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Neighbours Episode 0677 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0677
Australian airdate: 08/03/88
UK airdate: 14/06/89
UK Gold:
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
Charlene discovering that the two-bob bit worth $3,000 has gone missing from the drawer she left it in.
No. 24
Scott tells Charlene that things don't just disappear. Charlene retorts that she left it right there. Still rooting through the drawer, she comes across the wrapping that the coin was in, and she exclaims:
CHARLENE: We haven't lost it, it's been *stolen*. Look: evidence - coins don't unwrap themselves.
Scott asks who would take it. Charlene stares at him and then snaps:
CHARLENE: Give it back.
SCOTT (looking astonished): What?
CHARLENE: Scott, it didn't work, so just give it back.
SCOTT: Wh-; What makes you think *I* would take it?
CHARLENE: Because you're the one that's been on at me about giving it back to the so- called rightful owner, that's why.
SCOTT (tersely): And you really think I took it, huh?
CHARLENE (sighs): No, I don't think you took it - but *somebody* did. Henry. Where's Henry?
SCOTT: He's gone to see a new customer, remember?
SCOTT: He didn't say?
CHARLENE: New customer or a coin dealer?
SCOTT (angrily): Charlene, I don't like the way you're handling this. I mean - people in this family just don't steal from one another. That's-
CHARLENE: There *is* a first time for everything, isn't there...
No. 26
Beverly is in the kitchen, preparing dinner! She pours some seasoning over some steaks as Jim walks over and gives her a kiss. He asks her if she's not taking this food business too seriously. Beverly, however, insists that she likes a challenge - and she'll win. She declares:
BEVERLY: Tonight you will feast on steak that doesn't taste like shoe leather and salad that doesn't look as though it should be put out of its misery!
JIM: Oh - and tomorrow?
BEVERLY: Same thing - until I learn a new recipe!
Lucy and Todd come in through the back door and Beverly asks Todd how swimming practice went. Todd smiles that the coach is entering him in inter- school comps. Jim and Beverly offer their congratulations. Jim asks Lucy how her exam was. Lucy groans:
LUCY: Really hard. Some of the questions were unbelievable!
TODD (teases): What do you expect if you want to be an egghead?!
Katie comes in from the lounge room as Todd asks when food's ready. Lucy says she's starving! Todd goes to reach for a banana, but Beverly says:
BEVERLY: Not before dinner - you'll ruin your appetite.
Jim tells Beverly that this is what Helen used to call the BP syndrome: 'Bottomless Pit'!
Lucy asks what's for dessert. Beverly looks at Jim in horror and Jim says quickly that dessert is a cake from the Coffee Shop, if they've got one left, or ice cream. Lucy complains:
LUCY: Gran *always* makes dessert.
JIM: And for whinging, you get to run the errand!
Katie asks if she can go too. Jim hands her some coins and the two girls head out. Todd walks off to the lounge room, leaving Beverly to say to Jim gratefully:
BEVERLY: Thanks for rescuing me.
JIM: I wouldn't call it that.
BEVERLY: Oh, I don't know - Lucy's always making comparisons and Todd and Katie want to know if I measure up. Nice to know I've got *someone* on- side.
JIM: My motives are strictly ulterior!
With that, he starts giving Beverly a passionate kiss!
No. 32
Harold is standing at the writing desk, reviewing the article he's typed, but he folds up the sheet of paper, puts it down and sighs heavily. He goes and sits down on the couch, just as Mrs. Mangel arrives home and mutters:
MRS. MANGEL: Marriage certainly hasn't improved the discipline in the Robinson house.
HAROLD: I beg your pardon?
MRS. MANGEL (tersely): Those children: they nearly bowled me over, running down the street like young hooligans.
Mrs. Mangel then asks Harold how he's feeling. He murmurs that she's heard. Mrs. Mangel explains that Eileen told her about his migraine - but she's got his favourite for dinner: vegetable pie. Harold, however, says he's sorry, but he has no appetite. He then sighs heavily and tells Mrs. Mangel:
HAROLD: You are looking at a soul in torment.
MRS. MANGEL: Perhaps you ought to lay down in a darkened room?
HAROLD (standing up): Don't you understand? This is no migraine. There never *was* a migraine. In order to finish that article, I-; I took what is colloquially known as a sickie.
MRS. MANGEL (gasps in shock): Mr. Bishop!
HAROLD: I went back to the Coffee Shop to try to make amends, but they sent me home. Now, I'm ridden with guilt.
MRS. MANGEL: Perhaps you ought to talk to Reverend Sampson?
