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Neighbours Episode 0577 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0576 - 0578>>
Episode title: 0577
Australian airdate: 15/09/87
UK airdate: 25/01/89
UK Gold: 17/01/95
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Andrew Friedman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Jim comes round to see Beverly about Stephen. He's concerned that Beverly is considering going back to Adelaide with him.
The bell rings and it's Stephen. He jumps to the wrong conclusion that Jim has been there all night.
Beverly stops a fight between the two men and asks Jim to leave - she needs to talk to Stephen right now. Jim stalks out telling Stephen that he's got a lot to learn about manners.
When Jim has gone, Beverly starts shouting at Stephen. He reckons that he's just jealous - it's the first time in his life.
STEPHEN: I've waited five years. I couldn't bear to lose you now. I love you, Bev.
The Office
Paul isn't in a very good mood this morning. Gail gives Jane a report to write but Paul sees her and reckons that she's undermining him with the rest of the staff. He's paranoid that she's been report back to Rosemary about him.
Jim is pacing and is very, very steamed up. He tells Helen that he was an inch away from flattening Stephen - he's smug and self-satisfied. Helen asks what he'll do if Beverly goes back to Adelaide with Stephen. Jim says perhaps it won't be the end of the world.
JIM: I can hardly compare the way I feel about Beverly with...the way I felt for Anne.
Beverly's place
Stephen and Beverly are having croissants. Beverly is suspicious of Stephen, but is clearly coming around a bit. Stephen apologises for his behaviour this morning - he just snapped. He reckons it's not easy walking out of a marriage - even a bad one. Now he wants to take the plunge with Beverly and be happy himself.
STEPHEN: Don't tell me it was all for nothing.
BEVERLY: No, Stephen. It wasn't all for nothing.
She puts her hand on his arm.
The Office
Gail tells Jane that she'd better not gossip behind Paul's back anymore - he's in a right mood at the moment.
Mike comes in and Gail gives him a list of the sort of thing she wants. Mike suggests having a model in some of the shots and asks Jane to do it. Gail think it's a great idea and sends her off with Mike.
Helen is painting when Beverly comes in through the back door. They talk about what happened with Jim and Stephen that morning. Beverly doesn't know where to begin - everything seems so complicated. Every time she gets her feelings straight in her mind, things change. She doesn't know if she'll go back to Adelaide with Stephen. If Stephen had left his wife five years ago, Beverly would have married him like a shot, but now she has a whole new life, friends and job in Erinsborough. She's not sure she wants to give up.
HELEN: You haven't mentioned Jim.
BEVERLY: Jim. I'm very fond of him, but that's all there's been time for between us.
Beverly doesn't think Jim is ready to commit to a steady relationship and she thinks Stephen really needs her. She's hoped he'd leave his wife for five years, and now he has, she doesn't feel she can turn her back on him.
Helen doesn't think that's right - it's Beverly's life and she shouldn't throw it away on some misguided loyalty.
Mike is taking some photos of Jane on the Lassiter's bridge. She's wearing a floaty white dress and a red belt sash.
The Office
Paul comes out of his office looking for Jane's report and is surprised to see Gail typing at Jane's desk. He isn't pleased and glares at Gail. She rips the report she's typing out of the typewriter and hands it to Paul.
Mike and Jane come back from taking photos and Mike goes off to get them developed from a one-hour service place. Jane is upset to feel such a tense atmosphere between Paul and Gail.
JANE: I really hate to see you two fighting. I mean, I've always thought of you as the ideal couple.
GAIL: Well, even ideal couples have their ups and downs. And being business partners as well adds the extra friction.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Jim is having a cup of coffee and looking deep in thought when Beverly comes up. She tells him that she's made her decision. She wants to explain it to Jim, but this isn't the time or the place.
JIM: It's pretty obvious what the decision is, then.
BEVERLY: I'm sorry, Jim.
JIM: Yeah.
The Office
Mike and Jane are looking through the photos. There's some nice ones of Jane on the bridge - Mike reckons he's going to get a poster of it for his bedroom wall(!) Mike reckons that Jane could have a career in modelling, but Jane says she's quite happy with the career she has now.
