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Neighbours Episode 0748 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0748
Australian airdate: 15/06/88
UK airdate: 21/09/89
UK Gold: 13/09/95
Writer: Malcolm Frawley
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: John Worthington: Brian James
Pete Baxter: Tony Briggs
Liz Stanton: Rebecca Martin
Summary/Images by: Graham
Coffee Shop
Charlene tells Scott that it's her fault: there's something she hasn't told him because she didn't know how he'd react. She continues slowly:
CHARLENE: It's about-
MADGE (interrupts quickly): Steak!
SCOTT (frowns): What?!
Madge carries on that they couldn't decide what he'd prefer for his 'first day at work surprise celebration dinner' tonight - although it's not going to be a surprise now! Scott stares at her in astonishment! Charlene changes the subject and suggests that he come and tell her how his first day was. At the counter, Harold says to Madge coolly:
HAROLD: It isn't often you astound me, Madge, but this *is* one of those times.
The shop door opens suddenly and Mrs. Mangel comes in with John Worthington. Madge says she's got shopping to do, and she heads out. Harold asks Mrs. Mangel and John how he can help them and John explains that he was hoping to sponsor a participant in the scavenger hunt. Harold smiles that he'll go and get a form. Left alone with John, Mrs. Mangel says:
MRS. MANGEL: I do enjoy the various social functions the bowling club organises. Don't you?
JOHN: Yes, very much; the ones I've been to.
MRS. MANGEL: And I believe the church is having a '50s dance next fortnight. I expect I'll see you there?
JOHN: No, no, I'm afraid I won't be attending.
MRS. MANGEL (surprised): Why ever not?
JOHN: Well, you see, I'm still in mourning. Granted it's almost a year, but I feel it's a little too soon. I'm sure it'll be most enjoyable, but I'm not entirely certain it's right for *me*.
No. 26
Jim is telling Helen that he's never seen Rob with his nose so out of joint. Helen asks what he said. Jim replies:
JIM: Nothing. I know I was away a long time, but...
He pauses before going on:
JIM: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
HELEN: Probably. The new apprentice's first day and he behaves more like the boss.
Jim points out that he had to pick Todd up; he could hardly leave the boy to get home on his own. Helen says she thinks Rob is finding it terribly difficult to know where he stands; she thinks the situation needs more time and it's up to Jim to be sensitive to his position. Todd and Katie wander in suddenly and Todd comments to Helen that Katie just told him she's on her team for the scavenger hunt. He then invites Jim to be on *his* team and Jim smiles that he thinks they'll make an *excellent* team. Katie remarks that Aunt Beverly is going to miss out on heaps of fun.
Back yard of No. 32
Mrs. Mangel is using a hose to wash down Cedric the gnome, commenting that she supposes Bouncer tried to bury him. Des and Mike come through the gate suddenly and Mike starts fussing over Bouncer. Mrs. Mangel comments curtly that she takes it this visit isn't a social one. Des tells her that Pete Baxter is a very promising athlete - and he needs her help. Mrs. Mangel realises he's referring to the scavenger hunt. Des goes on that they'd like her to be a sponsor. Mrs. Mangel, however, retorts that she's sure their federal government funds the Institute of Sport *and* their Olympians, and that funding is derived from taxation - in which case she's already sponsoring the young man. She asks if there's anything else. Des and Mike just stand there in stunned silence. Mrs. Mangel heads inside. Des turns to the gnome and says:
DES: What about *you*, Cedric?!
No. 24
It's evening time and Charlene, Harold, Madge, Henry and Scott are having dinner. As he finishes his, Scott says it was very nice - but it wasn't steak. Madge tells him quickly that she changed her mind at the last minute! Harold, however, asks curtly if they can not talk about meat at the table. Charlene changes the subject and reminds Henry that they said they'd help Des and Jane with the scavenger hunt. Madge asks if Jane is fully recovered and Charlene nods that she didn't even miss work today. With that, the kids head out, leaving Madge to say to Harold tersely:
MADGE: I think that was uncalled for.
MADGE: That outburst of yours.
MADGE: Just because *you're* a vegetarian doesn't mean *we* have to be.,
HAROLD: Vegetables have absolutely nothing to do with it, Madge.
MADGE: Then why are you so testy?
HAROLD (curtly): *Why*? Because you lied to your son- in- law.
MADGE: I was only trying to help.
HAROLD: Charlene was prepared to take the honourable option and you prevented her.
MADGE: She was about to make a very big mistake.
HAROLD: Yeah, well, I think *you're* about to make a *bigger* one. It is very important with families to form a mutual trust.
MADGE: Harold, it was not the time or the place, and the last thing Scott needed to hear was that he's got a rival after all.
HAROLD: He may not *want* to hear it, but there's no doubt in my mind that he *needs* to.
MADGE: And upset him all over again? Where are we going to be then?
HAROLD: Out in the open. There's no excuse for deception, Madge.
MADGE: It wasn't an excuse, Harold, it was a reason.
HAROLD: Yes, yes, a reason to doubt *your* honesty.
MADGE (aghast): Harold, how *can* you? You know I'd never lie to you.
No. 24
The next morning, Harold finishes his breakfast and mutters that he'd better get going. Madge asks him if he's not having a cup of tea, but Harold retorts that he'll have one at the Coffee Shop. He storms out. When he's gone, Charlene asks Madge if the two of them had a fight. Madge explains that Harold is still very angry because she stopped Charlene telling Scott about Steve's letter. Charlene points out that she was only trying to help. Madge sighs that Harold will forget about it sooner or later; and they should hope Steve will forget too, otherwise things will never get back to normal around there. Charlene assures her:
CHARLENE: Things *are* back to normal, mum. Steve is forgotten. In fact, it's as if he never existed.
Madge gives her a daughter a hug of relief, smiling that that's the best news she's had in ages.
Coffee Shop
Sometime later, Harold is trying to dish out lunch packs he's made to Jim and the family, but no one is interested! Across the shop floor, Henry thanks Paul for getting behind this - and for sponsoring him. Elsewhere, Pete is saying to Des and Mike that he's blown out that everyone's being so helpful - he hopes he's worth it. Des assures him:
DES: This time next year, there'll be a statue of you outside Lassiter's!