HAROLD: Ha! It's Des and Daphne's forgiveness I need. I cheated them out of a day's pay that I never earned. I may as well have just robbed the till.
MRS. MANGEL: Oh, I think that's taking it a bit far...
HAROLD: There's only one course: confession. I go to Des, I tell him everything - and I wouldn't blame him if he sacked me. I betrayed a trust, Mrs. Mangel, and I deserve everything that I get.
MRS. MANGEL (nods): Hmm... Perhaps you're right.
HAROLD (uncertainly): Am I?
MRS. MANGEL (nods): Better to get it off your chest.
HAROLD: Yes, yes... Do you think he'd be home now?
MRS. MANGEL: Oh yes!
HAROLD: Right. Best get it over with.
He doesn't move! Mrs. Mangel says:
MRS. MANGEL: Off you go, then.
HAROLD: Ah. On the other hand, did you say you were going to bake a vegetable pie?
MRS. MANGEL: I *was*... but if you've got no appetite...
HAROLD: Well, you know, just a small portion, perhaps, before I go and see Des. You know: a hearty meal.
MRS. MANGEL (smiles): Yes, it *is* a condemned man's privilege, isn't it?
With that, Mrs. Mangel walks out of the room, leaving Harold looking anguished.
Coffee Shop
Lucy and Katie arrive at the Coffee Shop to find the door shut and the 'closed' sign up. Lucy starts knocking on the door. Eileen emerges from the kitchen and calls out that rules are rules: they're closed. Lucy explains that it's an emergency: Beverly's messed up dinner again - she forgot dessert. Eileen gives in and opens the door, saying she's only got carrot cake. Katie says she *likes* carrot cake. The two girls head inside and Eileen goes and puts some cake in a bag. Lucy tells Katie to hurry up and give Mrs. Clarke the money. Katie holds out a handful of coins and Eileen picks a few of them out without looking too closely and throws them in the till...
No. 26
In the kitchen, Jim is wiping up some dishes as Beverly chops some lettuce. He tells her that they have to have a conference tonight to decide who's going to look after the children after school. Beverly muses:
BEVERLY: Maybe I should cancel my cookery lesson with Eileen?
JIM: No, no - I know a priority when I see one!
There's suddenly a knock on the back door and Scott and Charlene come in. Beverly tells them that if they've come for dinner, they're masochists! Charlene, however, explains that she needs to talk to Katie. Jim tells her that she and Lucy have gone on an errand - they should be back shortly. He asks what it's all about. Scott explains that it's a simple mistake. Charlene adds:
CHARLENE: Katie was over playing at our place today. We think she took a coin that belongs to *me*.
Todd walks in and says curtly that his sister wouldn't have taken any of their money. Scott assures him that they know that: Henry gave it to her - he thought it was a 20 cent piece, but it was a very rare two- shilling coin worth about three thousand bucks. Beverly exclaims:
BEVERLY: Three thousand dollars?
CHARLENE: And it's mine! I found it in Willy! Finders keepers!
SCOTT (sighs): Except for the fact that it was carefully wrapped, so whoever owned it - probably Mr. Griffiths: he was the guy who used to own Willy - he must have known it was valuable.
Jim tells Charlene that he doesn't think finders keepers applies in those circumstances. Charlene, however, retorts that she bought that car lock, stock and barrel: everything in it is legally hers, including that coin. Scott tells her tersely that it's not like finding five cents down the back of an old couch. Lucy and Katie come in at that moment and Charlene says to Katie quickly:
CHARLENE: Henry gave you a coin at our place today.
KATIE: The shiny one?
CHARLENE (nods): It wasn't his to give away. I want it back.
Scott assures Katie that she's not in trouble - it's just a special coin, that's all. Katie reaches into her pocket and takes out the coins in there. She looks through them and then says she hasn't got it anymore. Charlene exclaims:
CHARLENE: Don't tell me you *spent* it...
KATIE: I didn't *buy* anything.
LUCY (points out): But you gave Mrs. Clarke the money for the carrot cake. I bet that's where it went.
CHARLENE (to Katie, angrily): How could you be so dumb?
Jim tells Charlene curtly that that's more than enough. Todd tells Charlene tersely not to pick on Katie: it was *her* brother who gave her the coin. Charlene, however, insists that she's not picking on *anyone* - she just wants the coin back. With that, she and Scott head out. Jim puts his arms around Katie and gives her a hug.
Lassiter's complex
Helen is walking through the complex when she bumps into Kenneth Muir. He offers her congratulations. Helen looks at him blankly and he explains:
MR. MUIR: I understand Lucy's father has remarried.
