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Neighbours Episode 0676 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0676
Australian airdate: 07/03/88
UK airdate: 13/06/89
UK Gold: 05/06/95
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
Helen asking Harold if he'd like to join her at the Coffee Shop to talk about his misery.
Des telling Charlene that she has to decide whether she should keep the two- bob bit worth $3,000 that she found in Willy.
A garden
Scott is working in a customer's front garden, but he stands up and groans as he stretches his back. Jim approaches him suddenly and jokes that he thought the idea was to pull out the weeds, not the flowers! He then asks what happened to Henry. Scott explains that he's filling in at the Waterhole while Madge is in Brisbane. Jim tells his son to shout if it gets too much. He then explains that he's there because Beverly has afternoon surgery today and he was going to ask Scott if he could knock off early and pick up Katie from school - but he guesses he can't. Scott says:
SCOTT: What about Todd and Lucy?
JIM: Todd has swimming practice and Lucy's sitting her entrance exam for Arlenwood College. Neither of them will be home before five o'clock. We're not exactly set up for looking after little kids anymore.
Scott suggests that Henry could help: he's due to finish at the Waterhole at about 3pm. Jim thanks him and says he'll pop in and see Henry at lunchtime.
No. 32
Harold is working at the typewriter on the writing desk in the lounge room. Jane comes in and comments that he's going to be late, isn't he? Harold looks at his watch and exclaims:
HAROLD: It's not that time, is it? How am I possibly going to finish this article? I've got so much to do and so little time to do it - and now my head's throbbing.
Jane asks Harold what time he started this morning, and he tells her that it was 5:30am. Jane gasps that he's keen! She adds that, nowadays, most people would probably take a sickie if they had something else to do other than work! Harold frowns:
HAROLD: I happen to think it's that attitude that's *ruining* this country.
Jane assures him that she wasn't suggesting *he* should take one! With that, she says she'll be late for work herself, and she heads out. Harold sits at the writing desk, looking very thoughtful...
Coffee Shop/No. 32
Eileen is in the kitchen, stretching her neck and back. Sally comes in and asks if those scrambled eggs are ready. She then adds that she's glad to see Eileen keeping up the exercises she showed her. Eileen murmurs:
EILEEN: They don't seem to be helping very much. I'm probably not doing them right.
SALLY: Oh no, no, you're doing them fine. You've been under a lot of tension lately; you've got to give these things time to work.
EILEEN (mutters): Oh yes, time heals everything - isn't that what they say? Probably not a good idea my coming back to work so soon.
Sally comments that she doesn't think Eileen's helping anything by staying in the kitchen all the time: she thought the whole purpose of her coming back to work was so that she could get out and *meet* people. She then suggests that when Harold comes in, they'll stick him in the kitchen and the two of *them* can look after the customers. Eileen snaps:
EILEEN: Harold? After what *he* said to me?
Sally says she thinks she and Harold got their wires a bit crossed there - she doesn't think he was talking about *her*. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly. Sally heads out to the shopfloor to get it and leaves Eileen to serve up the plate of scrambled eggs. Out behind the counter, Sally answers the 'phone. Harold comes on and tells her that he's got a bit of a migraine - so he won't be in. Sally says she's sorry to hear that. She asks him if he's going to be all right or if there's anything they can do. At No. 32, Harold says quickly:
HAROLD: No, no, I'm sure it'll pass. I'll quite probably be all right tomorrow. No, no, I'll *definitely* be all right tomorrow. Well, at least, I hope so.
At the Coffee Shop, Sally tells Harold to take it easy, and she hangs up. She then turns to Jane, who's come into the shop, and Eileen, and tells them that Harold's got a migraine and won't be coming in today. Looking surprised, Jane exclaims that he only had a slight headache when she left home. Eileen says:
EILEEN: Migraines are funny like that: they can come on very quickly. Must be very severe if he has to stay at home, though.