They chat about Des and Daphne's argument. Jane says a lot of couples are fighting recently.
MIKE: As long as you and I don't start fighting again, eh?
JANE: We haven't got anything to fight about. We're just friends, remember?
MIKE: Yeah. See you later.
Beverly's place
Stephen is watching TV when Beverly comes in. She kisses him (bleuurgh) and he tells her he has to be back in Adelaide by Monday at the latest - should he go on to Adelaide alone and wait for Beverly there? Beverly says she does want him to wait, but not just for a few days, for a whole year. She's decided that she needs that long to finish her research project. Anyway, it'll take that long for Stephen's divorce to come through. Stephen is angry - he just wants to be with Beverly - he has done, ever since the moment Caron left.
BEVERLY: 'From the moment Caron left'?
STEPHEN: What about it?
BEVERLY: You told me you left her!
STEPHEN: Well, yes I did.
BEVERLY: Then how come you're still in the house?
STEPHEN: I left her...we decided that I should stay in the house. She has gone off to her parents in Queensland.
BEVERLY: She left you.
STEPHEN: Oh for heaven's sake, what does it matter who left who? The important thing is that I'm free again.
BEVERLY: The important thing is that you lied to me. I'm just the stand-by ticket again. You'd still be with her if she hadn't dumped you. You made me think you'd given up everything for me and I owed you something. Now I know the truth and I don't owe you a thing!
The Office
Paul is still in a dark mood. Madge rings up with a problem at the laundry so Gail goes to try to smooth things over. Jane has finished the report and Gail asks her to put it in her briefcase.
When Gail has gone, Paul turns on Jane and asks for a letter. Paul is appalled to hear that Gail's report is so long (10 pages). Jane says it's a really good report and has heaps of good ideas in it. Paul says sarcastically that they're very lucky to have Gail.
When Jane has gone, Paul looks over at Gail's briefcase.
Jim comes home to change and Beverly is there. He's pleased to see her but says he thinks Beverly is making a big mistake moving to Adelaide - he doesn't trust Stephen Armstrong and doesn't think he's any good for Beverly. Beverly tells him that Stephen is on his way back to Adelaide - alone. She's decided to choose neither of them.
BEVERLY: I didn't choose him. And I didn't choose you. I chose me.
Jim laughs at the thought of Stephen's face at being rejected.
JIM: What about us, you and me?
BEVERLY: We can talk about that over dinner.
She takes Jim's hand.
The Office
Paul is trying to stop himself from reading Gail's report but eventually succumbs. Gail comes in and catches him.
GAIL: You still expect me to believe that you're not paranoid?
<<0576 - 0578>>
Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0577
Jim Robinson

Stephen Armstrong, Beverly Marshall in Neighbours Episode 0577
Stephen Armstrong, Beverly Marshall

Gail Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0577
Gail Robinson, Jane Harris

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0577
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0577
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Stephen Armstrong, Beverly Marshall in Neighbours Episode 0577
Stephen Armstrong, Beverly Marshall

Gail Robinson, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0577
Gail Robinson, Mike Young

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0577
Jane Harris

Beverly Marshall, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0577
Beverly Marshall, Helen Daniels

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0577
Mike Young

Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0577
Mike Young, Jane Harris

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0577
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Beverly Marshall, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0577
Beverly Marshall, Jim Robinson

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0577
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Beverly Marshall in Neighbours Episode 0577
Beverly Marshall

Stephen Armstrong in Neighbours Episode 0577
Stephen Armstrong

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0577
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Jim Robinson, Beverly Marshall in Neighbours Episode 0577
Jim Robinson, Beverly Marshall

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0577
Gail Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0577
Paul Robinson

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