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Neighbours Episode 0601 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0601
Australian airdate: 19/10/87
UK airdate: 28/02/89
UK Gold: 20/02/95
Director: Paul Moloney
Summary/Images by: Sue Parker/herriestopper
Sally asks for the job at the coffee shop. Des agrees.
At the coffee shop
Eileen is flustering around the kitchen unable to cope when Des and Sally come in. Des introduces Sally as the new chef. Eileen is delighted to meet her and drops her in at the deep end with the lunch time rush.
In the office
Paul is interviewing for the mechanic's job. The candidate is rubbish - can't even fix his own car. Gail asks if she can see his CV and obviously knows what she's looking for. Paul suggests she interview the next candidate for the job as she knows what to look for more than he does. Unfortunately there is no next candidate.
At the coffee shop
Jane suggests that they get sparklers for Charlene birthday cake. Scott reminds her that Charlene is turning 18, not 8 (Hey, who said there's an age limit on sparklers?!). Jane worries that keeping a secret from Charlene is impossible - especially when Charlene is standing right behind her. She asks why they aren't in the library and they fumble out a story about combining lunch and study. Scott asks if she wants some spaghetti but she tells him she'll stick to her sandwiches "and the budget". She orders a strawberry milkshake just before Eileen comes over and asks her what she's doing eating her own lunch in the coffee shop. Mike tells Eileen she's ordered but Eileen is not impressed with Charlene asks him to "pop it on my account". Mike orders her back into the kitchen where she finds Sally tipping a bottle of wine into a pan. Quick thinking Sally tells her the sauce was getting too thick and Eileen bows to her catering course knowledge. "I wouldn't dream of interfering." (Yeah right!)
In the office
Charlene asks Paul how the interviews are going. Paul snaps that he is trying but she will have to be patient with him. She and Scott leave. Paul goes into his office where Gail is on the phone to Glen. She agrees to go riding with him again on Sunday. Paul asks her to be more discreet this time and she suggests he come along and chaperone. He agrees, despite the fact he can't ride.
Outside the workshop
Scott tells Charlene he wouldn't be able to get through the exams without Jane's help. She says Jane isn't the only girl with brains - maybe she could help. Husband of the year Scott replies that Jane didn't just scrape through, she topped her year. He is saved from a brutal death by a guy who looks suspiciously like Dr Karl Kennedy (!) whose car has broken down round the corner. He wants Scott to give him a hand, because Scott - in his school uniform - is obviously in charge. Charlene sets him straight and tells him and Scott to bring it in so she can have a look. Dr Karl spots Willy and says if that's an example of her work he might give it a miss. He apologises when Scott gets protective (aw, bless) and says he didn't mean to put his girlfriend down. Scott tells him Charlene is his wife and introduces himself. Dr Karl reveals he is now Greg Cooper and he is a mechanic who is looking for work. He goes off to get his car whilst a very excited Scott grabs Charlene and tells her to ring Paul - they might just have found their new mechanic.
At Paul and Gails
Paul is feeding Lucy up on milk and biscuits. She is suspicious and wants to know why he isn't at work. He pretends he needs to spend time with his sister. She must be bored cooped up indoors all day. Hang on, why doesn't he take her out to her riding school to visit her horse (ah ha!). She is pleased but cottons on straight away that he's up to something. He insists otherwise but she is not fooled.
At the coffee shop
Sally and Eileen have finished the rush giving Sally chance to quiz Eileen about her family. Eileen mentions that she is alone in the world now that her husband has left and Sally asks if she ever hears from her husband. She reveals that her own father shot through and she barely remembers him. Eileen tells her she is probably better of without him - Desmond certainly thinks that about his own father.
At the workshop
Greg gives Charlene a free lesson in changing something on his car (no idea what but she seems to know) while Gail arrives and tells Scott she's here to interview the mechanic instead of Paul. Scott introduces her to Greg and he asks if she's the boss. She tells him she isn't the boss, but she's the one he needs to impress if she wants a job. Although confused he agrees to get his papers for her to look at. While he's gone Charlene sings his praises saying he's already taught her more than Mr Lewis did in... She is stopped from talking herself out of a job by Scott clearing his throat.
At the office
Gail is concerned that Greg has changed jobs so often but he reassures her that he likes to travel. They agree that he will start on a one month trial basis. After he has left Gail asks Jane what she thought of him.
JANE: I'd say with a mechanic like that half the girls in Erinsborough will develop serious problems with their cars...
GAIL: Well that's one way to build up the business!
At the stables
Paul thinks Jacob (Lucy's favourite horse) needs some exercise. He suggests maybe he take him for a ride - Lucy could teach him. "It can't be that hard - you manage." Lucy gives in and agrees, provided he does exactly as she tells him.
In the coffee shop
Mike asks Sally why she is working if she's on holiday. She says she needs the money. He talks about uni and asks her what she did back home. She tells him she has just finished a phys ed course - to Eileen's surprise - "I thought you took a catering course?" Sally backtracks and says she did - she did that during the day and the phys ed at night, an overall approach to health. Mike suggests it's more Pig Out and Work Out. Des arrives and Eileen congratulates him on finding such a clever girl to help them. He insists he can't take the credit - "Sally found me." Sally looks deeply into her lemonade glass.
At the stables
Jacob is saddled up and Paul is ready to go. He eventually manages to get on the horse but can't seem to get him started - "Is the battery connected?" Lucy tells him to give him a good hard kick, so he does. Oops! Jacob rears up and gallops into the sunset.
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Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0601
Des Clarke

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0601
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Sally Wells

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0601
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Charlene Robinson, Eileen Clarke, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0601
Charlene Robinson, Eileen Clarke, Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0601
Scott Robinson

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0601
Gail Robinson

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Greg Cooper in Neighbours Episode 0601
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Greg Cooper

Greg Cooper, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0601
Greg Cooper, Scott Robinson

Eileen Clarke, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0601
Eileen Clarke, Sally Wells

Greg Cooper, Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0601
Greg Cooper, Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson, Gail Robinson

Greg Cooper in Neighbours Episode 0601
Greg Cooper

Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0601
Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Sally Wells, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0601
Sally Wells, Mike Young

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0601
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0601
Paul Robinson

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