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Neighbours Episode 0744 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0744
Australian airdate: 09/06/88
UK airdate: 15/09/89
UK Gold: 07/09/95
Summary/Images by: Jamie
Ramsay Street
Harold and Madge are walking up Ramsay Street holding baskets of food for their dinner party with Mrs. Mangel for the evening. Harold mentions that he saw Steve at Daphne's earlier on. Harold is confused that they all seemed to get on. Apart from Charlene who seemed a little 'distant'. Madge rapidly changes the conversation as she spots one of her old friends (who also happens to be a dentist) Mr John Worthington. It turns out John is wanting to see Mrs Mangel. Madge reluctantly shows him the way to her house.
Mrs Mangel's
Mrs Mangel is admiring herself in the mirror after finishing applying her face pack. Remember? The one that was made of Puree Carrot, Wheat Germ and Egg Whites. Bouncer seems to be strangely admiring her as well. despite her looking like a retired Ompa-Lumpa,. The door bell rings and Mrs Mangel is expecting Jane. To her shock and surprise, it's John Worthington. A puzzled John asks her if she is Nell. To which Mrs Mangel replies "Yes. . Oh. . . Eh. . .No. She lives here, but I'm her sister Belle"
'Belle' and John introduce themselves to each other. Mrs .Mangel a.k.a 'Belle' is unsurprisingly hesitant to let John get any close. He may sniff a liar, after all. John leaves and an upset Mrs Mangel tells Bouncer to not 'look at her like that'. I mean, what else is a woman to do?
Madge and Harold's
Madge and Harold are talking about John's deceased wife. "She was a lovely woman" Madge says. She ponders on what John wanted to do with Mrs Mangel. Harold sternly tells her that she shouldn't gossip or pry into other people's business. Madge suggests that they invite John along to dinner with Nell. They seem to have enough food. Harold is suspicious of Madge's motives, but nevertheless, agrees.
Henry and Des and sitting at a table in Daphne's and talking about Jamie. Des tells Henry how Jamie likes to rid of waste either 'one end of the other' at very inappropriate times. What a nice conversation to be having over a cup of coffee!
Thankfully, the conversation quickly turns to gardening and Henry says that business isn't good. Des comments on the fact that Daphne's looks a little empty as well, so he tells Mike to close up in an hour.
Pete walks in and explains that he's just on his way to the track. Henry, Mike and Henry decide to help him out.
Jim and Beverly's
Jim, Beverly, Katie and Todd are sitting at the table as Jim and Beverly discuss which route to take. Helen walks in and announces that she wants to set the table ready for some dinner. Beverly gives Katie a large bone that she can go and give to Bouncer, she makes her way over to Mrs Mangel's. The phone rings and Beverly answers. It's bad news. Annette has had a mental breakdown. They worry about how this is going to affect Todd and Katie.
Mrs Mangel's
Mrs Mangel comes out of the bathroom patting her skin dry with a towel. The door bell rings and she is suspicious as to who it might be. What if it's John!? No worries, It's only Katie. Katie hands Mrs Mangel an 'I'm Sorry' card after making Bouncer hyper, consequently ruining Mrs Mangel's brand new dress. She allows Katie to go and play with him for a while. They go out in to the garden.
Training Ground
Pete is running hurdle after hurdle as he attempts to break he's record to make the Olympics. Henry, Mike and Des are there taking a note of he's time. After Pete has done, Mike tells him that he's made a personal best. They all agree that Pete needs access to the correct equipment to reach his full potential. However it's not going to cheap. Henry tells Pete not to worry about the money; he and Des are going to 'take care of it'.
Jim and Beverly
Jim is trying to untangle an old fishing net when Katie rushes in announcing that Mrs Mangel liked her 'I'm Sorry' card and let her play with Bouncer! Todd decides that this is unusual for an 'old bat' like her. Jim tells Katie and Todd that Beverly is going to go and see their Mum. Todd questions her over what is really wrong with her, but Beverly isn't letting anything slip.
Madge and Harold's
John thanks Harold and Madge for inviting them to their dinner party. They all discuss each others teeth and Harold proudly says that he has no fillings. Madge put things straight when she brings up Harold's fear of the dentist. There's a knock at the door, it's Mrs Mangel, she is surprised to see John there. John asks whether 'Belle' returned her cardigan to her. Mrs Mangel hesitantly says yes. Harold and Madge are both confused over Mrs Mangel apparent sister, named 'Belle'.
At the dinner table John comments on the wonderful cooking and Harold lets him in on a secret. The special ingredient is. . . drum roll please. . . oregano. Madge comments on how 'out of the blue' it is that 'Belle' has suddenly turned up out no where. Mrs Mangel says that her sister has returned to the city, she thanks John for returning her cardigan. Madge once again comments on 'Belle' and how alike they must be. Mrs Mangel says that they've always mixed them up, 'all their life' she says.
Des and Mike's
Des, Mike, Henry and Pete are eating at the table whilst they discuss ways to make money to send Pete to the sports institute. Pete says that he will not 'accept charity' from Mike.
Mrs Mangel's
Mrs Mangel thanks John for walking her home. He has, however, sussed her out. She is in fact 'Belle'. Mrs Mangel says that she feels 'foolish' but John says it's 'the most human thing to do'. John doesn't want it to spoil their friendship, they say goodnight to each other and Mrs Mangel closes the door. She sighs.
Jim and Beverly's
Katie says that she doesn't want any of the fish that Todd caught as it smells 'funny'. Something is clearly aggravating Todd so Helen ushers Katie to bed. Todd asks Jim and Beverly why they won't tell him about his mother. She is his mother and he wants to know what's going on!
<<0743 - 0745>>
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