JANE (suspiciously): Yeah, I agree. Gee, he'd have to be *really* sick for him to take a day off...
No. 24
Scott is sitting on the kitchen counter, writing on a pad, when Charlene comes in through the back door, creeps up on him and grabs him! The pad flies out of Scott's hand as he jumps! Charlene asks him what he's writing, and he explains that it's a note that was to tell her that he'd probably be late home from work. Charlene, looking disappointed, says she thought he might be interested in celebrating. She reaches into the pocket of her overalls, takes out the two- bob bit - in its wrapping - shows it to Scott and explains that Des had it valued and reckoned it could be worth up to $3,000! She adds:
CHARLENE: Everyone thought I was crazy buying Willy. It's the best twenty bucks I've ever spent!
Scott takes the coin and remarks that someone's kicking themselves. Charlene asks what he means, and Scott tells her that the way it was wrapped, it was obvious that someone knew it was valuable. Charlene says glumly:
CHARLENE: Yeah, that's what *Des* thought. Reckons it still rightfully belongs to *them*.
SCOTT: Yeah, I never thought of that. He could be right, you know?
CHARLENE (grabbing the coin back): Well, I think you're both crazy. Where *I* come from, it's finders keepers!
No. 24
Sometime later, Charlene and Scott are sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch. There's silence, which is broken eventually by Scott sighing and telling Charlene that he didn't say she had to give it back; he just said that she *might* have to. He adds:
SCOTT: Imagine how you would feel if *you* lost something like that-
CHARLENE: I'd take better care of it.
SCOTT: We have been through this before with your mother and with the diamond-
CHARLENE: That's different - she's my mother. I hardly *know* the bloke who sold me Willy - he hasn't been into the workshop for *ages*. He could've moved, he could've died or *anything*.
SCOTT: Exactly - then you've got nothing to lose in trying to find out, have you?
CHARLENE (presses): Three thousand dollars, Scott. We could get our own flat; we could even have a holiday.
Scott doesn't respond. Charlene sighs eventually:
CHARLENE: All right, all right.
She heads through to the lounge room. Scott asks her what she's going to do, and she tells him that she's going to put it away while she thinks about it. Scott smiles that that's a good idea. He goes and gives her a kiss and then heads off back to work. Charlene puts the coin in the drawer of the dresser.
Coffee Shop
Henry is standing at the counter, ordering two buns with icing from Sally. Eileen walks over and points out to Sally that they've got customers waiting. She walks off again, leaving Henry to muse that he thinks he preferred it when she was hiding in the kitchen! Sally, however, sighs that she's right: with Harold away, they're flat out. Henry asks what's wrong with him and Sally explains that it's a migraine. Henry remarks that it must be pretty bad for him to stay home; he might check up on him later and see if he's all right. Changing the subject, he then says:
HENRY: Hey, I was thinking.
SALLY: That's always a good sign!
HENRY: This is *serious*!
He then explains that The Kids in the Kitchen are doing a concert at the footy ground tonight and he asks Sally if she'd be interested. Sally smiles that she hasn't been to a decent concert in ages! Henry adds that they could go out first and have tea. Sally says:
SALLY: Why not?
HENRY (happily): Great!
Jim comes in at that moment and walks over to Henry. He asks him if he could pick Katie up after school and look after her until he gets home from work. Henry says he's supposed to be helping Scott this afternoon - but Jim explains that he's already checked with Scott and he can handle things. Henry nods that that's fine. Jim says he'll ring the school and clear it with them, and he heads back out. Sally smiles at Henry:
SALLY: Babysitting, eh? Ramsay Enterprises branching out?!
HENRY (grins): Yes! Henry Ramsay, jack of all trades, that's me - and master of every single one!
He walks out, leaving Sally with a smile on her face.
Charlene is standing with Tony as he works on the engine of a car and comments that Scott must have rocks in his head: if *he* found a coin worth three grand, they wouldn't see him for *dust*! Jane walks in suddenly and Charlene asks her in surprise what *she's* doing round that way. Jane explains that she had to drop some documents off to Paul's solicitor, so she thought she'd take a shortcut home and see how Mr. Bishop's going. Charlene asks in concern what's wrong with him. Jane explains that he's got a migraine - and it must be pretty bad, too, to take a day off work; she just thought she'd drop in to see if she can get him anything. She goes to walk off again. As she does so, Tony calls over:
TONY: Hey, Jane, I've got a couple of tickets for tonight's concert, if you're interested.
JANE: Er... thanks, but no thanks.
TONY: Hey, no strings attached. I've got two tickets; I reckon it would be a pity to waste them.
JANE: No, I couldn't - I mean, not with Mike away: it wouldn't be fair.
CHARLENE: I don't think Mike would mind.
JANE: Thanks anyway, but no.
CHARLENE (sighs): At least you've got the *choice*. If Scott had let me cash the coin in, maybe we could *afford* to go to a concert occasionally.
Jane asks Charlene what coin she means, and Tony explains about how Charlene found an old two- bob bit under Willy's seat and it's supposed to be worth $3,000. Jane exclaims that that's fantastic! Charlene, however, explains that Scott thinks they should try and find the owner. Jane comments that she supposes she can see Scott's point - but it *was* in Charlene's car... Tony adds that possession is nine tenths of the law. Charlene beams:
CHARLENE: Thanks, guys! That's three votes to one - Scott's *gotta* give in!
Ramsay Street
Henry is giving Katie a piggy- back up Ramsay Street! She has an ice- cream in her hand as she tells him that school's great and the teacher's nice. Henry asks her if she's made any friends yet, but she cries that they tease her because she's new. Bouncer comes running up to them and Henry puts Katie down. They start fussing over him. Jane walks over and Henry asks if she's on an early mark, adding:
HENRY: Some people got it good!
Jane, however, explains that it's a late lunch: she's just come home to see Mr. Bishop. Henry suggests taking him to the concert tonight - it'll do his headache wonders! He then asks Jane if *she's* going. Jane explains that Tony asked her, but with Mike being away... Henry says:
HENRY: I'm going with Sally. We could make up a foursome - no harm in *that*.
JANE (thoughtfully): Yeah, I suppose that would be all right. I'll tell you what: I'll think about it and let you know.
With that, Jane says she'd better get in there and see how Mr. Bishop is. Henry tells her that he'll come with her. He asks Katie to stay there and look after Bouncer. Katie crouches down to Bouncer - who immediately sticks out his tongue and starts licking her ice cream!
No. 32
Harold is sitting at the writing desk, typing his article. Loud classical music is playing on the stereo and he doesn't hear Jane and Henry come in. The two of them stop in the doorway and Henry clears his throat loudly. Harold turns and looks at them, guiltily! He then takes the sheet of paper out of the typewriter, goes and turns off the stereo and murmurs:
HAROLD: I- I didn't see you come in.
HENRY (grins): I reckon that'd be right!
JANE: We just came over to see if you're feeling any better.
HENRY (giggles): Better? Any better and he'd be dangerous!
Jane points out that Mrs. Clarke said migraines can come and go very quickly. Harold, however, sighs:
HAROLD: I didn't have a migraine...
HENRY (mock gasps): Harold!
Harold says he doesn't know what came over him: he was so taken up with his article, and when Jane mentioned about people taking sickies... He adds quickly that he's never done anything like this before in his life. Henry assures him that they're not going to dob him in. Harold, however, insists that what he did was a dreadful thing: he has to face up to it and make amends. Henry says:
HENRY: I'm glad to hear that, Harold. A thing like this could wreck a bloke's faith in human nature - you know what I mean?
Harold looks at Henry warily!
No. 24
Sometime later, Katie is sitting on a stool by the kitchen counter at No. 24, finishing a drink. Henry takes her empty glass and asks her if she'd like a story - one about a bad goblin who loves to write stories and never goes to work! Katie, however, groans that she's too old for fairy stories! The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Henry answers it. He listens and then asks the caller to hold on a sec. He turns to Katie and tells her that there are some games in the drawers in the lounge room: she might find something a bit more grown up. Turning back to the 'phone, he tells the caller that they're booked solidly for lawns at the moment, but he guesses they can squeeze one more in!
