter'. He gives a detailed description to the policeman, says goodbye, then goes to answer the door - it's Helen. Mrs. Mangel is ecstatic at the sight of seeing Sedrick and asks Helen where she found him. Helen explains that she borrowed him for the scavenger hunt but forgot to put him back. However, Mrs. Mangel is not pleased as it caused her a lot of 'stress'.
The Office
Mike and Jane are talking about what to do tonight. Jane wants to go to the movies but Mike is explaining that he has organized something at Lassiter's for them both. Jane reluctantly agrees and Mike goes in for a peck but Jane moves away and tells him not to in the office. Mike wonders why she isn't looking pleased but Jane says that she's just busy. Gail comes in and asks Jane to type some things up and Mike leaves. Gail can sense that there is some wrong between Mike and Jane but Jane refuses to open up about it to Gail.
Mrs. Mangel's garden
Mrs. Mangel is in her garden moaning to Bouncer about letting Helen take Sedrick without her knowing about it. She expects him to improve for the future. Mrs. Mangel is noticing how grubby Sedrick looks after his 'adventure' and so decides to give him a shower with the hose pipe. To her shock and horror the force of water takes Sedrick's head off!
The Office
Paul is leaving for a meeting with Mr. Wilkinson and leaved Jane some notes to file. Gail offers to help her file the notes, describing it as 'just like housework'. Jane begins talking about the awkwardness with Mike earlier on, saying that she doesn't think she loves Mike as much as she used to. She describes him as 'acting like a little boy sometimes', however she does not want to break up with him. Gail advises that they talk to each other and have a heart to heart.
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel rushes over to Jane as she comes through the door showing her what has happened to her beloved Sedrick. Jane tells her not to worry and pulls out an identical gnome from her bag. However Mrs. Mangel isn't pleased as Sedrick has 'sentimental value'. Jane continues to moan at Mrs. Mangel and Mrs. Mangel can see that something is wrong and sits Jane down for them to talk. Jane apologises and explains that nothing is wrong and so decides to jump in the shower before she goes to dinner with Mike.
Des and Mike's
Des is alone talking to Jamie when the door goes. It's Gail and Paul with some dinner they thought they would share with him. Gail comments on how Jamie grows heavier every time she holds him. Des asks Gail about the quest to find her biological parents but Gail replies that these things take time and they may not even want to be found. They start talking about Pete and Des reveals that his head office is sponsoring him for $1000 . . . the same amount as Lassiters.
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