HELEN: Oh yes - thank you.
MR. MUIR: Lucy seems delighted - and that's good, because it's quite often children resent a step- parent.
HELEN: Oh, I don't think there'll be any problems there! By the way - how did she go in that exam today?
MR. MUIR: I'm sure you understand the high standards required by Arlenwood College but, well, Lucy's a bright child. We'll have the results within the week.
Helen thanks him and says she'd better be off. She adds that she hopes she'll be seeing him at the Frank Darcy exhibition. Mr. Muir comments in surprise that he wasn't aware there *was* an exhibition. Helen exclaims:
HELEN: But I sent you an invitation. Don't tell me you didn't receive it?
MR. MUIR: I'm afraid not.
Looking surprised, Helen tells him that she'll send one out to him straight away. Mr. Muir says he'll do his best to get there. He then walks off, leaving Helen sighing heavily.
No. 28
Eileen is standing at the front door of No. 28, saying curtly:
EILEEN: I've just come home. I don't see why you want me to open the Coffee Shop again.
Scott and Charlene head inside, Scott sighing at his wife to stop ordering people around when they don't even know what she's talking about. Charlene snaps that she just wants to get her property back. Eileen looks at her in annoyance and asks her to be quiet or she'll wake up Jamie. Charlene apologises. She then asks Eileen if Des mentioned to her about the coin she found. Eileen nods:
EILEEN: Yes, he did. I must admit, $3,000 is a lot of money.
CHARLENE: Yeah, well, Katie gave it to you by accident this afternoon...
SCOTT: ...when she bought the carrot cake, remember?
CHARLENE: So if you could just come to the Coffee Shop now and open it up-
EILEEN (firmly): Charlene, the coin is in the cash register. It is not about to run away.
CHARLENE: Well... suppose the place gets robbed?
SCOTT: Charlene!
CHARLENE: Well, it could happen, Scott!
EILEEN: I can't go out. I just put Jamie to sleep and I'm about to cook dinner.
Scott asks if they could borrow the keys: they'll bring them straight back. Eileen, however, says she dropped the keys off with Sally this afternoon. Charlene looks at Scott and says they'll get them from Sally. Scott, however, reminds her:
SCOTT: Don't you remember Henry took her to dinner and then there was that Kids in the Kitchen concert?
CHARLENE: Which restaurant?
SCOTT: How do *I* know?
CHARLENE (frustrated): I don't *believe* this!
Scott comments to Eileen that Des must have a spare set of keys, mustn't he? Eileen replies that she hasn't the faintest idea where they are. Charlene asks eagerly where Des is: they'll ring him. Eileen, however, retorts sternly:
EILEEN: You'll do no such thing. He's over at the Lawrence house. Daphne's father has taken a turn for the worse. They... they don't hold out much hope.
Scott and Charlene's faces drop and Scott asks Eileen to tell Des that they're sorry to hear that. Eileen says she will. She then tells Charlene that she can understand her concern about the coin, but she's only going to put it in a safety deposit box or something, isn't she? Charlene, however, mutters:
CHARLENE: I'm going to sell it - as soon as I get it back from the idiots who've had their hands on it all day.
Eileen glares at her and says coolly:
EILEEN: I will pass on your concern to Desmond and Daphne. Goodnight.
With that, Scott and Charlene head out, just as Jamie begins to grizzle in his room.
No. 26
The extended Robinson family finishes eating dinner and everyone at the kitchen table applauds! Lucy tells Beverly that it was very nice! Jim then invites everyone to help themselves to cake, adding that he and Beverly will have their coffee in the lounge room while the kids do the washing- up! As Jim and Beverly go and sit down, Jim smiles that it's one of the benefits of a large family: slave labour! Beverly, however, just says seriously:
BEVERLY: What about after- school care? Who are we going to get?
JIM: Well... Henry did say 'any time' - although he is fairly busy at the moment. Are you sure Todd couldn't manage on his own?
BEVERLY: I wouldn't have a moment's peace! As for Henry, well, look at the trouble Katie got into today over that coin.
She then asks Jim if he thinks *Helen* might help. Jim nods that Helen is a good idea. Changing the subject, Beverly then asks:
BEVERLY: Was that applause spontaneous?
JIM (admits): No - it was a set- up.
BEVERLY: I don't know whether to love you for your honesty or kick you in the shins!
