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Neighbours Episode 0746 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0746
Australian airdate: 11/06/88
UK airdate: 19/09/89
UK Gold: 11/09/95
Summary/Images by: Jamie
Des and Mike's
A shocked Des and Mike come to Jane's rescue. Des demands that Mike not touch her whilst he properly unplugs the electrics. Des puts her into the recovery position (I think) and can feel that she isn't breathing. Rightly, they decide to take her to the hospital. Whilst Des collects Jamie Mike is left kneeling and feeling helpless. Des commands that he 'pulls himself together!' for Jane's sake.
Madge and Harold's
Madge, Harold, Charlene and Scott are finishing eating their Sunday dinner when Charlene grabs some more potatoes. Scott declines explaining that he feels full. Harold describes his solo as 'a disaster' whilst Madge disagrees. Harold explains that his singing was 'up to scratch' but Mrs. Mangel's piano playing left a lot to be desired. Madge explains that it was probably because John Worthington was there. Charlene says that Mrs. Mangel is too old to be in a relationship. Henry comes in and tells everyone that he was lawn mowing with Pete when his equipment stuffed up. He relentlessly begs Charlene to help him fix his equipment and she finally agrees after some persuasion from Scott.
Ramsay Street
Mrs. Mangel is angry that the nurse at the hospital ushered her out away from her grand-daughter. Mike attempts to calm her down saying that she'll only be in for observation over night. Des arrives with Jamie and further assures Mrs. Mangel that apart from a burn and a scratch she's fine. Des offers to give Jane a lift home when the hospital says she's ready to come home. An unhappy Mrs. Mangel says "that's the least you can do", she holds Des entirely responsible.
The Garage
Henry and Charlene arrive at the garage. Whilst Henry gets out of the car to unlock the doors to the garage Charlene hangs her head out of the window and complains that Henry is ruining the last day she had a chance to spend with Scott before he starts his new job. Henry discovers a note attached to the door lock. Charlene hesitates while Henry wonders who it's from. Charlene says it is from a customer but is angered by Henry's mockery and kicks him in the shins. You go girly! Charlene begins to open up Henry telling him it's from Steve (the one she kissed a few episodes ago) who is interested in her but won't leave her alone. Charlene begs Henry not to Scott after Henry reads the letter and observes Steve's keenness. Charlene reveals that she kissed him, causing a angry Henry to demand she never talk to him or see him again.
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel has opened the door whilst Des and Mike bring her into the house. Mrs. Mangel insists that Jane have a blanket round her despite Jane's protest of it being 'boiling'. Mrs. Mangel hurriedly ushers Des and Mike out the door along with Jamie who she has babysat. Jane tells Mrs. Mangel to stop fussing and tell her how Harold's solo went. Mrs. Mangel explains that it was a bit off key, either because of her singing or piano playing. She explains that John Worthington was there, just to see her. Mrs. Mangel blushes. Awww.
Des and Mike's
Mike is attempting to fix the cord that electrocuted Jane but to no avail, leading to Des throwing it in the bin. Des is angry over Mrs. Mangel's response to what happened but Mike assures him that he was great at helping Jane by giving her the first aid that she needed. Des offers to make some dinner but Mike needs to do a music assignment. Des suddenly remembers that Henry is coming around to discuss the scavenger hunt that they are organizing to raise money for Pete. However, Des is not in the mood for Henry at the moment.
Madge and Harold's
Henry is asleep on the couch when Madge leans over him and shouts 'Henry!' Obviously he quickly awakens. After all, her voice is strong enough to wake up a hibernating squirrel. She's asking him to do the dishes before he goes over to Mike's. Charlene and Harold are in the kitchen when Scott comes rushing in to show Charlene his portfolio for his new job. Harold takes a quick look and describes it as 'impressive', before handing over a book called 'survival' which he thinks Scott will find helpful. Scott and Charlene seem less than impressed, especially Charlene when Harold explains that there is a very interesting chapter called 'interpersonal relationships' which he explains as a way to solve disputes between spouses. Scott says that there is nothing to worry about and that he was jealous over Steve for nothing. Charlene and Henry exchange some menacing eye contact.
Des and Mike's
Des opens the door to Jane who has brought him a little present as a way of saying thank you for helping her. Des tells Jane that Henry will be coming over soon to talk about the scavenger hunt. However, Jane will have to leave soon other Mrs. Mangel will be searching out a search party. Des is feeling guilty over what happens but Jane reassures him that it could have happened to anyone. Apparently Des is her 'hero'. They both proclaim their great fondness for each another with a patting hug. Jane's eyes begin to water as they become closer and closer to each other.
Henry is explaining to a drowsy Des that what they need is some publicity, possibly from Scott's new job. Des decides to call it a night so Henry makes his way to the door to discover Mike walking in. Mike tells Des that he can't stop thinking about Jane so he might brave going into see her. Des doesn't think that is a very good idea however.
Madge and Harold's
An enthusiastic Henry walks in to Madge saying that she wants to go to bed. Henry suggests to Scott that if he could get the newspaper he works for to run a story on Pete and the scavenger hunt then it would garner a lot of publicity. Scott thinks it is a good idea but Harold disagrees. Charlene is ironing some of Scott's work clothes for tomorrow but Scott says that she doesn't have to do it. She insists, but Scott wants to see her in bed. . . soon. When Scott goes Henry tells Charlene that she's going too far with fussing over Scott. Henry suggests that Charlene has a guilty conscience and that she shouldn't see Steve tomorrow. An angry Charlene tells him to 'back off!'
Scott is in bed reading a magazine when Charlene enters. Scott can tell that there is something bothering her and demands to know what it is. Charlene explains that it's just his new job that he's starting tomorrow. Scott reassures her not to worry, whilst they hug and both tell each other how much they're in love.
Mrs. Mangel
Mrs. Mangel is wondering why John Worthington didn't offer to take her home after Harold's solo. Jane suggests that he still may be getting over his wife's death. Hwoever, Mrs. Mangel says she wouldn't know Des had lost a wife just on appearance. An angry Jane responds and claims that Des is still going through a 'tough time'. Mrs. Mangel tells Jane that she is exhausted and that 'Des Clarke has a lot to answer for!'.
Scott and Charlene's bedroom
Scott and Charlene are both asleep. Charlene is twitching in her sleep because she is having a nightmare about Steve and everything he has caused. Her nightmare:
SCOTT: Look, if there is a chance that this could develop into something, isn't it better just to stop it right now?
CHARLENE: Nothing is going to develop! Can't you get it through your thick head that he's just a friend!
SCOTT: Well I am your husband and I am telling you that the friendship is over.
Charlene awakes and shouts 'Steve!' She walks over to the window and rubs her face is despair looking at a innocently asleep Scott.
<<0745 - 0747>>
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