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Neighbours Episode 0596 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0596
Australian airdate: 12/10/87
UK airdate: 21/02/89
UK Gold: 13/02/95
Director: Andrew Friedman
Summary/Images by: Sue Parker/herriestopper
Helen gives Henry a note which she found in her letterbox warning Henry's customers that he is an ex-crim about to rob them.
At the Ramsays:
Scott suggests it must be an ex customer Henry didn't get on with. Henry disagrees - he got on with all his customers. Scott says they should go door knocking and see if anyone saw the notes being left.
At Paul and Gails:
Gail is ironing. Paul says she is going to be dressed to kill tomorrow. She replies that she always likes to look well groomed. Paul - "We are getting into the horsey terminology aren't we!" Gail says that if he comes along tomorrow he might even hear her shout Tally Ho! He reminds her that he is banned from coming (by her). She tells him the ban has been lifted, if he wants to come he is very welcome (Olive branch anyone?) Paul replies that he wouldn't dream of cramping her style. She says it's a pity - Glen is a fine rider. He's also, to rub more salt in Paul's wounds, able to fly a plane, charming, good looking, knows how to make a woman happy... Luckily for Paul she is stopped there by Scott at the door asking if they saw who put the letters in the letter boxes. Neither of them are able to help, although they did receive a letter.
At the Robinsons:
Lucy is worried about going out because of her shaved head. Helen worries what will happen when she goes back to school. Beverly reveals she has an idea. Helen is pleased and invites her to stay for tea, before questioning her about Henry's notes. Beverly has received one too but doesn't know who sent it.
At the Ramsays:
Henry has discovered that all his customers have received the notes. He thinks that whoever is sending them must also be responsible for taking his missing record book. The last time he saw the book was when he mowed Mrs Green's lawns. He launches into a long spiel about her going on holiday which seems to jog his memory. He realises he knows who has his book...
Charlene, Scott and Madge are playing cards at the table. Charlene wins easily and Scott comments that she must have been a card shark in a past life. She says it's a pity it isn't this life - they could use the money. Henry comes home and tells them he was right about the whereabouts of his book - it was at BBs. Charlene asks him how she feels about being his ex girlfriend but Henry insists she knew nothing about it - it was Kenny who took it because he feels sore about losing $45 to Henry the other day. Charlene says Henry should take him apart. Henry says he will - tomorrow, once he gets off duty.
At Paul and Gail's:
Gail is all horsied up. Paul isn't speaking to her, despite her best efforts. Glen arrives and tells Gail she looks more gorgeous every time he sees her. He says hello to Paul and tells him he is looking forward to taking Gail off his hands for the day. Paul snipes "Be my guest" and Gail replies "I love you too darling" before walking out. Paul watches them walk down the drive laughing together and is clearly upset.
At the Robinsons:
Lucy is on the phone to Emma and is worried about how much school work she's missing. Helen assures her she'll soon catch up. Beverly arrives and says she hasn't been able to go to the market because she needs help to buy a kitten for an elderly patient. She needs Helen to go to the market with her to help - but Helen is too busy, as planned. Could Lucy possibly help? They rush out, as Paul comes in. He asks after Jim. Helen tells him he sounded down when he rang. Paul restlessly messes with a figurine until Helen asks him why he doesn't take Gail out. She is concerned to hear Gail is out with Glen.
Montage of Gail and Glen horse riding through woods to dodgy old rock music. Gail tells him she hasn't had this much fun in ages and Glen asks what about her honey- moon, before adding if married life is starting to pall, there is something she can do about it...she rides off.
Outside the waterhole:
Scott and Charlene visit Henry who is on duty. Scott says he is going to visit Kenny to say Henry is suing him for libel. Henry won't let him - he likes to fight his own battles. Up walks Kenny, it looks like Henry will get his chance. Kenny asks him why he's working on a Sunday - isn't the lawn mowing business paying well enough? Henry tells him he knows he was behind the notes and Charlene comments that Henry is going to sue. Kenny asks why Henry is getting his little sister to fight his battles, then pushes him. Henry says this isn't the place but when Kenny pushes him again he fights back (as does Charlene!). They roll around on the floor (obviously the casting director for Gladiator didn't pick Russ for fight scenes from his work here!) Scott sees Paul and tries to drag Henry away but can't. Paul is furious and tells Henry he employs him as a barman, not a bouncer. He wants him in his office at 9.00 sharp in the morning.
At the Robinsons:
Beverly returns with Lucy and a kitten, plus lots of clothes for Lucy. As Lucy goes to try on her new clothes Beverly tells Helen her elderly patient has 6 strapping sons and a houseful of dogs - the last thing she needs is a kitten!
At the Ramsays:
Scott and Charlene are cleaning. Scott tells Charlene if he'd known she hated house-work so much he'd have had second thoughts about marrying her. She tries to hoover him up with the vacuum cleaner. They go to make dinner and wishfully dream of hamburgers instead of boring old sandwiches. Charlene suggests that they take a Frisbee down the park after dinner (come on Charlene, surely there are better things you can do for free with your husband on a Sunday afternoon?) but he can't - he is going through more maths problems with Jane. Henry returns and tells them he's just been through another ten rounds with Madge - she reckons Paul will give him the sack. Thanks to Kenny he is going to lose his job, his business and probably be hounded out of the district. Charlene insists that this won't happen but things don't look good.
In the park:
Glen helps Gail off her horse. She comments that this is very "You Tarzan, me Jane". He asks her if she minds, then kisses her.
<<0595 - 0597>>
Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0596
Henry Ramsay

Madge Ramsay, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0596
Madge Ramsay, Helen Daniels

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0596
Gail Robinson

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0596
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0596
Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Madge Ramsay

Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0596
Charlene Robinson

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0596
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0596
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Gail Robinson, Glen Matheson in Neighbours Episode 0596
Gail Robinson, Glen Matheson

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Kenny Larkin in Neighbours Episode 0596
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Kenny Larkin

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Beverly Marshall in Neighbours Episode 0596
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Beverly Marshall

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0596
Henry Ramsay

<<0595 - 0597>>
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