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Neighbours Episode 0745 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0744 - 0746>>
Episode title: 0745
Australian airdate: 10/06/88
UK airdate: 18/09/89
UK Gold: 08/09/95
Summary/Images by: Jamie
Jim and Beverly's
An anxious and slightly angry Todd is claiming that he can handle any news regarding his Mother. Beverly backs down and explains that his mother is experiencing a nervous breakdown. Jim, backing up Beverly, states that she needs 'peace and quiet'. Todd decides to go to bed after hearing that his mother will be 'as good as new' now that she is in hospital. Whilst hugging, Jim and Beverly both agree that they've done the right thing telling Todd. Beverly is having a bad day and wonders if anything else can go wrong. A quick witted Jim replies "We've still got those fish to clean" which warrants a slight chuckle and sigh from Beverly.
The next morning Helen is preparing some breakfast and sees a half asleep Beverly stumbling in the kitchen. "You didn't have to stay up half the night cleaning those three fish" announces Helen - Ahhh so Jim *wasn't* joking then? Beverly quickly changes the subject and exclaims that she 'gets so angry with Annette sometimes!' She has just as many needs as her apparently. Shockingly and unlike the Mother figure she should be, Beverly refers to Todd and Katie and says. "There are times when I'd like to pick them up, shake them, and tell them to go away!" Katie comes into the kitchen, not hearing what Beverly has said and asks Helen if she could go to church with her, so she can pray for her mother. Awww.
Des and Mike's
Mike is cooking some breakfast as Des comes in. They talk about how they can raise money so Pete can play at the Olympics. Pete arrives and Des suggests to him that they organise a 'walkathon or a raffle' to raise some money. Pete thanks Des and Mike for all their ideas but claims that the problem of raising money is his own. However Des and Mike disagree with this and want to help. Henry arrives and believes that he has come up with the answer. 'A Scavenger hunt'. They all reckon that it's a good idea and talk about who could sponsor the hunt.
Jim and Beverly's
Beverly says that she has written down Hilary's number in case anyone needs to talk to her whilst Jim says that she is brave for staying with her because she often nags and gossips but Beverly insists that she is very supportive. Todd comes in and announces that he is going to Adelaide with Beverly. Both Jim and Beverly attempt to stop him, saying that his mother might not want to see him but there's no stopping this boy!
Des and Mike's
Back over and Des and Mike's place Henry and Pete are scoffing down the breakfast that Mike made. The door bell goes, it's Jane. Henry asks Jane about Harold's solo, doing an impression of him by singing 'Amazing Grace', chin wobbles en all. They explain to Jane about the idea of having a scavenger hunt saying that it'll be 'fun' with ideas from Henry being 'a stuffed Koala', 'a Russian bank note' and 'a piece of moon rock' as objects that people can find. Back to the drawing board on that one I think Henry. They all decide to start talking to some sponsors whilst Jane and Henry draw up a new list of objects for people to find.
Outside #26 Ramsay Street
Helen and Katie are talking about how Harold kept on giving Mrs Mangel 'dirty looks'. Mike approaches them trying 'to do a good deed'. He explains that they need some doe for Pete and they are doing so by asking for sponsorship money for a scavenger hunt. Helen agrees and sponsors $1 an item after Katie proclaims her love for scavenger hunting.
Henry is promoting his ideas about the scavenger hunt to a less than enthused Paul who is trying to explain that he is already giving out the top prizes which will cost him a couple hundred dollars. Henry justifies himself saying 'you've got to spend money to make money'. Paul throws Henry an Apple and an Orange and says that he will sponsor $20 an item but if Henry finds more than two of the items he'll take the money out of his lawn payments. Henry goes quiet and says that that is his livelihood. It then goes something like this:
HENRY: Ok Paul I'll give you a special deal. Five bucks and item!
PAUL: One dollar.
HENRY: Alright, alright. I'll meet you half way. Two bucks an item.
PAUL: Fifty cents?
HENRY: You've got a deal. One dollar an item.
A cheeky Paul reveals that the Daniels Corporation has already sponsored Pete for one thousand dollars. He is a sneaky little devil is Paul Robinson.
Jim and Beverly's
Beverly and Todd are almost ready to go. Beverly asks if Todd has remembered to take Katie's card. Todd says that he has and Katie announces that she has written. "Dear Mum, I love you, Katie". Certainly straight and to the point! Beverly and Todd make their way towards the door after a tearful goodbye from Katie. Once they leave Helen attempts to cheer Katie up by suggesting that they make up their very own scavenger hunt.
Des and Mike's
Des and Jane are thinking of more ideas for objects that people can find in the scavenger hunt. Jane jokingly suggests 'Paul Robinson's very first dollar'. Eventually they say "An English tourist". They decide to take a break and work on some shelves before returning to brain-storming.
Pete and Mike are walking over Lassiter's bridge whilst Pete thanks Mike for all the trouble he has gone to. Pete scares Mike by giving him a fake spider. A less than impressed Mike greets Henry who has just arrived. Henry asks a reluctant Pete for some help lawn mowing, Pete eventually agrees and they walk off whilst Henry talks about burgers.
Des and Mike's
Des and Jane are busy working on some shelves, whilst also suggesting more ideas about the scavenger hunt. They hear Mike's motorbike, so scramble and hide all the tools and equipment that is out. Mike goes into his bedroom whilst Jane gushingly walks over and attempts to unplug a cable only to be greeting by a huge electric shock, with sparks flying. . . literally. "Jane!" Mike exclaims as a shocked Mike enters.
<<0744 - 0746>>
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