The two of them start kissing - just as Beverly's pager goes off. She leaps up and heads for the 'phone. Lucy brings her father in some cake and then returns to the kitchen. On the 'phone, Beverly listens to the caller and then tells them that she's on her way. She hangs up and tells Jim that one of her patients has relapsed. She asks him if he could 'phone Eileen and cancel her cookery lesson. She gives him a kiss, apologises for spoiling his evening, and heads out.
No. 28
Helen is standing on the step at No. 28 and she apologises to Eileen for dropping in so late. She heads inside and explains that this isn't a social call, she's afraid. She goes on:
HELEN: Do you remember the invitations I asked you to organise and post for me?
EILEEN (blankly): Invitations?
HELEN: Yes - for the opening night of Frank Darcy's exhibition.
EILEEN (frowns): You say you gave them to *me*...?
HELEN: Oh Eileen, *please* try and remember...
She breaks off as her gaze falls upon a box on the shelving cabinet by the wall. Helen goes and picks it up in despair as Eileen cries that she's so sorry: it was the tablets... Helen insists quickly that it wasn't Eileen's fault: she knew what she was going through and shouldn't have asked her. She adds that it isn't a lost cause - she'll get them off tomorrow. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Eileen goes and answers it to Harold. She asks him how his head is, and Harold explains that that's what he's come to discuss with Des. Eileen says she's afraid he's not there at the moment. The 'phone starts ringing and Eileen asks Harold to excuse her. She goes to answer it. Meanwhile, Helen says to Harold that she's sorry to hear he's not well. He tells her:
HAROLD: More an illness of the soul than the body.
HAROLD: I'm afraid I've behaved rather badly.
HELEN (smiles): I'm sorry, but the mind boggles!
HAROLD (tersely): We are none of us perfect, Helen.
Over on the 'phone, Eileen hangs up. She then turns to Helen and Harold and says hesitantly:
EILEEN: That, er, was Desmond. Daphne's father passed away a short time ago.
Looking shocked, Helen asks gently how Daphne is. Eileen replies that she's very upset, of course, but then it wasn't unexpected. She adds with a smile:
EILEEN: Of course, the good thing is we're going to be a family again. Daphne will be coming home!
No. 24
It's the next morning, and Charlene and Scott are sitting at the breakfast table, plates of scrambled eggs in front of them. Charlene, however, is just picking at her food and Scott tells her that she's not going anywhere until she's finished it. He adds that she didn't sleep much last night, did she? Charlene retorts:
CHARLENE: What did you expect with $3,000 sitting in the till at the Coffee Shop? Sweet dreams?
SCOTT: Suppose, when you get to the Coffee Shop, the coin is gone?
CHARLENE (mutters): Don't say things like that.
SCOTT: Well, now you know how the original owner must've felt when the coin was lost, don't you.
CHARLENE: It's not *my* problem.
SCOTT: I'm just asking you to *think* about it, Charlene - 'cos when you sell the coin, you're the one who's going to have to live with it.
CHARLENE (curtly): I think I can live with $3,000, thanks very much.
She hesitates before sighing:
CHARLENE: Scott, it's for *us*.
SCOTT: Look, there is a good chance that Mr. Griffiths is the real owner. It wouldn't be too hard to find that out.
CHARLENE: Right. Suppose I ask him - and suppose he says yes. How do I know he's not lying? Why can't you just accept good luck when it comes along?
SCOTT (snaps): Because I don't want anything out of life if it means ripping other people off, that's why - and I don't think *you* do, either.
Charlene stands up and mutters that she'll think about it when she's got the coin in her hand.
No. 26
Jim is sitting at the kitchen counter, drinking from a mug, as Beverly works at the sink. She comments:
BEVERLY: You didn't wait up for me, did you?
JIM: Only 'til 1:30.
BEVERLY: And now you're sulking. I *am* a doctor, Jim...
Helen comes in through the back door suddenly and tells Jim and Beverly that this is an emergency: she needs all hands to the pumps. She explains about the invitations for the Frank Darcy exhibition not having been posted and asks if the children could help her after school. Beverly replies that Todd and Lucy can, but she'd rather Katie wasn't wandering round the streets. Jim chips in and says:
JIM: One good turn, etc. etc., Helen: we need someone to look after the children after school.
HELEN: Oh, I'm sorry, Jim, but I'm too busy with the exhibition. Perhaps when it's over?
JIM: But it's family...
HELEN: And this is my life. I'm committed. I'm sorry.
Jim assures Helen that they're not trying to use her; they do miss her! Helen smiles that she's not cutting off; just let her get the exhibition out of the way. With that, she dashes back out, leaving Beverly to sigh heavily.
