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Neighbours Episode 0747 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0747
Australian airdate: 13/06/88
UK airdate: 20/09/89
UK Gold: 12/09/95
Summary/Images by: Jamie
Number 26
Helen is doing some painting and explains to Jim that she is going to be 'flat out' all day. They discuss Todd going Adelaide with Beverly and how it probably wasn't a good idea. Jim offers to pick up Todd from the airport, just to see how he is. Talk quickly turns to Jim starting back up at the Garage and how it will be 'weird' to work with Rob again. Katie comes into the kitchen and comments on Helen's poster for the scavenger hunt saying not to make it too good, otherwise too many people will come giving her less chance of finding anything. Jim doesn't want Katie to be on her own for the hunt so Helen offers to go with her only if Jim sponsors someone. He agrees and they strike a deal.
Madge and Harold's
Scott comes rushing into the kitchen and Harold and Madge comment on how smart he looks. However, Scott is more worried about saying or doing the wrong thing at his new work. Charlene comes along and comments on how tired she is. Harold offers some advice but Scott doesn't want to hear it and heads off to work after kissing Charlene and agreeing to meet her for work. Charlene and Harold watch Scott go from the window and Harold tells Charlene that she should be very proud of him.
Ramsay Street
Pete Baxter is jogging into Ramsay Street and bumps into Scott who tells him that he is 'Superman material'. Scott tells Pete that he is nervous and so is going to go round the block a few times so Pete offers to run with him. Pete wants to show how much he appreciated everyone helping him raise money for him to train for the Olympics but Scott says that he could ask his editor to run a story on him for some publicity.
Madge and Harold's
Madge and Charlene are talking whilst Madge is sorting out some laundry and discovers the letter that Steve left for Charlene at the garage. Madge demands that she explains herself. "She wants answers, and they better be good". She asks Charlene if she has told Scott but Charlene says that it would only make things worse between them. She says that she is going to ring him and tell him to leave her alone. Madge is less than satisfied and says she had better sort herself out before Charlene accuses her of thinking that her and Steve are having an affair.
The Coffee Shop
Harold and Pete are talking, or well, fantasizing about Pete playing at the Olympics. Pete thinks it's great that everyone is behind him and so thanks Harold for allowing the scavenger hunt to start at the coffee shop. Rob butts in and saying that Harold only allowed it for the money that they will gain from people buying coffees. Rob offers to be a sponsor for Pete who gratefully accepts.
Number 26
Helen is still doing her painting when Madge comes in and says that the poster looks 'good'. Helen can see that there is something wrong and Madge explains that she has things on her mind I.e. Scott and Charlene. Madge suggest that maybe she should confront Steve and 'put the fear of God into him' however Helen advises that she let Charlene sort it out for herself and not interfere.
The Garage
Charlene is on the phone to Steve who is telling him that he is being unfair and that he should never write to him again. After putting the phone down she releases a quick sigh.
Outside Jim is explaining to Rob that he wants to pick up Todd himself but Rob says that there is too much work to do. Charlene comes out and Rob complains that she should not be 'mucking about' prompting Charlene to become aggressive and tells him to 'back off'.
The Coffee Shop
Pete walks into the coffee shop whilst Harold is explaining to Helen that he asks Pete to 'pop in' at lunch time in an attempt to sign up more sponsors. Pete is anxious at asking random people to sponsor him but Helen says not to worry, she'll use her emotional blackmail technique on them if they don't. You dark horse Helen! Helen shows Harold the poster that she has made and Harold describes in as 'amazing' but there is one little thing wrong with it - it doesn't explain the services that the coffee shop can provide. Helen says she didn't know he wanted her to make an ad for him. Pete comes back and says that he has already signed up three more sponsors. Harold quickly changes the subject to some stalls that will house ornaments for sale. Helen is shocked, 'words fail' her.
Number 26
Jim and Todd have just arrived back into the house. Jim attempts to talk to Todd however Todd is being unresponsive. Jim hesitates and asks him about the flight and the food they served but Todd responds with only 'Yes/No' answers. Jim approaches Todd to talk to him about his father only for Todd to reveal that his father never visited their mother in hospital. Todd, who is beginning to cry, rushes outside and shouts that he wished his father was dead!
Outside, Jim explains to Todd that his father is probably going through some hard times at the moment because he was in the Vietnam War which may have affected him badly. Todd says that he understands but sometimes it's just hard to love him because of the way he behaves but he is going to try anyway. Katie and Helen come outside and when Katie asks about their Mum and Dad, Todd says that they're both fine and doing well.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is complaining to Madge about Helen and how he thinks she is being 'unfair'. Madge groans, not really paying any attention to him. Harold asks Madge if he is beginning to bore her but Madge assures him that she has just got so many things on her mind at the moment. When Harold asks her about it, she tells him that he doesn't want to worry him about it. According to Harold however, 'honesty in the best policy'. She gives in and begins to tell him everything. . .
The Garage
Charlene is working on a car when Scott arrives and tells her that his editor has decided to run a story on Pete and he will go up to the institute to do a 'follow up' on the story. Charlene is not pleased at the prospect of spending time away with him but Scott assures her not to worry.
The Coffee Shop
Harold and Madge are arguing, following Madge revelation about Charlene and Steve. . and the secret Charlene is holding from Scott. Amusingly, the customers are obviously feeling uncomfortable and begin to leave, prompting Harold to shout "Hope you had a good meal!" Harold is 'appalled!' that Charlene hasn't told Scott. "The fact is Scott must be told the truth!" exclaims Harold. "The truth about what, exactly?" Scott asks. It seems they've entered the coffee shop at the wrong moment. Harold, Madge and Charlene hesitate until Charlene gets ready to tell him the truth only for Madge to interrupt as tell him they were just talking about 'steak' and whether or not to cook them as a celebration for the first day at his new job.
<<0746 - 0748>>
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