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Neighbours Episode 0742 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0742
Australian airdate: 07/06/88
UK airdate: 13/09/89
UK Gold: 05/09/95
Writer: C.V. Schofield
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Rob Lewis Ernie Bourne
Steve Fisher Michael Pope
Summary/Images by: Graham
Paul laying on a celebration for Gail to mark starting the IVF programme.
No. 32
Mrs. Mangel is sitting at the writing desk, reading a letter. Jane comes in with a tray of tea things and spots a bag on the couch. She asks her nan what's in it and Mrs. Mangel replies that it's just a frock she bought today. Jane takes the dress out of the bag and comments that it's pretty: her nan must be trying to impress someone! Mrs. Mangel retorts that that's nonsense - she just needs something to wear to church. Jane asks suspiciously if this has something to do with that mystery gentleman Mrs. Mangel keeps talking about. Mrs. Mangel, however, insists that it's Christian charity, welcoming newcomers into the neighbourhood. Jane pours the tea and asks her nan where she'd like it. Mrs. Mangel asks her to put it on the desk, as she has some more work to do. Jane asks:
JANE: Answering more of your 'Dear Georgette' letters?
MRS. MANGEL: Mm- hmm. Yes.
Jane looks at one of the letters, from 'Lonely Widower' and reads that he's joined the local bowling club and the local church. She adds:
JANE: Oo, look at this: he's met a charming woman!
MRS. MANGEL (snaps): That's a professional confidence!
JANE (reads): 'I would like to ask her out, but I don't want to run the risk of appearing too forward.'
Mrs. Mangel grabs the letter as Jane smiles at her nan that she should tell him to go for it! Mrs. Mangel exclaims:
MRS. MANGEL: I most certainly will not. 'Go for it.' How vulgar.
JANE: Why not? He obviously wants to get out and enjoy himself.
MRS. MANGEL (sternly): Propriety, Jane. The man's recently widowed. It's my responsibility to advise him to do the right and proper thing and not... not allow myself to be swayed by the heat of the moment.
JANE: He'll probably do whatever he wants anyway. You may as well just tell him to go right ahead.
MRS. MANGEL (chides): Oh, you young things! Fun and good times - that's all you think about.
No. 22
Paul and Gail are sitting on the couch, kissing and drinking champagne. Gail thanks Paul for the lovely surprise. Paul raises a toast:
PAUL: To our first- born: may she turn out as good as her mum.
GAIL: And what if 'she's' a boy?
PAUL: Well, may he turn out better than his dad!
GAIL (warmly): No... couldn't!
Paul then suggests they call their daughter Hepsibar! Gail muses that, if it's a boy, she supposes he's going to call it Hercules or something! Paul smiles:
PAUL: Not a bad idea! Hercules Robinson. Hercules *Augustus* Robinson. Yeah!
Gail suggests naming the baby after Paul's dad if it's a boy. Paul nods and suggests naming it after Gail's mum if it's a girl. Gail points out:
GAIL: If we knew my mother's name...
Paul apologises and says he wasn't thinking. Gail comments that she wonders if her mother ever thinks about her. Paul asks her if she's sorry she decided not to look for her real parents. Gail shrugs and asks how *Rob* would feel. She then suggests that they not talk about it as they're supposed to be celebrating. Paul asks her to think about it - Rob would understand.
No. 26
The next morning, Helen emerges from the bedroom area as she hears the sound of something breaking. Katie is in the kitchen and murmurs that it was meant to be a surprise: a cup of tea in bed... She then holds up some smashed bits of cup. Helen suggests that they make it together now that she's up. Sally asks her if her foot still hurts. Helen replies that it does, but it's getting better. Sally asks her if she'll be able to move the rest of her stuff out of her flat today. Helen replies that she has a helper: Scott says it'll only take a couple of hours this morning - which is just as well, because she has an invitation to afternoon tea with Mrs. Mangel. Katie exclaims:
KATIE: But you don't *like* her!
HELEN: What makes you say that?!
KATIE (grins): It's all right - I don't like her, either.
HELEN: Oh? Why not?
KATIE: Because she doesn't like me, and she's always grumpy.
HELEN: She's probably feeling a bit lonely with Mrs. Clarke away. You know how it is. You miss Bouncer, don't you?
KATIE: Yeah...
Helen then suggests to Katie that she pay Bouncer a visit this afternoon - she can come over with her to Mrs. Mangel's. Katie says she will - because Helen can get Mrs. Mangel back for her if she gets nasty!
Ramsay Street
Charlene is standing at the end of the driveway of No. 24. Jane walks across and joins her, asking if there's any sign of Paul and Gail yet. Charlene just grins that they must have had a good time last night! Jane then asks Charlene if she wants to walk to work with her, but Charlene says she's waiting for Steve Fisher - for a driving lesson: he's taking her for her test this afternoon. Jane asks warily:
JANE: What about Scott?
CHARLENE: Well, Steve's much better - as a driving instructor, I mean.
JANE: I just thought that... the way things were with you and Scott last night meant that you weren't... Well, you know how Scott feels about you and Steve.
CHARLENE (insists): It's all been sorted out. It's OK.
JANE: Are you sure you aren't tempting fate?
CHARLENE (laughs): Where did you get *that* from?! Grandma?! Jane, don't worry - I know what I'm doing.
At that moment, Steve pulls up in his car and climbs out. He joins the two women and Charlene introduced him to Jane. Steve then says to Charlene:
STEVE: Well - we gonna go and create havoc on the roads?!
The two of them head over to the car, Steve going to open the driver's side door at the same time as Charlene, and their hands thus touching on the handle. Charlene looks at Steve and then turns away. He suggests to her that she wait to drive until they're somewhere quieter! Charlene walks over to the passenger side, calling out to Jane that she'll see her for lunch at the Coffee Shop at 12.
No. 26
Scott dashes into the house and apologises to Helen for being late. He then tells her excitedly that one of the cadets from the paper has been upgraded, so there's a vacancy - so as of next week, he becomes Junior Cadet journalist with the Erinsborough News! He adds that he just had a call from Sandra Lloyd, the Editor. Helen hugs him in delight! She then comments that Charlene must be very excited. Scott, though, says he hasn't told her yet - he'll tell her this arvo, at work, before she has her driving test. He beams that he can't wait to see the look on her face when he tells her! Helen smiles:
HELEN: Things are working out perfectly for you two! I couldn't be happier!
Outside the Coffee Shop
Jane is sitting at a table outside the Coffee Shop when Charlene and Steve rock up, Charlene apologising for them being late due to three- point turns! Steve laughs:
STEVE: She likes to do them in six!
He heads inside to get drinks. When he's gone, Jane asks Charlene coolly if Steve is having lunch with them. Charlene asks:
CHARLENE: Why shouldn't he?
Jane then remarks:
JANE: You had a pretty long driving lesson this morning...
CHARLENE: Yeah, I needed it. Thank goodness Steve's teaching me. It really pays to have a professional. He's great; he's so patient. I don't know *how* I'd go in the test this arvo without it. Talk about nervous!
Jane just sits there, not responding. Charlene asks her what's wrong, but Jane assures her that it's nothing. She then asks Charlene if she's going to be seeing Steve for the rest of the day. Charlene retorts:
CHARLENE: No. No, I'm going to the workshop to work on Willy for a couple of hours before the test. Any objections?
JANE: You just seem to be spending a lot of time with him, that's all.
CHARLENE (shrugs): Well, I'm using his car; he's helping me out. You're going to end up like your nan if you're not careful. Married people *can* have friends these days, you know! It's not the Middle Ages!
JANE: I just don't want to see you and Scott get hurt, that's all.
CHARLENE: Jane, I know you care, but Scott's not worried, so *you* shouldn't be.
JANE: You can get yourself into things before you realise it, though...
CHARLENE (grins): Listen to the expert! It's OK, I promise.
Steve returns and sits down, telling the women that the drinks are on the way. Jane looks at him suspiciously.
No. 32
The doorbell rings and Mrs. Mangel opens it to Helen and Katie. Her face drops at seeing Katie there. Katie asks if she can please see Bouncer. Mrs. Mangel tells the two visitors to go through. Heading into the lounge room, Helen comments that this invitation was a pleasant surprise. Mrs. Mangel replies that she thought Helen might like the opportunity for a little chat. Katie goes and picks up a small silver milk jug and looks at it, but Mrs. Mangel chides:
MRS. MANGEL: Don't touch anything, child.
Helen sits down. Katie picks up a photo in a frame, but Mrs. Mangel comments that she thought she came to see Bouncer, not make a nuisance of herself. She tells Katie that Bouncer is outside. Katie heads out there. Helen then remarks to Mrs. Mangel:
HELEN: We *are* lucky, aren't we, living in Ramsay Street: always someone to call on if we feel a bit down or lonely.
MRS. MANGEL: I'm always too busy for that sort of thing myself, but Eileen - Mrs. Clarke - she often used to drop in for a chat.
HELEN: Oh. Well, it must be a consolation while she's away to be getting on so well with Madge. Becoming good friends, I hear!
MRS. MANGEL: My dear, I hope I'd never be found lacking in manners, but good friends with Madge Ramsay...?
HELEN: 'Bishop' she is now, of course.
MRS. MANGEL: Nice enough in her own way, I grant you, but friendship with that type of woman is quite out of the question.