Coffee Shop
Harold heads into the Coffee Shop, followed by Mrs. Mangel, who's telling him coolly that she doesn't think starving himself is the sensible way to make amends, and she certainly doesn't appreciate it when she goes to the trouble to cook him a breakfast only to find he's already left the house. Harold replies:
HAROLD: Circumstances, Mrs. Mangel. I had to get the keys from Sally and I wanted to get in early to... well, make up for yesterday.
MRS. MANGEL: With a funeral to organise, I hardly think the Clarkes will be interested in your confession.
HAROLD: I don't wish to add to their grief, so I'll choose my moment carefully. Besides, I intend to work twice as hard to make up for yesterday's... well, indiscretion.
MRS. MANGEL (shrugs): If that makes you feel better.
Harold then asks Mrs. Mangel wearily what exactly it was she wanted. She replies:
MRS. MANGEL: Some change for the 'phone, if it's not too much trouble. I have to talk to Reverend Sampson: I meant to do it before I left home, but I forgot.
Harold goes to the till, takes out some coins and hands them to Mrs. Mangel in exchange for a note. She heads out again - just as Charlene dashes into the shop and says to Harold agitatedly:
CHARLENE: What are you doing open?
HAROLD: Charlene!
CHARLENE: You're not supposed to be open yet!
HAROLD: What are you doing here?
CHARLENE: I was going to wait out the front.
HAROLD: Why aren't you at work?
CHARLENE: There's a valuable coin that belongs to me. It was taken by accident from my place yesterday. It's in the till. You can 'phone Mrs. Clarke if you don't believe me.
HAROLD: Oh Charlene, of *course* I believe you. What sort of coin was it?
CHARLENE: A two- shilling piece. A really shiny one.
Harold opens the till, looks in the drawers and then shrugs that it doesn't appear to be there. Charlene exclaims that it's *got* to be in there, and she goes to the till and starts rifling through the drawer looking for the coin. Harold protests:
HAROLD: Charlene, there's hardly *anything* in there - I haven't done-; Oh just a minute - I just gave some change to Mrs. Mangel.
CHARLENE: Where's *she*?
HAROLD: Well, she wanted it for the 'phone, so-
Charlene just dashes out in panic!
Lassiter's complex
Charlene runs full- pelt across the bridge. Over by the public 'phone, Mrs. Mangel takes a coin out of her purse. Charlene runs up to her just as she's about to deposit it in the slot and cries:
CHARLENE: Mrs. Mangel - don't!
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Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0677
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0677
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Todd Landers, Lucy Robinson, Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0677
Todd Landers, Lucy Robinson, Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson

Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0677
Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop

Lucy Robinson, Eileen Clarke, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0677
Lucy Robinson, Eileen Clarke, Katie Landers

Katie Landers, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0677
Katie Landers, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Kenneth Muir, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0677
Kenneth Muir, Helen Daniels

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0677
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0677
Eileen Clarke

Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Todd Landers, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0677
Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Todd Landers, Lucy Robinson

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0677
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Eileen Clarke, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0677
Eileen Clarke, Helen Daniels

Harold Bishop, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0677
Harold Bishop, Helen Daniels

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0677
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0677
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0677
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson

Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0677
Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel

Charlene Robinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0677
Charlene Robinson, Harold Bishop

Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0677
Charlene Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 0677

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