Katie walks over to the dresser in the lounge room and starts looking in the drawers. She reaches into the drawer that contains the coin, and she takes it out and stares at it. When Henry walks over, noting down the customer's details on a pad, she holds it out to him and says:
KATIE: Look!
HENRY (not really paying attention): Oh - twenty cents. It's pretty bright - it must be brand new.
KATIE: It was just sitting there in the drawer.
HENRY: Well, I guess no one wants it, then! You have it - make up for the ice cream Bouncer got.
KATIE (happily): Gee, thanks, Henry!
With that, Katie puts the coin in the pocket of her dress...
Coffee Shop
Sally is talking on the 'phone behind the counter as Eileen clears tables. Sally finishes the call by saying:
SALLY: Bye, mum.
Eileen wanders over and says:
EILEEN: Not bad news, I hope?
SALLY: Not for mum and the family, anyway - they're off to Europe for two years. My stepfather's firm's paying the fares. I could go too, only they won't pay for me because I'm a working adult. I suppose I could rake up the cash, but there's probably not much point in me going - I've never really been part of the family.
EILEEN: Nonsense! I'm sure your stepfather was more of a father to you than... Malcolm... ever was.
SALLY: Oh, he tried not to play favourites or anything, but I was still an outsider. I suppose it's only natural, really - he's not my father; I'm only the kid stepsister. Still, it's going to seem strange without them there in Newcastle.
EILEEN: Well, you do have family and friends here in Erinsborough who care about you. Desmond's very fond of you and-; well, I'm always here if you need me.
SALLY (smiles): Thanks, Mrs. Clarke - I'd like us to be friends.
EILEEN: Then perhaps you'd better call me Eileen!
The shop door opens suddenly and Harold walks in. Eileen asks him in surprise what he's doing there. He tells her guiltily:
HAROLD: I should've been in *long* before this. Leaving you two alone all day...
SALLY: We're closing up soon!
HAROLD: Yes, well, better late than never.
Eileen asks Harold if he shouldn't stay at home, in case his migraine flairs up again. Harold, however, just retorts:
HAROLD: I know where my duty lies.
With that, he marches into the kitchen, leaving Sally to shrug at Eileen:
SALLY: Talk about conscientious!
Charlene and Tony finish working on a car and Tony tells Charlene that she can knock off now if she wants to. Charlene beams that that's a beauty! She adds that Scott should be home by now: they've got a few things to thrash out. Tony says:
TONY: You reckon you're going to keep that coin, eh?
CHARLENE: Yeah - it'd be crazy not to.
Jane walks over suddenly and Charlene asks how Harold is. Jane replies that he's a lot better. She then adds that, actually, she came to see Tony. Tony smiles:
TONY: You've changed your mind about the concert?
JANE: Yeah, I have. I found out that Henry and Sally are going too and I thought, well, you know, if we made it a foursome it would be all right; that's if you still want to go?
TONY: Yeah, sure, of course I do!
JANE: OK - well, I'll see you later!
With that, Jane walks off. When she's gone, Tony smiles at Charlene:
TONY: Maybe this is a lucky day for *both* of us, hey?!
Coffee Shop
Harold is in the kitchen, working on rosters, when Sally marches in and asks him what he's still doing there: she thought she told him to go home. Harold explains that he's making out the work rosters for next week. Sally looks over his shoulder and then exclaims:
SALLY: You are amazing! For the first time I can remember you actually have to have a day off and you've actually put yourself down for three extra shifts.
HAROLD: And it'll be without extra money, too - it's the very least I can do.
SALLY: The *least* you can do?! Why? Just because you were sick?
HAROLD: Well... in a manner of speaking, yes.
SALLY (shrugs): Well, if the rest of the country was as industrious as you, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now!
She gives him a kiss on the cheek but then tells him to give her the pen, get his coat and go home! Harold tries to protest, but Sally insists:
SALLY: Go on - shoo! Go home and rest.
HAROLD (giving in): Oh, good grief!
Driveway of No. 24
