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Neighbours Episode 0534 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0534
Australian airdate: 16/07/1987
UK airdate: 23/11/1988
UK Gold: 17/11/1994
Guests: Rob Lewis Ernie Bourne
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Jim and Helen are discussing Paul and Gail's forthcoming dinner party with Mr Udigawa. Helen can't make it as she has an art exhibition to attend. Lucy arrives home and Helen tells her to get ready for dinner at Gails. Lucy says she doesn't want to go, as she feels sick. Helen and Jim don't understand, as Lucy was so excited about going to Gails. Jim phones Gail and asks her to come to the Robinsons for dinner instead.
Madge has just finished baking a tray of meat pies and is furious that Harold finds them 'wrong'! He tells her The Coffee Shop menu is going vegetarian and says Daphne agrees. He tells Madge he will still buy the pies so long as they are vegetarian. Henry arrives and tucks into the meat pies. Harold says he has to get back to Mrs Mangel as he doesn't want to leave her alone after the prowler incident. Henry confesses it was he and Jane in the shed. Henry tells Harold he has sold the Liquid Beauty supplies and is about to start his own business.
Gail arrives and tries to talk to Lucy but Lucy is distant and goes to her room when Gail gets out she and Pauls wedding photos. Gail asks Jim and Helen what's wrong and is worried that Lucy is upset with her. Helen tells Gail not to worry, as it's probably just a falling out with Emma.
Harold tells Madge he explained to Mrs Mangel about Henry being the prowler. He was surprised by her reaction as she didn't get angry and went to bed. Madge is surprised to, as it's only 6:30!
Lucy is still in her room and Gail thinks she has done something to upset her. Helen tells Gail that Lucy hasn't stopped praising her and Gail says she hopes Lucy cheers up in time for the dinner with Mr Udigawa. Helen tells Gail she can't make the dinner and Gail says she hopes dinner goes to plan as it could clinch them the Udigawa deal.
Paul and Gails
Gail is making breakfast and asks Paul how his date was. He says he had a pleasant time. He asks how her evening was and she tells him she thinks something is wrong with Lucy, as she's sure she was trying to avoid her. Paul says that can't be right, as Lucy is the founding member of Gail's fanclub! Gail tells Helen can't make the dinner and wonders if they should invite Rob. Paul doesn't think it's a good idea and stresses that tonight has to go without a hitch.
Lucy is playing with her breakfast and is still down in the dumps. Helen wonders if they should call Beverly and Lucy says she doesn't need a doctor. Jim thinks Lucy must be upset over a boy. Lucy says it's definitely not a boy and claims she will never get married because you can't trust anyone! Jim tells Helen the garage is in deep financial trouble and says he will have to tell Rob.
Madge is on the phone to Charlene and tells her to come home soon as everyone is missing she and Scott. Henry tells Madge they should celebrate his new business tonight. Madge says she's working and so Henry agrees to have dinner with her at The Waterhole.
Jim tells Rob they have to sell the garage as they cannot find the money to pay off Harold. Jim apologises but tells Rob there is no other way. Rob asks Jim not to mention anything to Gail. Gail arrives and Jim tells her he will see her tonight. Rob asks what is happening and Gail tells him she and Paul are having a small dinner party. Rob is upset that he's not invited and Gail assures him that it's a business dinner. She tells him she wants him to come but he says he doesn't want to.
Helen and Jim are getting ready for their night out. Lucy emerges from her bedroom and says she doesn't want to go. Jim tells her to wait in the car and Helen tells him to take it easy with Lucy as shouting at her won't solve anything.
Paul and Gails
Paul and Gail nervously await the arrival of Mr Udigawa. When he arrives he gives them a Japanese wedding blessing scroll, which wishes them the best for their future. Jim and Lucy arrive and Jim makes apologies on Helens behalf. Lucy is still quiet and dishes out some dirty looks to Paul!
The Waterhole
Madge and Henry notice Rob is drinking heavily and is in a bad mood. Harold arrives and starts talking about he success of The Coffee Shop. Rob overhears and takes a swing for Harold! Harold is shocked but Henry tries to talk him around, convincing Harold that Rob missed the punch because Harold is so light on his feet! Rob moans to Madge about Gail and she tells him to go to Gails and tells her how much he needs her.
Harold: I was ready for him if he tried again. I had him in my sights.
Paul and Gails
Mrs Udigawa is looking at the wedding photos and comments on Lucy being so quiet. Rob arrives and is clearly drunk. He starts ranting about how nobody wants him and Gail and Paul do their best to shut him up. Lucy tells everyone to be quiet and gets up to leave. Paul stops her but she tells him not to touch her as she doesn't like nor trust him anymore. Mr Udigawa says it would be best if he left. Paul asks if they can speak tomorrow but Mr Udigawa just stares at him. Gail tells Rob he has really done it this time and says she will never forgive him for this.
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Mr Udagawa, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0534
Mr Udagawa, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Mr Udagawa in Neighbours Episode 0534
Mr Udagawa

Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0534
Lucy Robinson

Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0534
Rob Lewis

Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0534
Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay

Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0534
Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis

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