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Neighbours Episode 0616 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0616
Australian airdate: 09/11/87
UK airdate: 21/03/89
UK Gold: 13/03/95
Director: Andrew Friedman
Summary/Images by: Sue Parker/Graham
At the Clarke's:
Des comes in to see what all the shouting is. Sally says she found the cufflinks in Des's room and took them without asking. Des is flabbergasted but manages to concoct a story about how he's had them for years but didn't want to hurt her. She is upset and goes off to bed. Sally thanks Des but he's not laughing.
Outside Lassiters:
Charlene runs into Melanie - she's got a new job temping near there. Funnily though, the agency has told her she's not allowed to laugh. Wonder why?
At the Clarke's:
Eileen is tired, she had a dreadful night's sleep. She couldn't stop thinking about Malcolm and tells Des that when she gave him the cufflinks he'd told her she was the only girl in the world for him. She knows now she was a fool to trust him and says thank goodness she can trust Des, she knows he will always be honest with her. To make him feel even more guilty she continues that he is the one thing in her life that she is very, very proud of. Sally comes in with a broken hairdryer. Eileen says she will have to go on to work without her but Sally will have to make the time up. Sally pushes her luck and asks if she can have time off in the afternoon to shop for a new hairdryer. Eileen agrees and goes, and Sally reveals she really wants the time to check the electoral rolls. Des says there's a problem - he can't help look for his dad anymore.
At the office:
Paul is talking to Gail on the phone. She tells him she's going to be a bit delayed. He is annoyed, she is needed there. Helen suggests it would be a bigger incentive if he told her that he missed her rather than the office. Melanie arrives and takes up her new desk - except it's Helens! She explains this is her first job. Paul makes a joke and she starts to laugh, but turns it into a cough. She goes out to her own desk and Paul and Helen look at each other with faces of concern.
At the Clarke's:
Des explains that he can't go behind his mum's back. Sally says she knows his mother is his main priority. She does understand.
At the office:
Henry comes into the office and sees Melanie. She is struggling already. He helps her find typing paper and she tells him he's a darling. He sings "I know" and she starts laughing. Paul and Helen look up in fright. Paul goes to investigate and Henry pretends it was him. Paul gives him his days work and says he'll go to the coffee shop with him. He asks Melanie if she wants anything.
MELANIE: I'd really really love one of those gooey custard tarts
PAUL: No worries (Starts to go out)
MELANIE: But I can't have one. I'm on a diet. Grapefruit and salad.
Paul looks at Henry in amazement and walks out. Henry does an imitation of her laugh and she is shocked - "I don't laugh like that!" He smiles and says "Of course you don't", then winks and goes out.
At the coffee shop:
Sally tells Henry that Mrs Clarke nearly found out last night and now Des can't help. Henry says that's fine, he's there to help now. They agree to go looking that afternoon. Jim comes in and asks Paul how dinner went last night. Paul says Greg seemed fine, then left suddenly.
At the workshop:
Charlene asks Greg how dinner went last night. He says it was okay. She says in that case why not go to hers for dinner tonight? He can't, he's busy and sends her off to fill the oil box.
At the office:
Helen is listening in to Melanie's personal phone call. She points out it lasted nearly half an hour. Melanie says she was talking to Billy - she thinks boys are so immature. She needs someone like Mr Robinson. Helen - "Paul?", Melanie - "No, Paul's the boss. Mr Robinson (ie Jim)" Helen tries to hide a smile. Inside the office Jim is weary thinking he's going to have to find another mechanic. He decides to have a word with Greg now and walks out past Melanie's desk, advising her not to let Paul work her too hard. She flutters her eyelashes and tells Helen and Paul "Gee he's a nice man. He's not into football and hotting up cars is he?"
At the workshop:
Charlene asks Greg if she's done something wrong, he seems really unhappy about something and the other day he nearly broke her wrist. He doesn't laugh. She asks him if it's because she mentioned boxing and he loses his temper. He throws his tools into a car and tells her boxing's a mugs game and she should stop bugging him all the time. Jim is standing at the gate and overhears.
Jim goes into the garage and tells Greg Charlene doesn't know what she's done wrong. Greg said he's had it with people interfering and inviting him to dinner all the time. Jim tells him all he has to do is say no. But, if ever he wants to talk about it he's available to listen.
At the Ramsay's:
Charlene is watching TV. Henry and Sally come in and Henry signs to her that he wants her to clear off. She stands up and says "Anyway, I intended to spend the whole evening locked in my room", hitting Henry with her paper as she goes past. Sally sits down and says she never realised there could be so many Malcolm Clarkes. Henry, however, has a smart idea. Put an ad in all the local papers of major cities inviting Malcolm Clarke, ex-Perth, to come forward about an inheritance. Sally points out that it'd be a solicitor who did that. Henry says that's easy - they become solicitors.
At the Clarke's:
Des is peeling potatoes for that night's roast. Eileen tells him most of the potato is ending up in the sink - "We could use the peelings for chips!". She is concerned that she's seen Sally going into Henry's - she knows Madge is out, and what if Charlene isn't there? Des says, then they'll be alone. She shakes her head.
At the Ramsay's:
Sally thanks Henry for all his help and kisses him quickly. He asks is that all? The poster's he's making are very good... She laughs and goes home. Charlene comes out and asks what the signs are that he's sticking up everywhere (Ramsay, Robinson and Mitchell). He tells her she has to read it out every time she answers the phone. She asks if it's a dodgy deal he's working on and he says all she has to do it is take their number and he'll call them back. She points out that she works during business hours - it's Madge he's going to have to convince...
At the Clarke's:
Eileen asks Sally if she had a good time, she can't see any shopping. She asks how the romance is between her and Henry. They're always together these days, like pepper and salt. Des mutters "Bonnie and Clyde". Eileen tells Sally she must be careful, her own mother isn't here to look after her so she gives her a warning speech about men instead. Des smirks at Sally. She tries not to laugh.
At the Robinson's:
Greg arrives to see Jim. He has to give in his notice. Jim asks why and is told it's personal. Jim says he thinks he's owed more than that. Greg shouts that he doesn't owe him a damn thing. Jim tries to calm him down. "There must be some other way we can sort this out". Greg asks why people keep insisting on asking all these flamin' questions then blurts out that he'll tell Jim why he's leaving - it's because he murdered someone. Is that juicy enough for all the gossips around here?
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Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0616
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke

Melanie Pearson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0616
Melanie Pearson, Charlene Robinson

Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0616
Sally Wells

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0616
Des Clarke

Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 0616
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Melanie Pearson

Sally Wells, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0616
Sally Wells, Des Clarke

Melanie Pearson, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0616
Melanie Pearson, Henry Ramsay

Sally Wells, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0616
Sally Wells, Henry Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0616
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Charlene Robinson, Greg Cooper in Neighbours Episode 0616
Charlene Robinson, Greg Cooper

Melanie Pearson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0616
Melanie Pearson, Helen Daniels

Greg Cooper, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0616
Greg Cooper, Charlene Robinson

Jim Robinson, Greg Cooper in Neighbours Episode 0616
Jim Robinson, Greg Cooper

Sally Wells, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0616
Sally Wells, Henry Ramsay

Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0616
Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke

Charlene Robinson, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0616
Charlene Robinson, Henry Ramsay

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0616
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Sally Wells

Greg Cooper in Neighbours Episode 0616
Greg Cooper

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0616
Jim Robinson

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