She then offers Helen some camomile tea. Helen accepts and Mrs. Mangel heads to the kitchen.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Paul and Gail are offering Scott congratulations on his job. Scott says he's just on his way to see Charlene. Paul asks how things are in that department. Scott replies that he was acting like a jerk; Steve's OK. Gail remarks that it was a touch of the green- eyed monster, huh? Scott smiles:
SCOTT: Would you blame me? *Any* guy would fall for Charlene! But I can't build a fence around her - not that I need to, anyway.
PAUL (to Gail): You see, for some really weird reason, the girl loves him!
He then turns back to Scott and says he guesses they'll be celebrating tonight. Scott nods:
SCOTT: Sure - if she passes her driving test.
PAUL: Course she will! Listen - how about a night at Lassiter's - on the house.
Scott beams that that would be unreal! He then asks how the celebrations went for the two of *them* last night: excellently, by the looks of things! With that, he turns to head out, bumping into Rob - who's standing in the office doorway - as he does so. Rob heads inside and asks Paul and Gail what Scott meant about celebrations. Gail tells him quickly that it was nothing. Rob presses:
ROB: It wouldn't have anything to do with this good news you wouldn't talk about on the 'phone?
GAIL (smiles): We received notification yesterday: Paul and I are about to start on the IVF programme.
ROB (grins): I'm going to be a grandfather?!
PAUL: Eventually. Hopefully!
Rob asks how long they reckon it'll take. Gail suggests she get off work early and they talk about it over a cup of tea at home. Rob, however, insists that it needs champagne - or a beer, at least!
No. 32
Mrs. Mangel is showing Helen the dress she bought, explaining that it's just something for church. Helen comments that the colour is so pretty. Mrs. Mangel tells her that it doesn't hurt to make an effort. She then adds:
MRS. MANGEL: You could meet someone *yourself*; not that I'm criticising - you look very well for your age.
HELEN (murmurs): Thank you!
Mrs. Mangel goes on that one has to be lucky to meet suitable people - and she suggests that Helen could take up bowls... Helen asks her if that's where she met her gentleman friend! Mrs. Mangel smiles that she'd hardly call him *that*! As she pours more tea, she adds that she's only doing her Christian duty, making strangers welcome to the neighbourhood. At that moment, Bouncer dashes in, with Katie in tow, and heads straight for Mrs. Mangel - causing her to spill the tea on her new dress. Mrs. Mangel glares at Katie and cries:
MRS. MANGEL: Look what you've done. Ruined. *Ruined*, you naughty girl.
Helen assures Katie that it's all right: just a trip to the dry cleaners. Mrs. Mangel demands:
MRS. MANGEL: And who's going to pay? That child's responsible.
HELEN (retorts): Nell, the dog jumped up and knocked the tea out of your hand.
Mrs. Mangel exclaims that it was *Katie* who came running in - she needs discipline; a good smack. Helen retorts that Bouncer needs *more*. With that, she grabs Katie's hand and heads to the front door. Mrs. Mangel demands:
MRS. MANGEL: Aren't you going to *do* anything?
HELEN (snaps): I'm not going to punish her for something she hasn't done. Now, just send it to the dry cleaners and send me the bill.
Mrs. Mangel stands there looking aghast.
No. 32
Sometime later, Bouncer is sitting at Mrs. Mangel's feet as she sighs at him that she couldn't help it: Katie shouldn't have been running in there. She goes on:
MRS. MANGEL: Oh, my new dress... and the way Mrs. Daniels spoke to me: she didn't even seem to *care*.
Bouncer stares at her regretfully.
No. 26
Helen puts a plate of chocolate biscuits down in front of Katie at the kitchen table and tells her that Mrs. Mangel didn't mean it; she's not used to children - she's a lonely old lady and they just have to try to be understanding. Katie points out:
KATIE: You shouted at her!
Helen replies that there are times when people get into situations where they say things and do things that later on they wished they hadn't. Katie muses that Mrs. Mangel does that all the time - that's why she hasn't got any friends. Helen says:
HELEN: Except Bouncer. *He's* her friend. That's why she blamed you instead of him.
KATIE: That's not fair.
HELEN: Oh darling, it isn't easy getting old and being on your own.
KATIE (thoughtfully): Do you think it would be very hard to be Mrs. Mangel's friend?
HELEN: Nothing's impossible!
KATIE: *Bouncer* likes her. *I* might try - except I think I'll wait for a while!
Charlene slams down Willy's bonnet, muttering:
CHARLENE: Damn you!
Scott walks over and grins as he asks if she's having a bit of bad luck! Charlene smiles that it's fine: she and Willy should hit the roads together real soon - she hopes! The two of them sit down on the bonnet and Charlene - looking at the expression on Scott's face - asks him what he's been up to. Scott smiles that he guesses it's a bit of good news - but nothing much, really. Charlene holds a screwdriver in front of his nose and smiles mock- threateningly:
CHARLENE: Scott Robinson - see this?!
SCOTT: Charlene, I tell you, it is nothing.
CHARLENE (threatens!): Tell me or else!
SCOTT (reveals): I've got the cadetship with the Erinsborough News!
Charlene hugs him in delight and exclaims that that's fantastic! Scott goes on that Paul's offered them a dinner at Lassiter's tonight: a double celebration - him for getting his job and her for getting her licence. Charlene sighs:
CHARLENE: Don't remind me.
At that moment, Steve rocks up in his car and Charlene asks Scott if he's coming with her. Scott tells her that he might just make her nervous. Charlene heads into the garage to get ready. Left alone with Steve, Scott tells him that he's got to apologise to him for the way he's been acting lately. Steve assures him that it's all right! Charlene rejoins them and Scott gives her a kiss, telling her that he'll see her at home - with her licence!
No. 22
Rob is pouring himself a beer as he tells Gail to just let him know as soon as she's pregnant: he and Gloria will have champagne on ice the whole nine months! Gail smiles that she's glad to hear Rob's still getting married. Rob replies that it can't come soon enough for him - but what makes him even happier is her and Paul getting a chance they deserve at last: a family of their own. He sits down at the table and muses:
ROB: You know, if the kid's anything like you, though, growing up, he or she will lead you a right dance! Proper little tartar you were!
GAIL: I wasn't *that* bad!
ROB: You reckon?! Still, I wouldn't've changed you for the world - and I wish you just as much joy with yours.
Gail just murmurs:
GAIL: Yeah...
She sits down with Rob as he asks her if she's getting cold feet. Gail shakes her head. She then says hesitantly:
GAIL: I suppose, having a baby of your own, it makes you think - and sometimes I can't help wondering. I mean... somewhere, I've another mother and father.
ROB (suddenly downcast): Oh...
GAIL: I'm sorry - I don't mean to hurt you.
ROB: I thought you made up your mind to forget all that - looking for them.
GAIL: I *had*, and then I started thinking about it-
ROB (angrily): Stirring it all up. What for? What good will it do? We're *happy*, aren't we? I don't know why people can't settle for what they've got; I mean, the grass is always greener. Why risk what you've got to go chasing some kind of daydream?
GAIL: I wouldn't've if I thought it... I don't want to push you out or make you unhappy.
ROB: It's not me, I'm thinking about, love, it's not me. It's you. I wouldn't want to see you hurt - no way. If looking for your natural parents is what you've got to do then you go right ahead. I'll back you up. I'll be here whenever you need me. Don't you worry.
Gail puts her arms round Rob, gratefully.
Outside the Driving Test Centre
Steve is standing waiting for Charlene when she comes bounding out of the test centre and yells that she got it: she passed! She runs into Steve's arms and he spins her around, exclaiming:
STEVE: You beauty!
CHARLENE (happily): I couldn't've done it without you!
She then kisses him on the lips. Pulling back briefly, the two of them then start a full- on pash...
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Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0742
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0742
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Helen Daniels, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0742
Helen Daniels, Katie Landers

Charlene Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0742
Charlene Robinson, Jane Harris

Steve Fisher in Neighbours Episode 0742
Steve Fisher

Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0742
Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0742
Jane Harris

Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0742
Charlene Robinson

Katie Landers, Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0742
Katie Landers, Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0742
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson

Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0742
Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis

Nell Mangel, Bouncer, Helen Daniels, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0742
Nell Mangel, Bouncer, Helen Daniels, Katie Landers

Bouncer, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0742
Bouncer, Nell Mangel

Katie Landers, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0742
Katie Landers, Helen Daniels

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0742
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Rob Lewis, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0742
Rob Lewis, Gail Robinson

Charlene Robinson, Steve Fisher in Neighbours Episode 0742
Charlene Robinson, Steve Fisher

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