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Neighbours Episode 0750 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0750
Australian airdate: 16/06/88
UK airdate: 25/09/89
UK Gold: 15/09/95
Summary/Images by: Jamie/Graham
Mike and Jane are enjoying the meal and Mike hints that he can't wait to show her something. He passes to her a gold necklace with a love heart attached to it. Jane stutters and doesn't know what to say, Mike however knew she'd love it apparently. He acknowledges that it isn't an engagement ring but just wanted to let her know how committed he is to the relationship. Jane says she can't take the necklace . . . or the commitment. She thinks they should 'cool it off' for a while just to see how things work out. She still wants to see him but just doesn't want it to get too seriously. Mike wonders if it's anything he has done but Jane says it's not him. Jane apologises but Mike is not at all impressed.
Number 26
Jim is reading a magazine when Mrs. Mangel comes through the door. She moans about how 'ruined' and 'vandalised' Sedrick looks which she can thank Helen for. Jim tells her that Helen is out for the night with Todd and Katie but Mrs. Mangel believes that she can't keep them out 'all night' so decides to wait for her. She begins to talk about the origins of Sedrick. It turns out her and her deceased husband, Len, named him after Len's brother. Jim offers to fix it but Mrs. Mangel says that Helen should be fixing it, describing her behaviour as 'an absolute disgrace'. Mrs. Mangel threatens to call the police again only if someone doesn't fix it as 'good as new'. Mrs. Mangel leaves and Jim lifts up Sedrick's head and begins to talk to him. Honestly, can they not see he is a gnome? First Mrs. Mangel, then Des, then Mike, then Helen and now Jim!
Madge and Harold's
Charlene, Scott and Pete are all discussing how successful the scavenger hunt was, announcing that they've made nearly fifteen-hundred dollars. Therefore Pete can go to the institute! Pete asks where everyone else is and Charlene replies saying that Madge and Harold have gone to dinner with Reverend Sampson. Pete thinks that Henry is with the English backpacker that he met. Scott and Charlene hug each other until there is a knock on the door, its Mike wanting to talk to someone. He reveals to everyone that Jane has given him 'the flick'.
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel has noticed the newspaper article about Pete and comments to Jane about it. Jane says that she feels a little tired but Mrs. Mangel doesn't understand why as Mike brought her home at 'a respectable hour' last night. Mrs. Mangel continues with question about what happened with Mike last night but Jane says that she just wants to read her column - much to Mrs. Mangel's delight. However, through the column it is revealed that there is also another woman vowing for John Worthington's attention who Mrs. Mangel has attempted to warn off in her column. Jane does not look impressed with Mrs. Mangel.
The Office
Jane is just arriving into work when Scott comes rushing in wishing to talk about what happened with Mike last night. Jane makes excuses saying that she just needs her space and they're both too young to be tied down to each other (not literally I hope) - Errr hello, Scott and Charlene aren't exactly 'geriatrics'. Paul and Gail come in and Scott decides to leave. Paul cracks a joke about Jane getting her social life out the way before work. Gail ushers him away quickly.
The Garage
Charlene is working on a car being watched by Rob who is quietly impressed with her work. Jim arrives and Rob rushes over to him, demanding an explanation as to why he's late. Rob reminds him that although Jim owns the place he is his apprentice and should be more punctual in the future. However, Jim reveals that he has was late because he buying some of Rob's most favourite cake. Rob is ecstatic and goes to make some tea and offers Jim and Charlene a piece.
The Office
Jane hands over some work to Gail and Gail says sorry if they were being insensitive earlier on and Jane reveals that her and Mike broke up last night. Paul comes in and comments on how terrible Jane looks so she goes to make herself a cup of tea. Paul is looking through the mail and Gail is getting frustrated that he won't let her see who any of it is from. He finally gives in when she mentions about the adoption company so she goes to sit down with ear-rings on the size of a pyramids wiggling about . . . oh wait, this is the 80's.
The Coffee Shop
Mike is handing a piece of cake to John Worthington and then what looks like a garden salad to Pete. Pete comments on the amount of pressure he feels to do well at the institute before asking for the latest on Jane. Mrs. Mangel comes in and congratulates Mike on the fact that Jane was home a decent hour last night. She notices John across the room and so walks over to him and comments on how much they have in common. Mrs. Mangel asks if he reads 'Dear Georgette' because she reads it all the time. He hasn't read today's column but Mrs. Mangel hands over her paper for him to read whilst he eats his carrot cake. She leaves and says 'toodoloo' to John who is putting on his glasses.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Charlene calls over to Jane and they begin to talk about Mike. Charlene thinks that she is really going to start missing him soon and realize what a bit mistake she has made by breaking up with him. Scott then comes rushing over and announces that he has been chosen to go to Canberra to do a follow up story on Pete. Charlene doesn't feel excited at the prospect of spending time away from him but Scott attempts to assure everything will fine and hugs her.
The Coffee Shop
Mike and Pete are talking and Pete says that he will probably be put on one of those 'special diets' when he is at the institute. Scott and Charlene come in and Scott reveals that he is going to Canberra with Pete to do a follow-up story. Mike is feeling depressed that he is being left alone so Scott offers to take him along to Canberra and the paper he works for my publish some of his pictures. Mike agrees to go.
The Office
Gail and Paul on working on some computers and they start getting a bit kinky until Jane comes in. Paul and Gail decide to pack up for the day and go home. Before Jane goes, Gail tells her that things will get better eventually prompting Paul to ask Gail what is wrong with Jane. She reveals that Mike and Jane have split up. They discuss how terrible break-ups are both for the younger and older generation. The phone rings, it's the adoption people. . .
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel is doing some cleaning when Jane comes in and Mrs. Mangel comments that it is very early. Jane says that she has had a long day and is quite tired. The doorbell rings, it's John Worthington with some flowers for Nell. John wants to ask her something but the conversation turns to the grief they have experienced over losing their spouses. John thinks they owe it to themselves to move on so he offers to take her rock n'roll dancing.
The Office
Paul and Gail are talking about how angry Rob is going to be now the adoption agency has found her biological parents. Paul attempts to calm Gail down by offering to take her out for dinner, somewhere nice and romantic. Rob comes in and Gail reveals to him that the adoption agency has found her real parents and they're going to get in touch with them.
<<0749 - 0751>>
Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0750
Jane Harris

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0750
Mike Young

Nell Mangel, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0750
Nell Mangel, Jim Robinson

Scott Robinson, Pete Baxter, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0750
Scott Robinson, Pete Baxter, Charlene Robinson

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0750
Nell Mangel

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0750
Jane Harris

Jane Harris, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0750
Jane Harris, Scott Robinson

Rob Lewis, Charlene Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0750
Rob Lewis, Charlene Robinson, Jim Robinson

Gail Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0750
Gail Robinson, Jane Harris

Mike Young, Pete Baxter in Neighbours Episode 0750
Mike Young, Pete Baxter

Nell Mangel, John Worthington in Neighbours Episode 0750
Nell Mangel, John Worthington

Jane Harris, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0750
Jane Harris, Charlene Robinson

Pete Baxter, Mike Young, Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson, John Worthington in Neighbours Episode 0750
Pete Baxter, Mike Young, Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson, John Worthington

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0750
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

John Worthington, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0750
John Worthington, Nell Mangel

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0750
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0750
Rob Lewis

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