Katie and Henry are playing a ball game in the driveway of No. 24 when Jim walks over to them. Katie smiles at him that Henry's great fun, and she asks if she can stay a bit longer! Jim, however, tells her that he thinks Henry's got a few things to do. Katie thanks Henry for the 20 cents and she and Jim head off to No. 26. A few moments later, Charlene and Scott both arrive home, Charlene on foot and Scott pulling up in Bertha. He climbs out of the car and tells Charlene that he dropped by the workshop, but she'd gone. He adds that the handbrake on Bertha's gone; he thought she could take a look at it. Henry, however, tells his sister not to start playing with it now - he needs it for tonight to take Sally to the concert. He then heads off, saying he's going to give a quote on a lawn. As Scott and Charlene go to head inside, Charlene sighs:
CHARLENE: Why is it *you* do all the heavy work and Henry's the one who can afford to go to rock concerts...?
SCOTT: Look, Charlene, if you really want to go... I mean, we're not *that* broke nowadays.
CHARLENE: Yeah, but we're still trying to budget. We *have* to if we want to afford a place of our own. You know, life would be a lot easier if I could just cash in the coin I found in Willy...
SCOTT: Now how did I know that you were going to bring that up again?!
No. 24
Scott and Charlene head into No. 24 and Charlene tells Scott:
CHARLENE: You asked me to think about it this afternoon and I *have*.
SCOTT: And you've decided to keep it, right?
CHARLENE: Well, everyone *else* reckons we should.
SCOTT: Who's 'everyone'?
CHARLENE: Tony and Jane...
SCOTT (admonishes): Oh Charlene...!
CHARLENE: I'm tired of us being the ones who miss out on everything. Out of all our friends, we're the only ones who have to worry about sticking to a budget and going without stuff.
SCOTT: Yeah, but that is the whole idea: saving for what we want so we can get it without relying on anyone else. You know, I thought you *liked* it that way.
Charlene goes to take the coin out of the drawer as she says:
CHARLENE (sighs): Yeah, I *do*, Scott. Look, it's not like we're asking for help from anyone. All I'm saying is-
She breaks off and starts rummaging through the drawer. Scott asks:
SCOTT: What's wrong?
CHARLENE (looking shocked): The coin - it's *gone*!
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Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0676
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson

Harold Bishop, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0676
Harold Bishop, Jane Harris

Eileen Clarke, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0676
Eileen Clarke, Sally Wells

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0676
Harold Bishop

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0676
Jane Harris

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0676
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0676
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

Sally Wells, Henry Ramsay, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0676
Sally Wells, Henry Ramsay, Eileen Clarke

Henry Ramsay, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0676
Henry Ramsay, Jim Robinson

Jane Harris, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0676
Jane Harris, Charlene Robinson

Charlene Robinson, Tony Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0676
Charlene Robinson, Tony Romeo

Henry Ramsay, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0676
Henry Ramsay, Katie Landers

Katie Landers, Bouncer, Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0676
Katie Landers, Bouncer, Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris

Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0676
Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop

Katie Landers, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0676
Katie Landers, Henry Ramsay

Eileen Clarke, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0676
Eileen Clarke, Sally Wells

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0676
Harold Bishop

Tony Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0676
Tony Romeo

Harold Bishop, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0676
Harold Bishop, Sally Wells

Katie Landers, Jim Robinson, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0676
Katie Landers, Jim Robinson, Henry Ramsay

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0676
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0676
Charlene Robinson

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0676
Scott Robinson

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