The shop door opens and John comes in, followed by Charlene and Scott. Des suddenly stands up on a chair and thanks everyone for participating. He tells the contestants that they'll be given a list of twenty items and they have two hours to collect them, with official closing time being 6pm back at the Coffee Shop. Paul then takes Des's place on the chair and announces that the Daniels Corporation is giving a first prize of a weekend's accommodation plus dinner for two at Lassiter's - and that prize will go to the team or individual who collects the most items from the list. He adds:
PAUL: Also, I'd just like to say thanks, everyone, for pitching in to support Erinsborough's first Olympic gold medallist, Pete Baxter!
There's a wild round of applause! Paul then tells everyone to grab a list. Des counts down to the start - and tells everyone to go! There's a mad rush for the door!
Various locations around Ramsay Street and the Lassiter's complex
Jim reluctantly allows Todd to take a rose from his front garden. Henry sneaks into Mrs. Mangel's back yard and tries to grab Cedric - but he's being guarded by Bouncer, who chases Henry away! Charlene and Scott then try and sneak in - but Bouncer again chases them off. Mike has a bright idea to grab one of Jim's roses - and takes the last one! Helen and Katie also try to steal Cedric! Helen tells Katie warily that she doesn't think they should - but Katie reaches for the gnome and takes it without Bouncer raising a paw!
At Lassiter's, the contestants are loaded down with items and they try to talk to a young British woman, who snaps at them to stop pushing and shoving and adds that they're all potty. Henry rushes over and says to the contestants in an upper- class British accent:
HENRY: I say! How dare you treat the lady in such a fashion. Ruffians!
He turns to the young lady and asks her to allow him to take her away from all this. The woman says:
WOMAN: Thank you. My name's Elizabeth.
HENRY: Henry Ramsay. Lord!
Coffee Shop
Harold serves coffees to Madge, Paul and Des and Madge remarks cattily that it's a pity he's still working; they could have asked him to join them! Paul grins and asks if this is a lover's tiff?! Harold retorts that it's just a small difference of opinion. He walks off and Madge murmurs that she supposes she shouldn't have spoken to him like that in front of people. She then looks at John, who's sitting by himself at another table, and says she might just have a word with him. She walks over and joins him and asks him how he is. He thanks her again for the lovely dinner and Madge tells him that it was really lovely to be able to invite a mutual friend. At that moment, said mutual friend - Mrs. Mangel - comes into the Coffee Shop and smiles at John that it's lovely to see him again. John assures her that the pleasure's all his. John invites her to join them. Madge leaves them to it. Mrs. Mangel then says to John:
MRS. MANGEL: You're becoming quite a regular - two days in a row!
JOHN: Oh, I sponsored a young student. I thought it'd be handy so he could collect his money.
MRS. MANGEL: How very generous of you.
JOHN: In the meantime, I was just browsing through the paper.
MRS. MANGEL (notices): Oh, Dear Georgette. You mean you read her?
JOHN: Oh, occasionally. Once in a while she gives some very good advice.
MRS. MANGEL (smiles): Oh, thank you!
JOHN (frowns): I-
MRS. MANGEL: I meant, thank heavens for people like Dear Georgette.
She then tells John that he should make a habit of reading her regularly. John nods that he will! Mrs. Mangel then asks him to excuse her, as she's remembered some unfinished business she has to attend to. She dashes out!
No. 24
In their bedroom, Charlene is searching for a rag doll as Scott stands around holding a pile of items they've collected for the scavenger hunt. He eventually drops them, though, and collapses onto the bed. Charlene, however, tells him to up and at 'em. Scott grins that she'd better stay close enough to keep him awake. He pulls her to him as Charlene warns:
CHARLENE: We're going to miss out on all the fun, you know.
SCOTT (grins): Seems like pretty good fun to *me*!
Coffee Shop
The Coffee Shop is full of contestants having returned after the scavenger hunt. Several are wearing comic hats. Elizabeth is standing next to Henry, smiling broadly! Des stands up on a chair suddenly and asks for everyone's attention. He then says:
DES: There is a clear winner. It's a team - and it's my pleasure to announce the first prize in the Pete Baxter Olympic Scavenger Hunt, with a total of 18 out of 20, goes to Katie Landers and Helen Daniels!
There's a round of applause and Mike takes their photo. Des then announces that runners- up with 16 out of 20 were Todd and Jim. Paul joins Des on the chair and hands the first prize envelope to Katie and his gran. He then tells everyone that they also decided to award a wooden spoon. Des announces:
DES: The least number of items collected was 3: a hat, a rose and an English tourist - by Henry Ramsay!
Elizabeth grins that she didn't know what was going on at first, but it's been great fun. Jim murmurs:
JIM: Tell that to my rosebush!
Paul then says it's a little early to know how much they've raised, but he's confident in predicting that Pete Baxter - the Erinsborough Flash! - is well on his way to the Australian Institute of Sport.
There's another round of applause and a chant of 'Pete for gold' starts up!
No. 32
It's evening- time and Mrs. Mangel is writing at the desk in her lounge room. She puts her pen down and re- reads her words:
MRS. MANGEL: "Dear Lonely Widower. I fear I may have erred in the advice I offered to you in my last column."
She then murmurs that that's very humble - she likes that.
MRS. MANGEL: "I now feel that in the autumn of one's life one shouldn't live in the past. One should live each day as it comes and seize any opportunity the future may hold for happiness. After all, life goes on, and the dear departed wouldn't expect their loved ones to mourn forever."
She murmurs that that's beautiful.
MRS. MANGEL: "This lady you encountered at the bowling club could well provide the key to your own future happiness. I'm sure she would respond to a little attention, and perhaps some flowers or other gesture of affection. As a wise man once said: 'We're a long time dead, so must make the most of our all- too- brief lives.'"
She then signs the letter as 'Dear Georgette' and, putting the pen down again, smiles to herself happily.
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Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0748
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0748
Madge Bishop

