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Neighbours Episode 0743 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0743
Australian airdate: 08/06/88
UK airdate: 14/09/89
UK Gold: 06/09/95
Summary/Images by: Jamie
Outside the Driving Instructor School
Charlene excitedly runs out of the building and gushingly leaps towards Steve yelling. "I did it, I passed!" To the reply from her friend Steve "I knew you'd do it!". "I couldn't have done it without you Steve". It seems that Charlene has finally passed her drivers test. . . with a little help from her 'friend' Steve. Charlene jumps on Steve and wraps her arms around his neck. . . very kinky. Without hesitating Charlene kisses Steve. When she finally realises what she's doing, she latches away and quickly runs away.
Madge and Harold's
Harold complains that he is hungry, Madge sternly tells him to go and sit down. "Dinner will be ready in a minute". Harold apologizes to Madge and they begin to talk about his solo with Mrs. Mangel. Madge prepares dinner so that Mrs. Mangel won't stay up to late practicing for his solo. Madge doesn't one anyone to find a 'fault' in the dinner she's making so is making it perfect. Scott arrives out of the shower and wonders where Charlene has got to. He thinks that this is a bad sign; he thinks that Charlene may not have passed her driving test. Harold congratulates Scott on his new job at the Erinsborough news, whilst getting changed. Charlene FINALLY arrives home and quietly announces that she has passed her drivers test (guilty conscience there Charlene?) Harold then appropriately decides to lecture Charlene on how being able to drive a car is a responsibility. Scott reminds Charlene of the room Paul booked for them at Lassiters, She says she has forgotten and says that she does not wish to go. Scott is devastated. Cue retro 80s music.
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel is sitting at the table writing her 'Dear Georgette Column' whilst Jane walks in. Jane makes Mrs. Mangel jump and begins to mock the people that write into Mrs. Mangel with their problems and queries. They begin to talk about John Worthington who is described by Mrs. Mangel as a 'polite man' who's company she 'enjoys'. What more could a girl ask for? As the door bell rings Mrs. Mangel insists that she and John are only just good friends. Yeah right. Jane answers the door. It's Mr. Bishop. Jane kindly invites him. She then explains to Harold that her Nan met someone at a bowling club and they hit it off. Mrs. Mangel is hesitant that nothing will come of her friendship with John and quickly changes the subject to Madge's dinner party. She explains that she is looking to it.
Madge and Harold's
Madge groans as she wonders why she ever accepted to host a dinner party for Mrs. Mangel. Scott and Charlene are sitting on the couch watching T.V. Scott is clearly annoyed with Charlene and they continue to Humph and groan until Scott decides to go to bed. Charlene confides in Madge and tells her about the days events. She kissed Steve, and now she feels guilty. After all she had insisted that her and Steve were just good friends, how could she do such as thing to Scott? Madge advises her to keep her mouth shut and to not tell Scott about the kiss. However, she must break all ties with Steve immediately. Charlene agrees she says she's going to become the 'most devoted wife he's ever known'.
The Garage
Jim walks in and says that he still has paperwork to do. Despite it being a Saturday. Jim agrees with the mechanic that he will also work on some cars whilst he's there.
A gleeful Scott and Charlene walk into Daphne's full to the brim with shopping for Scott's new job at the Erinsborough news. Scott says that he could 'get by' with just two shirts instead of three but Charlene is adamant that Scott should have three; she wants him to 'look his best' after all. Steve walks in to the shock and horror of Charlene. Scott insists that he should sit and down and talk for a bit, Steve hesitantly agrees. Scott apologises to Steve after the way she treated him when they were in Brisbane. He also thanks him for helping Charlene out with her driver's license, they shake hands. If only Scott knew, if only.
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel arrives home whilst Jane is doing some much not needed cleaning. Mrs. Mangel tells Jane that today she played with Mr. Worthington. Mrs. Mangel asks Jane to pick up her cardigan that she left at the bowling club by accident. Jane agrees, she says she needs to do some shopping for Des anyway. They're organizing a surprise party for Mike. Mrs. Mangel warns Jane not to give anybody the wrong impression. She's worried that people will begin to gossip about Jane and Des's friendship.
Charlene, Scott and Steve are sitting at a table whilst Scott talks to Steve about how easier it is for Charlene now that she has a driver's license. Scott says that she has to leave and go next door and Charlene tries to go with him but she is convinced to stay and talk with Steve. Cue uncomfortable silence and Scott leaves. Finally it is broken as Steve aplogises to her for kissing her. It will 'never happen again' he says. He wishes to stay friends with her, but Charlene is having none of it. Good on y'girl! Charlene persists that they never see each other again. Steve leaves.
Scott arrives with a new brief case that he got for his new job at the Erinsborough news. Charlene describes Steve as just a 'holiday friend' who they'll 'probably never see again'. They both decide to go home.
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel is preparing herself a face pack; it's a new organic recipe that she read from a magazine. The ingredients are:
Egg Whites
Puree Carrot
Wheat Germ
She asks Jane for some help applying it. Jane agrees but is dubious to the face packs ingredients. Who wouldn't be? Apparently it contains the right amount of vitamins A and B and gives your skin a smooth healthy glow. Mrs. Mangel insists that she isn't doing this to impress Mr. Worthington. Jane applies the face pack to Mrs. Mangel.
The Garage
Jim has just finished the car he was working on and needs to do some paperwork. The mechanic walks in and says that he isn't cut out to be a mechanic. Apparently Jim was supposed to work on a different car. Jim insists that he talk about what is troubling him as he doesn't want it to affect he's work. The Mechanic explains that Gail wants to find her biological parents. She is still reeling after the revelation that he adopted her. He fears that he is going to loose Gail. It seems that this is a 'No win situation'.
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Steve Fisher, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0743
Steve Fisher, Charlene Robinson

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0743
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0743
Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop, Jane Harris

Madge Bishop, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0743
Madge Bishop, Charlene Robinson

Rob Lewis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0743
Rob Lewis, Jim Robinson

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0743
Jane Harris

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0743
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0743
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

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