Nell Mangel, John Worthington in Neighbours Episode 0748
Nell Mangel, John Worthington

Jim Robinson, Todd Landers, Katie Landers, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0748
Jim Robinson, Todd Landers, Katie Landers, Helen Daniels

Des Clarke, Mike Young, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0748
Des Clarke, Mike Young, Nell Mangel

Charlene Robinson, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0748
Charlene Robinson, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson

Charlene Robinson, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0748
Charlene Robinson, Madge Bishop

Mike Young, Pete Baxter, Harold Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0748
Mike Young, Pete Baxter, Harold Bishop, Des Clarke

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Mike Young, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0748
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Mike Young, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Todd Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0748
Todd Landers, Jim Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0748
Henry Ramsay, Bouncer

Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0748
Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Bouncer

Henry Ramsay, Liz Stanton in Neighbours Episode 0748
Henry Ramsay, Liz Stanton

Mike Young, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0748
Mike Young, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

John Worthington, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0748
John Worthington, Madge Bishop

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0748
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Liz Stanton, Henry Ramsay, Pete Baxter, Harold Bishop, Mike Young, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0748
Liz Stanton, Henry Ramsay, Pete Baxter, Harold Bishop, Mike Young, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Liz Stanton, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0748
Liz Stanton, Henry Ramsay

Pete Baxter in Neighbours Episode 0748
Pete Baxter

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0748
Nell Mangel

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